Daddy begins

My parents were alcoholics and they got drunk and argued nightly till one or both would pass out. It was a every weekend thing.
On this particular weekend my sister went to stay the weekend with a friend. As usual my parents got drunk and argued loudly waken me up. I could hear my dad yell go to the dam bootlegger and get more beer now. With that i heard the door slam.

I tried to get back to sleep, as i layed there my bedroom door opened and my dad said michelle are you awake. My dad was a mean drunk so i ignored him and just kept my eyes closed pretending to be asleep.
Again he said michelle are you awake. I heard my door close. It was quit so i peeked through my eye lids and could see my dad standing right beside my bed. My night light put off enough light i barely could see he had his hands in front of him doing something. I closed my eyes tight. My dad reached down and picked up my hand pulling it towards him. I felt him put something wet and slimy in the palm of my hand and then pull my hand closer to him. As he put something hard in the palm of my hand he used his hand to make mine grip tighter around what ever was in my hand and to hold it. It started sliding back and forth in our hands moving slow. He would squeeze my hand making me squeeze my hand around it even more. After a few mins he started moving our hands up and down it as he was moving. Faster and faster till he dropped my hand and turned to the side facing away from me. It was then i could see he had his thing in his hand pumping it. I seen something shoot out into the floor. He turned and left my room.

The next day he acted like nothing happened so i went along with it. That afternoon my parents were already drinking, by my bedtime my mom couldnt even stand up. Im not sure how long i had been asleep when i felt someone picking up my hand. I peeked through my eye lashes and seen it was my dad again. Just like the night before he started using my hand in his to move up and down his thing. Only this time as he did he took his free hand and started rubbing on my panty covered pussy. He done this till he turned and shot his stuff in my floor again. This happened over and over the next few weekends. I wasnt sure what to do cause like ibsaid before my dad was a mean drunk.

So i kept quit and just always pretended to be asleep. The next weekend my sister had to go on a school trip over the weekend and a parent had to go with her so that meant my mom would be gone all weekend. That afternoon my dad was already getting drunk and was pretty lit when i went to bed. And just like all the nights before he waited till i went to sleep before he came into my room. This time inwas awake and peeking as he came into my room and i could see he didnt have any clothes on and his thing was already hard sticking out. He walked up to the bed and rubbed his thumb over my lips, slowly he pushed his thumb into my mouth moving it in and out of mouth. He took it out and i felt something else push against my lips trying to push into my mouth. I opened my eyes and turned my head. My dad looked down at me and said good your awake. Sit up. I ignored him, he reached down and grabbed my arm yanking me up to the sitting position. He tried to push his thing into my mouth and again i turned my head. He said be a good girl.

Again he pushed it to my lips, i turned my head again. This time as i turned my head he slapped me hard and yelled be a good girl and open your fucking mouth. With tears running down my cheeks he pushed his thing into mouth. First just the head of it was in mouth.
He said suck on it like a sucker and move your tounge around on it. As he pulled it back i moved my head causing it to come out of mouth. He slapped me again harder than the first time.

I said be a fucking good girl and do what i tell you. He placed one hand on one side of my face and the other hand on the other side and squeezed my my face as he pushed his thing back into my mouth and began moving my head as he pushed his thing in and out of my mouth. He started moving faster trying to push more into mouth making me gag. Move your tounge around on it.
Now im fixing to shoot something into your mouth and you are to swallow every drop. Right then i felt it feel like it got bigger in mouth and jerk, he grunted and my mouth was filled with a sour salty tasting slime. So much of it filled my mouth i couldnt swallow it all. He patted the top of my head and left my room.

The next night he didnt wait for me to fall asleep, he followed me into my room after i took my bath and i just had a towel on. Lay on the bed and spread your legs. Which i did.
He rubbed his fingers up and down my little pussy trying to push his fingers inside me. I yelled it hurts please stop. He looks down at me i figured it would be to small right now.

Turn over on to your stomach. I hesitated he grabs my arm and yanked me over onto my stomach and spanked my bare bottom. As i layed there crying he started pushing his finger into my butt. I squirmed and wiggled trying to move away from him. So he stradled my legs and said just relax. With that he starting fingering my butt. I felt him put 2 fingers in and began moving them. I begged him to stop he just laughed. As he removed his fingers i felt him trying to push something else in my butt so i looked back as the head of his thing slid in me. Screamed and kicked threw my arms back he just pushed more in and pinned my arms to the bed. He held still and said relax. I cried and yelled it hurts please dad stop. It only seem to make him more excited as he pushed more of his thing in me. Slowly he pulled back till i could fell like it was gonna come out and then pushed it back in side as far as he could. Over and over he thrust his thing in me. Slowly getting faster and pumping harder, his breathing getting faster with grunts and groans. He pushed in as far as he could holding it deep inside me. I could fell it swelling and jerk as i feel hot liquid fill my butt. My dad collapses on me trying catch his breath as i lay there crying. He strokes my hair saying how tight my butt is and looks forward to stretching it more and really looking forward to popping my pussy cherry. I feel his thing getting smaller and slide out of me. He climbs off me and leaves the room.

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