Auto and Masturbation

My name is Jessica and I’m an exhibitionist anything in public really turns me on. I usually travel in autos with different drivers everyday. This story is of one such day.

I was coming back from somewhere in an auto and suddenly I felt like I wanted to do something really risky and fun.

I unhooked my bra and starting playing with my nipples when the driver wasn’t looking. The auto was moving and people outside could see me.

In a dark alley I took out one of my boob and spit on it then continued to pinch my nipples.

I think the driver saw me but he didn’t say anything. I then put on a podcast about sex and started touching my pussy over the clothes.

I was also sexting with someone the whole while sending him pictures of my tits over the clothes. My cleavage and even my nipples. He was so turned on.

He then sent me voice notes on how me would finger me in the auto and play with my nipples if he were there.

It turned me on so much that I came without even touching my pussy with my bare hands.

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