Mistress Isabella introduces a woman to collared pleasure

Greetings perverts.

As with most things that I write this series takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.

This story features heavy themes of submissive and dominant behavior, along with voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, orgasm denial, leash and collar play, and more.

If any of that is not your cup of tea, please take a look at some of my other stories and keep checking back because there are lots of other things I’m preparing to submit in other genre’s.

The sexual feelings around submitting to a partner and dominating a partner are very personal to me, but they are kinks I enjoy and indulge in only within narrow parameters.

I am far from an expert on BDSM, nor is this story meant to be a definitive exploration of that lifestyle. As with most sexual kinks, your personal mileage may vary depending upon your partner and the desires you both share.

This is meant to be reflexive of some of my feelings and experiences, and of my own personal approach to submitting to a partner and dominating a partner. Some readers may find this intense. Others may find it fairly vanilla.

Regardless of where you fall, if you’re interested and want to indulge in any of the kinks explored here, please do so only after lots of communication with your partner.

Two characters here.

Gabby: Nineteen years old at the beginning of the story, and this first chapter marks the very beginning of her journey into transforming into Mistress Gabriella.

Izzy: The mother of one of Gabby’s friends, who senses sexual needs within Gabby that even Gabby is unaware of. She has another life as Mistress Isabella.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading about some of the things that arouse me in my fantasy life.



Cindy and I had been best friends forever.

We shared a birthday and started each school year by throwing a party together to celebrate.

Since neither of us had dates to our senior year fall formal last October we’d gone together, and somehow, we’d ended up paired up for our entire senior year.

No romance, no hand holding, no sentimental proclamations of love, just two friends of the same sex hanging out.

And it worked out just fine.

She was shy around guys and wanted to concentrate on her grades, and she didn’t mind having a friend to laugh with at all the formal senior year functions.

And my romantic and sexual interests were definitely too complicated for my social circle, so I embraced the idea of being able to hang out with a good friend who made me laugh instead of chasing a steady romantic partner.

I was primarily attracted to women but that wasn’t really a problem. Even in my rather conservative suburb there were several homosexual couples. My problem was that my sexual fantasies were more unusual than most.

The experiences I craved were a bit less mainstream than the handholding, make-out session, groping, stroking, and quick orgasms that most of my peers hungered for.

Because of those urges, I didn’t really have any experience. With either gender. Even though I was primarily attracted to women, I was certainly curious about cock as a sexual experience, even if I suspected that I’d prefer women for romance.

I had accepted that I was one of those people burdened to be a ‘late bloomer’ due to the awkwardness of trying to find people who would understand my unusual needs and be able to help me explore them.

Even my masturbatory fantasies were largely unexplored, because I could never make myself orgasm.

I could certainly get aroused, and I knew where everything was and what was needed to climax, but I could never figure out how to get over that line that separated physical arousal from physical release.

So I fantasized a lot, and spent lots of time sexually frustrated, recognizing that there was a complicated need buried within me that I couldn’t even explain to myself.

Not even Cindy, my best friend on the planet, knew about my feelings or needs.

She just assumed that my focus was on school, like hers was. We’d been friends since we were little kids, so spending time with her socially was a natural fit, that no one really questioned.

The only issue in my life was Cindy’s mother, Isabella Foster. Her parents had been divorced for years, and her father was remarried and lived in California. The issue started during Christmas break of our senior year.

I’d started working at the movie theater at the start of the school year when I turned eighteen, and after work one night I went by Cindy’s house after a closing shift to pick up my phone charger.

It was after midnight, but she’d promised to leave it on the front porch for me.

But when I drove up to the house, I saw Mrs. Foster on the front porch with the girls swimming coach. I’d just kept driving and pretended not to have seen them.

But I had not only seen them, I had also seen what they were doing.

Mrs. Foster was standing behind the other woman and had a fistful of her hair and jerked her head back just as I pulled to the curb. And then she kissed her, while pushing her other hand down into her pants.

But it wasn’t just a kiss. It was aggressive and hungry, with her hand wrapped tightly in the other woman’s hair while her other hand explored her body, and it did something primal to me.

I drove home soaking wet, with the image seared into my mind, where it would stay for months.

After that I couldn’t hang out at their house without feeling awkward around her.

Without wanting to stare at her.

Without wanting her to kiss me.

Without wanting her to make me kiss her.

Without wanting her to handle me.

All she had to do was walk into the room and my panties would be drenched.

I thought about her all the time, and no matter how much I tried to ignore my feelings for her, they seemed to get stronger over time instead of fading.

And my fantasies about her became intensely specific.

I would daydream about her catching me naked in her house and taking me in her arms and holding me. I spent weeks thinking of that scenario, lying awake for hours wondering how it would feel.

And then one night while I lay in bed thinking about how I could possibly make it happen for real, I was hit with the realization that most people would be angry to find someone nude and uninvited in their house.

And thinking of her angry with me while I stood in front of her naked made me so hot that I could hardly catch my breath, and so wet that my arousal leaked through my pajama bottoms and all over my sheets.

The crush I developed on her made me do stupid things, and once, in a fit of clumsiness I spilled the contents of my backpack in front of her.

She’d bent down to help me pick them up, and at the same time we realized she’d picked up a paperback book called ‘Lesbian Licker’ that had been in my bag. She hadn’t said a word, quickly pushing it in my bag with the rest of my stuff.

But she’d made eye contact with me and in that moment, I felt both relief and fear.

The look in her eyes told me that she knew exactly what I wanted, what I fantasized about, and what I needed. It was like she knew all my secrets and found them amusing and interesting.

I wasn’t sure why I was so certain about her reaction, but I was.

And I was relieved.

But I was also afraid. The look in her eyes had been challenging. Almost as if she was daring me to admit things to myself that I was afraid to even think about.

