A college professor dominating and spanking a coed

My name is Ms Meyers. I am a thirty year old college professor of English Literature. Students have to go through me to graduate which gives me a good opportunity to root out the trouble makers and students worth spending more time with. I am a sexy 5ft. 6in tall brunette with piercing brown eyes, large breasts and shapely legs, which I love to show off to my students. I always wear low neck sweaters or blouses with undercut pushup bras so my breasts are always most revealing. I love to wear short skirts as well to show off my legs which are always adorned in a lacy garter and silk stockings. If roving eyes can catch my athletic legs in a provocative moment one will get a glimpse of my lace garter straps and black nylon clad legs. Sometimes I wear no panties for my female students. I always wear heels that accentuate my legs when I walk.

I am a born lesbian tease who loves to entice my male students to drool over me, not knowing they could never have me. My only ambition with college boys is to dominate them and teach them to respect women. I love seducing my female coeds making them beg to lick my juicy pussy once we are naked together. Sexy young girls plead on their knees to go over my lap for a bare bottom spanking just for a sniff of my wet pussy.

In order to finish my Masters in English a dominant woman professor took me under her wings and taught me the golden rules of BDSM. She turned me into a young dominatrix who loves spanking young college age bare butts till they are nice and red. I like to find willing submissive male and female students each quarter giving them more attention privately at my office or home.

Just recently I took on one of my male students named Mike. Knowing he was attracted to me, and for some reason I liked him to, I decided to seduce him. He has an athletic body and a nice spankable ass. I gave him the surprise of his life in my office by whipping his bare butt with my tawes till he came all over my crotch and legs. After forcing him to taste his own come I took him to the shower dragging him by his erect cock. I gave him a cold shower to cool off his seared red rear end while at the same time I goosed his virgin butt stimulating his prostate gland till he came filling the palm hand with his pent up semen. When I rubbed his come all over his face I confessed to him that I was a lesbian and not in the least bit of interest in fucking his cock. Making him swear on his precious balls that I would cut them off if he ever told a soul my secret I invited him back for some real lessons in English discipline.

Mike is so naturally submissive I am taking him on as a project to train for a bisexual student of mine who has a crush on him. I think I can train and mold both of them to serve me as submissive slaves. Having a feminine nature and Mike’s cute looks, I am going to make an exception to the rules and teach him to eat my pussy and ass. His nice muscled butt cheeks will pay with my whip of course. I am also going to dildo train him so he will prefer to get screwed rather than wear his dick out on coeds.

I invited him back to my office for another “private lecture” after his wild shower and he actually smiled at me. The next day I saw him in class. I noticed Mike was quite uneasy at his desk seat because his bottom was still sore from the tawes. I told him I would give him a few more days to rest but expected him in my office Friday morning at 8am sharp. I smacked him on the butt when no one was looking and he jumped as I hit a welt but Mike only smiled back at me rubbing his sore cheek. I wanted to sit on his sassy face right then and there after I slapped it. I told myself I was going to turn Mike into a pussy and ass eating submissive. Mike will beg for it I promised myself.

Denise was my choice for Mike to serve as her slave. Denise was a beach girl type, 5ft. 4in. tall blond, with a pretty face, long shapely legs, 36C breasts, and a nice spankable ass, that turned out to be submissive herself. Having a good tan I knew she liked the beach and the outdoors. This untrained coed needed me to teach her how to treat a man and not be used like I later found out how her last boyfriend took advantage of her. I hate it when men use woman in this way.

One day I got a knock on my office door and it was Denise crying. I was ecstatically surprised to see her having just fantasized about Denise in class. Wearing cut off jeans and a top with no bra I wanted to be in her panties. I was magically dreaming that she would come to visit me and I could seduce her. I invited her in grabbing her trembling hand pulled to me and gave her a loving hug. I then locked the door behind us smiling to myself that my wet dream may come true. I called my secretary and told her not to bother me until I called her back for my calls.

Denise sat down in tears and began to open up to me confessing she needed someone to talk to. I assured her that I could be her ear and listener and to go ahead and confide in me. Denise was quite lonesome here at college having lived a life of servitude to her step mother sharing a secret lesbian affair. Denise had a boyfriend in High School that just used her and took advantage of her. Denise confessed she was no virgin and had many sexual experiences from her boyfriends’ buddies at wild parties including anal sex. Denise thought that her openness with boys would negate her lesbian experiences with her step mother. Telling me her whole story I sympathized with her allowing her to cry letting out all her pent up emotions.

