Tom and Niki

Tom didn’t know Niki well, having really only encountered her at extended family events—mostly around the holidays—parties or other gatherings. Niki is married to a distant cousin of Tom’s wife Kate. She is younger than Tom, by about 15 years he thought, and always had a cute smile.

An Italian girl with curly, very dark brown hair. She seemed to have battled her weight since having her only child, but Tom had recently seen many posts on her social media about a fitness kick she had been on and it appeared she was getting in much better shape. Tom was surprised to see Niki when he walked into the bar at his hotel in D.C.

Niki and her family lived not far from there. “Hey, I know you,” Tom quipped as he took the empty chair, next to Niki at the bar. “Hey, Tom right? What are you doing here?” Niki responded. “I am in town for the week for work, are you just here having a drink?” “No, I’m here for the week too, unfortunately.

Our company is having an audit and I needed to give it my undivided attention, so I am not commuting back and forth.” “Well, undivided except maybe at night, she smiled, as she sipped her near empty, drink.” “Would you like another,” Tom offered. “Sure,” Niki responded, “it was a long day.” Niki really did look great, Tom mused to himself. He always though she was cute, but she clearly had lost weight. She was wearing a black blouse, with several buttons unbuttoned and a short black plaid skirt. He could see the outline of her ample breast covered by a black lace bra. Her thighs were thick but toned, her calves also well toned and muscular. She smiled easily, her lips thin but naturally red. Their drinks arrived. “Cheers” Niki smiled and clinked her glass against Tom’s, “to the week!”

Tom and Niki chatted over another drink. The conversation and laughter flowed. Their eyes locked easily and Tom loved her dark brown eyes. He struggled not to glance at her legs and the cleavage that showed from her unbuttoned shirt. He noticed the dark hair on her arms and wondered about the other hair on her body. Tom especially loved natural women, like his wife. He imagined Niki would have a full, dark bush, but wondered if she trimmed or shaved it. “You’re day dreaming,” Niki interjected. “Oh sorry, night dreaming,” Tom laughed. “Have you been to the bar downstairs?” Niki asked. “No, I didn’t know there was one,” Tom said. “It’s pretty cool; it’s in the old bank vault.” “A little darker and more intimate.” “Sounds good to me, shall we have a drink there?” Tom replied. “Sure,” Niki smiled. They settled up with the bartender and Tom followed Niki out into the elevator lobby.

The Vault was in the basement of the hotel, which was a converted bank building. The entry was literally through the round opening of the old vault. Once inside, the interior was dimly lit with red-hued lighting. Small tables and booths lined each wall and a few velvet couches and chairs filled the middle. The Vault was pretty crowded, but Niki spotted a vacant booth in the back corner. The booths were u-shaped velvet benches around a small table. Niki slid in, and Tom followed, noticing her short skirt riding up on her thigh. Niki stopped in the back far corner of the booth and Tom slid over beside her, stopping a few inches from her side. Niki slid over next to him, he body resting against his. “This is more like it, don’t you think?” Niki asked.

“Cool place,” Tom responded, a little nervously as he felt her warmth against him. They ordered another round. “I’m really glad I ran into you, Niki,” these trips are pretty boring sitting alone in bars or restaurants. “I’m glad you ran into me too, I thought it was going to be a lonely week.” Niki’s hand reached for Tom’s, which was resting on his left leg. Her soft hand felt nice on his. She squeezed his hand as she gazed at him and then moved his hand to her own leg. Her thigh was soft, but firm.

She guided his hand further up her leg, staring in his eyes as she did. He felt her move his hand further up her leg and under her skirt, the fabric pushing back. He felt her warmth as she pushed his hand higher. Rather than panties, his fingers found rather thick pubic hair surrounding moist pussy lips. Niki leaned forward and kissed him as he explored her soft folds. Knowing she had no panties under her skirt turned him on so much. He felt his pants tighten as his cock hardened. “That feels good,” Niki whispered.

Tom kissed her back hard, sliding his tongue into her mouth and circling her tongue. Tom turned towards her and replaced his left hand with his right, slipping his right middle finger up inside her. He began fingering her rhythmically as they kissed. He felt Niki’s hand move up his leg to his crotch. She rubbed his hardening cock through his pants. Tom’s index finger joined his middle finger, gliding easily into Niki’s willing hole. “We better get out of here before I have you fuck me on top of this table,” Niki whispered. Tom threw some cash on the table and they quickly left.

