Two married couples become even closer on a Friday evening

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Usually when real life keeps me from being able to write as consistently as I like to, I get back into the rhythm of writing erotica by churning out a short story like this one.

Usually I don’t bother to publish these quick stories that have little plot except for people in them fucking, but I’m submitting this one.

It’s a quick foursome involving two married couples.

If you’ve never read anything I’ve written before, please check out my other submissions for longer stories, many of them with a lot more kink than I’m including here.

As with most things that I write this story takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about std’s, or the need for birth control.



“I’m so close,” Jack moaned. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Do it!” I urged. “Cum for me!”

“Where should I cum?” he asked, his voice tight with lust as he struggled to maintain control.

“Cum on my face,” I begged him. “I want to feel it on me!”

He straddled my body and pushed his cock against my cheek, and I turned towards it and licked at it, tasting the sweet flavor of my own wet arousal all over it.

He slapped his cock at my face and I giggled, reaching up and wrapping my hand around it and pulling.

“Tickle my balls Emily,” he whispered, and I used my other hand to cup his hot balls and graze his tight scrotum with my fingernails.

“Go ahead,” I moaned. “Show me what you’ve got.”

He shuddered and stared down at me, watching me as I stroked his cock as fast as I could against my face.

“Faster,” he grunted. “Jerk it faster.”

I smiled up at him, showing him my teeth in the sweetest and most innocent smile I could muster, while tightening my grip on his slippery shaft and moving my hand up and down faster.

He lurched above me and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was at the edge.

And then a spurt of hot cum splattered against my face, coating my nose and lips and one of my cheeks, followed quickly by another and another and another, as his cock throbbed in my hand. He groaned loudly as his semen drenched my face.

I used his still stiff prick to push against the puddle of cum dripping down my cheek, and I giggled at the depraved sensation of letting him unload all over my face.

“Oh wow,” said a voice from the side of the bed.

I turned and smiled at Kenzie, my lifelong best friend, and she looked back at me with a combination of shock and amazement.

“See?” I asked her. “Fun!”

My husband Jack turned to her, still panting as he continued to hover over me, his softening cock in my hand.

“I hope you liked watching,” he said. “It’s fun to have an audience.”

“I think they enjoyed the show,” I said. “At least Robert did.”

We all looked at Kenzie’s husband Robert, who stood next to her beside our king-sized bed, his cock fully erect and pointing at Jack and myself on the bed.

“I had no idea that would be so…so…so sexy,” Kenzie whispered. “Thank you for letting us watch.”

“The show isn’t over yet,” I whispered. “I haven’t cum yet. At least not a good one. And Robert certainly can’t get dressed in that state.”

“Do you want to make her cum Robert?” asked Kenzie, reaching down and wrapping her fingers around her husband’s cock.

Jack looked down at me and winked, and I grinned back at him. An hour ago, we’d all been jumping into our swimming pool together, arguing about whose turn it was to put dinner together, the men or the women.

Kenzie and I have known each other forever, and Robert and Jack met years ago when they were just guys that Kenzie and I were dating. The four of us have always gotten along and we spend lots of time together.

Kenzie has always been a little jealous of the open marriage that Jack and I have, and over the past year has begun to voice her frustration to me about her sex life.

“Robert is great in bed,” she’s said more than once. “I just want a little more variety and adventure with my foreplay and orgasms.”

The more stories I told her about Jack and I, the more questions she’d asked, and eventually she and I made it a regular Friday night thing for the four of us to go out together and then end up back at our place, swimming or soaking in the hot tub in progressing stages of undressed friendliness.

As we all got more and more comfortable together Jack spent some time with Robert, and we realized that both Robert and Kenzie wanted to sexually explore, but they were each unsure about how to bring it up.

Jack and I decided to help them, and a week ago when they’d arrived at our house we told them we were skipping the restaurant in order to grill at our place, and before the night was over we were all naked together in the hot tub.

As we sipped wine and casually flirted, I’d played with Jack’s cock under the bubbling water until he was rock hard and throbbing, and then suggested he get up and get us all refills.

As he climbed out of the tub and returned with the wine bottle his stiff cock was poking out in front of him while both Robert and Kenzie stared.