I worried that she would think poorly of me for hiding from the very things I needed so badly.

But still, even if she never said anything, it was nice to think that someone else understood the strange things that aroused me.

Lesbian Licker was an erotic paperback novel, and while it did arouse me, it was poorly written, and the story wasn’t very interesting. But it did give me one idea.

One of the characters in the story loved having her nipples pinched.

I began to experiment with that and discovered that if I read erotica while having a clothespin pinched tight on one of my nipples, I could get so deliciously wet and horny that I would almost get dizzy.

These things, coupled with the fact that Mrs. Foster seemed to be able to sense them within me, made me both embarrassed to be around her and want to be around her even more.

In August, shortly after we both turned nineteen, Cindy moved out to California to live with her dad and attend college. I missed her intensely of course.

But I think I missed seeing Isabella even more. I was working at the movie theater and saving for school, and my social life had come to a halt since all my friends had left for college.

Cindy and I still texted, and video chatted all the time.

I’d lost my reason to spend time at her house though, and I hadn’t seen her mother in nearly two months.

But during that time, I’d found myself alone in bed late at night with drenched panties, just from imagining how her lips would feel against mine.

I resisted the urge to touch myself, as I had for so long, knowing that instead of an orgasm it would lead to physical frustration. So I lay there in the dark with a thudding heart, wondering about myself.

And wondering about Isabella Foster.

I wanted so badly to go over to Cindy’s house and see her, but always told myself I would look foolish just stopping by for no reason.

Which is why I was so happy to find Cindy’s phone charger behind the couch in our family room. When I picked it up, I realized I was holding a reason to go to her house. And a reason to talk to her mom.

It wasn’t a good reason of course, since she’d long since replaced the charger before we even graduated.

But it technically belonged to her and even though she wasn’t even living in the state anymore, I figured it should be returned to her house.

But as I stood on the front porch and knocked on her door just after ten on a Saturday morning, I suddenly realized exactly how lame my reason for being there was. My stomach was filled with butterflies when Mrs. Foster answered the door.

“Gabriella!” she said with a wide smile, pushing open the screen door. “What brings you by?”

“I found this under our couch and decided that it made more sense for you to have it than me.” I said, holding up the charger.

“The infamous charger she was looking for.” She laughed. “I think she’s still convinced that I hid it from her.”

“Well now you can exonerate yourself.” I told her. “Or save it for an I-told-you-so down the line somewhere.”

“Always good to have one of those in the bank.” She laughed. “Come on in as long as you’re here. I haven’t seen you in forever.”

I followed her into the cool house, and she led me into the kitchen.

“Want some coffee?” she asked. “Or a bottle of water?”

“Water would be great.” I said. “I have to be at work later this afternoon.”

“Good.” She declared. “You’ll have time to stay and visit for a while?”

“I’d like that.” I said.

She handed me a bottle and gestured towards their back porch.

I’ve always liked their back porch. It was screened in and had a great view of the lake, and most of all it was quiet and peaceful and there were no nearby neighbors.

“How have you been?” I asked her. “I haven’t really seen you since Cindy left.”

I followed her out to the porch, and she sat in a wicker chair and I sat on the two-person glider, both of us facing out towards the lake.

“I’ve been keeping busy as best I can.” She said. “The house has been terribly quiet without the two of you around. It’s almost like you both left town.”

“I’m sorry about that.” I said. “I’ve thought about stopping by, but I didn’t want you to think I was being clingy or weird.”

“I’ve missed you.” She said. “You’re welcome here anytime. I mean it. Feel free to stop by to be weird. Or to cling.”

The word ‘cling’ hung in the air for a moment, and I had a feeling that something had happened that I hadn’t quite caught.

“I guess I’ll have to stop by more often then.” I said. “I’ve missed you too Mrs. Foster.”

“How is your father?” she asked softly. “And call me Izzy. We know things about each other that no one else knows. No need to be formal.”

“Okay…..Izzy.” I said. “My father is fine. He’s adjusting to being single. He’s working a lot of hours. He’s not handling life as well as you do.”

“I’m not an expert on handling life.” She smiled. “I just know things about people.”

“You do?” I asked.

“I do.” She said with a grin. “It comes with being a mother. And it also comes with being sort of tuned in to people’s, well, let’s say frequencies.”

“Frequencies?” I asked her.

It was getting gray outside, and we were sitting in a cool breeze as the sky began to clous up. We continued to speak to each other, while facing towards the lake.

“It’s not foolproof.” She said. “It took me a long time to figure you out. But then one afternoon you suddenly made sense to me.”

“I did?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said. “I think I can make some pretty good guesses about you Gabriella.”

“Guesses?” I asked. “Or do you actually know something?”

I felt hot and unsettled, as if I might start crying at any moment, and I didn’t understand why.

“I don’t know for sure.” She said. “But I suspect very much that you are a lot like me.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever spent time with someone who’s a lot like me.” I said. “At least not in the way we’re talking about.”

“Gabriella.” She said softly. “I know that you’re attracted to girls. Believe me I really do understand that. You saw me on the porch that night. I think you and I want the same things. In the same ways. For some of the same reasons.”

I nodded my head while staring at the lake, afraid to look at her. I suddenly felt tears burn in my eyes and that angered me. I wanted her to think of me as a woman, instead of as an inexperienced and scared nineteen-year-old girl.

“What do you think I want?” I asked softly.

I drank the last of my water, trying to clear the sudden quiver out of my voice.

“I think it’s more about what you need.” She said. “I think need and want are the same for you. And I think you need things that so far, you’ve only imagined. And some things you haven’t even dared to imagine.”

I looked over at her across the porch, my throat dry and my palms sweaty.

“Do you know what those things are?” I asked softly.

“I do.” She said. “I know what they are, and I know how much you lust after them. Believe me girl, I know.”