They made out on the 11 floor elevator ride up. Tom grabbed Niki by the hand and pulled her down the hall to his room. After fumbling with the key, he soon had them inside. Their mouths again met there in the dark. Tom found the buttons on her blouse and began undoing them as Niki slid out of her skirt. Soon she stood before him only in her black lace bra. She grasped for the buckle on his belt and soon had slipped his pants and boxers to his ankles. His cock was average length, but thick, with a big head. Niki sunk to her knees and took it in her mouth.

She sucked him furiously, taking the entire length, all the way to the base. Her mouth felt amazing. As his eyes eyes adjusted to the dark, Tom enjoyed the view of his whole shaft disappearing into Niki’s willing mouth. She had his balls in her right hand, squeezing them tightly as she blew him. He reached down and slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders and then slid it down, revealing her breasts. They were medium-sized, but ample, nice and round with large areolae and long, erect nipples. Tom grabbed the sides of Niki’s face gently as he thrust himself in and out of her mouth. “You’re going to make me cum,” he moaned. Niki kept sucking. She moved her hand off his scrotum to his shaft and began stroking it as she sucked hard on the end of his cock. The rhythm of her strokes was more than Tom could take and he began shooting hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of it, continuing to suck and stroke him until she had taken it all. She rose to her feet, and kissed him deeply, the taste of cum fresh on her breath. A kinky girl, Tom thought to himself.

Tom pulled Niki over to the bed, opening the curtains in the room as he walked by them to let more of the light from outside in so he could see her better. She looked lovely in the light as she stood before him. Totally naked apart from the her bra which was now around her waist. He watched her as she released it and let it fall to the floor. She was shorter than his wife, probably around 5’5, and, while now fit, was still fairly curvy, with a full, round ass and thick dark mound of pubic hair. “You’re beautiful,” Tom said as he moved to her and kissed her again. His left hand found her right nipple, squeezing it playfully. His right hand found her wet pussy. He leaned down and sucked her nipple, playfully biting it. His cock hardened again as he was turned on by her firm, younger body. Tom playfully pushed Niki back onto the bed and then pulled her so her pussy was at the edge of the bed. He moved down to his knees by the bed side and lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He kissed up her inner left thigh until his face was close to her opening and then playfully kissed back down away from her wetness. He did the same thing on the other side, licking the length of the crease in her leg from near the top of her mound down to her ass.

He then kissed up above her dark bush, pausing to let his warm breath reach her opening, but not yet touching it with his tongue. He moved her legs further apart and saw her large pink lips amidst her thick, dark pubic hair. Her clit was swollen and large and he couldn’t wait to taste her. He began down at the bottom of her slit and slow licked the length of it, before circling her hooded button playfully. She moaned deeply as he ate her wet cunt. Tom loved to eat pussy and he was good at it. His wife enjoyed it but confessed to being self-conscious about it. Niki, on the other hand, loved it. Having Tom’s face buried in her wet pussy drove her wild. She grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pushed his face into her. She moaned deeply as she began to cum. Tom licked her clit furiously. Niki’s body tensed as she shuddered to a massive orgasm, cumming in wave after wave. She pulled Tom up to the bed and down on top of her, kissing him deeply, her juices covering his face. “That was amazing,” she whispered.

Niki’s sex life was not what she wanted it to be. She had sex a couple of times a month with her husband, but it was uninspiring. She loved him and would never leave him because of their daughter, but now that she had gotten into better shape and we feeling good about herself, she longed for someone to make her feel attractive and sexy. Tom made her feel that way.

