Father in law

As far back as i can remember my dad had been real handsey with me especially if he thought i was asleep. When i turned 7 it started to turn into more than just rubbing on me and he started using my mouth. At 10 he made my drunk mom get in on it and … Read more

Brother in law

St We had been staying with pam and george a few weeks and i had started driving myself back and forth to the club. This night i worked alittle later than normal and had drunk alittle to much. When i got to there house walking in George was sitting in the kitchen drinking. After i … Read more

Father in law forces

Father in law forced story…We hadn’t been in our place for long. Our first son was just a baby. I had been very tired that day but I managed to straighten up the house. I put the baby in a bouncy seat in the living room next to the couch. Close enough to reach if … Read more


So in the begining me and michelle lived in a poor side of town in a really small run down dump. Our bedroom furniture was a full size mattress on the floor, a small sofa and a dining room table. So when my boss asked me if i wanted to work some doubles i was … Read more

Brother in law again

Been weeks since the incident with George. We have stayed with them a couple times during the week and heading home n weekends as I worked. We were there for one of our weekly stays and Pam came in and told us her and George had talked. They had decided we could stay with them … Read more

Just info on our stories

We post alot of stories from our past. 99% of all of them are true. The 1% thats not true is names changed and places. You never know who is reading. My personal experiences all started with my dad back when i was 5. Then my mom, my uncle, my female cousin all before i … Read more

Brother in law 1st time

We were staying the weekend at Pam and George’s house so I could check out a club. I was gonna work the weekend decide if we were gonna move up to the area so I could continue working at the club. So far I had danced at a lot of places around home but this … Read more

Michelles dad & uncle

We moved way out into the country to a small little one stop town. Ends up being a 45 min drive one way to my job. Michelle had got real sick with the flue couldnt sleep from all the coughing she was doing so i took her to the doctor he gave her prescription cough … Read more

Michelle cousin

By the age of 18 me and michelle had been together for a few years. She was a stripper and we had only done a few threesomes. Her cousin that got her into doing girls when she was alot younger had married my cousin. The 2 of them always tried to talk michelle into doing … Read more


Michelle, comes in and ask so how did it go? I tell her everything and the offer i made missey. She says i bet she dont do it. Maybe not but we will see. Later that night as we tell the boys its bed time. Missey says she was going to bed to. And that … Read more

Aunt marie 3

Later that night aunt marie comes into the living room you 2 come with me. Where are we going i ask? To the pool. I got the key from maintenance earlier. She has a robe on and closed, and carrying a bag with her. She took us to a different pool this time at the … Read more

Aunt marie 2

After the night me and my cousin mat fucked our aunt marie in the pool, we were worried she may tell but she acted like nothing had happened. The next day we all went to the theme park. As soon we got there everyone scattered off in different directions with the plan to all meet … Read more

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