Having sex with my sleeping mother

The Garden of Eden


Chapter 1 – Introduction –

Today I want to tell the story of how I lost my virginity at 18 to my adopted mother, Iris Quinn. To start off, I’ve been with my adopted mother for the past 3 years and she has been my caregiver due to my previous parents being unfit. Initially, I was shy and timid as I am with everything, but then as we got to really know one another, we became very close. My mother, Iris, is a gorgeous brown skin woman with a protective, humorous, loving, sincere personality. As for reference, when my biological parents threatened to harm me, she stepped in and defended me. In sum, my relationship with my mother was very strong. However, your not here to listen to me rant about my mother, your here because you want to know my story of how I had sex with her, and today I will tell that story.

Chapter 2 – Opening Development –

As I said, Iris is a beautiful black woman with B cup breasts, smooth legs, a thick butt, and amazing lips and it wasn’t long until I grasped that this was who I was living with 24/7. After getting over the depression of my biological parents and finally calling this place home, I grasped how sexy my mother was one weekend when we were both home. This particular weekend, we planned to watch movies all day as it was going to rain. We normally bonded over restaurant outings and other activities, but a sleep-in would bring us even closer. As the rain poured and the hunger games series played, me and my mother were on her bed eating popcorn and enjoying the movie. It wasn’t until she went into the bathroom to change into just her underwear and a t-shirt, then proceeded to cuddle up with me. She persuaded me to become more vulnerable and not so timid as she was my mother and she loves every part of me. We then turned off the movie, cuddled and had a long talk about my biological parents. As we went to bed, she spooned me as we slept which made me really horney. Feeling her braless tits through her shirt, and the smoothness on her thighs and legs made me extremely hard. Nevertheless, I subdued these feelings and went to bed. Why you may ask, because sexuality was the last thing on my mind as getting over my anxiety from my biological parents was a task.

However, after that day I would never forget that same tender feeling from my mother. As I saw her around the house, I took in her lushes legs and toes, and would almost die at the sight of just her in her panties and shirt, my favorite being her gray tank top with brown underwear. Everytime I apologized for walking in on her almost naked she would say, “it’s fine, you’re my son, it’s not a big deal, I don’t avoid you in your boxers do I.” One time, I accidentally saw her fully naked changing in her room. I saw her perky tits with sexy nipples, and her mildly hairy pussy. I don’t know everything about vaginas, but from what I can tell It was a horseshoe shape, with a visible clit in the middle, showing her small flaps. Towards the sides were just her mountain shaped labia majoras. After doing this, she simply said it’s fine and proceeded as normal.

Chapter 3 – Bold Adventures –

Going forward I soon began to masturbate again. I previously stopped when things got rough with my biological parents, but Iris encouraging me to be comfortable while also showing me parts of a woman I only saw on porn, restored my sex drive. I would ease into just masturbating once a week when she went shopping, sometimes looking at porn, but then it would cycle into almost everyday. By nightfall, I would go in her room, make sure she is asleep, then jerk off in my bed. Sometimes downstairs on the couch, in the bathroom, and when she was gone, in her own bed. My sex drive increased ten fold and I would soon be obsessed with sexual pleasure again. However, as this unfolded, I would soon develop a lust for Iris.

Instead of just watching porn, I fantasize about her. Having sex with her, licking her, fingering her, ect. Each time we would spend time together, I would think of her sextually and everytime we touched, I would get extremely horny. This elevated the first time I got a hold of her clothes. On a Wednesday night, she had to attend an outing with her friends and told me to do the laundry while she was gone. Since we mesh together each of our clothes, I had to also wash her dirty clothes. While putting them in, I sniffed her baise panties, black bras, and even licked on each of them. I smelled the dirty scent of her pussy and got SO horny. I pulled down my pants and masturbated with them, stroking my cock with the vaginal lining of her underwear, the same underwear I always see her in. About 10 minutes into jerking myself, I finished in her panties. Feeling extreme guilt and anxiety, I washed them with the rest of the clothes and made sure no trace of my cum was present. When Iris got home, all was normal and the following days proceeded as usual. I realized that I could conjure up these deeds to feel even more pleasure, so I did this for a good amount of time, smelling and masturbating into her dirty clothes.

Chapter 4 – Manipulation –

About two years into living with my mother, I saw most of her, and in saying this, I don’t just mean her personality, I mean body, and even her sextuality. Being obsessed, I found her purple rabbit vibrator and realized, like me, she was not getting a lot of sextural attention. As I asked her about sex, in my usual insecure, hesitant way, she always exclaimed I can go to her whenever I want to talk about these things. She told me stories of her past partners, her first time masturbating, and her first time having sex. Iris even encouraged me to masturbate and explore my body as it was important to my sexual health. Knowing this, I knew I could manipulate this situation for my own sexual desire.

One day, as I masturbated, the most gut wrenching thing happened to me. My mother walked in on me vigorously stroking my cock to porn.

Iris: Oh my god…..

Me: Oh i’m so sorry

As she quickly shut the door back I pulled my pants up and took my earbuds out, as that’s what caused me not to hear her in the first place. I was nervous and scared but after cleaning myself up, went and apologized.

Iris: “It’s ok, I know you’re a growing boy and every kid does this, don’t sweat it.”

After talking for a bit, we ordered dinner and talked.

Me: Do you masturbate sometimes…

Iris: uhh well on occasion. But it’s completely normal. But just make sure next time you can hear me come in haha.

Me: will do haha. Last thing I want  is to get caught and embarrassed like earlier.

Iris: yup it is kinda awkward.

Except that wasn’t the last thing I wanted, it was actually the thing I anticipated and planned. I acted like an apologetic, clumsy boy who just got caught yanking his chain, but in reality I knew I would be caught. I knew that she wouldn’t be too upset as she is very loose on the topic of sex.

Another time I manipulated this privilege is when I planned to witness her masturbate. As the pandemic left us both indoors, i knew I could find her masturbating at some point as she had sex toys and I knew she had a time for when she did it, everyone does. For a month straight I would check her whereabouts and stay up late to see if she would break. I know as a parent, she must be hesitant to release her pent up sexual pleasure, but soon she would HAVE to. One night, I pretended to go to sleep early as I had a long doctor’s appointment and heard her check up on me. To this day I DON’T KNOW HOW I KNEW, but something told me she was doing this to make sure I was asleep for a particular reason.

30 minutes later, I got up after hearing no footsteps or movement. I took my phone to use as a voice recorder and went into the hall. After all my planning, I finally heard the vibrator coming from her closed bathroom. I took out my recorder.

Iris: Oh shit, yes, fuck, uhhhhh, uhhhhh.

I heard every moan up to her orgasm. I could even hear squishing sounds, presumably from her fingers entering her pussy.

When she got done I went back to my room and actually went to sleep. I would later go on to hear her masturbate more often. One morning, I actually unintentionally walkin in on her with her hand in her panties. I again became very apologetic and walked out. Conjuring up another sex talk, she confessed to masturbating and told me it was because she was really stressed out.

Iris: yea i was rubbing one out, i got a lot on my mind. But it’s ok i know you didn’t mean to walk in on me.

