Brother in law

When i was 17 my hubby had me start stripping which was ok i liked the attenion and the money. The clubs around us were not very good so we went to stay with my hubbys sister and her husband cause they lived closer to a bigger club. One night i came in a little to buzzed and i thought everyone was asleep as normal but my brother in law was awake. Je asked if ibwanted a drink i said sure and made himself one. So we drank or drinks and talked. When I had almost finshed my drink I grabbed a water and went to head to bed he grabbed my arm and said hold on a minute. He turned me aroun and put my back to the cabinet. He started asking me what would actually happen if me a d him fooled around. I said sammie would kick us out if not kill both of us and that was only if she got to us first.

If you got to us first you would probably kill him and definitely beat the shit out of me. He said I don’t think that any of that would happen cause y’all weren’t gonna catch us. I said right cause nothing is gonna happen. He then leaned in on me more and started kissinv my neck. I attempted to push him away but it didnt work. Next thing I know he feeling all over me and trying to put his hand in my pajama pants. I kept saying no and pulling away and trying to push him off.

My attemps to get freed from him didn’t work. Within a short few mintues he had my pants down and was rubbing and massaging my pussy. He started feeling around on me with his free hand. He stopped feeling arou d on me for a few seconds. Just long enough to get his shorts down over his hips. He started fingering me with me trying to move his hand. I kept trying to look and hope that noone would head towards the kitchen and catch what was going on. I felt him move his other hand in between us while he was still fingering and rubbing around on my pussy. I felt his hand between us because he was getting his dick out of his shorts.

He then started rubbing his dick on the outside of my pussy. He was trying to get it in with no cooperation. He pulled back a little bit and tried again. I was wet but he still couldn’t get it in. By this time he must have figured out that my leg being down was the problem. He stopped figuring me and grabbed my leg and pulled it up to his hip. He pushed me up into the counter more and tried again to get his dick in. This time it went in. He gasped and groaned. Started moving back and forth and up and down slowly at first. But before long he moving his hips back and forth and gasping. He said I knew you were gonna be good. I told him he better have a condom on and hurry up before we got caught. He was trying to talk but kept moaning instead. I told him to shut up and he started moving faster. He started sweating and was gasping more. He couldn’t keep his breathe and was moving so fast in and out back and forth that he had a major problem keeping up. I could tell he was getting ready to cum because he was standing on his tippy toes and gasping. Right before he came he dropped his shorts and pulled out. He came shooting his cum all over my legs and the floor and before he left the room he just said Damn

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