“Do you know where I can find them?” I asked her.

She got up and moved next to me, sitting down with barely an inch left between us.

“Yes.” She said. “If you want to seek them out.”

I looked at her, and as rain started to gently hit the roof of the porch, I couldn’t be entirely sure, but her eyes seemed to be daring me to ask the next question.

“I do want them.” I said softly. “Where do I look?”

“Do you trust me?” she asked.

My head was spinning.

I had spent lots of time with her over the years. But always as the mother of one of my friends. As I’d gotten older, we’d gotten friendlier of course, but she’d always been ‘Mrs. Foster’ to me.

Now suddenly she was Izzy. A real person who was boldly challenging me to do something that both frightened and intrigued me.

I was suddenly struck with the certainty that if I took a chance, I’d discover what she was offering, and could decide if I wanted it then.

I was equally certain that if I turned away from this opportunity, I would regret it every day until I died.

“I do.” I said quietly. “I trust you. Izzy.”

“Completely?” she asked me.

“Yes.” I said, though I wasn’t entirely sure.

She stared at me, from inches away, as if considering what I’d said.

“What I’m offering you is a chance to experience pleasure Gabriella.” She said.

As if for emphasis there was a loud rumble of thunder in the distance.

“And not just ordinary pleasure.” She continued. “Romantic pleasure. Emotional pleasure. And sexual. A complete and total sexual pleasure, along with sexual power and energy that will change your life. Forever. Are you ready for that?”

I nodded my head.

“Answer me, Gabriella.” She whispered. “If you’re really ready, you need to say it. Out loud.”

“I’m ready.” I said.

“I’m not talking about orgasms. Or dating. Or sex. Or even romance.” She said. “I’m offering you something that is absolute and powerful. A sexual life beyond your fantasies. Beyond what you know.”

“Yes.” I said, even more sure with each word she spoke. “I want that. I need that.”

“Then we will begin.” She said. “Right now this morning. But two things first.”

“Okay.” I said, nodding my head.

I couldn’t believe that a half an hour ago I was returning a phone charger and hoping to spend ten minutes making small talk.

My hands were shaking, and my heart was thumping in my chest like I had just run ten miles. What was I getting into? What was I agreeing to?

“First,” she said, “take off your panties so we can trade.”

“What?” I asked softly.

“Do you want to take this step with me or not Gabriella?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said. “I do.”

“Then commit to it. Not just with words. Commit to what we’re going to do together with all of yourself.” She said. “Are you aroused right now? Are you wet?”

How did she know?

“I am.” I admitted, my voice trembling

“Then commit that arousal to me. It’s mine. Take off your panties and give them to me.” She told me.

I stood up, embarrassed and unsure, feeling her eyes upon me.

I unbuttoned my pants, and kicked my shoes off, before pushing my pants down over my hips, and then sliding them down my thighs.

She reached out and touched my hip, her fingers sliding along my lacy pink panties.

“Those are sexy and sort of slutty.” She said. “Are you dressed for work already Gabriella?”

“Yes I am.” I said, my voice shaking.

“You dressed early because you were hoping to spend some time with me?” she asked.

“Yes.” I said softly. “I was.”

“Do you always wear such slutty panties, Gabriella?” she asked.

“Sometimes.” I admitted, stepping out of my pants. “I like the way it feels to dress like that. Even if it’s under my clothes where no one can see.”

“Take them off.” She said.

I hooked my thumbs in them and slid them off, and then I stood in front of her, still wearing my t-shirt, but nude from the waist down.

She stood up and pushed her yoga pants down, taking her panties along with them, and stepped out of them.

We were both standing facing each other on her back porch, both of us wearing our shirts, but naked from the waist down.

“Give me your panties.” She said.

I held them out to her, and she took them, bringing them to her face.

She inhaled softly, and then quickly held my panties in front of her and stepped into them.

“You smell delicious.” She said. “And I can feel how wet you are.”

My body felt like it was vibrating all over, and I had never felt the way I did at that moment.

“Pick up my panties and put them on.” She told me.

She had laid her pants on the loveseat, and I reached over and picked them up, pulling her panties out of them before holding them in front of me and stepping into them. As I pulled them up, I realized that they were as wet as mine had been.

They were a pale blue, made of a simple soft cotton, and incredibly comfortable.

At the moment they were the single most erotic thing I’d ever felt or imagined.

“Now your arousal is mine.” She told me. “Your arousal from before we began our journey together belongs to me, and all of your arousal from now on will leak into my panties. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Good.” She said. “Because from this morning on, you will wear only panties that belong to me and that I give you. Agreed?”

“Yes.” I said nodding. “Agreed.”

“That brings me to the second thing.” She said. “Do you know where my bedroom is?”

“I do.” I answered.

I’d been upstairs into Cindy’s room almost as often as I’d been in and out of my own room growing up. But I’d rarely been on the other side of the upstairs of this house where Isabella’s bedroom was.

“Go to my bedroom and go into the top drawer of my dresser. The one with the lamp on top of it. There’s a red bag in that drawer.” She said. “Bring it to me. Right now.”

Without a word I turned and went into the house. She had told me to go with such authority that I’d have gone even if I didn’t want to. I walked through the dining room and up the stairs in my bare feet, and down the hall to her bedroom.

There was a soft light coming from the lamp on the dresser, and in the top drawer I found the small bag she had told me to get. I picked it up and realized that I’d never been in her room alone before. She and Cindy had always been with me.

I wanted to take a moment and look around, but I sensed that would be a violation of what she’d asked me to do. Holding the small bag in my hands I headed back downstairs.

I realized that I was dressed from the waist up and wearing only her panties below my shirt. It felt equally silly and sexual.

I went out onto the porch, and she was wearing her yoga pants again, perched on the loveseat.

“Here.” She said, handing me a cold bottle of water. “I want you to drink this.”

