Married sister Tony :part-4

A young married lady tony is cheating her hubby as she is enjoying physical affairs with her brother Mohit for last couple of weeks (Perv story Married sister Tony part 3).as she was in her parent’s home ,she enjoyed a lot with her brother and now she have been fucked in her home it’s an evening as her hubby came back home from his office and we three are sitting in balcony with cup of coffee.tony is looking nice in her pink coloured kurti with her knees length skirt,looking at her arm pits that’s hairless I am smiling as my eyes are going to her brassiere strip as her kurti is sleeveless ,I can see her strips from the corner.Tony’s smooth thighs to legs are nude as her skirt covers her semi thighs only and now I put empty cup on floor as I leaned towards ground ,my eye got the visibility of her black panty.she is a 28 years lady with her physical measurement of 34-26-36 as her ass is round and dome shaped ,her boobs are tight but got extra flesh after her marriage as her vaginal parts are clean ,I know her labias well distracted with reddish face and she lives to have hairs on its upper parts and now my brother-in-law left us as Tony showed her anger……..

“Mohit are you a fool?
(Mohit)what happened Tony ?
(Tony)you were eyeing my arm pits as well as my inner beauty while learning forward ,your brother-in-law have seen your activities
(Mohit)Tony I am sorry but ……,anyhow leave this topic.”

As I walked to my room and put jeans as well as shirt and left home for evening I am on a lonely path as it’s going towards a market and I reached there as I walked to a wine shop and bought a cane of I put it in my pocket as I can see a deserted path ,moved on the path as I reached a park where too many couples were I moved inside as I sit on grass behind a bush and started drinking beer while I lit a cigarette to I am in drunkun State as I sit there and after some time ,my mobile started ringing………

“hi Tony speaking
(Mohit)yes I am in a park will come after some time
(Tony)ok but buy a gel for delayed ejaculation in a medicine shop
(Mohit)ok but who will use it ?
(Tony)you ideat you know it.”as I walked out of park and bought a gel tube from a medicine shop,now walking towards sister’s home as I am thinking about my sister’s approach …….. will she give me chance at night ? Or will get fucked by her hubby ?, I think she will choose her hubby as their two weeks duration for sex will make them I reached home ,I put my fingers on door bell switch to ring as it’s ringing and than I waited for a while,Tony opened the door as I can see her face reddish as well as clothes having the sign of hands on it.oh I am sure ,my sister is enjoying with her hubby in my absence as I walked inside to my bedroom,Tony came to me as she have closed the door ……….”Mohit ,do you need tea or coffee now
(Mohit)no are you busy ?
(Tony)yes hubby is on bed with me ,so leave us alone for an hour .”

And I smiled ,now I changed my clothes as I slept on bed till my elder sister Tony came to me,it’s 08:45 pm as she is bit shy with her reddish face and I asked…….”have you got satisfaction after two weeks with your hubby
(Tony)yes he is not best in spending time inside holes but he do it nicely.”

And at 09:30 pm we three have dinner together,now I walked to my room as Tony showed her curiosity for sex at night and I am on my bed with night bulb giving me dim light.I have pushed the door of my room as it’s opened and I am watching a porn video on my mobile as I am lying on penis is in erection as I am enjoying sexy pornstar on mobile,now I looked at the watch,it’s 10:45 pm and I am now impatient but waiting for sex bomb as watching it my fully erected penis is straight in my Bermuda and I walked to Washroom to urinate .coming back there ,I can see sexy lady tony sitting on bed’s corner as I walked to him and standing infront of him,I smiled……

“your hubby is sleeping or
(Tony)he have enjoyed a nice fuck with me as he is too tired,he have slept.”

And I started rubbing her soft face as she is looking too hot in her night gawn ,he surprised me while pulling down my penis is erected as it’s on her face and Tony hold it in her hand as she is kissing she have removed it’s skin as her lips are on it from base to shaft and lastly ,she put my glans on her nose to smell and than my soft glans is on her lips.she is running my glans on her lips as I put my hand on her head and now she opened her mouth to whole cock is in Tony’s mouth as she is sucking it hard as her hand is on my waist ,now she started swinging her face as my penis is hitting her elder sister is a lady having addiction of sex as she got fucked with her hubby in the evening,she is again going on the same path .now she took out my penis from her mouth as she stand infront of me and both are holding eachother as she is kissing my lips with her hand on my ass .Tony started rolling her tongue on my lips as I opened my mouth and took her long tongue to suck ,now my hand is rubbing her back as I got the front faced lashes and I opened her gawn’s front portion is opened as her sexy tits are on my chest ,my hand moved to her back as I put it from below and my hand is rubbing her sexy ass.after a while ,Tony pushed my face as her tongue is out of my mouth and than I removed her gawn from her sexy she is in a panty only while I am wearing a vest .
We both are on bed as Tony pushed me and I am lying there with my legs Tony took her lovely position of 69 as she is on her knees and elbows ,her face is near my penis as she is kissing it and my face is under her sexy ass as it’s between her Tony is licking my penis as I pulled down her panty and now while holding her waist ,I put my face upto her vagina to kiss.she is rolling her tongue on my penis as I opened her vaginal mouth and started licking it and she is playing with my erected cock.tony is moving it on her face as she took its glans in her mouth and started sucking it,as my tongue is fucking her glory hole.after licking her cunt for 3-4 minutes ,Tony left my body as we both are too hot and she took no time to put her sexy ass on my penis as her legs are wide.she is sitting on my penis as I hold her waist tightly to fuck.she loves cow girl position and than Tony hold my cock as she pushed it in her vagina ,now I have hold her waist tightly as she pushed her ass down fastly and my penis entered in her vagina as I screamed……

“oohh you bitch be slow in fucking , your heavy ass is on my penis .”

But Tony is a cock sucker ,cum eater as well as best in fucking ,she is jumping her ass wildely as my penis is going in and out of her vagina.after a while ,she leaned on my body as she is slow in moving her ass ,I started fucking her from below as my penis got relief after 4-5 minutes of deep penetration with a heavy ass giving her weight on I am fucking my sister hard as well as fast and her lovely boobs are on my chest,her lips are on my lips as she started swinging her ass fast ,I am enjoying her sexy body.I am lying on bed as her vagina is full of my penis and she is on my top as her back is swinging fast,we both are screaming…….

“Oohh aahh uumm Mohit your cock is too hard……oohh aahh Tony your vagina is too hot.” And than our sexual organs smiled as they laughed with sperms coming out of my penis and cum coming out of vagina.our intercourse session ends as Tony sucked my penis to taste it’s cum.

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