I sat down next to her and held her tightly as she cried. I opened my blouse and released my breasts from my bra. I pulled her face to my breasts allowing her nose to slip between my bare breasts. She smelled my pheromones mixed with perfume and was already getting excited kissing my breasts. She gently licked her way up my breasts to my neck, kissing my cheeks and then nipping my mouth with her succulent young lips. Our lips met with sparks and we began to kiss softly. I could tell Denise wanted me she was trembling in anticipation. I wet her lips with my tongue and stroked her hair telling her everything was ok. My own body was so turned on I could scream. My heart was beating fast and my face flushed at the thought of taking Denise to bed. I was nastily seducing Denise catching her at a vulnerable moment. I sensed her yearning for a feminine touch and I wanted to give her my body to make love to.

Once she stopped crying I kissed her fully on the lips until she kissed me back accepting my tongue in her mouth. I have a long tongue and I forced it into her so she could suck it like a pacifier. She sucked my tongue so sweetly my clit was tingling wishing her mouth was there instead. Her own tongue caressed my tongue and she sucked on it making my nipples get hard. We kissed for a long time. I lured her tongue from her mouth and sucked on it and she began to moan with pleasure. While we kissed I was able to easily strip her naked. I pulled off her top and massaged her nipples in my fingertips. Sliding off her cut off jeans, I quickly fingered her wet pussy finding it so appetizing I wanted to taste her but knew I had to wait for the right moment. As I massage her breasts my other middle finger slid into her wet hole finding her G-Spot. I stripped down to my waist and allowed her to suck my nipples till she was totally relaxed. There was no resistance to my advances.

I already knew she was looking at me in class with lust in her eyes. As she suckled on me I asked he if she would like something to really cry about and let out all her pent up emotions. Denise stopped sucking my nipple giving me a startled look, enquiring and wondering what I had in mind. I pulled open the desk drawer and showed her my thick black leather tawes. Denise eyes lit up. Instead of resisting she confessed to having been whipped by her step mom in high school and missed the disciplinary attention.

Smiling, I told her that it was time to for her to entrust a new woman to train her in the ways of female domination and submission. But first she would have to serve me and learn the ropes on the receiving end. I told her if she took the spanking well we would continue our kissing and oral pursuit’s right afterwards. I reminded her that spanking was for emotional release and healing old wounds from hurt. Looking Denise in her baby blue eyes I asked her sternly if she would consider submitting to me on a trial basis. Denise threw her arms around me and hugged and kissed me with tears in her eyes. She kissed my ear lobe and whispered that I could have her as I willed. I pulled her face to mine eye to eye and thanked her for her willingness and promised to take good care of her nasty butt immediately. I kissed her hard on the lips stopping by biting her bottom lip till she cried out, good scared then stopped. I told her that her burned butt was going to get her more afraid than a bit lip.

I ordered Denise to lie over my lap I hiked my skirt up and patted my crotch giving her a look at my sweet wet pussy through my see thru silk panties. I knew I was catching her at a real opportune moment and it was turning me on. Denise quickly obeyed laying her submissive body over my nylon clad legs. I helped her by yanking her forward so our pussies almost touched. I like spanking girls because sometimes during a hard spanking they let lose with a stream of pee that hits my clit and gives me an instant orgasm. Denise was humping my lap as if she were already getting spanked. I was sure she was fantasizing about her step moms spankings. I was determined to make her fantasy come true and give her something to fantasize about ME about!

Denise was a little nervous and apprehensive so I decided to turn her on before the spanking. I was able to reach under her with my left hand and grab her crotch pushing my middle finger into her wet pussy and fingering her clit with my thumb. This extra stimulation seemed to make her more relaxed before I whipped her butt red. She began to moan and move her butt upward as if she were begging for my tawes. I was wondering how much experience she had with her step mother appearing so submissive to my lesbian advances. I wanted to whip her butt good for being so docile. I was convinced this girl was experienced but would learn some new tricks from me especially about men.

I told Denise to not only think about my finger in her pussy but to concentrate on each smack of the tawes on her bare butt. I would not go easy and I was going to give her the full brunt of leather on her bare ass cheeks. I warned her not to fight it or wiggle off my lap. I would allow her to cry, scream, curse and whine all she wanted and no amount of begging would make me stop. I promised her this was the first of many sessions and her ass cheeks would become more than familiar to my strict form of discipline. As a reward when I was finished with the tawes I promised Denise she could eat my pussy which seemed to make her beg for the tawes even harder.

