My First Love

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My First Love (Part-I)

First of all myself thanks all of my Indian sex stories viewers and S4S for publishing all my stories. After a long time, I am coming to you with my new story. I am HONEY a second year B. Tech student in a renowned I.I.T institution. This story started with Love and ends with a happy Bizarre relationship in family.

I was studying in first year in Chemistry of the University where my Loved one Mir was studying as a 4th year Ph.D. student, A handsome 5ft 6 inch Good looking muscular Young, heart throb of many girls in the University came into my Life but Me, Honey a super sex charged 34-26-34 vital statistics also one of the Heroine Class lady in the university could not be resisted by Mir and we both fell in deep love irrespective of our caste and class.

To tell about me, I was raised by my aunt since my parents passed away. My father, my mother, my grandfather and grandmother went for a Long drive in car leaving me, my aunt and my maternal uncle in the house.

My aunt was much younger than my maternal uncle and my mother when my aunt was 21 my mother was 32 and my uncle was 28. In a car accident all of them died leaving behind me, my Aunt and my maternal uncle all alone. In this juncture my cunning maternal uncle chase both of us from house due to greed of property and from there on my Aunty became my second mom and I was brought up by her and for which she did not marry just for looking after me. My Aunt got a job in computer firm and we spent our life in rented house in very calculative way, as I was extremely intelligent got my admission in this renowned university totally free and at last fell in love with Mir, handsome boy of 28 yrs. And I am 21 yrs. Only.

When I came in contact with Mir’s parents found his father was a central govt. Good hearted gentleman but his mother is totally other type typically mother in law type the devil and when she saw my Aunt then she was very furious and not at all agreed for this marriage and I am Honey also promised to teach her a good lesson at any cost.

By my next plan I came in very serious relationship with Mir and he became blind in my love, we started going to park, cinema, mall and spend many a good time in hotel and restaurant and sometimes left hostel with permission and staying far away from University in hotel as husband and wife and dear reader can visualize the rest night love between us.
Actually Mir was very submissive type boy not at all interested in sex and one day we went to a cinema hall, I took corner most last back seat and obvious there was no person around us. After the cinema hall went dark, I placed my hand on Mir’s cock and placed his hand on my shoulder, slowly and slowly his cock started responding to my touch and became steel hard and myself already opened my bra’s hook and Mir started fondling my breast like a mad, now after the cinema show we went to restaurant where I cleverly mixed sex potent in his cold drink and after that going to hotel and ending with a good fuck.

Mir now can’t leave me because Mir has fucked me and it is the problem with the good guy once fucking then they think themselves as husband with 100% responsivity thus my plan of seducing Mir has succeed and myself getting ready to marry him after completing his degree and also my degree at a time.

Me Honey, A woman with Cocaseous mind wants to reign my home, my husband and my both mother in law and father in law, dominate everyone at any cost and wanted to seduce my would be mother in law and for which I made a full proof plan.

Now I am talking to my mother in law over mobile, video call, WhatsApp chat & call also in computer video call . I was with her in facebook and facebook life and became very near and dear to her as her friend and Mir use to say my mother name is Mahek and you are Honey looking alike for which I have loved you so much, only with the difference my mom has 36+ and you are 34+ boob size. Slowly and slowly myself make Mir interested in taboo and incest and when Mir is fully drunk, he was speaking as drunker that he wants to fuck me, my aunt Julie and if get chance then Mehek his mom also and myself honey got astonished and recorded all his audio in my mobile and WhatsApp that message to my would be mother in law and she was not believing that his son has told that.

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