“Okay.” I said, taking it from her, and handing her the little red bag.

“Drink.” She said.

I undid the top of the water and took a drink. I started to set it down on the table next to the loveseat and she shook her head.

“All of it.” She said. “You’ll need it.”

“Okay.” I said, confused.

She stood up and took something out of the bag.

“This is for you.” She said.

She held it out towards me, and I saw that it was a collar. It was small and black, and looked stylish, except for the shiny silver hook woven into it.

“Is it a collar?” I asked. “A dog collar?”

“It is a collar.” She answered. “It’s not a dog collar. It’s a Gabriella collar. Do you trust me?”

I hesitated. I hadn’t anticipated this. What was she planning exactly?

“Do you want me to wear it?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said. “Whenever you are here with me. You will put this on when you want, but you will only take it off when I want. It will be an important part of what we share together.”

She reached out and snapped it around my neck. It fit snug but wasn’t uncomfortably tight.

“Drink.” She told me.

I lifted the bottle and drank more water, gulping to finish it all, feeling the snug collar around my throat.

It had suddenly become important to me to please her.

“Good girl.” She told me.

I smiled uncontrollably, surprising myself at how pleased her compliment made me.

“Finish it.” She said, watching me tip the bottle to drink the last of it.

“All done.” I said smiling.

I reached over to set the bottle down, but she put her hand up.

“No!” she snapped. “Not yet. Whenever you are in my presence and collared, you will only do what I tell you to do. I will be in charge, and I will tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Understood?”

“Okay.” I said. “I understand.”

“Very good.” She said. “But that’s the other thing girl. When you are collared, you will address me by my name when speaking to me or answering me. Is that understood?”

“Yes Izzy.” I said.

“No. My name when you are collared will be Mistress Isabella. Or Mistress. Those are the ways you will address me girl. Never by Izzy. Do you understand?” she asked me.

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I replied.

“Good.” She smiled. “And I will address you as ‘girl’. At least for right now. In time as we progress, I will call you other things. Do you approve of this arrangement girl?”

“Yes.” I said.

She stepped closer to me and put her lips close to my ear, while taking a rough fistful of my hair in her hand.

“Yes what girl?” she hissed.

“Yes, Mistress Isabella.” I said quickly.

She let go of my hair and reached out to stroke my cheek gently.

“Excellent.” She said. “You may pick up your pants and shoes and carry them into the house now.”

I bent over and picked up my pants and shoes and turned and went into the house.

“Put your empty bottle by the sink.” She told me. “And put the clothes on the chair in the living room.”

I put the bottle next to the sink and turned towards the living room.

“Girl?” she asked.

I turned towards her, and she stared at me, with one fist on her hip. She raised an eyebrow and maintained eye contact with me.

“Yes Mistress Isabella?” I asked.

“When I tell you to do something you need to acknowledge me.” She said. “Otherwise, I might have to do something to make sure I have your attention. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said. “I’ll try to do better.”

She smiled warmly.

“You will learn girl.” She said. “You and I are going to get along just fine.”

I went into the living room and put my pants on the chair, and laid my shoes carefully on the floor, and then went back into the kitchen.

“What did I tell you to do next girl?” she asked.

“You didn’t tell me to do anything next Mistress Isabella.” I said.

“Then you should have asked.” she told me. “Or waited for me to tell you, instead of assuming I wanted you back in here. When you are collared, I am in charge. When you are collared, you are not in charge. Do you agree?”

“Yes Mistress Isabella?” I said, unintentionally replying as if I was asking rather than telling.

“Not as a question girl!” she snapped. “Say it like you mean it if you are committed to this!”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said. “I mean it Mistress Isabella. I want this Mistress Isabella.”

“Very good.” She said. “I want to push you a bit this morning. That way we can both make sure that you are ready for this.”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said.

She smiled and came over to me, reaching up to take the collar off. She once again placed her fingers lovingly against my cheek.

“Gabriella, you can take this collar off anytime you want, and this will all stop.” She whispered. “This isn’t because I want to make you feel bad. This is because I know that this will all make you feel so amazing and alive that you won’t regret it.”

“I think I really like it.” I said softly. “But is a little weird.”

“It’s a lot weird.” She whispered, winking at me. “But that’s one of the things that will make our time together so fucking kinky and delicious, okay?”

I nodded and grinned at her.

For reasons I couldn’t explain I trusted her completely.

She reached back up and snapped the collar around my neck and took a step back.

If she was even a little uncomfortable with the fact that I was standing in front of her wearing her panties she didn’t show it.

She kept looking at me, and the silence stretched for several seconds before I realized she was waiting on me to speak.

“What should I do next Mistress?” I asked.

“Go upstairs.” She said. “Go stand at the foot of my bed.”

I turned away from her and went towards the stairs.

Suddenly she grabbed a fistful of my hair, pulling roughly and nearly causing me to lose my balance.

“Remember what I said about acknowledging me girl?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress Isabella.” I answered.

“Because if you don’t acknowledge me, I will be forced to get your attention.” She said. “You understand that do you not?”

“Yes, Mistress Isabella.” I said.

I was still facing the stairs and suddenly felt her hand smack my ass so hard that I took an involuntary step forward and grabbed a dining room chair to steady myself.

The smack had rocked my whole body, and the flesh of my ass felt painfully hot where she had struck it, and I flushed, stunned at how my body had reacted with arousal to the sudden and sharp burst of hot pain.

“Now you will go upstairs girl.” She said softly.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

I headed for the stairs, breathing hard and wishing my heart would thump quieter. When I got to her room I went to the foot of her bed and stood still, waiting for her.

After what felt like several minutes she appeared beside me, completely naked and holding my panties in one hand, and a leather leash and a tube of lipstick in the other.