“He’ll be fucking me until I scream before you guys are out of the driveway,” I’d joked. “Given the slightest bit of encouragement he’d probably make me cum right here in front of you.”

“Well don’t hold back on our account,” grinned Robert. “I’d hate to spoil your Friday evening.”

Within moments I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub grasping the railing of the deck as Jack’s expert tongue and fingers began to slowly build orgasmic pleasure in my body.

He took his time, spending nearly thirty minutes tonguing my hole and clit maddeningly slow as he rubbed his fingertips all over my lips, anus, and thighs, until I was a quivering mess, gasping and begging for relief.

Kenzie and Robert watched us wide eyed every step of the way, and the look of lustful hunger on each of their faces as I went over the edge and gave in to my orgasm in front of them is something I’ll never forget.

I pushed myself down on Jack’s cock, sitting just inches away from them in the hot tub, facing them both as I felt my husband pulse and spurt a heavy load of cum up into me after just a few thrusts.

Kenzie quickly straddled her own husband and the sight of him sucking her nipple while she fucked up and down on him right next to us kept Jack hard and made me cum again, all four of us moaning together.

“Next Friday we’ll skip the vanilla nonsense,” I teased as they left a few hours later, “and try something sexy.”

We figured if they had any regrets at all they hadn’t really crossed any lines. No one had touched anyone but their own spouse, and it had been dark enough that neither of them had really shown too much of their bodies to us.

But we needn’t have worried.

Kenzie called me Saturday afternoon to tell me that Robert fucked her in the garage as soon as they got home, and then twice more Saturday morning.

She giggled and said they’d bring the food this weekend if Jack and I were willing to push the four of us farther along. I assured her that we’d be open to anything, and that whatever she and Robert wanted to do, we’d definitely be into it.

When they got to our house we invited them to strip and swim, and it didn’t take long for both guys to get hard, and we forgot dinner as we paired up with our husbands to make out.

After Jack gave me a quick orgasm with his fingers I grabbed his cock and told all three of them to follow me to our bedroom. I let Jack fuck me doggy style, thrilling as he spanked my ass with his bare hand while his cock plunged in and out of me, all while I watched Kenzie and Robert stare at us.

And now I was laying on my back, my face wet with Jack’s semen, my cunt throbbing with wet need, as our friends looked at me with lust.

“Yeah Robert,” I said. “Do you want to make your wife’s best friend cum?”

Kenzie was gently stroking his throbbing cock, and I couldn’t wait to feel it inside me.

“I do,” he said, looking over at Kenzie. “How do you feel about that?”

She smiled at him like a cat with a mouthful of canary. He looked at me and I smiled wide and rolled my hips, showing him how eager I was for more fucking.

“I want to see you fuck her more than anything I’ve wanted for a long time,” she whispered, squeezing his cock.

“I need a towel first,” I said. “I’m getting cum all over the pillow, and it’s in my hair.”

“Maybe the guys won’t mind if I help,” said Kenzie, climbing onto the bed next to me.

I was stunned as she moved close to me and closed her eyes, dipping her face down and opening her mouth as she began to lick at the strings of cum on my face.

I made eye contact with Jack and he grinned, knowing that he’d won our bet about Kenzie getting comfortable enough to touch me in a sexual way tonight.

She’d questioned me several times about my experiences with other women, so I’d known that it was something that was on her radar, but I’d been certain that she wasn’t ready to take that sort of step so soon.

I suppressed an urge to wrap my arms around her, not wanting to scare her by moving too quickly. Instead, I lay still, content to enjoy the feeling of her soft tongue licking at my cheek and nose and forehead as she cleaned Jack’s cum up.

At last she had licked me thoroughly, and I grinned up at her as she paused, her face close to mine.

“Can I have another taste?” I whispered. “I love Jack’s cum.”

She bent down and pressed her lips to mine, surprising me again by pushing her tongue into my mouth. I sucked at it quickly, and then suddenly moaned as I felt a hard cock poke against my thigh.

Instinctively I spread my legs and lifted my head, pleased to see Robert moving up beside his wife to hover over me. Kenzie glanced over at him as she spread out next to me, before leaning close for one more quick kiss.

“Ready for some more dick?” Kenzie whispered, her lips brushing against my own.

