Intimated with elder sister in manali – part 1

Hi everyone I’m the new on this site I would like to share my story with you guys how I enjoyed in manali with my virgin elder sister. So I’ll be narrating this story in hinglish because my English is not so good.

So this incident happened few months back in 2023. I tell you about my sister she is 25 years old her height is 5,5 and her figure is attractive. she looks like alia bhatt by her looks & physicality. She’s doing 3rd year from Delhi University. i’m 23 with 5’3 height and slim body and I’m in 1st year. We are like good siblings So three months back my sister and her friend were watching people’s stories on Instagram where they were doing fun in himachal so they made a plan to visit manali for three day. We live in delhi here weather was very hot so they wanted to have fun there.

When my sister told at home my parents got worried because she never traveled alone outside the city. So they asked her to take me with them Firstly she made her face but she understood if i’ll go with them parents will be tension free and won’t call repeatedly. She asked me to book hotel online so I booked two rooms from one room for my sister and her friend and one for me. First we decided we will go by train but we came to know train goes to till Chandigarh and from there we will have to take bus for manali. So we decided we’ll take direct bus from Delhi.

I saw videos on youtube and found that buses go from ISBT kashmiri gate so I booked 3 tickets online for semi Sleeper bus. My sister and her friend two days ago went for shopping in sarojini nagar market and bought some jackets, one pieces and skirts because they wanted to click good pictures in mountains. On thursday we were about to leave at night we reached ISBT by 9 o clock because bus was about to departure at 10. We were waiting for her friend at bus depot suddenly her phone rings my sister asks where are you only 15 minutes left to leave.

Her friend tells her grandmother Has passed away about an hour ago so she has to go her hometown with her family because she was very close to her grandmother and want to see her last rites. She apologized to my sister for canceling the trip at last moment. My sister said ok then we are not going what we will do without her? Her friend said don’t cancel the trip. you shoud go this time she will come next time. Her reason was valid so my sister didn’t get angry.

So my sister asked me should we go? I said it’s your choice I’ll follow what you decide she was thinking suddenly conducter asked what’s yours seat number go and sit. bus is ready to leave she nodded and we entered into bus we got comfortable on our seats she was sitting on window seat and I was next to her. Lights got off we slept at night.

I woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning there was dark outside bus was running at full speed. I saw she was covering herself with blanket her head was hanging at the edge of seat i said her to keep head on my lap and legs towards window so she can comfortably sleep she put her head and slept i was sitting because two people can’t sleep properly after about half an hour she moved her head little i felt her head on my dick i needed to adjust my pant because it was getting difficult for me to sit in this position so I called her by name she was in deep sleep so I thought let it be her sleep will be disturb and I didn’t do anything but my dick got hard on lights were off I looked at her in little light she was looking Damm sexy I turned on after seeing her but I killed my evil thoughts and slept.
When I woke up i saw she was sitting excitedly clicking some pictures of mountains from the window we had entered in himachal pradesh I said good morning to her and wore my shoes.

She was looking very happy and excited because it was her first time in mountain valley she clicked selfie of us and she posted some pictures on Instagram. She saw outside there was narrow road beside dangerous valley where bus was heading she got afraid and holded my shoulder i laughed and said don’t worry nothing will happen.

Almost after two hours we reached manali suddenly rain started took cab from bus stand and reached hotel and i asked her we have 2 rooms booked one with balcony and one without she said why we need two rooms we can cancel one room we will get return money so i asked receptionist to cancel one room and checked in one room it was big room with clean and big bathroom.

So I opened my bag and was looking for my pyjama and t shirt I found her some clothes in my bag her bag was small so she kept some in mine. There was some bra and panties she came and took her clothes and kept in closet. I went in bathroom took shower and came she was resting got tired becaus we had long journey. I moved her and asked her to take shower she got up and went into the bathroom i was laying down on the bed and didn’t know when i slept.

There was 10 degree temperature and was raining heavily so we were sleeping in quilt covering ourselves we felt cold so I called at reception and asked for heater he said this time there’s no heater available so he provided extra blanket. At the evening we decided to go outside so we changed clothes and went to mall road market in manali. We ate some food there and was roaming in market we saw a local alcohol shop people buying alcohol from there.

My sister asked me jokingly go and get some for yourself i said I’ll buy if you’ll allow me she said do you drink? I said only beer on occasionally but don’t tell parents she said Ohh don’t worry i won’t tell i asked did you ever try she said only vodka. Her friend who couldn’t come she made her try at her home and they were planning to try local drink here.

She asked me to don’t tell anyone I said we both will keep this as a secret so I went to buy but they were asking for cash and I didn’t have cash I wanted to pay through paytm so my sister said let it go ATM was far so we dropped the idea.

So we were heading towards the our hotel which was 700 meters away from market then i saw an alcohol shop there and they have barcode of online payments so I asked her now as you know i drink beer so can i buy some beer for myself she said okay i said thank you and asked you want to try vodka again she said okay I’ll try again because last time I didn’t get the taste so I bought absolute vodka and buswiser beer and we reached to our hotel. She went inside the bathroom for changing clothes and I changed into the room.

I asked should we order food in the room she said let me check the menu and she chose some cuisine it was 9:30 her friend called her for asking how’s everything going is she angry on her?

But her jio sim was not working properly so she took my phone and called her from my phone I was ordering food from landline but no was answering so I said I’m going down will order on reception she said ok and I closed the door and went down. I reached at reception no was there because shift was changed staff was less and this guy was checking in kitchen if ordered are placed.

So I waited there he came in 2-3 minutes I asked him if kitchen is still open? He said don’t worry i’ll send your food in room so I came back in my room my sister was still talking on phone so when I came back she said to her friend okay bye I’ll call you tomorrow and will send you some pictures. She gave me my phone and i went to washroom….

I’ll continue in next part how i got opportunity to take step ahead.

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