Sensual massage to my neighbor

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I am rahul, age 32 and belong to Delhi. I recently shifted to Navi Mumbai. My company asked me to train and monitor the performances of our Branch in India. Apart from my Profession I learn the art of Massage with passion. It is now my part-time job on weekends to treat my wife with my magical fingers on her. I enjoy massaging her more than anything this gives the satisfaction to her by my work, and keeps her happy & healthy. I don’t do Massage to anyone.

Till now it was within close door with my wife only but this got changed on one day and l am narrating my experience which happened with next door neighbor in Navi Mumbai. this network gives a good chance to share and know real good experiences of people with privacy and here I come with my experience. Story may be bit lengthy as it describes things which took place during interaction with my neighbor Namrata.

Before I hit on story let me describe Namrata, she is widow and late in thirties. She got 2 daughters and both are school going and Namrata use to teach in reputed school of Navi Mumbai. She is Bengali and her skin texture is silky beauty with black as underground colour revealing her dazzling skin texture in light chocolate colour with vibrant feature of chicks and face, her figure is awesome 36D-34-36 and maintained well.

My wife is beautician and she runs business from same building where we stay, it’s easy for her to run business and whenever there is requirement she can come up and do household things and she has customer who prefer her to come home and give private make-over for their body and for which she charges double than her normal charges. It all started when Namrata booked my wife for her make-up and then we started chit-chatting here n there.

It all started on one day of September during Ganesh Festival when one day there was doorbell early in morning everyone was sleeping at my home and then I opened door to see who is there, it was my neighbor Namrata standing on door, she asked me about Ruchi(wife), I told her she is sleeping on that she asked me if I can wake her up as she wanted to talk and decide on certain things related to makeup, I woke her up and Ruchi came out from bedroom in shorts and her skin was sparkling than Namrata asked her how come her skin is shining (later-on told by ruchi to me), she told Namrata as it was Saturday yesterday and my hubby is good massager so he gave me massage of 2 hours due to which I was in sound sleep and now completely rejuvenated with fresh energy. She started inquiring more n more about massage therapy.

After that there was nothing much for someday but things started building between me and Namrata, whenever and wherever she meets me, she use to greet with some enthustic energy and use to talk for longer and one fine day she told me that she saw the magic of my fingers on my wife’s body and would like to enjoy same therapy. I told her I don’t do it for everyone and it’s not good as we are neighbor and we should not get into this, instead you get some professional massager from outside for which I will provide all required contacts.

But she was reluctant about my magical fingers, after lots of persuasion I said will tell you when I can come to your home, she said thanks and bid bye for the day.

I started working out on plan, when and how it can be done. Then I called her next day on her intercom and told that on coming Saturday I can come at around 3pm to give her sensual massage which she is looking for and I told her my charges.

On Saturday @ 3pm I rang her door bell and there she was standing on door. She welcomed me and asked me to sit on sofa and got me glass of water. Asked me if I would like to have cup of coffee for which I said I am fine until unless she is comfortable with whatever she can offer me, to which she replied I am very comfortable to offer anything you want. On her reply I corrected my statement I didn’t mean everything, was talking about food and beverages. She was smart just turned another page I will be offering only food it’s you who has to eat and finish it with love. I was thinking what does she mean by that and in the mean time she got me cup of coffee and for her as well.

We started sipping coffee and started talking about daily life than she began with how’s sex life and all, for which I just ignored and said let’s not talk about it because you are not going to get anything else apart from massage, for which she replied that generally people tend to lose charm of sex over the period of time so thought to know how’s things are cooking between both of you. I just ignored and finished coffee and she also finished with me. I put my cup in sink while she was behind me and she tried to brush me from back and somehow she got succeeded little bit, I am not sure whether it was intentionally or it was just way of putting cup in sink.

Well again we were back in hall and I asked her shall we start for which she replied yes we can, I asked her to remove all cloths and come in tower covering her private parts and asked her to get bed ready for massage as there would be oils which will spill over so better to use cloth/mattress which is convenient for you to wash. She said bed is already ready with such linen and went to washroom to change herself in robe which can give easy access to her body for massage.

After changing she came to bedroom, my eyes were stuck to her beauty I have never seen her in such small clothing because she use to wear cloths which cover all part of body, she asked me what’s next, I came back to senses and told her to lay on bed on her tummy, I asked which oil she would like to have? Her reply was “Olive Oil” than I said OK. There I started with Oil massage with her feet and fingers of feet, her feet were soft and silky as per her skin texture color, I started working on her feet fingers and feet, I can see the feeling she was getting, it was relaxation and sensual massage which she was liking at most and her eyes were closed during the initiation of massage. I asked her if she need more attention to it for which she replied the way my fingers are working it’s awesome and fully relaxed with feet and now you can move further for next level of massage.