“Take your top off girl.” She told me. “And your bra.”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said.

I pulled my top and bra off at the same time.

“Drop them on the floor without speaking.” She said.

I dropped them. She reached up and snapped the leash to my collar, and then handed me my panties.

“Take my panties off girl.” She said. “And put these back on.”

“Yes, Mistress Isabella.” I said.

I slipped off the panties she’d given me earlier and pulled my own back on. I stood up straight, holding the panties I’d just taken off.

“You may put those panties on the edge of the bed girl.” She said.

“Yes Mistress.” I replied, setting the panties down.

She took the top off the lipstick and used it to write above my breasts.


“Mistresses Little Voyeur.” She said. “That’s what you are this morning girl.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

Still holding the leash, she went to her nightstand and opened the drawer. She took out a large purple vibrator and climbed onto the bed.

“Stand up straight, girl.” She said. “Right there at the foot of my bed.”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said.

I moved closer to the bed, letting the mattress touch against my knees. She slid towards me on her back and spread her legs. Her feet were hanging off the foot of the bed, and I was standing in between them.

I looked down at her body and then into her eyes, and my body tensed with lust.

“This will not be just a sexual relationship girl.” She told me. “At least not right away. First it will be about you exploring your power and your control and your deepest desires. Do you understand all that?”

“I’m honestly not sure if I do Mistress.” I said. “But I want to.”

“That’s okay.” She said. She licked her fingers and began to touch one of her nipples. “In time it will make sense. We will make it make sense together, okay?”

“Yes Mistress.” I answered, staring at her nipple as it stiffened from her touch.

“Even though this won’t be a sexual relationship right away, both of us will enjoy it sexually, I promise.” She said. “Both my needs and your needs will be explored on this journey. We’ll both learn. And we’ll both teach.”

“I think that sounds amazing Mistress.” I said softly, staring as she began to pinch her other nipple.

“So right now, the first thing I want to show you is how a body looks as it experiences arousal and orgasm.” She said. “Our conversation this morning has made me incredibly horny, and I don’t want to orgasm alone. Will you watch me girl?”

“Yes Mistress I will.” I said, unable to keep the tremor out of my voice.

“You may watch only.” She said. “If you get aroused you can pick up my panties from the foot of the bed and hold them, so I know that you are experiencing desire. But you may not touch yourself. You’re watching, not participating. Understood?”

“Understood Mistress.” I said.

“And while you’re watching I’m going to hold your leash.” She said, tugging it. “Because it turns me on to be connected to you, and in control of you.”

“It turns me on too Mistress.” I said.

She licked her fingers again and moved them back to her nipple.

“Don’t talk unless I specifically tell you to.” She said. “Even if I ask a question, you just nod your head or shake your head to answer. Okay?”

I nodded, watching her lick her fingers again and then using them to pinch her nipple so hard she actually made herself flinch.

“And if you touch me without me telling you to do so I will discipline you severely.” She said. “Are we clear?”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said.

She yanked the leash hard, and I almost fell forward onto the bed before catching myself and staying on my feet.

“I just fucking told you that you were not to speak unless I told you that you could.” She said harshly. “You fucking nod silently girl. Right?”

I nodded my head up and down, straightening up.

“Do you understand that if you touch me without my express permission, I will be forced to discipline you?” she asked.

I nodded again, my eyes locked on hers.

She had started using her index finger to trace along areola, not quite touching her nipple.

“I always start like this.” She murmured. “My breasts always get sensitive when I’m horny, and they like a lot of attention.”

She took the leash and wrapped it around her ankle, and then held the handle out to me.

“Take this girl.” She told me.

I reached out and took it in my hand.

“Now we’re still connected, and I can use both hands.” She sighed.

I watched as she put her fingers on both nipples, slowly massaging them in circles. Occasionally she would cup one of her breasts and spit on it, using her fingers to massage the wetness in.

“I’m so fucking wet.” She said softly.

I glanced between her legs, and the slit beneath her sparse landing strip looked shiny and swollen.

“The longer I tease, the harder and quicker I cum once I really start.” She whispered.

She kept playing with her breasts, the nipples stiff and dark brown, standing out from the pale flesh of her chest. I longed to reach down and feel one of them, to take the sexy heat in my hand and feel the nipple.

But I didn’t dare move.

Instead, I stood and stared, holding the handle of the leash that was wrapped around her ankle, and then connected back to my collar.

I felt my body tingle and respond to the erotic show happening just two feet in front of me.

“I feel so good.” She panted. “So wet and ready.”

I almost asked if I could help or touch, but I suppressed the urge and kept quiet.

One of her hands trailed down her stomach, and I held my breath in aroused anticipation as her finger touched the top of her thin line of pubic hair and began to slowly trail down over it.

I could almost feel her touch on my own soft thatch of hair, and I was aware that the crotch of my panties was wet against my inner thighs.

I’d never been this wet.

Her finger continued to push down, and with a sudden deep sigh she pushed it against her clit.

Her lips parted down there, and I could see strings of her cunt juice stretch across her opening, and her finger pulled at her clitoral hood and the stiff button came into view, shiny with arousal.

“It aches it’s so hard.” She moaned.

She put a finger on either side of her stiff clitoris and moved them up and down without touching it, letting the back-and-forth motion create indirect stimulation.

She took in several long and ragged breaths, her eyes glossed over as she stared in my direction, her face looking beautiful in the soft light as the agonizing pleasure slowly pulsed through her.

“Oh fuck yes.” She moaned. “It feels so good. So fucking dirty.”

I nodded even though I didn’t think she could see me. It was taking every bit of my self-control to not touch her or myself.

I wanted to crawl onto the bed and taste and touch her slippery folds almost as badly as I wanted to push my fingers into my sopping panties and touch my own.

Earlier tonight kissing Izzy Foster would have been the culmination of months of fantasy, and one that I didn’t think would ever really happen.

