Slutty Mother – Catches son in his bedroom

It was somewhere past midnight. A strong spring storm was raging outside. The sound of lightning and rain hitting the roof didn’t let Jane get her sleep. She finally go up, went out of her room and headed towards the kitchen, to have a drink of milk. Some ten minutes she stood in the kitchen looking out at the wild rain pouring down their back yard. Finally she turned back and walked towards her room.

On her way back she suddenly noticed a faint glimmer of light, coming from her son’s bedroom. Jane decided to come closer and take a look. As she approached the slightly ajar door, she noticed that the light was coming from the bedside lamp. Dan was lying on his belly, his legs spread apart, his clumped blanket beneath him. His body moved rhythmically pressing down on the blanket. Noiselessly Jane passed through the door, trying to take a closer look. She noticed an open journal in front of him.

Jane suddenly felt herself getting horny. She didn’t have sex ever since her husband had died, and now she suddenly felt a long forgotten desire. She didn’t think much about what she was going to do. She noiselessly pulled off her nightgown leaving herself totally naked, came forward and said in a low voice,

“Hey, Danny…”

Dan suddenly turned around. He looked at her astounded.

“Hey baby, what are you so frightened of? I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Jane sat down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes caught Dan’s semierect cock.

“Oh no, that looked quite nice just a minute ago.”

She reached out and stroke it lightly. She looked up at Dan and saw that his eyes had focused on her breasts.

“Do you like them baby?” she said giving his cock another stroke.

“Oh yes,” Dan mumbled, still a bit in shock.

“Do you want to kiss them?”

Jane let go of Dan’s cock and moved closer to him.

“Come, kiss mommy’s breasts.”

Dan silently opened his mouth and Jane pushed her hard nipple into it. She felt his tongue playing with her nipple. Looking over Dan’s shoulder Jane glanced on the journal. On one page was a large picture of a blonde with her legs spread. On the other a smaller one showing a lady doing oral sex to a young man. She remembered the last time she had given her husband oral sex. Softly she pulled away from Dan and looked naughtily at him.

“Do you want mommy to do that to you?” she said pointing at the journal.

Dan looked in that direction and suddenly blushed.

“I know you want it,” Jane said, reaching out and taking Dan’s cock into her hand again.

She moved between Dan’s legs and turned around on her belly.

“So do you want it, or not?”

“Oh yes!” Dan almost exclaimed.

Jane moved her hand along his cock and looked at him again.

“Tell it to me Danny, tell mommy you want her to give you a blowjob!”

Dan hesitated. Jane looked at him pleadingly.

“Say it baby!”

“I want you to give me a blowjob.”

“Oh yes,” Jane moved closer and licked Dan’s cock lightly, “Say it again baby, louder!”

“Give me a blowjob, mommy!”

“Oh no baby, don’t call me mommy. Call me baby Dan!” Jane licked again circling her tounge around the head.

Dan hesitated again, then suddenly said strongly, “Oh suck my dick baby!”

“Oh yes!” Jane said excitedly, “I’m your baby.”

She took his cock into her mouth, then took it out and licked the head again. She buried her head in Dan’s crotch and licked his balls.

Dan suddenly felt more confident. He put his hand on Jane’s head and lightly pushed his crotch towards her.

“Come baby, suck it.”

Jane immediately pulled back and took his cock into her moth. Dan felt what his mother wanted to hear. Stroking her head he continued, “Do it baby, suck that dirty dick.”

Jane’s hands were holding Dan’s hips. She raised her body and began sucking more vigorously, making her breasts jiggle underneath her.

“Yes baby, do it, faster!”

Feeling the end was near Dan began pushing lightly towards her as if fucking her mouth. Another moment and he came. He fell back on the bed as his body erupted in Jane’s mouth. Jane let Dan’s cock fall out of her mouth and had the last bursts of cum cover her face.

“Did you like that baby?” she said looking up at Dan and smiling.

“Oh mommy, that was just awesome!” Dan said, stroking her head.

Jane licked the head of Dan’s dick again and looked up again,

“You should have mommy suck your cock more often, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, baby, you’ll suck my cock each day, won’t you?”

Jane smiled naughtily, she was loving it, “Each day, baby… Mommy’s your bitch, right?”

“Right baby, I’ll fuck you each day.”

“Oh baby, you wan’t to fuck you mommy?”

“Yes baby, I wanna fuck you now!”

“You wanna fuck your mommy? Fuck your bitch baby?” Jane was overwhelmed with passion, “How do you want to fuck me baby? You wanna do my pussy, or my asshole baby?”

Dan was so exited he could hardly speak, “I want to fuck you in the pussy mommy!”

“Oh yeah baby! Say it baby!”

“I want to fuck you wet cunt baby! Bring it here, I want to fuck it right now!”

Jane was going wild. She couldn’t remember when was the last time she’d been so horny. She felt as if she was going to scream. Dan was getting into the game, he was learning what to do.

Almost violently she flung herself on her back alongside Dan.

“Do it baby!” she cried out, “fuck your mommy! Fuck her like a big boy!”

Dan didn’t loose a moment. When he sprang up from his lying position it was truly a sight to see that he saw. His mother was lying on the bed, every inch of her body told just how horny she was. Jane looked at him with begging eyes, her hand vigurously rubbing her pussy. It seemed as if she was about to explode.

Dan moved over and positioned himself above her. All his doubts were now gone.

“Get your hand away from that fuckhole,” he snapped.

“Oh, I’m so sorry…”

But Jane’s words melted into a long moan as Dan shoved his dick into her pussy.

“Ahhh, yes baby, Danny, deeper baby,” Jane panted.

Dan moved back and rammed his dick as far as he could, “Like this baby?”

“Ahhhh, yes baby, make mommy scream.”

Once again Dan rammed in, pressing his whole body to his mother’s. Jane screamed even louder.

“Good girl, tell me how you’re liking it!”

Dan went on with several more deep pushes. But in a moment their bodies were moving in a steady fast rhythm. Both panting and moaning they fucked. Finally Dan felt his orgasm coming, he pushed in harder and faster. In seconds it was over. He pulled out and let the several drops of cum fall on Jane’s belly.

Jane was extatic, she panted unstoppably. As Dan lay down alongside her he dropped his eyes down on her pussy, it as all wet.

They lay for a minute or two, finally Jane turned her head.

“Did you like that, Danny?”

“Yes baby, I loved it.”

“You naughty little boy,” Jane looked at him lovingly, her hand playing and stroking his dick…

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