Of course I understood, but what she said shocked me.

Iris: Listen, I didn’t tell you this because it’s kinda embarrassing but I have irregular hormones which makes me really…. Uhhh horny at times. Please don’t tell anyone but yea i have to get one out every now and then.

Wow, another person who was sexually hyper.

After that day I would hear her masturbate about once every week, maybe twice if lucky. You have to remember with covid, there’s not alot of alone time for either of us, so masturbating while the other was awake was very common. Me myself, I would go into the bathroom for about an hour to rub my cock. She would do the same or stay up at night to rub her juicy black cunt. And remember, most times I would listen and even touch myself while doing so.

In sum, my mother had her own experience with sex and it drove me crazy. However, I really just wanted to explore HER body, not just mine, and going forward, my wish would soon come true.

Chapter 5 – Abnormal Bonding –

As time passed and our relationship became more dense, we did a lot together. Some of her friends would come around, maybe spend the night but most of the time, it was just me and her. We played games together, went out (the most we could during quarantine), and watched A LOT of TV. One of our favorite things to do was watch a long movie, maybe eat some popcorn or dinner, and cuddle up. She would often wrap her hands around me and pull me in to lean on her, but sometimes she would also lean on me, and when she did I felt so tranquil. Having her warm body on my chest was the best feeling – at that time. Her long hair would always wrap around my chest and her head would lie there. I held her tight like she was my companion. And of course, I would get hard from this. Most of the time, we would just be in our undergarments, me in my t-shirt and boxers, and her in her tank top and panties. But still, she would lay on me braless (still having the shirt on obviously) while having no problem with it. But, the best thing about these late movie nights was going to sleep. It was almost always routine to sleep together after our movie. When we got tired, we would just turn over and sleep, all while spooning and cuddling. Sometimes she would spoon me in a protective motherly manner, and sometimes I would spoon her, in a tender manner.

Being able to crest my mothers body and her doing the same to me, made me lust but also crush on my mother even more than I did. I would often find myself fantasizing about my mother sextually. Coming into her room, groping and kissing her. Sliding off those wicket panties and eating her cunt out. Watch as she gets on her knees and takes me fully in the mouth, only for me to finish on her face. Yea you get the picture…

As we kept this routine, I started to get bold. One night, after finishing up Avengers End Game, we ate some cookies and went to bed together. I initiated the spooning and held her tight. After a couple of hours and Iris being completely asleep, while awake I would press up against her. I would cautiously maneuver my hand to her boob, taking it fully while not trying to be too aggressive. Slowly I would move to her thighs and then her crotch, However, because of her panties, I couldn’t get that far. Still, It was enough for me to get up and masturbate in the bathroom. After shooting a load in the sink, I would go back to sleep.

Chapter 6 – Revealing –

This continued for a couple of days up until the night we went on vacation. On a trip to virginia beach with her longtime best friend Phadra (you can already assume, another black woman), my mother weirdly took an interest in nightgowns. I say weirdly because my mother never took interest in them up until now, but for some reason, she was obsessed with them. When asked why she just replied,

Iris: I just like how loose it makes me feel, you know. These things are soooo comfy.

When going back to the hotel, after she got out of the shower, I was blessed upon seeing her in a lavender, thin, silky, nightgown that only went down to her mid thighs. It was easy to tell that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it which made me really hard. We were in a room with her friend so I couldn’t take a look under the gown while she slept but when we got home and we were alone, I made it a mission to take a peek under the looking glass. Now why am I so obsessed with her new gown? Well one, It exposes her more than just a tank top and panties, two, she doesn’t have to wear panties underneath so her breast and vagina are not restricted from outside forces, but most importantly I know she will let me cuddle and spoon her in this gown. I just need to make sure my innocence stays intact.

So, as she got home from work (as it was safe to go back), and I from school, we would watch tv together and as always, get hugged up and comfortable. Now I didn’t want to ask whether it was weird to hug up this close while she was this exposed because just like with me getting caught masturbating purposefully, I could get away because of my innocence. If she knew me
looking at her through a sexual lens was a possibility it could make things awkward and stiff.

However, the reason I say could is because just like me, my mother was also a hyper sextual. Maybe not to the magnitude of manipulative action like me, but to the point where masturbation is a constant need for her too. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she, too, was looking at our relationship through a sexual lens. In short, I didn’t think all this touchy feely, borderline couples physical behavior was just her being fully comfortable in doing it. I think she got a bit of pleasure out of grasping a young male in bed while also spooning her son. I didn’t think it was the main reason for her doing so, as she’s just really close to her son, nevertheless I felt the thought was still there. But I digress…

Chapter 7 – Late Night Rendezvous –

As we watched old Disney movies, her favorite, and joked around she began to get tired. We called it a night and went upstairs when I asked…

Me: Hey, do you want to sleep together?

Iris: Absolutely not…… Just kidding 🙂

She layed on my chest while I layed on my back holding her in my arms. She fell fast asleep, while I stood up due to my never ending boner. As she slept, she would move around which wasn’t too common but did occasionally happen. As she did, she positioned her leg on the other side of mine, so her right leg and thigh were in between mine. Picture me facing me on the bed, I’m on the right side and she is on the left with her head, boobs, and leg on top of me. I was so hard until I could feel my boner on her thigh. Thankfully she was knocked out, but the tension was still there. Laying there, I spread my legs to press her more towards my crotch. It might be a little confusing, but stay with me. As I spread, I tilted towards her which pressed up her breasts on my chest and leg on my crotch. I finally stayed in that position just trying to grasp what was happening. A 35 year old gorgeous black woman was pressed up against me weirdly in a couples (or sexutal) position. She had nothing but a gown to separate her body from mine and I had only a T-shirt and boxers. For a 16 year old kid, that was an amazing experience, but wouldn’t be the last.

Continuing on through the night I was debating whether to take it even further. Eventually, I was bold enough to start feeling her. I rubbed her hair, then backside. However, I was not in a position to continue, as she was on top of me and there wasn’t much I could do to touch any other place. I was still very horny so I decided to get up and go to the bathroom. She woke up as I did but that didn’t matter much as she just repositioned and went back to sleep. I stroked my cock in the sink, shooting a large load of semen down the drain and letting out a soft breath of release. After I finished, I got back in bed and fell asleep.

Interlude – Rising Actions –

After that night, I was determined to do more, and feel more. At school, one of my friends would always joke around about using sleeping pills to make women fall asleep and then having sex with them, yes you heard that correctly. As edgy as that may seem, I thought back to that conversation after what happened last night. As you’ve read earlier, I’ve touched my mother sextually in her sleep before but I could never take it any further than just cresting her body through her clothes very subtly. This intrigued me, but we’ll get back to that later.

Chapter 8 – Late Night Rendezvous (continued) –

A couple of days later, me and my mother were doing the exact same thing we were always doing, watching a long movie while laying on each other. I noticed she was getting very drowsy and even exclaimed she had a bad headache, so I suggested we call it a night and she took some aspirins to alleviate the pain. As always we slept together and she hopped in her beautiful, exposing, night gown. This time, I made sure I was spooning her so I could maneuver more easily later. I laid behind her while wrapping my arm around her stomach and resting my chin on her head. Before falling asleep, I thought it was cute that she was rubbing her cold feet against mine to get warm.

