I licked my mom boobs to cure her pain

Hi, I am your Sundar. This story is written for my readers. This story is the story of his life. So I write as I write this story.

I am Darshan, 27 years old boy living in Perth, Australia. This incident happened nine years ago when I was in India. Initially I felt shy to share this but after reading many stories like this I learned that this type of thing is common. This incident changed my relationship with my mother Divya.

I was born in a middle class family. My father was working in a rural shop and mother was a housewife. I was 17 years old when I lost my father in an accident.

Amma was so depressed by his death that she spent a couple of years in solitude. Each of our relatives convinced mom for a second marriage.

When I was 21 my mother married a rich businessman. He is a busy person who stays in New York and rarely sees us. Although we tried to go with him our visa became a big problem.
With me

During visits, he spends more time with his mother. This brings great joy to everyone as mom is pregnant. The new member of our family arrived after nine months of waiting. At the age of 38 my mother is becoming a mother again after 18 years. Giving more importance to his new daughter, he did everything to become rich. But he failed to stay with her as he is busy in America.

From the day she left, I was assigned as Mom’s caretaker. A maid is hired for household chores, but she only works that day. I was there to help mom sleep at night, take her medicine, and attend nature calls. It continued well till the night of this Incident.

It was a dark night and we went to bed around 10 as usual . The little one got a little fever that day and this put a lot of pressure on the mother.. She put the baby to sleep and went to bed. As I was her caretaker I took the bed with her as usual. I didn’t sleep well that night because the baby cried repeatedly, but somehow managed to sleep late at night.

It was around 1am and I heard some screaming. I was shocked to see mother writhing on the bed in pain.
“Mom…mom ..what happened?” I asked nervously.

She was also not in a position to answer. So I got scared and turned off the light. I was shocked to see mom crying, holding the bed tightly and taking deep breaths. A scene similar to the labor pains I usually see in movies.

“Mom .. what is happening to you? Should I call the doctor? I asked
“No .. no .. go wake up baby” she said with a deep breath

I followed her order and replied ”no mom ..she is fast asleep”.

Why is she doing this today!? ” she shouted clutching her chest.
“Mom..are you in pain? How can I help you? ” is the only thing I can ask.
“No son… it’s not that kind of pain… it’s something else.” Her answer remains the same.

I don’t know what’s going on mom, just sit there like a lame duck.

A few minutes passed and mom’s pain intensified.
“Mom… tell me what is happening to you.” I asked again.
“What would you do if I told you?” Her unconvincing answer
“I can do anything mom .. believe in your son.” I gave my confident answer.

Can you be my baby again? “Finally, she has something to say.
“What mom… I don’t understand you.” I questioned with my childish mind.
“You are my breasts A little milk will make me feel better.”

A shocking but a request from her. I failed to retort and silently sat through her further actions. If she pulls off her black and green saree, I can see her red robe getting completely wet. Due to moisture it turned oily red and I could clearly see that the wet thing was her milk. She had already unbuttoned her blouse to ease the pain, her breasts ready to burst. She didn’t wait long and started unbuttoning the rest of her buttons.

Her breast suddenly comes out and I have no choice but to close my eyes for a second. She put a hand on my face and made me open my eyes to see her. At first I was shocked to see that her breast was ready to burst. Her dark brown nipples are pointed like bullets. A few drops of milk came out from them.. Her rolling tears warned me to do my duty. I slowly take my hand and touch a part of her left breast. It was so hard like a rock that mom screamed ”ha… no..” for a gentle touch.

Her nipples literally feel like bullets. I was too eager to touch them with my hands and mother lost patience and pulled my head towards her. Her nipples hit my nose and the smell of warm milk aroused my senses. My lips slowly parted to take them in my mouth. They were too hard even for my lips, so I bit them slowly. She feels more pain, so she pleads “No don’t bite .. be gentle”. Her chest vibrated to her voice and she felt hell like pain.

I created a mouth vacuum to suck her painlessly. A drop of milk drips onto my tongue, warm and sweet. I have to use a lot of energy to absorb each drop painlessly. After several drops I gently bit her nipple again. It has softened a bit now, which will make my further actions easier.

Now she doesn’t feel pain when I chew on her nipple and her milk flow has become better. Her milk slowly becomes sweeter and sweeter. My mouth widens to take her breast deeper. Half of her breast is in my mouth and my teeth start biting her soft skin. “That’s enough .. take another one” her demand made me wake up.

I am very special to see the asymmetry of her breasts. Her left one looks slightly curved and soft, while the right one stands straight as a rock. A few drops of milk were dripping from her right nipple, which I was too afraid to touch. She felt a bit better on her left side and started massaging it gently.

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