Sex education with unnati aunty – part-1

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Hello readers I’m Surya from Bangalore age 21. medium fit body. I’m a Tamil boy. I love big boobs and armpits sweet and licking stuff and a traditional lover. I’m doing my bcom final year and kind of bored with the life we were staying in flat

Next to my flats was vacated I was thinking of some girl we will become so I can commit the imagination was high on my mind until this happened, an Indian family of two people came husband and wife

She was Unnati at 40 and her figure was 34g-32-34 and she used to wear a saree sometimes t-shirt shorts her husband’s age is 49. He is from Mumbai working in a company as a manager. He is so busy that he can’t even arrange items at home when they arrive.

She was alone and doing all the stuff,
Later I went to her home, I will introduce myself and I told her that I was staying next to her flat, can I help you with this. She was a little bit hesitant then I told her don’t worry ma’am Im not gonna steal or Rob something.

She said no no. You can help me, I was helping with her thing, we were talking and after completing I went to my home to make tea for her and I brought it to her.

Me: Aunty here I brought some tea for you to drink, you must have been tired and worked for a day
Aunty: ohh so sweet of you child thanks for your tea.
Then we chit-chatted and made some jokes It was night 9-9:30 so it was late I told her
Me: Aunty it’s time to go to my home, sorry have a great day Aunty.
Aunty: nice meeting you Surya it was nice of you helping a whole day thanks a lot Good night
Me: good night aunty

We had a good relationship for 3 to 4 months
We used to play PlayStation games, shopping, etc. We had food times together shared and talked. But inside me, I always had a crush on her because she is a hot figure and I admire her dressing sense.

A beautiful day came, her husband was going to Singapore for a business proposal. She was asking me to sleep for a couple of weeks to sleep in her home
I told sure aunty I will sleep
She was happy I went to her home at 9 o’clock

We were watching a romantic movie and after the movie, we were sitting on the sofa talking and suddenly she asked me if Surya was your virgin. I was shocked by that question and I didn’t answer any

Aunty: it’s okay da, tell me there is nothing to feel bad about this all
Me: Aunty no, I’m a virgin I didn’t have a girlfriend or I didn’t even see nude women in my lifetime, and I was laughing
She was laughing too.

I asked her how many boys are purposed you Aunty because your soo beautiful
Aunty: mmm, 1,2,3,4,5
Me: I know Aunty many boys don’t keep on counting and make me somewhat smile
Aunty laughed

Aunty: no da I was joking, I loved 1 boy he cheated on me. So later I married a businessman, see how he is leaving me and going
Now. He has also been like a business business
Me: it’s okay Aunty he is earning for your purpose right Aunty it will fine
Aunty: what is the use of earning when no children with us
Me: Aunty ‘t have children ah I thought studying in somewhere
Aunty in a sad time
No, no child for us.
Me: you could have gone to a concerned doctor right Aunty
Aunty: only me putting all the effort is a waste. He doesn’t care for me
Me: it’s okay he will understand soon
I have changed the topic and are having some fun talks

A sudden question came, Surya do you watch porn and masturbate?
Me: noo Aunty I don’t do all that Aunty
Aunty: smiled and said it’s okay do I know at this age everything is normal.
Me: yes Aunty ill watch but I rarely masturbate myself.
Aunty: ohh nice,
Me: Aunty do you watch porn
Aunty with a shy
Yes, I’ll watch it.
Me: ohh nice Aunty
Aunty: okay Surya now can we watch ah.
Me: Aunty no aunty.
Aunty: come on Surya we will watch, you should not share or tell these things to anyone.
Me: sure Aunty will never tell.
Later at night 11:30

We are watching porn videos on her laptop
Aunty: Surya what kind of videos do you watch?
Me: Aunty it’s like milf, mommy’s boy, sweat, armpit
Aunty: Are you incest, Surya
Me: Aunty kind of.
Aunty: okay nice to hear that I love the same thing come let us watch
Me: smiled and watched
She was in a red saree

We started a video plug of the earbuds into it
It was the best night for me I have never been with a girl so I loved that.
We have completed the first video and we are into the second
Played again, Aunty started to give pleasure to her, pressing her boobs and her pallu fall only her beautiful boobs in the blouse are viewed and pressing herself. I enjoyed my video and it was so good to feel that night
She was trying to lift her saree.
Me: Aunty what happened, are you going to masturbate?
Aunty: yes Surya, are you not?
Me: no Aunty ill just sleep on the sofa you masturbate and sleep well
Aunty: Surya I know everything about your enjoying my moves. Come on we will enjoy it together
Me: okay Aunty

First, she removed her saree only her petticoat was there she lifted it to her hip, and rubbed her jadi (pantie) I removed my shorts and rub my cock it was slowly getting erect.
Then she removed her jadi(pantie) and it was fresh and a little dark and pink pussy full wet rubbing her clit

She: come on Surya you can do it.
I removed my shorts and my cock stood with a 7-inch tool straight.
I split some saliva in my hand and applied it to my cock and started rubbing it.
My aunty sawed my cock and shocked
Aunty: Surya what a beautiful size of cock you have it’s so beautiful Surya it’s way bigger than my husband
Me: Aunty please don’t like it and I’m getting shy
Aunty: no Surya your cock it’s amazing and it’s big
Me: thanks Aunty

We both enjoyed masturbating at the same time in the same bed.
Suddenly my aunty asked me, Surya can we swap out hands to feel differently
Me: Aunty no we just do this finish we will sleep
Aunty: Surya, we will get a different feel and you’re a virgin so you get some experience
Me: mmm okay Aunty. Thanks for doing all this stuff
Aunty: come near me.

I went close to her, and she took my right hand and sucked my middle finger to split some saliva and took my hand to her pussy and told me to rub slowly on the clit,
I was rubbing her pussy clit, and at the same time she split Saliva in her hand and applied it to my cock and feels my cock in her hands

Aunty: Surya your cock is so beautiful and amazing to feel in your hand to love to touch your cock.
Me: Aunty thanks but I feel the same, your pussy is so nice and wet it tastes salty but nice to taste it
Aunty: mmmm, Surya now slowly fit your middle finger inside my pussy and

I slowly put my finger inside her pussy, it was wet and tight to go inside I was playing it hard pushing it faster
Aunty was enjoying and moaning ah yes Surya your good at this yes Surya.

We enjoy this for 20min and more, and we both reached cum
Aunty: Surya make it faster Surya I’m about to cum
Me: Aunty thing is coming out of my cock it’s feel something.

We both did it great and enjoyed cum on the bedsheet I sucked my hand and she licked her hand,

Aunty: Surya this was the best day for me, I loved this moment thanks for doing this with me.
Me: Aunty I should thank you for accepting doing this. Okay Aunty I’ll Sleep on the Couch by Aunty
Aunty: okay Surya bye take care

This story will be continued in part-2
I hope you all enjoyed the story, you all carry tissue with you to cum and spread enjoy. If any feedback tell me one [email protected] thanks for reading

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