Me: Wow, your feet are really cold.

Iris: Mmmmnnn[basically saying yea] (said in a drowsy tone).

When she fell asleep, I made my move. I moved my hand from her stomach to her boobs, cupping them softly. Just like before, I pressed my underwear against her silky gown. I could feel her perky but touching my penis. It wasn’t the hugest, but it certainly wasn’t the smallest. I soon even put my leg up and over her two legs to maneuver my crotch right in the back of her waist. I put it back so I wouldn’t wake her but still held onto her left boob (the one closest to me). The gown was so thin and flimsy that her side boob started to show. How did I know this as I was laying behind her? Her boobs were big enough to see past her neck while only moving a slight bit upwards as to see better. I could only see the side, but I still felt it, then went to feel her nipple through her gown. I could have easily pulled her breast out entirely but that would be WAY TOO RISKY. However, I still wasn’t finished.

Since she was wearing a nightgown, I knew that lifting it up would reveal her hidden gem. So after resecuring her boob back, I planned to put my hand under her gown. She was still in a deep sleep as I heard her snore and there was no blanket to hold me back from pursuing her lower body. Basically I was still in the clear to explore the depths of my mother. To start, I placed my hand over her crotch area and placed it there. Since her legs were closed, there wasn’t much I could do and I couldn’t go from the front which was my first plan. However, I crept up the backside of her leg and lifted her gown from the back and felt her ass. Picture this… again. Im behind her, distanced as to place my hand under her backside of her gown, and i’m lifting it to her waist line. As I do that, a portion of the gown is above the waistline while the portion she is sitting on stays stationary. As a result, The gowin is propped up but just enough where as I can put it right back in its place. Her butt felt very warm, bumpy, slightly wrinkled, and even a little hairy. I went straight for the vagina, but was disappointed when I realized it was concealed by her ass. However, I just pushed her leg forward and revealed the barely hairy vagina. I couldn’t fully see it but I could definitely feel it, and it made me so hard that my boner popped out between the holes in my boxers. Feeling even more ambitious, I moved my waist closer to hers and placed my cock right on the edge of her ass.

Suddenly, I stopped, put her gown back in its original position, and placed my cock back in my underwear. I realized that if I got caught, that could mean the end of me and my mother’s close relationship, and I truly loved her, so I stopped and went to bed. I didn’t even masturbate as I was extremely guilty.

Chapter 9 – The Crossroads of Destiny –

On one hand, I am incredibly sex driven, so much so as I want to pursue my own adopted mother, but on the other hand, I realize that playing with this type of fire could ruin my life with Iris. She has been such a rock in my life, I can’t have that taken away from me. I’m sure anyone would understand.

The next day, I thought back to that same thought the other day, touching an unconscious woman influenced by sleeping pills. Personally, I use to take melatonin for sleep and heard of stronger drugs but ive never really found a purpose for it in my sexual expereinece. Yes I humped and fondled my mother in her sleep before but, I never thought it possible to go further than that as I’ve said earlier. I even thought of it as absurd because it just wouldn’t work, at least in my mind. But now looking through a different perspective, I decided to break it down like this.

I have a sexual lust for Iris. From sniffing and cumming on her clothes to touching her genitals in her sleep, the sexual attraction for my adopted mother is evident. While the normal cuddling and and spooning we do is nice, I want to touch her in a more intense, sexual way.

However, touching her in her sleep presented these challenges: Risk and restraint. Currently, I cannot go farther than just gently touching some parts of her body and not in the way that I want. Additionally, it is just HELLA risky to pull off and the consequences don’t outway the bad. So… in sum, if there was some way to subdue my mother without her getting up, that would be better than what I’m currently doing. The way I see it, I had two options… I could either completely give up on my dream of sexually exploring my mother, or I could go down this thin rabbit hole of incapacitation, where the ideal outcome is not a guaranteed possibility. Until I made this decision, I did not pursue my mother. No laundry diving pursuits, no listening to the cries of my mother when she masturbated, and definitely no late night fondling. All of this was postponed until I made a decision, but… from the title (presumably because as of writing this the title is not made), my opening introduction, and the reason why you have stuck this long, you should be able to tell which one I chose. (Sex pills, if you really don’t get it 🙁 )


Chapter 10 – Snatch, Eat, Erase! –

Throughout my time with Iris, I have seen her masturbate a number of times and overheard even more, but with all the sexual devient thoughts running through my mind, I felt the best way to go about anything sexual would be to limit the risk at all cost. However, the best way to do this was to manipulate my mother – specifically her body – and erase all traces of my presence. This in turn, was the reason for incapacitating a woman, to remove the control of her body and give control to the person behind the plan. I thought of it as snatching, eating, and erasing. You can tell I’ve recently been watching a lot of vampire diaries, but you get the gist. I would have to basically “influence” my mother’s body to give up control, and allow me to take control, but thinking this way was a little much for me at the moment. So I would have to learn more about it. It wasn’t the technical aspect like knowing where to get these kinds of drugs or how to pull it off, not yet it wasn’t. It was the general aspect of it. The concept. The outside layer. The shell of the idea. All these things came before the execution, and would have to be accepted and embraced to make action.

The next week, I packed my things to take with me on a camping trip with my teacher and class. It was more of a club, as it was the Ecology program but I digress.

Iris: Ok love you, call me when you get there, and check up from time to time.

Me: I’ll be fine, I love you too. I’ll call you when we get there.

On the bus there, me and my two friends, George and Samuel, were together as we always were in class. They were my two oldest friends, but specifically George as I knew him longer. He was a average height, hespanic boy just like me but what made us similar was our dark humor, playfulness, and especially sex drive. Like me, he was a sexual devient thinker and if you can recall, he was infact the one who made the jokes about sexually engaging in a sleeping woman. This is why I wanted to go on this trip.

The campsite we stayed at wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t the greatest either. Come nightfall, me and the boys would hop in a tent and go to sleep, except Samuel would get in a lot later as he was a part of the night time scavenger group. Yes you heard that right… The point is, it was just me and George, and this is where I would talk about the devient things of sex. I didn’t explicitly say what I wanted to do, nor did I say anything about what I did do, but in a joking but slightly serious manner, I brought up the conversation of somnophilia.

Me: Hey you why do you always say having sex while a person is sleep is pretty cool. How would someone even do that?

George: Well one, I say it as a joke you know, but I have thought about and heard stories of it being done. It’s just that… no one ever does it right. The reason for drugging someone is not to get caught but still people get caught.

Me: Yea getting caught kinda defeats the purpose haha. But how does one even pull it off successfully. You would have to be in a position to drug them, comit the act, and make sure no trace of sex was even possible. How would you even pull that off?

George: You’d be surprised man, some people wake up and the only way they know they were drugged and used is if they are in a different place and tampered with. If you were to do something like that, you have to be smart. You know the MAIN problem with all these people who do these acts, they’re not smart. They go off of impulses and sexual desire, so much so that they can’t control themselves in the act. You have to be controlled, otherwise you’ll fumble and mess up your life.

