Sex with neighbour

Hi friends, I am 28 year old, fair, 5’4″, 36d boobs and round ass. I had big boobs since I was 15 and I have enjoyed getting touched and milked by strangers.

When I was 22, I was living alone in a flat in Bangalore. I used to be very horny and would use apps for sex everyday. I would dress up as a slut, without a bra, very deep cleavage and short dresses to show my panties.

I was travelling in a bus, coming back home after work, wearing a translucent white crop top and blue mini skirt, legs crossed showing off my thick thighs and black lace panty.
Like everyday, all the men were staring at my figure, I let them touch and have some fun as well. I spotted an uncle aged around 45 from my neighbour in the bus and sat next to him.
I noticed him staring at my round big boobs and smiled and shifted towards him. He put his hand on my thighs and squeezed them.

After some time, it was my stop and I got up. I brushed my hand on my ass to straighten the mini skirt which had gone up. Uncle also got down with me. I invited him to my home and after locking the main door, asked him if he is thirsty.

He stared at my boobs and grabbed my left boob with one hand and ass using the other hand. I smiled and pressed myself against him. I was moaning as he threw my crop top and started sucking on my big jugs.

He smacked his lips and bit my nipples, I was having too much fun.

Then we fucked multiple times for 3 hours. Then he got a call from home and left, I asked him to come by whenever he is in a mood. He smiled and thanked me for helping him.
Since then, we have been fucking regularly.

My boobs have gotten bigger as he likes to suck them all the time.

Your sexy slut

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