Now I was standing at the foot of her bed watching her slide her fingers up and down on either side of her delicious looking clitoris.

The speed at which our relationship had changed was dizzying, but instead of wondering how it had happened, I chose to focus on what was right in front of me.

I concentrated on breathing and moving my eyes from watching her beautiful face as it contorted with the pleasure pulsing through her, to letting them roam up and down her body, taking in how erotic and sensual and pretty and sexy she looked.

She took her fingers that had been splayed around her clit and pushed them down to her opening, pulling her lips open and letting her middle finger from her other hand begin to gently touch around her hole.

“Yessssssssssssss.” She moaned. “Soooooo goooooooood.”

She kept this up for several long minutes, making me wonder if my inability to ever orgasm simply came from impatience.

She’d been on her bed for over twenty minutes now, and she seemed to genuinely love the slow agony that her body was feeling.

I was torn between wanting to see her make herself orgasm and wanting the buildup to that orgasm to last forever.

After several more minutes, she reached to her side and picked up the vibrator. It was purple and shaped like an erect penis, with a white handle.

She brought the toy to her mouth and licked the head, swirling her tongue around the rubber tip while staring at me.

I realized I was breathing through my mouth and that my tongue was moving back and forth against my teeth and the inside of my lips in rhythm with her tongue working against the tip of the toy.

She suddenly plunged the first four inches of the toy into her mouth and closed her eyes, moaning and sucking, and I almost cried out at how fucking erotic she looked while she sucked on that rubber cock.

When she pulled it from her mouth a string of spit stretched briefly from it to her lower lip before breaking and landing on her chin.

More than anything I wanted to lunge forward and taste it.

She trailed the wet tip of the toy along her body, down over her chest and belly until it reached the bottom of her pubic hair, and she pressed the tip against her clit, using her thumb to touch a button that made it emit a low humming sound.

“Oh, gawd I could go just from that.” She said so softly that I wondered if she was telling me or talking to herself.

She moved the tip of the toy in a small circle, her hips grinding up and down slowly as the toy buzzed against her clitoris.

As I watched I knew that I had to find a way to buy a vibrator and find a place and time to use it. Standing at the foot of Mistress Isabella’s bed I’d have given five years of my life to feel what she was feeling.

She brought her fingers to her mouth again and licked them, before using those fingers to part her cunt lips as she pushed the still buzzing toy against her opening. Her eyes opened wide and stared at me as she took in another deep breath.

She then pushed the toy against her hole, and it slowly slid up into her, as she let out a low moan, while her legs tensed and flexed.

“So good up in me.” She said softly, her hips rocking on the bed.

I took in a deep breath and briefly closed my eyes, savoring the smell of her hot cunt, letting it propel the arousal already coursing through my body to an even higher level of needful intensity.

“It feels so fucking good girl.” She grunted.

Looking into her eyes I picked up her panties and held them so she could see.

“Are you turned on girl?” she asked me.

I nodded my head, watching her bite her lip as a wave of pleasure swept through her.

“You may answer me girl.” She said. “Tell me what you’re feeling.”

“You’re so pretty Mistress Isabella.” I said. “Watching you has me so, it has me so…so….so fucking wet.”

“Girl, did you mean to use that filthy word in front of your Mistress?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress.” I answered her. “I don’t know how else to describe it.”

“Good.” She said. “I want my girl to have a filthy fucking mouth.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said again.

“Take my panties and wipe your cunt girl.” She told me.

I did what she said, pushing her panties inside of my own, and dragging the soft cotton along my slick pussy lips.

“Give them to me.” She grunted, holding out one hand while the other kept the softly buzzing toy pressed up into her slit.

I handed them to her, and she pulled them to her face and inhaled deeply.

“You smell so deliciously horny.” She whispered. “I love your scent girl.”

She snaked her tongue out and licked at the fabric, and I felt a jolt inside me as if someone had shocked me.

“You taste so fucking depraved.” She whispered. “I love to taste depraved cunt. If you deserve it sometime soon, I am going to taste your slutty hole.”

“Oh please yes Mistress.” I whispered.

“Pinch your nipples girl.” She said. “Stretch the leash a bit and bite down on it, and then wrap it around your neck and let go of it so both of your hands are free.”

I bit down on it, and then pulled it around my neck and let the handle rest just above my breast.

The tension inside the handle pulled the silky fabric tight as it stretched around my neck and to my mouth, down to her ankle, and then back to my collar.

I’d never in my life thought about being restrained in a sexual way, and now the feeling of the leash pulled tight as it connected my collar to her body and then back to my mouth was making my cunt hole drip with throbbing need.

“Pinch your nipples girl.” She repeated breathlessly. “Hard. Don’t squeeze or rub or massage them. I just want to see you make your ladies ache while my control erodes.”

I moved my fingers to my own breasts, taking my nipples between my index fingers and thumbs and pinching, staring intently while she pushed the vibrator as far into her hole as she could, before pressing one of the buttons, which caused it to start humming a little faster.

Her facial expression didn’t change, but her eyes seemed to glaze over as I felt the increased tension in my belly as hot sparks fired off inside my chest, and felt the bed vibrate a bit faster as I pressed my legs against it.

She lay like that, almost perfectly still with her legs spread apart, one hand holding the toy pressed as deeply into her as she could, while the other lay at her side.

She stared up at me, occasionally closing her eyes for several seconds before opening them again. I held my nipples firmly, the pain almost as intense as the pleasure.

I got the sense that she wasn’t really seeing me, as much as she was looking at some fantasy that was playing out inside of her mind as her body held still, hovering on the brink of expanding pressure.

“It feels so good girl.” She groaned. “It’s getting closer.”

I just nodded, unsure if she wanted me to speak, and not sure that I could if she wanted me to.