He was right, I had to keep the same mindset when going into this. I had to think like him at the moment of execution, otherwise I’ll fail.

Me: But, is it really moral to have sex with someone who is unconcious and unaware.

George: It is but, morals are subjective. If someone is of age, is socially experienced, and is attractive enough, they might get the girl they want. But, in a lot of other cases, normal people are likely not to get their crushes, let alone do the things they want with them. I see it like this. If someone is unaware of what you’re doing, is not negatively affected, and no trace of any event is evident, a person can accomplish whatever act they want to unfold to them. At the end of the day, they will go on to live their lives like nothing happened, while you keep the secret of what you did, and most importantly, you also get to go on with your life as normal.

It felt like a sermon. Everything he was saying resonated with me. I desired to have sex with my mother, but I did not want the affect of it. Of course I didn’t tell him about what I wanted to do, but I did get what I needed from him. His mindset. I needed to think conceptually to succeed, and that’s what I gathered today. So bye at the end of the trip. I went back home, and I started to unfold my plan. It would take time, but it would be full proof and safe.

Chapter 11 – Research –

On Christmas break, I took the time to research everything I needed to know about drugs and anatomy. I knew learning was the first step before anything, so I spent hours looking up these things: How sleeping medicine works, how anesthesia works, how it reacts with people, and specific models. I won’t share their exact names as it would breach my privacy but… There were the average pill forms, liquid cap bottle medicine, and strong anesthesia that was approved for safety. It took sometime but with a little work, I found websites that could order and deliver these items. Most of it was on amazon but some on other sites. I didn’t want to order the strongest items yet as I wanted to test other things out first, but… I did order some condoms,  regular sleeping pills and liquid medicine, and female viagra which we’ll get to later.

When it arrived, I tried the sleeping pills on myself that same day. I wanted to simulate what I would do to my mother, so I took it around 7:00 pm and fought to stay awake. It did a good job in making me want to go to sleep, but I still had to initiate it. However, I found that I didn’t wake up at all in the middle of the night. I tried the same thing with the liquid medicine, this time asking my mother to wake me up at 6:00 am physically using the excuse that my phone alarm might not work. But, I didn’t tell her about the pills obviously. When the time came I woke up immediately, but was pretty drowsy. The liquid medicine and the pills seemed to work the same as it made me very tired and kept me asleep. The next couple of nights, I played around with the doses. I found that 15mg – 25mg or an equal amount in milliliters was enough to make someone feel tired to where they need to go to bed. It wouldn’t be too obvious as to make someone think they were drugged, but enough to knock me out for a long time.

I also made it a priority to read about the safety of these things. I could mix the sleeping pills with the anesthesia but minimize the amount of sleeping pills and use the correct amount of anesthesia. This was very complex but I took the time to understand it better. Get this, when sleep, a person has their initiation where they first close their eyes to go to sleep; their rising action putting them into full sleep; And their apex, which is deep sleep. Picture a mountain going up to the top but staying there up till someone wakes up, that is the measure of how deep someone is in their sleep. No one is aware of when they’re going to wake up, they just all of a sudden wake up.

When combining this with sleeping medicine, it reinforces the deepness of sleep, calming down the person whereas they are so traqual that they don’t experience any sleep disruptions. Anastasia also does the same, but instead of directing a person towards sleep, it would force it on them, weakening the nerves of the body so a person doesn’t move or feel anything. This is what would be used on my mother. But first I wanted to learn body control.

Chapter 12 – Body control –

In my success of finding the right balance of drugs, I knew I needed to experiment with them on my mother, so on a Thursday afternoon I laced her cup of tea next to her bed with sleeping pills while she was in the bathroom. I knew I needed to be cautious because seeing me drug her drink would mean big trouble for me but, I just crushed the dose of pills, put them in a small bowl, folded the plate into a funnel and directed it towards her drink. After mixing it up and getting out of there I monitored my mother. Having our little cuddle movie time, I watched closely as she fought the medication.

Iris: Wow I guess I’m just really tired from work, I’m gonna head to bed.

Me: Oh ok, wanna sleep together, I don’t mind if you say no, I know you’re tired.

Iris: Sure, why not.

After watching her drift to sleep, I wanted to try some things out. Unfortunately she was spooning me and I couldn’t really touch her, but that wasn’t the objective. The point of this was to see how she fared with being tossed in her sleep. As funny as it may sound, I wiggled around a bit to try and wake her. I even pulled the cover for the purpose of waking her. Conclusion: She was sound asleep, but I couldn’t just have sex with her, that would be too much. Think about it, you are sleeping but someone is groping, humping, licking, and penetrating you. This is where the anesthesia would come in, it would numb her to my touch and keep her asleep.

After that night, I planned on drugging her with some female viagra. Blood would flow to her vagina, make her horny, and she would have to masturbate. That day, I heated up some water and offered her some to make tea. As she placed it down and went away, I did the same with the sleeping pills, crushed the pill and put it in her drink, she wouldn’t know. After a while I saw she was getting very jittery. I said I wasn’t feeling well and layed in my room. I waited a while and just like the other times, went out when I didn’t hear a sound. Instead of going fully out, I just peeped through the crack in my door and looked through the mirror on her opened door. There, I saw her in an unrobed gown, a gown that is untied revealing her tits. I could not see her vagina, but I could see her looking at her phone, vibrating violently like she was rubbing her pussy. Then propped up, opened her legs and revealed her hairy cooch. I could see that she wasn’t rubbing, but fingering her pussy, and in doing so shaking vigorously. I grew erect and proceeded to rub my dick at the sight of her. She suddenly started to moan, louder and louder and louder. I guess she was so horny she didn’t care about how much noise she was making, nor whether she was being watched or not.

Iris: Ohhh OOHhhho yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes . Fuck… Uhhh.

As she orgasmed, I blew the biggest load in my hand. I had to pick myself up because I didn’t want to get caught, but it seemed that the viagra proved to work.

I did this for the next week, putting viagra in her drinks about two days at a time. It seemed like her masturbating was a direct causation to me drugging her. And all throughout, she didn’t suspect a thing, and that was when I knew, I could pull this off. I would need a plan.

Chapter 13 – Forming the Plan Part 1 –

By this time, it was late march, I had devised somewhat of a plan but refindment still needed to be made. I found that working backwards was the best way to get my ideas in check, so here’s what I got. In early April, spring break would commence and I would use that time to execute my plan. My goal was to have sex with her incapacitated body at the peak of night, without getting caught. While the drugs are strong enough to keep her down in the act, I wouldn’t know how she would feel afterwards. Maybe she would feel a stretch in her cunt or something I didn’t know, but I did know that if something was suspicious, she would see it and may pin it on me. In order to cope with this, I needed an alibi, that way if she thinks something is up, i’m “not home”. To do this I could schedule a hangout with my friends and spend the night at George’s house. I did this before and it was always cool with him and his parents. I could sneak away at night, go back home, and commit the act. Then, when it was over, I could go back, and proceed with my alibi. The plan was pretty strong so far, but I needed another way to guarantee my mother would feel absolutely the same when getting up.

