Newly Married Indian housewife adventures – Part 1

Hi, I am Anita. Today I will be narrating my story of how a newlywed innocent wife turned into a mistress of 3 rich middle aged men. So sit back and relax.

I was married a couple of months back. It was an arranged marriage. My husband (Atharv) is a good looking man. Charming and handsome. I am a slim, fair, long-haired girl with brown eyes. A perfect treat for eyes, always in a saree or a salwar, and loose hair, or with a ribbon sometimes. Exactly like a sanskari bahu. Atharv was an officer at the bank, and was fit, tall and dark. All-in-all, we were a perfect couple.

 After the first few days of marriage, we stayed in Atharva’s hometown with his parents. His work was in the local branch in the town. But just about two months later, Atharva was promoted to the main branch in a metropolitan city. Atharva had some problems in finding the right apartment for us. I had a friend in the city and hit her up. I mentioned this problem once to her. She instantly suggested a flat in her society. We decided to check it out. We liked everything about the flat. Even the rent was decent. So, finally we decided to take it. We were on the 6th floor and had good neighbours. Neha lived on the 15th floor. Those were costly apartments. I wondered how she was able to afford it, as she had a decent job and also was single. Anyways, we had a housewarming party and invited some friends.

A few people came, my husband’s friends, colleagues, etc. Neha came too. We had drinks, played a few games, etc. Come evening, everyone started to leave. Finally, it was just me, Neha and my husband. My husband also left in a few minutes, as he had some work in the office, and would be back around night time.

Neha and I were drinking and we started talking. I asked her about her love-life. She casually said she has no interest in getting married, and is done with love affairs. I asked if she has a boyfriend, she laughed and said “haha, I keep changing boyfriends like clothes, lol”. We laughed. She asked me, “What about you? Done the deed with Jijaji yet or not?”, I said “Not yet yaar. We were in a small house until now, crammed with his parents. And they are an old-school traditional type. They don’t believe in a honeymoon or anything. So, we didn’t go anywhere. So, nothing! Now that we have moved here, we have a little bit of breathing space”. We laughed it off. There was still some time for Atharv to return, so we decided to spend some time in her apartment. 

We went to the 15th floor to her apartment. When we opened the door to her flat, there was a middle aged man in his pyjamas already in the living room sitting on the sofa and watching TV. I was taken aback, but Neha continued like it was normal. She said, “Oh Anita, this is Mr. Hemant. He lives on the 16th floor. He is a friend of mine.” I was slightly confused, but said Hello and had a small talk with him. I sat on the sofa, a little far from him.

I was confused as to how a single, sexy girl like Neha was a friend of this middle aged guy who is most probably married. She was comfortable enough to let him sit in her apartment in his Pyjamas. I noticed the guy was staring at my cleavage. I felt uncomfortable, so I got up and went to the kitchen pretending to help Neha. I tried asking Neha in the kitchen, but she lightly shrugged it off and said “Oh, we are just good friends. His wife is also a good friend of mine.” I had an uneasy feeling about this, so after having some coffee, I left as it was also time for Atharv to return. I opened the door, said Goodbye and started walking towards the lift. As I was walking, the lift opened and I saw another fat middle aged uncle type man in the lift. He got out of the lift and I entered. 

As the door to my lift was closing, I saw something that shocked me for the second time. The man enters Neha’s apartment! I was now completely shocked. Why does she have so many middle-aged friends? Why are they in her apartment while she is alone? Various thoughts rushed through my head. I went back to my flat, a bit confused, but brushed it off. 

Speaking of Neha, she is one hot girl, dusky skin, in her 30s, but looks like in her 20s. Anyone would take a look at her twice if she is walking on the street, especially at her busty ass. I was often confused why such a hot girl preferred to stay single, she could practically get any guy she wants.

My husband returned. We had dinner. He was in a playful mood, as he was touching his leg against mine below the dinner table. We both started teasing each other and playing with each other. He then made me get up and sit on his lap. We were having dinner that way, me on his lap and we feeding each other. His cock was tight and I could feel it. By its hardness, I knew tonight was  the ‘special’ night. We finished our dinner. After that when I was arranging utensils in the kitchen, he came from behind and hugged me tightly. I could feel his dick was even more hard this time. He started smooching on my neck and behind my hair. I said “What are you doing? Wait for some time, I have work to do.” He said “Leave it. Do it tomorrow.” He then picked me up and took me to the bedroom. 

There we started smooching hard. I was wearing a green gown. While kissing, he was pressing my boobs from over the gown. He then lifted my gown from below and started rubbing his hand over my panty. Then he took his clothes off while kissing and then, removed my gown. I was now just in a light pink bra and a black panty. He was in his black underwear, which had a huge bulge. 