Tom was rock hard again. She felt his dick against her stomach as they kissed passionately. Tom moved up so he was straddling her chest. He slipped two fingers into her mouth and she sucked them. Tom leaned forward and let his cock meet her lips. She willingly took him again, letting him slide forward until the whole shaft was in her mouth. Tom let himself glide in and out, fucking her face. He could have come again and she seemed willing to let him, but Tom longed to make love to her. He pulled back, moved to her side and then rolled on his back. Instinctively, she moved back to sucking his cock. He grabbed her hands and guided her on top of him. Her wet pussy pressing against his hard cock. Her curly black hair rested on her shoulders, a cute smirk on her face showed brightly in the light from outside. She lifted herself up and let her opening meet the end of Tom’s erect dick. She lowered herself onto him, feeling his hard cock fill her. She moaned as she rode him. He cupped her breasts as he watched his shaft slide in and out of her. She was tight and warm and sopping wet. His thrusts as he fucked her were audible because of her wetness. She leaned forward and moved her hips rhythmically. He sucked her hard nipples, adding to her ecstasy. He thrust harder and Niki rode faster as they both built toward orgasm. Niki arched her back and Tom felt her walls tighten around his cock. At the same time, Tom began shooting his load deep in her pussy.

Niki fell forward into Tom’s arms as he finished inside her, both of them now slick with sweat. Their lips met again and their tongues entwined. Still incredibly horny, Niki moved up and straddled Tom’s face, riding it with her slick, cum-filled pussy. Kinky Niki he thought to himself. Niki continued to ride Tom’s face, enjoying her tongue until she could feel herself building to orgasm again. She couldn’t recall cumming three times in a night before, but now she was about to do it inside of an hour. Tom pressed his face into her as she came again and she fell forward against the headboard, her body heaving as her orgasm flooded her.

Niki laid next to Tom on the bed, her arm draped over him. “That was amazing,” she whispered. “You are amazing,” Tom replied. “I am so glad you came to the bar tonight,” said Niki. “Me too,” added Tom. “All those times I saw you at those holiday parties, little did I know you are crazy good in bed,” said Niki. “Me?” Tom laughed. “Yes, you. I have never cum like that,” Nikki replied as she let her hand drift down Tom’s chest and rest just above the head of his flaccid cock. She traced a finger around his dick and he felt the blood flow to it from her touch. She took it in her hand and gently stroked it. “Will you give this to me all week?” Niki asked. “Um, yes,” Tom stammered. “I know we shouldn’t be doing this,” Niki went on, “but I feel so good about myself and have been yearning to enjoy my new body.” “You look terrific, Niki, you turn me on so much” Tom responded. “It feels good to be wanted,” she said. “I want you,” Tom said as he stroked her cheek and kissed her. She moved down and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

Her lips were soft around his dick and he enjoyed watching her slowly take him into her mouth. She began sucking him in long strokes, taking his entire cock into her mouth and then bobbing up until just the end of it remained between her lips. She held his shaft and then playfully licked around the head with her surprisingly long tongue, letting the tip of it slightly enter his urethra. She then licked down the shaft to his balls and moved around so she was in between his legs and could lick them fully. She stroked his hard cock as she licked them, taking one into her mouth, and then the other. She stroked his shaft more quickly and Tom felt himself getting closer and closer to cumming. He wanted her mouth around it, and, as he moaned, Niki instinctively started sucking his cock again, pumping the shaft with her right hand tightly around it, taking just the top couple of inches into her mouth. Tom’s cock erupted again, shooting warm load into Niki’s mouth. This time she held it there and then slyly moved up to kiss Tom, letting his warm spunk flow into his mouth as their tongues intertwined. A little startled, Tom didn’t mind as he was so turned on by what she was doing to him. “Ever had a girl do that to you before? Niki mused. “Can’t say that I have,” Tom replied. “Did you like it?” she asked. “I think I like everything you do,” Tom smiled as he kissed her again, her warm breath still smelling of cum.

Tom moved Niki to all fours, her face at the pillows at the top of the bed, her round ass in the air. He let his pelvis rest against her, his cock now flaccid. He grabbed her hips, which were full but firm and playfully pressed against her, feeling her wet bush against his pubic bone. He leaned forward and kissed and licked the small of her back. He saw goose bumps on her skin as he traced his tongue downward to the top of her ass. His tongue traced down the top of her crack, closer to her asshole. Had she had her ass eaten before, Tom wondered. His own wife didn’t like it, part of her self-consciousness Tom figured, but he had done it to her a couple of times. When he was really turned on, like he was now, doing it turned him on even more. He spread the cheeks of Niki’s ass wide, seeing her dark hole surrounded by small dark hairs. Niki moaned as Tom circled her dark hole with his tongue, squirming slightly as his tongue first touched her there. Tom slid two fingers into her pussy and began finger banging her as he licked her ass. “Yesss,” Niki moaned as Tom added a third fingered and ate her holes. Her lips were tight around his fingers as he fucked her with them. He let one wet finger slide up to her asshole and pressed the end of it into her. “Ohhhh,” she moaned and he pushed it deeper. Her ass was very tight. He watched his entire index finger disappear inside. Could she take more there he wondered, slowly adding his middle finger. She sighed deeply as his second finger disappeared as well, he began finger fucking her ass to the knuckle. Tom was rock hard again. He continued to finger Niki’s anus and moved in behind her to let his erect cock slide into her willing pussy. She moaned as he fucked both of her holes in rhythm.