I came up with this: I needed to drug her with viagra and sleeping pills. Theoretically, the fast acting female Viagra should kick in before the sleeping pills, even though it was a high dosage. In doing this, my mother would be encouraged to masturbate before being knocked out, that way if she wakes up feeling like someone just had sex with her, she can blame it on masturbating the night before and her hormones. If anything, she would feel more inclined to masturbate that morning like nothing ever happened. Just simply being horny. However, to calm my nerves I made sure to order a specific kind of anesthesia that would make her incapable of getting up for several hours, way past the time of me finishing the deed. While this calmed my nerves slightly, I still had so much anxiety. When I say I was nervous, BOY WAS I NERVOUS. I was about to fuck my own mother, while she slept. But… I had to keep calm and keep control in order to be successful.

Chapter 14 – Forming the Plan Part 2 –

In sum, this was the plan:

On the week of spring break, I would organize the sleep over at George’s house that Friday. Friday, April 8th, would be the day I went to George’s house and I would sneak out in the middle of the night to go home and come back. If I got caught leaving, I could just say I’m getting something from home and coming right back. I only live about 10 minutes away from George walking distance. I would take my bag with me to enforce the excuse of me bringing over some items from home back to George’s house, however, all the materials I needed to committee the deed would be in a box in my closet. I would walk home, open my door with my own keys, and if the drugs worked like they should, she should be upstairs out cold on her comfy bed. The best part about this was, if she wasn’t sleeping and by some chance heard me come in, I could just use the excuse, I needed something from home, or I just didn’t feel like staying over there, effectively holding a safe way out. It was a small chance but still considered. Anyway, as I got home, I would silently go to my room, take the box of anesthesia, walk to my mother’s room where she would lay, and inject her in the forearm where it was most effective. Then I’d wait 10 – 15 minutes to make sure the anesthesia kicked in – even thought it supposedly works immediately, then boom, incapacitated. I would make sure she slept by shaking her and moving her around. If she woke up during that, which is EXTREMELY unlikely, I could just say “I’m home, but I heard you having a nightmare, I didn’t know if I should wake you up”. But like I said, that is very unlikely. After all the trials of making sure she was sedated, that… is when… I would unleash all of my sexual fantasies onto her in the form of sexual exploitation. The main desire was vaginal penetration but there really was no limit to what I could do, she wouldn’t feel a thing.

Then, when I’m finished, I would clean her up, maybe dry her, put her back in her original position, and get myself back together. I would be using her own lube that she has in her sex cabinet to prevent any irritations from other lotions or oils, and I would wear a condom because ejaculating inside of Iris seemed like a bad idea. Chance of pregnancy, pretty messy, and plus condoms provided me with easy clean up. After everything was checked and I made sure nothing was out of the ordinary, I would leave. Simply put. I could take a controller in my bag to provide a reason for coming here in the first place but, other than that it would just go back to George’s house and proceed as normal. The whole plan should take about one and a half hour, and the actual sex deed should take at most 30 minutes. This lined up with the anesthesia as it would work in its fullest effect for 1 and a half hours, making it almost impossible to get up at this time. After that, it would diminish to 70% strength for about another hour, then scale down from there. With the sleeping pills and the anesthesia, she should be asleep for a good nine hours straight. At the end of the night, I would return to George’s hours, then go back to sleep.

By morning sunrise, I would have my virginity gone, sexual desires fifilled, and effectively reach the closest attachment you can get with a person (sex) onto my mother. I would explore her body and reach the most vulnerable parts of her, and this made me extremely determined and passionate.

Chapter 15 – The Calm Before the Storm –

It was Saturday, April 2nd. I had scheduled my handout for Friday with George, and to make things less stressful, I encouraged Samuel and another friend Eugene to join us.

Me: Hey Mom, George is planning a sleepover on Friday with some other, can I go?

Iris: Oh of course! You can even do it tomorrow if you want, it is spring break.

Me: No that’s fine, Friday is fine by me. Plus we were supposed to be watching some season finale episode of some show. I don’t even know which one but it seems fun.

Iris: Ok whatever you want. Just don’t leave until I come home from work ok.

Me: Oh sure, I plan on leaving at maybe 9:30. I don’t want to get there too early.

My nerves were off the roof, but I knew my plan was full proof. The only important stage that dictated the whole plan was putting the drugs in her drink. Other than that, I knew I was partially safe. As the week progressed, I looked over everything. I had all the materials, and my plan was still well thought out. However, one thing I had to do was control myself, specifically my nerves. One way I did this was not masturbate since last saturday, the day the sleepover was scheduled. Even then, I rarely fantasized about Iris. Why? To keep control. When sex drive grows, it can weaken logic and control, and in doing that could make me back out of the plan, or worse, mess it up.

At the time, I also felt like the other thing contributing to my anxiety was the reality of my deed. As excited as I was for planning this sexual rendezvous with Iris, the reality hit me hard. I would be having sex with my mother while she was incapacitated. She would never know of this deed and if she did, it would destroy her and me. After the deed was done, there was no going back. On one hand, that presented intimidation, knowing that I’ve had sex with her while she was unconcious, but on another hand, I would know my mother inside and out, experience every part of her bein and soul, and even thought she wouldn’t know it, she would experience the same thing with me.

However, throughout this thought, one thing was clear: To do this successfully, I had to turn off my humanity. Everything that presented a risk to error had to be cut out. This wasn’t just masturbating with panties, getting caught masturbating, listening to Iris pleasure herself, or even foundling her, This was the REAL DEAL.

Chapter 16 – The Prelude –

Thursday… April 7th. I’m packing for the weekend. I planned on leaving that morning to check up on my mother as that was a part of the plan. I didn’t have time to have fun with the boys, I had to be neutral and focused.

The Eden Plan. Over the week, this is what I named the planning of my mission. Eden to symbolize the Garden of Eden, as I pictured that as what Iris would feel like sexually. Peaceful, beautiful, and still. She would not engage, nor move, but stay completely stationary and serene. The only time she would undergo change would be from me, entering the gates of the palace, exploring every bit of her, and tasting the fruits she bears. When finished, the garden would go back to normal, untouched and continuing to flourish for our mother son relationship. But enough symbolism. I’ve planned a month for this day and have sexually experienced things people usually don’t by my age. After tomorrow night, I will no longer be a virgin and I will have experienced the peak of my seuality.

Come night time that Thursday, everything was in place, everyone was in place, and I was ready.

Chapter 17 – The Eden Plan Part 1 –

Friday, April 8th. Today was the day. I went to sleep pretty early last night and woke up early today to optimize my sleep schedule. During the day, I stayed calm by playing games, watching tv, and going over the plan. My mother was at work until 5:00pm so I took a nap at 1:00pm to build energy for the night… and it was going to be a long night. As soon as my mother got home, that’s when the plan would start.

Iris: Hey Im home, are you ready to leave yet?

Me: No not yet, i’m going to leave really late, around close to 10.

Iris: Alright, don’t leave too late.

As she got home, I could tell she had a long day. She went shopping for some food then came back and took a shower. When she got out, she hopped in her lavender tied nightgown and prepared dinner. I was pleased to see her exposed but stayed focused.