I grew so excited about spanking Denise my pussy soaked my panties. I raised my tawes and let to smack her bare cheeks. I watched her round cheeks get crushed under the blow. It seemed to rattle her whole body as she lunged forward under the whack. I smacked her again even harder. Denise ass cheeks squashed under the force of the blow. I was impressed, Denise was so turned on she was busy tweaking her nipples hard for the first few blows until she had to hold on or fall off my lap. I twisted my finger deeper into her pussy and began fingering her clit with each blow. I was amazed how turned on she got to the whipping swaying her ass cheeks side to side with undulations provoked me to strike harder. Denise could take a better whacking than Mike which worried me because I was going to train her to spank him.

Denise began to open up swearing like a trooper which was turning me on. She was hot sweaty and crying real tears. No longer in denial Denise was begging me to stop pleading for my pussy and promising that her long tongue would make me come all over her face. She did not have to promise that I was already close to orgasm before her tongue touched my clit. After thirty blows she began to cry louder screaming for me to stop. They all beg especially with the tawes but that just makes me whip even harder.

I found her G-Spot and she began to moan with each blow as I fingered her hard clit as well. I was amazed at how big her clit was growing. It was a good inch out of its protective hood. My own lips were watering at the thoughts of sucking such a loli pop. I had to concentrating on turning her on so she could orgasm on my lap as she was whipped which is my magic way to get my submissive to lustfully desire more.

I could feel Denise beginning to shake in fear of the painful blows panting like a caged lioness. Her ass cheeks were crimson and full of welts from the hard spanking. Denise lifted her head and I gave her one loud smack that sent her over the top and she began to scream in orgasmic lust. Her mouth was drooling and her eyes had tears of joy as she came all over my lap. Denise actually squirted orgasmic juices from her pussy washing into my own sex. I wanted so much to taste her fluids which I could feel draining into my own crotch.

I gave her a final selfish whack just for myself and told her to get down on her knees immediately and eat my pussy promising her another licking if she failed to please me. Denise dropped to the floor and yanked my soaked panties off my hips and down off my heels. I opened my legs wide and she dove into my hot crotch. I was glad she was experienced with oral pleasures because I needed her tongue more that what she probably thought. I watched her lick her juices up around my pussy cleaning me like a hungry feline lesbian.

Holding the back of her head I guided her tongue up and down my sex as she tongued each side of my labia lips stopping to suck on them and even bite them just as a tease. I was nervous at first at how familiar she got with me, by sticking her middle finger into my asshole while she ate me, but it felt so good. She was frigging my ass in rhythm with her tongues’ undulations and I was in nirvana land. Once she slid her lips over my clit she began to slowly suck with her mouth and lick my clit longer with the tip of her tongue. I could actually feel the suction make my clit grow. I was in love with this learned coed. I already knew I chose the right coed for my experiment.

I wasted no time in coming I was so turned on and filled her mouth with my own splash of fluids which she hungrily swallowed. I came for a full minute till I was too sensitive for her mouth. I forced her off me and gave her a loving French kiss sharing our fluids.

We fell to the floor kissing and fondling each others breasts taking turns sucking each others nipples. I got on top of Denise in the 69 position so we could suck nipples at the same time. Her pussy looked so inviting I sat on her face and bent forward and stuck my tongue in her wet hole. Since she had only G-Spot orgasm I was determined to suck her clit better than she sucked me. I cold feel her tongue lick my asshole which was exactly what I wanted from a submissive girl especially after whipping her butt. I stuck my tongue into her hole and fucked her with it making her moan. Denise was fucking my asshole so well I wanted to spank her again for being so good to me.

I concentrated on sucking and licking Denise big clit like a snake using my tongue like a stinging dart on her naked clit. This made her squirm more than the tawes did on her bare butt. I could feel her excitement build as she tongued my asshole sticking her long tongue a good three inches into my hole. It was making me wish I had my strapon available. We both came at the same time. Denise screaming, shot a squirt of come all over my face. I felt so relaxed after that fantastic anal orgasm I pulled off her face and began peeing all over her face. Denise kept her mouth open catching much of my golden champagne.

Afterwards we just hugged and kissed for a long time not saying a word savoring the moment. We slowly got up and I led her to the shower by the tuff of pussy hair above her sex. In a stream of hot sensual water we took turn washing each other sex with our tongues.

I was sure Denise was more than hooked on me and I on her for sure on her!

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