He pulled his fingers out of her ass and reached around and put them to her lips (two could play the kinky game, right). As she sucked them willingly, he slid his slick cock out of her cunt and pressed it to her asshole. “I want to fuck your ass,” Tom exclaimed. “Do it,” Niki replied. Never having done anal, she braced herself as Tom slowly entered her. It hurt but as more of him entered her, she relaxed and felt pleasure from his stiff rod up inside her. Tom was incredibly turned on, having never done anal either. Her ass was so tight around his cock that he knew he wouldn’t last long. After a handful of long slow strokes in and out of Niki’s ass, Tom was shooting hot cum up inside her. As he pulled out, Niki turned around and began sucking his dripping cock, fresh out of her asshole. There seemed to be no end to her freakiness. Tom flipped her over on her back, cock still in her mouth and buried his face in her sopping crotch. He pumped his cock down into her mouth until his balls rested on her nose and then slipped back out of her, all the while licking the juices from her thick, wet mound. Tom couldn’t remember the last time he came twice in a night, let alone five times, but he was rock hard again, turned on by the mutual oral pleasure they were giving one another.

He wanted to kiss her again, to look into her eyes while plunging his dick inside her, so he rolled her over and turned so that he was between her open legs. His hard cock slid easily between her lips as his tongue slipped deep into her mouth. He pumped his dick into her, grinding his pubic bone into her. He lifted his whole body off of her as his dick slid mostly out and then thrust himself back into her, fucking her harder and faster. “Oh yes, fuck me harder,” Niki exclaimed. “You’re going to make me cum.” Tom thrust his whole cock in and out of her. Niki moaned as she again started to cum. Tom felt her tighten around him, her body tensing under him, her face flushed, her eyes closed, enjoying the sweet release. As she relaxed, Tom continued to rhythmically penetrate her. Long, deep strokes, pressing his body hard against hers. She looked in his eyes as he continued to have his way with her. Putting a hand behind his head and pulling him in to kiss her. They kissed passionately as they continued to fuck. Tom felt he could go on for hours like this. He slowed the strokes to savor the feeling of sliding in and out of her—wet, warm, and tight. “I want to watch you,” he said as he rolled her over, still inside of her, now with her on top, sitting up, impaled on his erection. She looked so sexy in the light.

Her curly hair draped on her shoulders. Her breasts, firm and full with nipples rock hard and erect. And that beautiful dark bush surrounding his hard cock. She took her hand and started massaging her clit as she rode him. She moaned with pleasure as she rode up and down. He watched her, incredibly turned on by the self-pleasure she had added. Feeling his cock disappear in and out as she began moving both her hand and her hips faster. As it was apparent she was building to another orgasm, Tom let himself also focus on cumming again. He wanted to cum with her. As the strokes sped up and her fingers more quickly stimulated her clit, the walls of her cunt again clenched just as he started to ejaculate, her pussy now helping to empty him into her. Niki fell forward on top of him, spent by her latest climax. Her face was buried in Tom’s neck, her soft curly hair falling softly on his face and shoulders. Their bodies still joined as he remained inside her. “I could lay like this forever,” Niki said. “This is so nice,” Tom whispered. His now flaccid cock slipped out of her and he felt her wetness against his leg, so incredibly wet. She shifted to his side, draping her left leg over him, her pussy pressed against his left thigh. They slowly drifted off to sleep.