Soon it was 9:30pm, I was ready, humanity fully turned off. I put on a pot of tea and crushed up the female viagra and the sleeping pills. I added just enough so she could fall asleep in about an hour, that way she would have time to masturbate before bed.

Me: Hey you left your tea here.

Iris: oh thanks, are you leaving soon, it’s getting pretty late.

Me: yea, let me get in the shower right now.

By the time I showered, packed, and got dressed, my mother finished her tea. I knew the viagra would kick in quickly so I wanted to leave soon.  It was 9:58 and I was about to leave. Iris was upstairs and everything was planted. I took my bag, intentionally left my phone charger, wallet, controller, and some clothes to provide an excuse for coming back.

Iris: Bye sweetheart, have fun. Lock the door when you leave out.

Me: ok love you mom.

Before I was about to leave, I took out the trash to the garbage bin in the backyard and left the door unlocked when I came back in. I closed the curtain so it wasn’t visible that it was unlocked. This way, instead of using loud keys, I could just open my backdoor. Then I left.

It was 10:15 and I was about halfway to George’s house. As I said, George lived about 10 minutes away, so it wasn’t that long.

Me: Hey guys whats up. Ready to watch the special.

George: Yeah, I put some popcorn in the microwave. We eatin good tonight.

For about 30 minutes, I settled down, ate some popcorn with the boys, watched the special and chatted a bunch. While it was indeed a lot of fun. I still needed to be focused, I can’t be distracted. I needed to interact just enough so that my nerves would calm down. After a while (11:00) I called my mom, not to see how she was doing, but to check the status of her body. Was she out yet? No… that would be too early.

Iris: hey everything alright [said in a very weak tone]

Me: hey I just wanted to check in and say good night. Did I wake you?

Iris: Yeah but it’s alright, I’m gonna head to bed alright. Love you.

Me: love you too.

That was it. Come 12:00am, It would be safe to break in and committee the deed. The plan was going alright so far. But that’s not the end of it.

Chapter 18 – The Eden Plan Part 2 –

George’s parents were ironically at his grandparents house so they didn’t pose a problem. At 11:50, the guys were surprisingly all tired and ready to be. They had youtube on in the background and just chilled until falling asleep. Apparently the others had arrived a lot earlier than I did. But this was a blessing. As I pretended to fall asleep on the soft quilt embedded in George’s bean bag, I quietly got up, got my bag and walked out the room. It was 12:00pm, it should be safe to go back, I thought to myself. Closing the front door, I realized that it would be unlocked until I returned. If George found out, he would probably get upset, but his feelings were not important right now. I had to proceed

Eventually, I approached the block of my house. In evading my emotions and humanity, I managed to stay somewhat calm, and fear was not a huge issue. That is until I heard… A LOUD FUCKING THUNDER CLOUD following a light drizzle of rain. “No, this will not stop me,” I said to myself. Now thinking about it after the fact, the thunder and rain was very light at that point but still, scary to have my plan almost be ruined by bad weather. Nevertheless, I reached my backyard gate and hopped over the fence so as to not make any noise. When I walked up my deck stairs I peaked through one of the openings in the curtain and saw the lights were off. I then called my mother to see if she was awake, no answer. Ok it was time. I’m going to go in with the excuse of getting some more things. I open the door… and walk in.

Upon entering my house, I heard nothing. Silence… with a side of darkness. I closed the door behind me, took off my shoes, and went towards the stairs, staying as quiet as possible. I then realized something. I had to walk past my mothers room. “Stay calm”. I went to the top of the stairs and peaked in her room. The tv was on but quiet. I moved up closer and saw she was laying faced towards the right side, and I could see her face through the doorway. I got up and quickly walked passed. I went in my closet, grabbed the gray box, and took out the anesthesia, and condoms. I walked up to the door, then my sleeping mother. She was on her side, but turning her to her back side wouldn’t be a problem as she was pretty thin and light. Besides, she moves in her sleep anyway, a change in position wouldn’t hurt that much. I’m right by her side, all the materials in my sweater pocket pouch. I moved her over and took the blanket off her. She was there in her lavender, pretty, nightgown. I was so close.

Me: Mom, Mom, Mom, you ok. [Said in a low but firm voice]

I then quickly took her arm that was facing upwards (opposite the one she’s laying on), then took my anesthesia. I looked for the corner between her arm and forearm, opposite the elbow, prepared to inject, and stuck in. I did it really quick, and almost mashed the syringe top. The whole process took 3 seconds. I whipped a bit of blood and left the room. I waited for what seemed like forever, but in actuality 15 minute. It was 12:32am and I went back in. She was the same, stationary.

Me: MOM! [I yelled]

I started moving her back and forth. The pushing her. She was incapacitated. I couldn’t believe it. The drugs worked wonders. She was mine. I could do whatever I wanted to her. I could enact all of my fantasies on her. I was at the gate of her garden and nothing would stop me from going inside. I started to get horny and erect. I took off my sweater, put everything I had (condoms, anesthesia) on the nightstand next to the bed, and prepared to indulge. Iris, my own adopted mother, would be explored in and out by me, sexually. This was it.

Chapter 19 – CLIMAX –

I started by touching her arms. Grazing them and rubbing along them. I wanted to go slow. She was upright laying on her back and still had her nightgown on. I then kissed her on the lips. I did this multiple times and found them quite nice and warm.  Then went to her neck. Afterwards, I fully cupped her boobs through her gown, holding them in my hand and squeezing gently. They felt soft but yet firm, perky but yet big. I then went down to her legs and feet, brushing along her side and stomach as I transitioned. She had this black cherry nail polish coating that looked really sexy in my opinion. I grabbed her feet and rubbed them, then kissed along the top. I kissed and licked her toes, every one of them, taking my time trying to suck every piece of Iris. Then I licked up her leg, starting from ankles to her thighs, and that’s when I saw it. Her sacred pussy lying behind under the shadow of her gown.

I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of her. I started with basic ones like her fully on her bed, but then went to up close shots of her face, arms, legs and feet. I was going to do the rest once I undressed her. I also took a picture of her gown as I wanted to see the exact way she knotted it. Doing this would allow me to tie it back in its original position. After I did that I kissed her one more time. I licked her lips and then stuck my tongue in her mouth. Next, I took off my clothes and got completely naked. I would soon do the same to her. I pulled on her gown strings and revealed her naked body and oh… my… god. She was so hot. I’ve seen her a couple of times naked before but, seeing it upclose made it all the more better.

I took more pictures of her, this time showing her naked front, then analyzed. Her pussy was mildly hairy and had a small upside down triangular patch above it. I got up close shots of her vagina and boobs. Then attempted to turn her around to see her ass. As I did, I got a little nervous but was confident in the medicine. Still I took some shots of her perky ass and anus, then put her back upright so as to not play with fire. It was 10 minutes to 1:00am and I wanted to hurry a little and get to the more intense stuff.

I grabbed her naked boobs and rubbed them hastily. It was so soft and playing with her hard nipple made me euphoric. I then got on top of her, and put my mouth on her boobs. It was bumpy and soft. I kissed them and licked her nipples. I sucked them dry. I then got a massive surge of energy and licked all across her chest, in the process clamping down and grinding on her. I stopped as I wanted to pace myself. I kissed her again and then proceeded to put my penis on her face.

