Seduced delivery guy

I am 22 years old with big tits of size 34dd. I like to show my creamy and white mounds to people around, but my family is conservative and I am not allowed to wear short clothes.

Last week my family had gone to my hometown and I was alone. I decided to fullfill my desire of being naked for a day. I watched various porns and touched myself, masturbated many times.

In the afternoon, I was very restless and horny, I wanted to show my body to someone. I clicked some pictures and asked my bf to come and fuck me. But he was out of town and couldn’t come. In the need, I decided to seduce a delivery guy and ordered dominos. In 25 mins, my doorbell rang and I rushed to cover myself with a towel making sure my deep cleavage is visible.

The delivery guy was surprised and turned on. I asked him to come inside and sit on sofa. I sat next to him and kept his hands on my bare thigh. I said “I see you are very thirsty, let me offer you something”, he smiled and grabbed my pussy. I moaned and removed the towel covering my huge tits. He was amused and started sucking on them.

We fucked till he got a call for next delivery. I asked him to come at night and we had sex all night, I got to know he was 43, married and had a daughter my age.

I felt happy and the slut in me was satisfied.

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