It was next finger, which were hand fingers. She has lovely hand finger which were not so long and neither short but at medium which looks like doll fingers and while working on hand fingers I felt she has some part which is paining while I was massaging, den I asked her do you have pain somewhere in your back for which she replied “yes” she has pain in her back and it’s been more than 5 years since then it itches everyday but no cure to it. After knowing that I started working on accupressural points of back and due to that she got little relaxed and here now my next move was to complete the hand before I start with leg muscles. It was around 15-20 minutes when I completed giving her hand and hand finger massage and for this she acknowledge that she liked it very much. Now I said let’s start with legs muscle, and there I started with leg calf muscle which lasted up to her knee and below till ankle, it was around 15 minutes massage and next one was upper portion of legs which is sensual for sexual awakening and pc muscle which gives relaxation to sex muscle.

I started working on back portion of thighs which was like butter, such a soft skin she has, while working on thighs I asked her if she is okay with my advancement up to her private parts which would be part of massage for which she just said hmm.

I started working on one thighs while going up to PC muscle which is between vagina and anus, it is one of the sensual points which gives relaxation to women like anything, while working on inner thighs I could see her vagina started leaking, and my situation was no longer normal, my manhood was already erect and it was tough to control while giving massage, her vagina was leaking with pre-cum for any sensual massage, I started working on her PC muscles which she felt so much sensual and she started moaning in low voice, I asked her if she is uncomfortable than I would leave those portion for which she said she is getting much relief due to massage on those sensual points. Till now we were not talking anything vulgar rather we were using simple and sober words which were making her more n more horny, while working on another thighs she asked me I can massage her vagina as well for which I said that portion will come later not now because you are on your tummy and you won’t get the pleasure of massage if I massage only vagina leaving clitoris dry.

She understood my way of working and said as you wish, now next portion of massage were back and her ass which were like soft cushion pillow, I felt to start licking with my tongue but I was there for massage so I had to control on my urge, I started massaging her back from brain bone to tail bone of her hip, her moan started growing but still on low hissing voice, after working on back and her hip. I asked her to lie on her back so that I can start working on her tummy and upper portion of chest along with boobs, here I used first time word boobs which she liked very much and turned towards me but her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the massage on tummy, naval point, boobs to collar bone. She asked me to work more on boobs as it’s been long no men touched her there and she is getting more n more horny, I pinched her nipples couple of times, she sat on bed and leaned over me to kiss me but I politely denied saying I am here only for massage and told her that this is last part of massage where I have to give massage on front thighs along with vagina. With heavy heart she lay once again on her back and allowed me to start massaging on her front thighs and vagina portion. Final portion was very much sensual and it gives at least one orgasm while massage is on.

Her vagina was clean shaved and was inviting to fuck her hard, It was jaw dropping situation for me, I just wanted to lick her vagina but somehow I controlled on my urge and I poured oil on front thighs and on top of vagina and started spreading oil everywhere before I begin with massage, I started with thighs massage, while doing inner thigh massage from front I could see her vaginal wall is contracting every time I am touching those inner portion, thanks to my jockey, I was hard enough inside but till now I kept it under control, I knew she want me to give her final pleasure which is body to body massage which gives pleasure to whole body but still there was vaginal massage which was next. Started with vaginal wall and clitoris massage her moan become louder and louder and she was begging to fuck her for which she would do anything. I told her to keep cool and wait for some more time.

While working on vaginal wall I entered 2 fingers in her vagina in such a way that 1 finger was touching clitoris and another inside G-spot and after working 10-15 minutes she started leaking white creamy fluid, it was not large in quantity but small amount of creamy and after around 5 more minutes she started squirting and I could see her pleasure hole which was about to burst out of vaginal wall and after squirting 5 minutes she calmed down and hold me from neck and forcefully started kissing me everywhere and finally her travel end on my lip for which I responded and told her to wait for some more moment while your body gets cool after orgasm and den we will head for hot shower there I will help you with another orgasm.

For which she said she would like to have body to body massage and my cock in her pussy, it’s been long time she didn’t get manly treat for her pussy, if not than she doesn’t want to go for shower with me, I said its fine but she forcefully took me to shower and there I got wet and I had to remove my upper cloth however she started removing my burmuda and undergarments and they gone down in just one shot and there she started sucking my cock which is of normal size of @6.5 inches, it was awesome feeling while she was sucking within 5-7 minutes I ejaculated in her mouth which she cleaned by drinking.

I started giving her hot shower massage and by my touch she was again turning on and we both started with lip lock, she was extremely well in French kiss which lasted almost 10 minutes, since we both were nude, I started exploring her body and she started exploring my body, we both were licking each other on each n every part of body, from neck, earlobes, boobs, naval, labia. It was awesome foreplay which lasted for long period of time and then she started begging me to give final massage thru penis and her pussy is waiting for it from so long. I held her from her waist and in standing position I inserted my cock in her vagina, it was little bit tight may be due to no sex for long, but once cock was in it was smooth like silk for to and fro motion and started fucking her in standing position which she liked very much and told me she never had free fuck like this as she was in air and I was holding with help of both hands and below with hydraulic cock than we changed position to doggy style and we lasted for around 8-10 minute before we both exploded, we both were breathless and trying to catch the breath under luke warm hot shower. After bath we both came out and then onwards this story started.

She thanked me and giving me kiss each and every portion of my body, she was unstoppable which was turning me on, next portion I will describe later how we had you can drop your feedback on [email protected]

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