As I did, it glided across her nose, forehead, and lips. I carefully held my penis with one hand, guided her mouth partially open with another, then slid my dick inside. It couldn’t reach too far as she was sleeping but I could go enough to feel her teeth on my shaft tongue on my dick. I jerked off softly on her face, then slapped her gently with my shaft. But I was being too generous, I needed some pussy.

I went down to her feet again and licked them while going up her ankles, thighs, and eventually getting to her soft cunt. I played with it with my finger, going up and down her clit. As I said before, her pussy had medium size labia majora’s (mound of skin outer from the flaps), with a thin visible lining of inner flaps. Her clit was also visible and for some reason seemed to pulsate slightly. With one move I spread her legs open, put my face in her vagina, and started to perform oral sex. I first put my mouth on it, then my tongue, licking slowly, then fast. I grabbed her other thighs with my two hands and dug myself forward, getting all in her cooch. It didn’t smell bad at all and I actually like her scent. I was a good minute into licking when I heard a soft moan from my mother. It startled me, but then I just realized she was just breathing harder due to me eating her out and pleasuring her.

After a good bit I got up and began to insert my pointer finger in her cooch. Going inside was warm, I could feel her vaginal juices flowing and wiggle around in there for a bit. Then I pushed all the way I could and felt some more. It was smooth like lips but continued to be shaped like a hole, but most of all it was pretty tight. I used my tongue and spit to lubricate it more and kept doing that. Then I took out my finger and used my hands to spread her lips open. It was beautiful and pink. I got up to recuperate, then went to her bathroom to get a lube. It was in the same place as the rest of her sex toys and would’t be that hard to put back. After getting it, I knew what I wanted to do next. I was going to penetrate Iris vaginally. I put some lube on her pussy directly and then some on my fingers to lube the inside fully. Grabbed one of my condoms, and put it on. My penis was rock hard and the latex barrier slid right down the shaft.

I was ready.

Position wise, I was on top of her, and my mother was still laying on her back with her legs spread wide enough for me to be in between them. Her gown was still on her forearm and sides but open in the middle. I got right close in and aligned my penis with her vagina. I kissed her one more time and began.

Me: I’m ready Mom.

I used my right hand to push my penis into her vagina and stopped at the tip. BOY… it was warm. I pulled out to recuperate, then pushed it back in, this time further. It wrapped around my tip and felt extremely tight. Up till this point I tried not to say a word, but after sticking my tip in, I moaned.

Me: uhhh [wisper]…. UHHH [louder]

I thrusted back and forth slightly for a good 20 seconds, then thrusted all the way till her flaps hit my balls. I sat there for a good minute, taking in my mothers tight, warm, fucking pussy. Even while writing this I am getting visible flashbacks to the feeling of my first seconds balls deep in her pussy. It was indescribable. As I sat inside her, the warm walls of her oozing cunt began to pulsate, and grip my penis. It was like she was trying to save me too, as I severed her. In a way, we both were sitting there, feeling the other person’s genitals collide with ours. I WAS IN SEXUAL HEAVEN.

After like a minute of this, I pulled out, then put it back in. I’ve had sex with paper towel homemade vaginas, so I wasn’t clueless on how to fuck, especcially when it came to fucking my own mother. I visualized this day for years and I’m now acting it out. I began to thrust my penis in and partially out, and fully have sex with her.

Push in, push out, push in, push out.

I was angled in a way to where I was on a down incline into her pussy and when fully inside my back was arched to where my penis can go in fully. Remember I’m in between her so I’m not spreading my legs past hers. I continue to fuck her while also grabbing her tits. And I go a little faster. To give more of a description, the sound and rate of me going in and out would be that of a metronome going at 50 BPM. It’s not accurate of course but that’s the only way I can really describe my rate. I’m lasting way longer than what I thought I would. Around 10 minutes later, I felt the urge to cum rise, however I subdued this feeling because I was going to savor the taste of this feeling for as long as I could.

I grip her tits hard and keep going.

Me: Shit, fuck, omg-omg [wispered]

Then I wanted to get up and recuperate. It took everything not to just sit there and keep going, but eventually I got the strength to stop, pull out and examine. Her fucking cut was SO WET. I put my fingers in quickly and felt how warm it was. I spread her legs even further, rubbed my face between her tits, and stuck my cock back into my mothers vagina. It felt so good. Euphoric. Just feeling my shaft gripped by the walls of her wet pussy. I keep going and going. Thrusting faster with each time. When approximately another 5 minutes goes by, I am at the rate of like 75 BPM, beats being thrusts of course. Upon feeling the urge to cum I go even faster, and faster. I began to kiss my mother and wrap my arms around her upper shoulder and neck. I was bracing myself for an explosion.

Me: Uhhhhhhh, UHHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHH, [slightly loud] (breath) uhhh [softer each time] uhhh uhhh uhhh oh shit.

As I orgasmed inside my beautiful Iris, I pounded her to the deepest of my ability with each moan I made. After every moan, every sound, every breath, my body convulsed again into my mothers womb. Again and again. With every “uhhh”, my thighs and legs boosted my cock inside her. It was like some inner force wanted me to feel every inch of her, climbing all the way up to her cervix. After

After cumming, I lied there for a good three minutes, just inside her vagina, on top of her. Her womb was extrapolated to my cock and tightened around it. I could feel my mother fixing her walls. Whether it was her, or a bodily reaction, she felt me, and took me and liked it. Upon my recovery, I took my penis out and examined it. I got off the bed and took my condom off, making sure the juices didn’t spill and tying it. I was hit by a force that encouraged me to just sleep on top of her. I took some time to recuperate again…


I went in my bag and grabbed some water, I drank and sat for a while. Then I was hit with the urge to go for round two and that’s what I did. I stuck my dick in Iris’ mouth again, and jerked all over her face. Since I already came, I had more stamina, so I didn’t need to pace as much. I went back to her lushes feet and licked them. Then jerked on her toes. I grabbed her boobs, sucked on them. I even went down to her arms and sucked on her fingers. I went through each one. After warming myself up again. I was ready for another fuck of my mother. However, this time was different, I was more lustful and aggressive. As I got on top of her I kissed her again, harder, and went for another condom. I came well prepared. As I rolled down the rubber across my shaft, I lined my dick and thrusted forward. Her wet pussy welcomed me once more. I accelerated faster than the first time. I did not want to take my time anymore. I fucked and I fucked hard. I was so aggressive. About one minute in of thrusting, I went faster, now going at about 150 BPM, just beating into Iris’ pussy. Even the bed started making sounds as it tapped against the wall behind it. I was vigorous, rough, and even borderline animalistic. Even as I’m writing this right now, the memory of this moment gives me goosebumps. I’m even leaning back in my chair coping with the feeling of how I felt. It was savage sex. But back to the story, as I went to cum I arched my back for a good three seconds.

Me: UUUUHHHHHHHHH [moderately loud but staggering as I try to hold it back]

After my long thrusting initiating orgasm, I had three quick follow up thrusts.