I was excited, and smiling while kissing. He then proceeded to unhook my bra. He started pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I was now naked from the top. He made me lie and started sucking on my breasts. He liked sucking breasts a lot. After a good 5 minute suckling of both my breasts, they were completely wet. 

He then proceeded downwards, where he lifted my legs over his shoulders. Then with both hands, he removed my panty and put it away. I said naughtily, “Don’t you want to do anything with this panty?” He was confused, and said, “What?” I said ,“Nothing. Some guys like to smell the panties.” He said, “Eww, why would I smell your panty Anita?“ I replied, “I thought men liked to sniff women’s panties!” He said “Huh, those would be stupid, dirty men. Not me”. I nodded in agreement, but was a little disappointed. Atharv did not like extra things in sex. He liked plain, simple sex.

He was surprised to see I had completely shaved for him. He did not like hairs down there. He started tickling my pussy. We both were in a playful mood. My pussy was getting wet. He noticed this and proceeded to remove his underwear. His cock came out throbbing and it felt like it was looking towards me. I didn’t touch it or anything, because he didn’t like that either.

Atharv had this rule of no anal, or sucking, etc. Just plain simple sex. He didn’t like all the other stuff. I was also not a fan of anything other than plain simple sex. So, without letting me do anything to the cock, he proceeded to straightaway inserting it in my vagina. My vagina was wet already, so it didn’t cause much pain. And in a few seconds, he started thrusting slowly. Then we started kissing while he was gently thrusting from below. This went on for a few 10-15 minutes, until finally we both came. He then removed his penis, and we went to shower.

I didn’t knew much about sex. Atharv was a clean sex type of guy. He didn’t like to do anything extra, and I respected that. I also didn’t like anything else, but that was mainly because I had not experienced anything extra than plain sex. This was all the pleasure both of us knew, and we as a couple thought this was everything there is to sex, and everything other than this shown in porn is just nasty stuff invented by humans to drive up the excitement of viewers and to earn more money. I also had the same view. We cleaned up and went to sleep. I was satisfied at the time by just 30 minutes of sex.

Next day, when we woke up, we kissed a little in bed. After that, I suggested we take a bath together. Atharv was reluctant, but I insisted this time. We had a bit of fun in the shower, rubbing each other with soap and throwing water. After that, Atharv had his breakfast and left for work. After some time, Neha and I headed out for shopping. 

While roaming in the mall, Neha teased me and asked what happened last night? I blushed and laughed it off. I noticed Neha had purchased a pack of condoms. I saw it and said, “You liar ! I thought you didn’t have a boyfriend! So what are these for?” She naughtily blushed and laughed it off, but I kept teasing. I thought to ask something personal to her, while also clearing my doubt about those men from yesterday. I said, “Hmm Neha, I suspect you are having an affair with someone from yesterday. Right?” I kept nudging her.

She was surprised. She made her eyes big and told me to shush and smiled. I was shocked. “OMG! Means it’s true! It is one of them” She again said shush! I asked “But how? Isn’t he married?” She replied, “Yes, yes THEY are ” I couldn’t understand at the time. I asked in a confusing tone “They?’” She said, “I will explain to you when we get home.”

So we continued shopping. But I was eager to go home and listen to her story. After shopping for the whole day, we returned home. We freshened up, had some tea and started trying on some clothes. I broached the topic. “So, you are gonna tell me the whole story?” I said. She said “Okay okay baba. Sit down.” I sat down. 

Neha : “Anita, I am gonna tell you the whole story. But promise me some things first.”

Me : “Umm, okay.” (I was a little confused)

Neha : “Okay, first thing – You are not going to tell anyone.”

Me : “Of course yar! You want to keep it a secret. I see. But as far as I know you, you are not the type of girl to keep your relationships a secret.”

Neha : “Okay, and second thing. Don’t be absolutely shocked when I tell you.”

Me (jokingly) : “Okay.. sounds serious, but yeah, sure.”

Neha : “ Okay Anita, then listen. I am a mistress of 3 married men.”

I took some time to understand that statement. As my brain started to take it in after almost a minute, I was absolutely shocked to the core, just as she had warned. I literally had to get up and drink some water. I sat down, and asked “What ?”

Neha : “Warned you. Not to get shocked.”

Me : “But… but how? And why?”

Neha : “Okay, relax. I will tell you the whole story.” 

……Continued in Part 2

Reach out to me if you have a feedback for the story. – [email protected] or on telegram – valyria_stark

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