Rest-stop cruiser

There are 4 rest-stops within 50 miles from Minneapolis that I cruise weekends all of them are great places to suck strangers cocks at night but was surprised when one horny morning I thought why not see if anybody hangs out in daytime

I’m 22 nice sexy petite body 5’5” 95lbs I look like I’m 15 and am addicted to sucking strangers cocks..secretly discreetly can’t get caught..cruising at night it’s more secretive usually just sucking one guy then go looking for another sometimes hit or miss.
This rest stop I’m heading to is up north with a park by the river. It’s summer I’m wearing panties n short shorts my sweet ass cheeks slightly showing cut t-shirt letting everyone know that I’m cruising.

I was kinda disappointed to see the place almost empty a few cars parked by the restrooms so I drove towards the back getting out to check the place out. I was gonna walk towards the restrooms when I seen a family walking out. Not wanting to let them see me like this..dressed slutty like i just hung out by my car waiting for them to leave. The other guy in the restroom came out he looked old heavyset glanced towards me I kinda twirled around showing off my body wiggling my ass.

He drove right next to me I smiled licking my lips. When he got out of his car I was shocked he was completely naked with a beautiful at least 10” cock way bigger than my 5” ..big belly hairless everywhere.
I was kinda confused I mean like this in the parking lot totally exposed broad daylight anyone could see . As he walked next to me I got so excited knowing how dangerous scary this could be getting caught and I didn’t care.

“ Damn boy look at you in your little shorts your ass showing..half naked you look girlish like I bet you wear panties fuck your so young pretty slutty..just like I like my cocksuckers now open your pretty pussy lips and suck my cock like the faggot you are”

“ Mmm yes oooh yes do you think I’m pretty sexy slutty enough for you “ I whispered pulling my shorts off letting him see my pink panties as I giggled like a girl knowing it would really turn him on. Before going to my knees I started to lick kiss his belly his nipples moaning as i opened my mouth to take his cock.. kissing licking sucking like it was a lollipop I was falling in love with his cock and I kept telling him so.

“ Suck my ass bitch stick your tongue deep inside me “. I moaned loudly as I started to kiss lick n sucking on his ass my tongue wildly going in and out. I started to suck on his balls begging for his cock his hot cum I felt him pulling my shirt off.. I’m just in my panties sucking this stranger in daylight moaning begging pleading like a whore in heat.
It wasn’t until I felt someone cummming all over me that i opened my eyes and saw four other old guy’s jacking off on me watching me hearing me moan.

The guy I’m sucking starts to cum in my mouth calling me his slut bitch queer sissy boy cunt loudly making sure everyone could hear. I’m sucking like I’m possessed reaching over to grab two cocks by my face wanting their sweet cum in my belly on my face all over my body.
I can’t believe parking lot five hot cocks in my face begging for my attention in public nothing like at nighttime where it’s like more secretive.

The thought of getting caught was now turning into a fantasy I didn’t care who saw me like this I actually loved the attention I was getting I knew this was dangerous scary but sooo fucking EXCITING back n forth I kept sucking cock after cock so much cum in my belly my face my naked body even my panties were covered in Cum..mine and others.

I never knew daytime public sex was so hot it’s like nobody cared and it was expected here at this place. For the next three hours I sucked at least fifteen cocks in my pink panties being the cocksucking cumloving slut I’m meant to be.. I knew I’d be back bright and early tomorrow morning and to make sure I went into the mens room and wrote on the bathroom stalls. : Pretty young horny sissyboi sucking cocks in the mornings cum find me I’ll be in panties short shorts cruising for you all day long

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