She closed her eyes and shuddered, otherwise remaining still as she made a long and erotic whimpering noise.

I kept staring, yearning to know exactly what she was feeling, sure that my imagination couldn’t even begin to compare the physical pleasure that was pushing back and forth within her.

For several more minutes she kept at it, being almost perfect still except for her breathing and the occasional tensing of her leg and arm muscles.

At last, she pulled the vibrator halfway out of her hole before pushing it back in, fucking herself with it a half a dozen times before pulling it all the way out and turning it off.

“I need a break.” She panted. “I want to feel how close it is for a few minutes. Take your hands away from your nipples girl.”

I nodded at her, as if I understood what she was feeling.

“Do you like watching me girl?” she asked.

I nodded, trying to maintain eye contact while my eyes kept drifting down to look at the swollen slit between her legs. She pushed two fingers into her cleft and then brought them to her lips, tasting her own wetness.

My eyes followed her fingers back to her mouth and I discovered that she was peering at me intently.

“My eyes are up here girl.” She said. “Do you like looking at me body?”

I nodded my head.

“Take the leash out of your mouth and use your words girl.” She said. “How much do you like watching me?”

“A lot Mistress.” I said. “Watching you is the best fucking thing I’ve ever seen.”

I held the leash away from my face, feeling it tug around my neck. I wasn’t sure if I should untangle it or leave it where it was.

“There’s that filthy word again.” She said. “Do you always talk like a filthy fucking whore?”

“Sometimes I do Mistress.” I admitted. “But not always.”

“Filthy fucking sluts talk like that all the time girl.” She said. “Are you going to let me turn you into a filthy fucking slut?”

“Mistress I’m going let you do anything to me you want.” I said. “You can turn me into anything you want or need to turn me into Mistress.”

She smiled at me and crooked a finger at me.

“Untangle that leash and come up here girl.” She said.

As I unwrapped the leash from around my neck, she held her hand out and pointed at her ankle. I unwrapped the leash from her ankle as well, and then placed the handle of it into her hand.

“Get up here girl.” She said firmly, tugging the leash.

I put my hands on the bed, and crawled up towards the headboard on all fours, while she kept the leash taut and slid back up toward the head of the bed.

“You’re still here to watch girl.” She told me. “You’re to stay quiet, and only do and touch what I tell you to. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head up and down rapidly, so close to her I could feel the heat of her body.

“If you touch yourself, you will be disciplined.” She told me. “If you make yourself orgasm, I promise you will not enjoy what happens next. Do you understand girl?”

I nodded again.

She was using her index finger to circle her clit, and I felt the bed rock as she moved her hips back and forth. She hooked my collar with the fingers of her other hand and pulled me down to her body.

“Push yourself against my thigh.” She whispered. “I want to feel the heat of your cunt against me girl.”

I put one leg over her knee and then pushed myself against her, her hot thigh feeling good against my cunt.

“You’ve soaked your need right through my panties haven’t you girl?” she whispered, her voice trembling.

I noticed that she was referring to both pair of panties as hers. Somehow, I knew that she hadn’t mixed them up. She now considered the panties I’d been wearing when I knocked on her door to be hers.

Her hips were continuing to move up and down in response to what her fingers were doing, and as badly as I wanted to look, I didn’t want to do anything she didn’t tell me to do.

“Reach under my pillow girl.” She said.

I pushed my hand under her pillow and pulled out a thin chain, with a wide ring in the middle and two clamps on each end.

“Put those on your nipples.” She moaned.

I heard the vibrator begin to buzz again, and I uncoiled the chain and attached the clamps to my nipples. Each one bit into the tender flesh, and hot tears sprung to my eyes as the pain twisted around in my body in a delicious cascade of hot erotic sensation.

She took the chain that was connecting my nipples in her hand, and pulled it up to my collar, where she hooked it through the leash as well.

“Stand girl.” She groaned.

I slid towards the edge of the bed, and she gave the leash a firm tug.

“On the bed girl.” She said. “Stand over me on the bed.”

I got to my feet, careful on the mattress, and stepped over Mistress Isabella, so that I had one foot on either side of her thighs. She was between my legs and I could only see her from the waist up.

Her hips were still moving, and the bed rocked gently with her needful rhythm. Even though I couldn’t see what she was doing with the vibrator I could tell by the look in her eyes that it felt good.

She pulled the leash tight, and I felt it tug at my collar and I felt it pull at the clamps on my nipples.

I felt erotically connected to Mistress Isabella, and the physical sensations in each of my nipples, combined with the look on her face caused me to whimper softly. She either didn’t notice that I’d made noise without her permission, or she understood.

“Pull those slutty panties to the side girl.” She hissed. “Hold them out of the way so I can see that wet slit of yours.”

I suddenly realized how badly I had to pee. I’d needed to go when I came upstairs but had been so distracted by the sensual interaction with Mistress Isabella that I’d ignored my bursting bladder.

“Mistress, I….”

She yanked the leash and pain flashed in each of my nipples and I felt the collar tighten around my neck as I lurched forward, nearly losing my balance.

“I’m in charge girl!” She said. “Do as your Mistress tells you!”

I nodded, straightening back up, and reached down and tugged the fabric of my soaked panties to the side.

The room air felt cool against my wet lips, and I bit my lip to keep from moaning.

“Spread your lips girl.” She hissed. “Hold them apart so Mistress Isabella can see your filthy slut hole!”

I did as she asked, feeling how slippery my lips were, and fighting my impulse to push my fingers inside myself.

She shuddered and began to hump against the bed, staring up at my swollen opening. I felt a spasm move through me, and I clenched my legs in response to the tingling sensation inside me.

“Hold still!” she commanded. “I want to watch your needy hole while I cum.”

I nodded, feeling need throb within me.

“I’m going to cum.” She gasped. “Watch me fucking cum!”