“Please,” I begged. “I need it bad.”

Without hesitation Robert lowered himself to my body and I felt his cock push against my lips as I moaned and flexed my thighs.

He felt deliciously hard as he sank into me, and I rolled my hips again as he started to pump himself in and out of me.

I felt Kenzie’s hand on my stomach, and I watched in awe as Robert kissed her with his cock fucking in and out of my clenching hole.

Too many men won’t kiss a woman after she’s had just his cum in her mouth, and Robert was passionately kissing Kenzie right after she had licked up another man’s cum.

I glanced over at Jack and he was smiling from ear to ear as he eased up to press his body against Kenzie from behind.

She moaned and I wondered what he might be doing to her with his fingers, but that thought was interrupted by the feeling of her own hot fingers pinching my nipple.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned.

I closed my eyes as I felt another orgasm start to unwind deep inside me, and Robert responded to the sight of his wife massaging my breast by starting to fuck me even harder and faster.

“Cum for us,” Kenzie whispered.

“I’m close,” I moaned. “Don’t stop fucking me, Robert. Keep fucking me just like this.”

I felt Kenzie’s fingers pull at my nipple as she moaned again, and I felt the bed shift as Jack moved out of my sight down behind her.

“Jeezusgawd,” she whimpered.

I knew that Jack was using his tongue on either her anus or her dripping cunt, and I felt my own clit throb at the realization.

“I’m going to cum,” I moaned. “It’s going to happen!”

“Yes!” yelped Kenzie.

“Let it happen,” urged Robert.

I pushed my fingers down to my clit, touching my fiery little nub while stretching my fingers further down to feel Roberts slippery shaft as he fucked me.

“Ohgawdyes,” I murmured, closing my eyes as my body started to tighten.

Kenzie screamed and put her head on my chest, and I grabbed at her head and ran my fingers through her hair as I felt my orgasm explode inside me.

She pinched my nipple so hard that sharp pain lanced through my chest, mixing with the release of an incredibly intense orgasm, that spiked and receded and spiked and receded faster than I could track, as it followed the pounding cock that was pushing in and out of my hot center.

And then Robert roared and I felt him pin me to the bed with Kenzie’s head still against my chest, and she screamed again as I felt the heat of Roberts cum pour against my cunt walls.

My orgasm pulsed through me slower and slower, allowing me to feel each throb and spurt of our friends cock as he let loose his cum inside me, his thrusts slowing to a gentle rocking of his hips as he took pleasure from my cunt.

And then he collapsed beside me and I squirmed up to a sitting position and grabbed his cock, squeezing it as I milked a big drop of his hot cum to the tip, licking it up into my mouth.

I used my finger to swipe at the sticky flood leaking from my hole and licked my finger, tasting Roberts cum and my own juices, turning and leaning over to push my tongue into Kenzie’s mouth.

She whimpered and wrapped her arms around me, sucking on my tongue and pressing her sweaty body against mine.

And then the four of us were on the bed, sweaty and naked and quiet, listening to each other breath and enjoying the sort of post orgasmic peace that only a group of fucking friends can know.

“I need something cold,” I eventually said.

“Me too,” laughed Robert.

“Wine, water, or soda?” asked Jack, standing up and heading for the bedroom door. “I’ll bring it all out onto the back deck.”

“Wine please,” said Kenzie.

“Water,” said Robert and I simultaneously.

I pushed myself up to my elbows.

“Everyone alright?” I asked.

“I’m leaking on your bed,” said Robert. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” I laughed. “I’m leaking the same hot semen all over the place and if I don’t care you shouldn’t either. Besides the scent will cause me to have kinky dreams.”

I got up and they followed me out to the deck, and one by one we eased into the hot tub as Jack came and passed around our drinks.

“That was the best dinner we’ve had in a long time,” I said with a grin. “And that was the best cum I’ve had in a while too Robert.”

“My absolute pleasure my dear,” he smiled.

I reached over and felt for Jack’s cock, pleased to find it rock hard again.

“I feel a little left out,” teased Kenzie. “You got two cocks and all I got was two tastes.”

“I did my best,” protested Jack.

“Oh, I wasn’t really complaining,” she laughed. “You definitely made me cum. Hard.”

