Father in law ploughs me

This is Deepa from chennai. 5 years ago i got married to a bank employee. My husband is kowsik. My husband is coming from a Farmer’s family whose Father takes care of all family business.

My father in law is 63 year old man a widower and also a farmer. Around 2021 when lockdown second wave was about to be announced my son and myself was stuck in my husband’s native as we went for a marriage. My husband got transferred to North india as part of his job. After birth of my daughter we had very less intercourse. I stay with my parents in Chennai. However i visited my father in law during mar 2021 just days before Wave 2 lockdown.

When lockdown was announced none i was stuck there. My FIL had 3 employees in farm who took leave due to covid. So i thought of assisting my FIL in farm activities upon his request. We went to our land and took care of crops plus agri activities. My FIL took me in his bullet for a week. They had a small hut inside the farm where they have food and cook. I also cooked there.

My FIL taught me all farming activities. One day while going back there was a heavy rain and we rushed in bike. His bike got punctured. He said its better we move back to the farm hut. No one will enter his farm after 6. Since it was raining heavily we ran back to the place. I had a saree to change but my blouse and petticoat are drenched. My FIL asked me to change my saree. The hut has 2 adjacent rooms, a small electric connection for light and plug point. Since we had trees surrounded we had cold breeze. I put my child to sleep and spoke to my hubby. He said that place would be fun to sleep when I explained the situation.While I was changing, my fil arranged sleeping bed with straws. My daughter slept off and we gave one small blanket to my daughter.

My FIL didn’t sleep for a hour and said he use to sleep only with Langoti and shirtless.due to humidity. He did that and came near me. Since my saree was drenched i was in blouse and petticoat. He came near me and slowly touched my hip. He called my name twice. I was enjoying his touch and wanted him badly. He caressed my hip and slowly lifted my petticoat. I slept straight and he took it as a green signal. He came on top of me and started kissing me. He removed my blouse bra and petticoat. In 15 mins we were naked and smooching without speaking a single word. He signalled me to suck his cock which he did. His cock was 9 inches long. He slowly went down and licked my cunt for 15 mins. We were sweating heavily in humid. Due to my moans he took me to a corner of a room and put me in corner. He again started to tongue fuck me and i had my first orgasm in years.Pleaded him to fuck me and he said Deepa i wanted you badly now my dream of fucking you has come true. He inserted his penis in my tight pussy. It took 15 mins for him to enter. He slowly started ramming me.

I was moaning aha hshahaha
I had my second orgasm of the day.
He was licking my nipples and bit my nipples. He fucked me in missionary position for 20 mins and said he was about to cum. He never cared of anything

Me- don’t cum inside it would be a probl as i am not in safe period and no brith control.
FIL smirked and had evil laugh
Me- don’t cum inside me Mama i am not in birth control
FIL- it will be a fortune for me if you get pregnant. I need a son. I will fuck you tom day after day and night
FIL – Deepa am about to cum. Take this seed. Give me kids
Me- don’t cum in me don’t cum in me.
FIL roared hard and i could see jets of sperm getting in me.
Me- Mama what have you done. I am not in birth control. Its not my safe period.
He never responded and rest on me. After some 10 mins he woke up from top of me lay beside me. I could see his cum mixed with my cum dripping out.

Me- Mama pls don’t leave me. You fucked good.
FIL- i love when people credit for me.
Me- Mama its 12 Am. We fucked for 3 hours.
FIL – i am going to fuck you for next 3 days here and in our house.

He took me to the pump set. There is pool type where 2 people can sit inside. He lifted me and put me in. Water was cold and we enjoyed playing in there.

Rain had stopped but i could see his face and cock in small moon light. He cuddled me and cleaned me. He also said he wanted to fuck me there. He fucked me inside the pool and again came inside me. This time i didn’t care as i knew he is gonna do it. We slept naked and wokr up.

For next one week he fucked me atleast 15 times. In between my husband came for 2 days where i fucked him and asked him to cum in me. My husband said how cum my cunt had become bigger. Again my FIL fucked me in my husband’s absence. I missed my periods and i knew that k was pregnant because of my FIL.

Its been 2 years and i miss my FIL. Lastly we fucked in 2022 September and now i am waiting for more.

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