I held my eyes on her face, trying to memorize how beautiful she looked as she fought to stay ahead of whatever was welling up inside of her.

Her eyes were darting back and forth over my body, and I felt oddly proud and aroused, and anxious to see the culmination of her masturbatory build up.

“Are you ready girl?” she asked, with a faraway look in her eyes. “I think I’m going to cum!”

She then sat up, her entire body tensing up as she drew in a deep breath.

“Noooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!” she screamed.

She was lurching on the bed, her hips humping against the mattress as she reached up and wrapped an arm around one of my legs, her entire body vibrating as she tipped over the edge.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” she grunted.

She looked up at me, and I obediently watched her face twist with pleasure as her body was wracked with spasm after spasm of release.

She dug her fingernails into my thigh and pulled at the leash until I had tears in my eyes, my body responding to her hip thrusting back and forth as she moaned and rode through her orgasm.

I felt something tighten in my belly, and I bit my lip to try to stop the sensation, knowing that I’d be unable to keep from crying out if it continued.

She spasmed against me one final time, and then pushed me away, rolling to the other side of the bed and turning her back to me.

I was breathing heavily and trying to process what had just happened. She had obviously had an orgasm, and I suspected my own body had almost done the same while we were clenched together.

Even now I could feel my hole clenched tight, hot and wet and wanting my finger to probe it worse than it had ever needed anything.

I wondered what she had planned next, and if my own body was about to work through the same sort of explosion that I’d just witnessed.

“Did you like that girl?” she asked, her voice steady and startling in the sudden quiet.

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said. “I liked it a lot.”

“How much did you like it girl?” she asked.

“More than anything I’ve ever seen Mistress.” I said.

“Are you ready for more?” she asked me.

“I’m ready for anything you want me to do Mistress.” I said.

“Get off my bed now.” She said, turning to look at me.

I pulled my hands away from my pussy and moved to the edge of the bed and then stepped down onto the carpet, feeling her let go of the leash so it trailed behind me.

I had to pee so badly that I wanted to ask if I could go to the bathroom, but I decided to hold on for a few more minutes.

She got off the bed and came around and stood in front of me.

She gently removed the clamps from my nipples, and then unsnapped them from my leash. She threw them onto the bed, and then stepped back to look at my body, pulling the leash so my collar tightened.

“Are you still wet girl?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress.” I said. “I’m still wet.”

“Did watching me cum arouse you girl?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

She reached out and ran her fingers over my chest, and I tried to stifle a moan as they passed over my nipples. I took a deep breath as her touch caused me to shudder, and I tried to ignore the pressing ache in my bladder.

“You’re leaking through my panties girl.” She said. “Take them off.”

I hooked my thumbs in them and pushed them down to my knees, and then stepped out of them, bending down to pick them up.

She reached out her hand and took them from me, and then wiped them gently along my pussy lips, before holding them out in front of her and stepping into them.

“I’m going to wear your arousal tonight. And I’m going to loan you a clean pair of panties to wear to work girl.” She said softly. “And I want you to keep them on until you get back here tonight. Can you come back here after work?”

“Yes Mistress.” I said. “I’ll come back if you’d like me to.”

“Would you like to come back girl?” she asked me.

“Yes Mistress.” I said. “I want to come back here very much.”

“Then you will wear the panties I loan you until you get here tonight after work.” She told me. “Did you have a good time tonight girl?”

“Yes Mistress.” I said. “May I ask a question?”

“You may.” She said, with a mischievous smile.

“Are we done Mistress Isabella? For now?” I asked.

“Is there more we should do?” she asked.

“I’m really….I’m not sure…I’m really feeling…”I stammered.

“Are you horny girl?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress.” I said.

“Do you need to cum?” she asked.

“Yes please Mistress.” I said softly. “I think so.”

She stepped close and whispered in my ear.

“I want you to wait for tonight.” She said. “We are waiting for your pleasure. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Isabella.” I said. “I understand.”

“That means you won’t cum this afternoon after you leave here. No rubbing your clit in your car. No masturbating at work.” She said. “And tonight you will return here and put me in charge of your orgasm. Understood?”

“Yes I understand Mistress.” I said quietly.

“If you make yourself cum before tonight there will be discipline. Is that clear girl?” she said, her mouth pressed right up against my ear.

“Yes Mistress.” I said again. “It’s very clear.”

“Now girl, is there anything else right now?” she asked.

“Just one thing Mistress.” I said softly.

She stepped back and looked at me.

“I thought there might be girl.” She said. “What is it?”

“Are we almost done Mistress?” I asked. “For right now?”

“Why do you need to know?” she asked.

“Mistress, I really need to pee.” I said.

“I know you do girl.” She said. “In fact, I have been counting on that.”

She took a makeup removal towel from a pack on her dresser and approached me, wiping the V off of my chest. She then took the tube of lipstick and wrote PP in its place.

I looked down at my breasts, and back up at her, unsure what MLPP might stand for.

“That’s why Mistresses Little Pee Princess drank all that water earlier.” She said yanking on my leash. “Come with me.”

To Be Cuntinued…


I sincerely thank anyone who read this far. I write that all the fucking time, but I mean it all the fucking time.

If you are interested in trying any of the things in this story with your partner, I urge you to talk to them first. Dialogue can create a compromise where you both explore slowly until you each get to a comfortable place.

Rushing in and surprising them by trying some of these things cannot be undone and will very likely create serious trust issues.

Likewise, I would encourage caution before engaging in any sort of leash or collar play. If you’re not careful serious injury could result.

Regardless of whether you read everything I write or if this is your first time, and regardless of whether you enjoyed it or not, I sincerely hope you’re in the middle of a great day, no matter when you’re reading this.

There is more to come for Mistress Isabella and Gabriella, so stay tuned!


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