“Speaking of hard,” I said. “Jack seems to need some more attention to a situation he has here. His balls feel like they’re still full of cum, and his cock has swollen up quite a bit.”

“You wouldn’t even know that if you could keep your horny hands to yourself woman,” Jack laughed.

“Just looking out for our dinner guests,” I said. “Kenzie didn’t get any cock tonight. You wouldn’t want her to have to wait until she gets home to get some would you?”

Jack looked over at Kenzie and with a look of pure lust on her face she suddenly lunged across the tub and pressed herself up against Jack.

“Can I help you, Jack?” she whispered. “With your swollen cock and too full balls?”

Without a word he stood up and pulled her out of the tub with him, and pulled the cushion off one of the deck chairs and pushed her down onto her back on top of it.

She spread her legs and he pushed himself up into her, and I turned off the tub and looked over at Robert as he watched my husband fuck his wife.

In the sudden silence we could hear Kenzie moaning, as my husband fucked her like he hadn’t been laid in months, both holding onto each other tightly as they gave into the physical pleasure of fucking someone new.

Robert grinned and moved next to me, using his hands to position my body so that I standing up in the tub, and he bent me over and pushed his face against my cunt.

I grabbed the railing around the tub and groaned, feeling his tongue push up into my cunt as he started to stroke my clitoris with his fingers.

I stared at Kenzie as she responded to my husband’s cock, wrapping her legs around him and fucking back at him, sobbing with ecstasy as her pleasure took over.

I couldn’t believe how close I was to another orgasm myself, when Jack suddenly grunted and Kenzie wailed with pleasure, her cries echoing into the night, and I felt Robert push two fingers into my leaking hole.

Jack and Kenzie’s orgasms triggered my own, and I came with them, feeling Robert’s tongue explore my sensitive clit as it throbbed to the rhythm of his licks.

I settled back down into the water, and gave Robert a kiss, tasting myself on his lips. He gave my breast a gentle squeeze, using his fingers to give my nipple a soft tweak as Jack stood up next to the tub.

“I need a swim before bed,” he announced, his cock dripping strings of his cum as it grew limp.

“I’ll join you,” said Robert. He heaved himself up out of the tub, and the two of them jumped into the pool.

I stood up and looked down at Kenzie, still on the cushion on the floor of the deck, her cunt looking slick with its recent fucking. She looked pleasantly exhausted and smiled up at me happily.

“Come with me,” I said. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

I got out of the tub and took her hand, pulling her along with me into the house, and down the hall back into the master bedroom.

I had been completely surprised by how quickly Kenzie had displayed a comfortableness with touching my body, and I was genuinely curious if that had been purely erotic performance to add to our husband’s arousal, or if she was truly embracing the idea of being sexual with another woman.

My question was answered as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close, pushing her hot body against mine as we stood at the foot of the bed and pressed our mouths together.

Her tongue pushed into my open mouth and I licked mine against her lips, sliding my hands around her hips to her ass, grabbing her tight cheeks and pulling as I pushed myself against her.

She sagged against me as I took her weight and held her, our kiss becoming soft and gentle and loving.

“I love you Emily,” she said softly.

I kissed her again, before pulling my face back to stare into her eyes.

“I love you too Kenzie,” I replied.

“This evening was perfect,” she whispered.

“Was?” I asked.

“I don’t have any more energy,” she sighed. “I’m exhausted.”

“So lay down for a few minutes,” I said, pushing her against the bed.

She sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at me.

“Just relax,” I said, kneeling in front of her and spreading her thighs apart. “Orgasms are always so much more delicious when you’re exhausted.”

She wrapped her hands in my hair and moaned, and she closed her eyes and shivered as I used my fingers to spread her lips apart and expose her well fucked hole.

I pushed my mouth to her opening and licked, closing my own eyes as my senses were flooded with the delicious flavor of pure lust.

“I think you and Robert should stay here all weekend,” I murmured. “That way the perfect evening can become a perfect weekend.”

“Oh fuck yes,” Kenzie moaned.

The end.

At least for now…


Hope your day is filled with peace, happiness, and at least one comfortably kinky orgasm!

Keep checking back, because I’ve got lots of stories almost ready to be submitted here!


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