Tom and Niki

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Tom didn’t know Niki well, having really only encountered her at extended family events—mostly around the holidays—parties or other gatherings. Niki is married to a distant cousin of Tom’s wife Kate. She is younger than Tom, by about 15 years he thought, and always had a cute smile.

An Italian girl with curly, very dark brown hair. She seemed to have battled her weight since having her only child, but Tom had recently seen many posts on her social media about a fitness kick she had been on and it appeared she was getting in much better shape. Tom was surprised to see Niki when he walked into the bar at his hotel in D.C.

Niki and her family lived not far from there. “Hey, I know you,” Tom quipped as he took the empty chair, next to Niki at the bar. “Hey, Tom right? What are you doing here?” Niki responded. “I am in town for the week for work, are you just here having a drink?” “No, I’m here for the week too, unfortunately.

Our company is having an audit and I needed to give it my undivided attention, so I am not commuting back and forth.” “Well, undivided except maybe at night, she smiled, as she sipped her near empty, drink.” “Would you like another,” Tom offered. “Sure,” Niki responded, “it was a long day.” Niki really did look great, Tom mused to himself. He always though she was cute, but she clearly had lost weight. She was wearing a black blouse, with several buttons unbuttoned and a short black plaid skirt. He could see the outline of her ample breast covered by a black lace bra. Her thighs were thick but toned, her calves also well toned and muscular. She smiled easily, her lips thin but naturally red. Their drinks arrived. “Cheers” Niki smiled and clinked her glass against Tom’s, “to the week!”

Tom and Niki chatted over another drink. The conversation and laughter flowed. Their eyes locked easily and Tom loved her dark brown eyes. He struggled not to glance at her legs and the cleavage that showed from her unbuttoned shirt. He noticed the dark hair on her arms and wondered about the other hair on her body. Tom especially loved natural women, like his wife. He imagined Niki would have a full, dark bush, but wondered if she trimmed or shaved it. “You’re day dreaming,” Niki interjected. “Oh sorry, night dreaming,” Tom laughed. “Have you been to the bar downstairs?” Niki asked. “No, I didn’t know there was one,” Tom said. “It’s pretty cool; it’s in the old bank vault.” “A little darker and more intimate.” “Sounds good to me, shall we have a drink there?” Tom replied. “Sure,” Niki smiled. They settled up with the bartender and Tom followed Niki out into the elevator lobby.

The Vault was in the basement of the hotel, which was a converted bank building. The entry was literally through the round opening of the old vault. Once inside, the interior was dimly lit with red-hued lighting. Small tables and booths lined each wall and a few velvet couches and chairs filled the middle. The Vault was pretty crowded, but Niki spotted a vacant booth in the back corner. The booths were u-shaped velvet benches around a small table. Niki slid in, and Tom followed, noticing her short skirt riding up on her thigh. Niki stopped in the back far corner of the booth and Tom slid over beside her, stopping a few inches from her side. Niki slid over next to him, he body resting against his. “This is more like it, don’t you think?” Niki asked.

“Cool place,” Tom responded, a little nervously as he felt her warmth against him. They ordered another round. “I’m really glad I ran into you, Niki,” these trips are pretty boring sitting alone in bars or restaurants. “I’m glad you ran into me too, I thought it was going to be a lonely week.” Niki’s hand reached for Tom’s, which was resting on his left leg. Her soft hand felt nice on his. She squeezed his hand as she gazed at him and then moved his hand to her own leg. Her thigh was soft, but firm.

She guided his hand further up her leg, staring in his eyes as she did. He felt her move his hand further up her leg and under her skirt, the fabric pushing back. He felt her warmth as she pushed his hand higher. Rather than panties, his fingers found rather thick pubic hair surrounding moist pussy lips. Niki leaned forward and kissed him as he explored her soft folds. Knowing she had no panties under her skirt turned him on so much. He felt his pants tighten as his cock hardened. “That feels good,” Niki whispered.

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