I fucked one Lady school teacher -1

Hi everyone, this is mahesh from hyderabad . recently this lady teacher messaged me want threesome sex try like that so me and my friend went to nagpur . we fucked hard that lady .

but intially asked who fucked last time she told me one story so listen carefull by her words ..

I am Neha. I am 30 years old divorced lady living in Nagpur. I am 5feet 11inch in height and slim body 32-34-36 figure weight 50kg. With buttocks coming outward, and very fair.

My husband left me for the last 5 years. I am living with my son at my home alone.I am working as a primary teacher in a government school. I hadn’t done sex for 5 years from my
husband left me. I was looking for a strong man who would fuck me hard but didn’t get yet.

I went to school every day by bus. I wear a sari on duty.
One day while coming from school I met the father of my student on the bus. As the bus was crowded I was going home in a standing position. He came to me and asked about the progress
of his son.

I said he is not regular in the school. He was peering into my cleavage. I understood that his intention is not good. So I look forward. And I made my back towards him. He was 6 feet in height and blackish in
complexion and fat. After some time bus got a big shock and he pushed his penis into my ass crack forcefully.

I felt forward to push. And I felt a big penis push onto my sari. I didn’t look at him. I was angry so I push forcefully my ass-backward onto his big tightened penis. He felt better by my actions. He pressed my ass half globe by his inner hand. Even I didn’t look backward.

He carried on pressing my ass by his hand and penetrating his penis into my ass curve. Sometimes he tried to insert his middle finger into my asshole. This was going on throughout the journey. When the bus stop came I came out from the bus and moving towards my home. I noticed that that person was following me. My house was 2km away from the bus stop.

After one km crossed that man was still following me. Now I had strong urination. I had to find the space to do urine. So there was one old public toilet. No one was inside the toilet. I felt relaxed.

I opened the door of the toilet and went inside. The toilet was very dirty. The smell of urine was everywhere.
Dry shit was everywhere. There was no space to sit for urine. But I had strong urination. So I lifted up my sari and petticoat and drag down my panty down to my knees and sat on the floor
for urine.

I did the urination by making the sound. After finishing my urine I stood up and pull my panty onto my ass. And look backward that man was there who was following me from the bus stand. He came inside the toilet and locked the door. Then he told me to go inside the toilet. There was one
room for the toilet. I followed his order. It was at 6 o’clock. I went inside the toilet room. Some liquid latrine was there.

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i will post part 2 come sooner

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