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As the sexual tension spiked between me and my sister, I tried to take advantage of that while on our road trip. Our family planned a holiday road trip, and I could use it to my advantage. Since this trip was with a joint family and there was luggage, we had to book an Innova for convenience.

My sis and I decided to sit at the back of the car where extra luggage surrounded us. I took advantage of this fact and proposed that the luggage could stay as it was and she could sit on my lap as she was almost half my size. Surprisingly, no one objected and the road trip began successfully with me getting what I wanted and my sister also started guessing where this could lead.

After a few minutes, I pulled her closer to me where she could feel my dick near her ass, luckily for me, she was wearing a skirt and panties, and she could really feel my dick touching her panties, after that I did nothing and let the bad roads and big bumps do the jump.

As each bump and pothole passed she jumped on my dick and let out a small moan. This turned me on so much that I decided to do something more, I started rubbing my dick against her panties and pussy lips gripped my dick tight. We both were enjoying ourselves to our fullest and suddenly she just cummed all over my shorts. Her panties were so wet that it was dripping everywhere.

She apologised to me in my ear but I did not accept it, after all, they were my favourite shorts, so I decided to punish her by taking off her panties, I started kissing her neck very gently so she could feel my lips and the little bites I give her on the neck while my hands were all over her sexy waist rubbing it continuously, I slowly lifted her black top enough so I can feel her sexy stomach and her bare waist with hands, I started to bite and suck her ear while my left-hand plays with her boobs and teases her nipples till it gets hard, meanwhile My right hand started to rub her stomach following her thigh near to her wet pussy, she leaned more towards and sat on my right lap so her pussy can face forward and I can reach it easily and at that instant, I started rubbing her clit increasing my place slowly. I couldn’t see her face, but I know for sure she was trying very hard to keep a straight face and not moan. I was touching her everywhere, and her body started releasing more and more cum from her body.

This time I let things flow through as she holds and rubs my right thigh with pleasure. I continue to finger her and then her magical fingers pulled down my shorts just enough to rub my dick through my underwear making me feel heaven just with her fingers, my dick just got larger and larger. I thought my boxers were gonna tear off, every time she tried to take her hands back, my penis throbbed to get her attention back. I couldn’t hold back any more and ejaculated a lot on her hands and a little bit stuck to my hands too, she immediately took my hand and licked it clean with her tongue especially when she used her tongue to suck my middle finger. It almost felt like she was trying to show me what her mouth could do.

This made me even hornier that I got a boner again. As usual, she was surprised at how little time it took for me to get a boner again. I held her by the waist and pulled her closer to me, I hugged her tightly while holding her waist and started kissing her neck and shoulders. I kissed around her nape which she was most insecure about, I felt great embracing my sister’s body and making her feel secure in her own body that I adore very much. It soon turned into a cuddling session before I realized and she rubbed my dick at regular intervals to keep it hard.

Around an hour later, we stopped by a petrol station to refill and I took this chance to get closer to her. It was decided that we would take a stop for about 20 minutes to freshen up and get ready for the road again. I seized this opportunity well and quickly went to the public restroom and found a clean enough place and then asked my sister to come over to see how things would unfold. As I heard her footsteps in front of the bathroom door, in a split second I pulled into the washroom stall and we were lucky there was NO ONE except us. She was not expecting to be pulled like that and it took her a solid 5 seconds to realize what was going on. She took off her wet panties and threw them on my face, my dick got harder just from that smell. It made a really large bulge on my pants and she immediately took notice of it.

She pulled down my pants and slowly started swallowing my dick in her hot mouth. I could feel my dick reach her throat and she made extremely erotic slurping noises and had to eventually pull out her mouth so she can breathe properly, I brushed her hair going through her and eventually put her mouth on my dick, and she started sucking it without hesitation. I used my finger to lift her hair, put it behind her ear and rubbed her head while she slowly increased the speed. I could feel her tongue wrapped all around my dick as she gobbled it back and forth. Before I could realize it, I had ejaculated on her sweet tongue and in her throat, the obedience and skill she showed while swallowing my cum without even wasting a drop made me feel pleasure, I felt it was time to give her the love that she deserved. I pushed her against the wall, our chests clumped together. I could hear her increasing heartbeat and her warm shallow breaths, there was no way I could break her eye contact with her submissive eyes.

I lifted her just enough so that I could slide my dick in her, and she grabbed my arms as her eyes rolled up when I Inserted all of it in one go. There was no time to stop, I started thrusting into her as her pussy started to get accustomed to the shape and size of my dick, she could barely stop moving her hips up and down. I increased my pace while kissing her neck to give her the orgasms she deserved. All I could hear were her shallow breaths between the loud moans. I increased the pace towards my top speed while holding her slim waist close to me, she could barely stop herself from moaning. I was exploring her deep in the areas that she never imagined before. The moans kept getting louder and louder, biting my shoulder to control it. The adrenaline pumped inside me made it very hard for me to notice the pain from the bite. I started thrusting rapidly and in the next immediate second, I could feel a hot liquid oozing out of her. I set her down on the toilet seat only to realize I gave her a creampie of her life. We both came to our senses after that amazing session. I kissed her and went back to the car and gave her time to cool and clean herself.

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