Each of the next three nights, Niki met Tom outside his room when he came back. They couldn’t wait to get inside and out of their clothes. The sex was passionate. Lips and tongues exploring everywhere. Niki wondered it she could get her husband to eat her ass like Tom did. He had never done it before and now she couldn’t get enough of it. Having Tom four fingers deep in her wet pussy while tonguing her asshole put her over the edge. She also hadn’t given this much head in forever. She considered blowing her husband a chore but having Tom cum in her mouth was also such a turn on. Seeing his face as he released made he feel sexy. Swallowing it made her feel powerful. This week had reawakened her sexually. She felt nervous about returning to her husband’s bed, but knew after this week she would need to have more sex.

On the last night, after several hours of passionate lovemaking, Niki lay against Tom’s side, her left cheek pressed against his chest, his arm around her. Her wet and cum filled pussy felt warm against his side. She began thinking that this was the end of their time together. Perhaps some quick sex when they awoke and in the shower in the morning before they left, but this was surely the last time she would lay quietly in the arms of the man who had brought her to an ecstatic climax over and over again the past few nights. A tear rolled down her cheek. She sniffled quietly and Tom looked down at her. “Hey, what’s the matter?” he asked. “I’m going to miss you,” she whispered. “I feel so close to you right now.” “I know,” Tom replied. “I don’t want this night to end either.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead. She leaned up and let her lips meet his. She kissed him deeply, letting her tongue move into his mouth. It was after midnight, but she wasn’t ready to let go. She moved on top of him, continuing to let her tongue dance with his. She felt his cock respond to her soft body against him. She kissed down his chin to his neck and then to his chest. She let her wet pussy glide against his hardening cock. Playfully, she bit his right nipple and continued kissing down his stomach. She straddled his right leg, just above his knee, riding against his thigh; so wet, sliding up and down. She moved her mouth toward the end of his cock. She wanted to suck it again. He was nearly erect when her mouth surrounded the mushroom head. Her tongue licked under the head along the shaft. Tom moaned as her warm lips enveloped him. Her curly hair hung down, ticking his skin. She bobbed up and down, taking the entire length of his cock and then back up to the head. She ran her tongue down his shaft, wrapping her hand around it and letting it trace down to his balls. She stroked his cock as she took his balls into her mouth, one at a time. She squeezed his shaft hard as she pumped it, licking down under his balls to his taint. Her tongue swirled under his scrotum. Tom moaned as she stroked him. She licked his balls again and then let her tongue run up his shaft to the head, circling it and licking the precum out of the end of his cock. She let the point of her tongue play at the hole, pushing it open, while continuing to stroke him. “You’re going to make me cum,” said Tom. “Mmm,” she responded. With the next stroke, the first shot of warm spunk shot from the end of Tom’s dick onto her face, just under her left eye and running down her cheek. She moved so her mouth was in front of the head and the second shot hit just under her nose and ran down her lip into her mouth. She closed her mouth around his cock, taking the rest of his come into her mouth and held it there. She quickly moved up and kissed him deeply, letting the cum in her mouth run into his, her cum-drenched lips meeting his. Kinky Niki, he thought to himself as he swallowed his own spunk. She wiped the cum from her cheek and stuck her finger in Tom’s mouth. He licked the remaining cum off of her finger. She smiled, enjoying what she was doing to him.

“Ever eaten cum before?,” Nikki asked. “I’ve licked my fingers after jerking off before, sure,” Tom replied, avoiding giving a full answer. “Never sucked a dick?,” she pressed. “Have you eaten pussy?” Tom deflected. “I asked you first,” Niki smiled. “When I was growing up,” Tom replied cautiously, looking at her face for a reaction. None was apparent. “Did you like it?” Niki continued, now intrigued at his candor. “You first, have you?” “Yes, a college roommate,” she replied. “Did you like it?” he quickly asked. “I also asked you that first,” said Niki. “At the time, it was fun,” Tom said. “Did you swallow?” she mused. “Yes,” he answered, giving up on insisting on another answer from her first. “Did you do it just once?” asked Niki, now wanting to know more. “This one friend and I did it several times,” Tom admitted. “Would you do it again?”, Niki asked, now extremely curious. “What is this, 20 questions?” Tom responded. “Did you like your experience? What did you do? Was it only once?” he added in rapid succession. “Speaking of 20 questions,” Niki mused. “If you must know, we had drunk sex three times the year we roomed together. Lots of tongues and fingers and I did like it, but I liked men better,” she answered.

