A college professor dominating and spanking a coed

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My name is Ms Meyers. I am a thirty year old college professor of English Literature. Students have to go through me to graduate which gives me a good opportunity to root out the trouble makers and students worth spending more time with. I am a sexy 5ft. 6in tall brunette with piercing brown eyes, large breasts and shapely legs, which I love to show off to my students. I always wear low neck sweaters or blouses with undercut pushup bras so my breasts are always most revealing. I love to wear short skirts as well to show off my legs which are always adorned in a lacy garter and silk stockings. If roving eyes can catch my athletic legs in a provocative moment one will get a glimpse of my lace garter straps and black nylon clad legs. Sometimes I wear no panties for my female students. I always wear heels that accentuate my legs when I walk.

I am a born lesbian tease who loves to entice my male students to drool over me, not knowing they could never have me. My only ambition with college boys is to dominate them and teach them to respect women. I love seducing my female coeds making them beg to lick my juicy pussy once we are naked together. Sexy young girls plead on their knees to go over my lap for a bare bottom spanking just for a sniff of my wet pussy.

In order to finish my Masters in English a dominant woman professor took me under her wings and taught me the golden rules of BDSM. She turned me into a young dominatrix who loves spanking young college age bare butts till they are nice and red. I like to find willing submissive male and female students each quarter giving them more attention privately at my office or home.

Just recently I took on one of my male students named Mike. Knowing he was attracted to me, and for some reason I liked him to, I decided to seduce him. He has an athletic body and a nice spankable ass. I gave him the surprise of his life in my office by whipping his bare butt with my tawes till he came all over my crotch and legs. After forcing him to taste his own come I took him to the shower dragging him by his erect cock. I gave him a cold shower to cool off his seared red rear end while at the same time I goosed his virgin butt stimulating his prostate gland till he came filling the palm hand with his pent up semen. When I rubbed his come all over his face I confessed to him that I was a lesbian and not in the least bit of interest in fucking his cock. Making him swear on his precious balls that I would cut them off if he ever told a soul my secret I invited him back for some real lessons in English discipline.

Mike is so naturally submissive I am taking him on as a project to train for a bisexual student of mine who has a crush on him. I think I can train and mold both of them to serve me as submissive slaves. Having a feminine nature and Mike’s cute looks, I am going to make an exception to the rules and teach him to eat my pussy and ass. His nice muscled butt cheeks will pay with my whip of course. I am also going to dildo train him so he will prefer to get screwed rather than wear his dick out on coeds.

I invited him back to my office for another “private lecture” after his wild shower and he actually smiled at me. The next day I saw him in class. I noticed Mike was quite uneasy at his desk seat because his bottom was still sore from the tawes. I told him I would give him a few more days to rest but expected him in my office Friday morning at 8am sharp. I smacked him on the butt when no one was looking and he jumped as I hit a welt but Mike only smiled back at me rubbing his sore cheek. I wanted to sit on his sassy face right then and there after I slapped it. I told myself I was going to turn Mike into a pussy and ass eating submissive. Mike will beg for it I promised myself.

Denise was my choice for Mike to serve as her slave. Denise was a beach girl type, 5ft. 4in. tall blond, with a pretty face, long shapely legs, 36C breasts, and a nice spankable ass, that turned out to be submissive herself. Having a good tan I knew she liked the beach and the outdoors. This untrained coed needed me to teach her how to treat a man and not be used like I later found out how her last boyfriend took advantage of her. I hate it when men use woman in this way.

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