Me: Huuu huu huuuu [softly]

Then one final finishing thrust.

Me: UHHHHHHHHH uuhhhhhh uuuuhhhhhh [softly]

I again stayed there for a good minute.

All of a sudden, a flash of nerves hit my body. “Oh my god, how long have I been doing this for?” I thought to myself.

I kissed her, then pulled out and got off of her. I checked the time. 1:50!!! “I’ve been fucking my mother for an hour! Holy shit” I thought. The anestesia still had 30 minutes left for its fullest effect, so I was alright. I really wanted to go for round three, I wanted more, but I had to leave. I had to remember control. I did the deed, now it was time to make sure I get away with it and to do that I need to subdue my sexual hunger. It was time to activate the escape of the plan, and first it started with erasing my presence. This step was key.

I took off my condom and tied it to restrict my semen from leaking. I put it in my bag along with the other used condom to dump later on the way back to George’s house. I went to the bathroom, cleaned off my dick and recouped. I had a sleeping body I would have to put back together after just being fucked. I took a wipes from my own bathroom – as it would be less suspicious – and used them to clean up my mother. There was a lot of juices that flowed so I started with her pussy so it didn’t get on the sheets. “Apparently her hormones did me a favor and got her in the mood without even knowing it” I laughed to myself. I wiped her pussy clean and made sure to dump the used wipes in my bag. Nothing would be left to chance, and certainly not dirty wipes. I whipped the parts of the body I licked, feet, legs, arms, fingers, chest, and breasts. She was indeed fully clean and did not smell out of the ordinary. I did a pretty good job at keeping liquids from touching the sheets, but just to be sure, I patted down the part next to her cooch. I stopped and checked to see how she was doing, she was fine, just a little warm.

I put my used anesthesia syringe in my bag to dispose of later, along with the rest of my materials. Then after cleaning up everything, put back on her gown, and tied it specifically in the way it was when I found it. Not perfect but it will do. I put the sheet back on her and made sure everything was normal. Body was clean, the gown was back on, and the blanket was put back. I knew I could easily get parinoyed so I tried to focus. Once I leave, there’s no going back. But despite this, I wasn’t too worried. I didn’t have a lot I could leave behind for her to find. After a good 10 minutes of cleaning my mess, I finally put back on my clothes. I did this while looking at my mother very lovingly. She was just lying there gracefully after pleasing me. I stayed focused though. After all my clothes on, finishing with my sweater. I got my bag, checked it one more time, and left. I made sure not to turn on any lights, so I didn’t have to worry about that. Ironically the nature channel was on, tv.I completely didn’t notice because of all the physiological intensity I was undergoing. As I left, everything was normal, nothing out of place, it was just as I found it.

All that was left was to leave. I had my bag on and proceeded to take the controller I hid in my closet to prevent my mother from knowing that it would be out of place if she saw it beforehand. I had my excuse for coming here, now I can head back to Georges. I went and gave my mother one final kiss, and said goodbye to her garden. I tasted the fruits, smelled the irises, and planted the seeds, now it was time to leave the garden, and back into reality. I walked down the stairs, went towards the back door, put on my shoes, opened the door, and walked out. I kept it unlocked as it was when I first got here. It was 2:10 when I hopped back over to my gate, and proceeded to leave the premises. The climax was fifield.

Chapter 20 – The Eden Plan Final –

The rain had stopped, there was only silence. I was about five minutes away from George’s house when I felt tranquil and weak, but I still pursued. Halfway there, I stopped at a public garbage bin and dumped the condoms, syringe, and other disposables. Eventually I finally got back to George’s house. I opened the door that was still unlocked – thankfully – and went to George’s room. As I peaked in, the boys were all asleep, knocked out cold. This was good, everything worked out and all that was left was the morning. I was scared as I didn’t know if Iris would suspect me, but even with my nerves I managed to settle down and get some sleep. It was about 2:30 when I finally crashed. I had a long night, but still… it wasn’t over.

George: Yo, for real, they updated the game!

Startled, I woke up in the morning to George yelling loudly as he and Eugene played fortnite.

Me: thanks for waking me yall.

Samuel: For real, guys I was sleeping.

George: Sorry, you guys gotta get up anyway, I heated up some pizza and its about to be done soon.

I woke up and immediately checked my phone. I texted my mother good morning to see how she was doing. No response. As I ate pizza with the guys, I was extremely nervous. I didn’t let it show but underneath, I was scared. All I could do was wait. As the morning went by, I finally got the balls to call my mother. I stepped away from the boys and proceeded to do so.

Me: Hey mom you there.

Iris: Hey sweety, you ok, how was your night?

I basically cried silently in relief. So far everything was the same.

Me: Yea, could you pick me up though, I think i’m pretty bored here and want to come home.

Iris: uhh sure thing. Just give me a couple minutes.

After this I went and told my friends that I would be leaving, got my stuff, and waited on the porch. As my mother pulled up she seemed bright, like she was in a good mood.

Iris: You didn’t feel like staying.

Me: no not really.

I couldn’t believe it, I got in the car and we drove home. My mother was actually clueless. She didn’t know what I did to her last night (or morning same thing). I was in the clear. The Eden plan was a success. When we got home, I went inside, and proceeded with my life.

Chapter 21 – Aftermath –

Later that night it was just me and my mom and a bowl of popcorn. As usual we were in our comfy position while watching Into the Wild. However, I was mostly in deep thought.

My plan of exploring my mother sexually worked. I wasn’t a virgin, and I finally knew what it felt like to be inside of a woman’s womb. I thought it ironic that the woman who held the title of adopting me, also held the title of taking my virginity. My libedo was extremly high, I felt like I was in paradise. Satisfied, content, proud. I set out to do something and I did it. But most importantly I didn’t let fantasies stay fantasies. I turned my wishful thinking into reality and that to me was the greatest accomplishment.

That night, we laid together in the space of darkness, me holding her in my arms as she laid on my chest. I held her tight as we started to drift off to sleep.

Me: love you. [softly]

Iris: I love you too. [softly]

She gave me a light kiss and we both soon fell into a slumber.

– Epilogue-

After a week, I had been back in school, my mother as always went to work everyday, and we proceeded on with life. It was close to the four year mark of my adoption with Iris, and it would continue to grow on from there. The relationship with my mother is like no other and we continue getting closer everyday. Even with sexual desires, my mother has told me a lot more about how she thinks and so did I. Not to every extent, but still, I bonded with her over my sexual desires. Wanting not to be a virgin I joked, laughing at the fact that I was living with the person who took it.

I kept the rest of the medicine and condoms I had that were good and felt like I could use them again to have sex. I felt really empowered, like I could do anything. I had the control, the mindset, and the smarts. I could visit my mothers garden again, or even better, someone else’s. Imagine, satisfying myself inside and unconscious just like masturbating, getting to choose who I did it too. All I would need is a good plan. The possibilities were endless, and I could reach boundless places within my sexuality.

Authors note:

Note, this is not actually real and just for entertainment. Obviously, choices in the reading are not accepted or valued in real life, it’s just a short fantasy.

Nevertheless… thank you for reading 🙂

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