As if to end this game, she climbed on top of Tom’s cock which had again hardened from both the memories of his own youthful interludes and Nikki’s account of hers. She leaned forward and kissed him as his erection disappeared inside her. As they fucked, she looked deeply in his eyes, thinking to herself she would probably never look into his eyes like this again, taking it in and enjoying the pleasure of them moving in rhythm. Her eyes were so brown, Tom thought. He brow furrowed as she rode him, intense in her pleasure. Her breasts, while not as large as Kate’s, were ample and they bounced as she bucked on his cock. The sight of him sliding in and out of her dark bush is what turned Tom on most. He pulled her to him and sucked her left nipple, which felt hard in his mouth. Then the right. Up and down she rode on his shaft, both of them building to climax. Soon, they shuddered together in a strong wave of orgasmic delight, Tom again shooting his load deep inside her as the walls of her pussy clenched around his dick. She held his face in both hands and kissed him deeply as she came down from the heights to which he had taken her. I love you, which nearly came out of her mouth, became “I love this.” “I do too,” he said. Deciding he could be kinky too, he pushed her back onto the bed and quickly dove between her legs. The taste of his own cum was distinct in the juices of her sopping mound. He licked every inch of her slit, feeling her hand reach for the back of his head and push him into her. Three of his fingers glided easily into her hole as he flipped her over. Her round ass was now in front of his face, his fingers still probing in and out of her wet snatch. He licked from the top of her crack down to her dark hole. She moaned deeply as he ate her ass. They both were incredibly turned on again. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass with both hands and spread them, tonguing her hole more deeply and then licking down her taint to her wet slit and then back up again. Tom continued to lick all of her playfully. As her breaths became faster, he plunged two wet fingers into her ass and three from the other hand into her pussy. He pumped them in and out of her holes in alternating rhythm. Soon she had more than she could take, and she came again, violently against his hand. They both laid back on the bed and he pulled her close and kissed her. Soon they were fast asleep.

Niki awoke, still in Tom’s embrace. Exhausted from their escapades, they had both slept soundly. She slipped out from under his arm and went to the bathroom and started the shower. As she stood under the rain shower head, the warm water caressing her naked body, she reflected on the last few nights. So much sex, so many orgasms, so much intimacy. She had always been faithful and yet she had no regrets. She felt so wanted for the first time in a long time. Sharing her new-found, more fit body, with someone who thoroughly enjoyed every inch of it, felt liberating and exciting. She felt desirable again. Soon she sensed Tom behind her. His hands found her shoulders, then moved down to cup her breasts. He kissed her neck. It was almost as if she couldn’t bear to turn and face him. Much as she wanted to look in his eyes, she feared she would burst into tears if she did. Naked, vulnerable and hating to say goodbye. She knew her emotions would overcome her. So, she bent forward, the water cascading down her smooth, tanned back and her ass pressing against Tom’s pelvis. She felt his hardening cock against her and felt herself growing wet between her legs. Tom enjoyed the view of her soaked, nearly jet black hair against her soft, smooth back. Her round ass before him for the taking. He held her hips and pushed his erection as deep as it would go into her dark canal. He fucked her hard and she loved it. Making their last sex more about raw fucking than intimacy seemed to both of them to be the way to leave things. Tom reached around and rubbed her clit as he fucked her, the warm water streaming down her back and over her ass as he plunged in and out. Her warm, wet pussy felt so good around his cock. He didn’t want it to end. Nikki started to moan more loudly. Tom had made her cum enough over the past few days that he knew she was getting close. His strokes became harder and faster, his pelvis smashing against her ass as he pumped in and out of her pussy. As Niki came, Tom began shooting his own load deep inside her. As she straightened, he kissed her neck. She still could not bear to turn and look into his eyes, so she washed with her back to him, saying nothing. They both were silent as they finished showering and dried off. They continued, thinking only to themselves about their time together as they dressed.

It was time to go. Niki didn’t really know what to say. Tom struggled as well. “I gotta go,” she said, eyes looking towards the floor, hair covering tears running down both cheeks. “I know,” he said, reaching to push back her hair, revealing her sweet face and then wiping her tears with his thumbs. “I loved this time together,” he said. “You really are amazing.” “Amazing in bed you mean,” she laughed. “Amazingly beautiful,” he replied. “And amazing in bed,” he added with a laugh. She kissed him quickly but deeply and turned for the door, not bearing to look back. He stood and watched her leave.

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