My Hot Punjabi Mom-13

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Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 12 ). Now let’s continue

Neetu said “Isn’t this robe enough? After all he is only coming to fuck me and this will be faster to remove and fuck”.

We sat in the hall talking about the day’s events. I made sure I sucked her boobs emptying her milk just in time. Ramesh promptly rang the doorbell at his usual time 9.30pm.

Mom answered the door while I went to organize drinks for them. I saw later from the recordings that when mom opened the door Ramesh was flabbergasted seeing her in the night robe fully naked inside.

He rushed to her dropping the bag in the entrance room and hugged her lifting her in the air. Mom said “please control darling, Sonu is also here”. He lowered her and kissed her lips before releasing her.

He said “Pooja you are looking super-hot and sexy today, I feel like fucking you right here right now”. Mom closed the door and took him to the sofa. He sat there holding her close to him.

After making sure they were settled I brought the drinks and served them. We exchanged greetings as usual, despite seeing me he did not remove his hand from around mom’s waist.

Then making my usual work excuse I left to my room. I saw from the video feeds Ramesh quickly gulped down four pegs back to back. Then he turned to mom and held her by her hair bringing her face close to his.

He kissed her rough on her lips followed by licking her face as if he was licking the icing off a cake. Then he pulled her robe open and pushed mom hard on the sofa.

Mom was perplexed trying to make sense of his animalistic behavior. He lowered his trousers and jumped on her. He pushed his legs between her separating them and pushed his cock in hard in one stroke.

Mom kept telling him to use a condom but he did not care. He rammed his cock in her pussy making mom scream loudly in pain. She said “stop Ramesh you are hurting me”.

She tried pushing him off but he had her pinned down. He left bite marks on her neck while continuing to fuck her full speed. Mom had a helpless look on her face clearly showing she was not enjoying it at all.

Luckily he came within a few minutes inside her and got off. He did not bother to correct his clothes and sat back again drinking. Mom got up and quietly went to her bathroom and cleaned.

She came back and put a condom on the table. She yelled at him saying “just because I let you between my legs it does not mean you get the right to make me pregnant”.

Ramesh shouted back “you are a fucking bitch Pooja, you don’t get to talk to me like this. You are my whore now so I am treating you like one, get used to it. Also I don’t fuckin care if you get pregnant”.

Mom pulled him by his collar, he was too drunk and swaying heavily. She pulled him to the door and pushed him outside. Ramesh landed on our car parked in the driveway but not hard enough to get seriously injured.

Mom shouted “you are a fucking bastard and will always remain one. Don’t ever come back here again”. She stepped out pushing him further out of the gate. Seeing the situation escalating, I rushed downstairs.

I pacified mom and held him correcting his clothes and helped him get into his car that was parked outside. Ramesh was quite drunk but managed to drive off. I locked the gate and came inside.

I hugged mom who was still fuming and took her inside locking the door. I saw the bag lying there, I said “mom this is uncle’s bag”. She said “take it inside and open it”.

It was full of cash, we counted 25lacs. Mom said “keep it inside with the rest”. I kept it inside and came to her in the hall, she had calmed down a little now. Pretending dumb I asked “mom what happened”?

She screamed “Ramesh raped me today and called me a whore. That is what happened”. I could sense she was mentally hurt too not just physically. I hugged her tightly without saying a word.

We remained like that for a while. When I felt her grip around me relax I looked at her face. Neetu looked at me and burst out crying. She buried her face in my chest saying “am I really a whore? Have I become one”?

I raised her face to mine kissing away her tears, I said “mom just because some asshole called you that, you don’t become one”. Finally, I saw her smile a little.

I said “you are the queen of hearts who does not bow in front of anyone. You only order and it will be done. Don’t worry mom, when he comes back to his senses he will realize what he has lost today”.

Mom kissed and hugged me tightly, she said “I am so lucky to have you Sonu, otherwise which son would still support his slutty mother after all this”. I sealed her lips with my finger and said “mom swear on me you will never say or think like this ever”.

She looked in my eyes and nodded yes. In a stronger tone I said “say it mom, I did not hear it”. She whispered “yes I will not say it”. I held her face to mine looking straight into her eyes, I said “mom say it loud, I did not hear it”.

She said “I will never think like this again”. I hugged her saying “mom just think of it as a bad dream and forget about it. We will make him pay for it soon”. She broke the hug looking at me and finally gave a big smile.

We sat on the sofa, I said “let me change the glasses mom”. I brought fresh glasses and also some ice and soda. I served us two pegs and sat with her in my arms.

Mom curiously asked “what do you have in mind to punish him for this”? I enabled call recording in her phone for all calls. I said “he will surely call you tomorrow morning, to apologize for this. You will ask him why did he rape you. Nothing else, we need his answer recorded to make him pay. Ok”?

Mom nodded yes, I said “once he admits and apologizes you will say you want 25cr as compensation in cheque only. He will surely argue about the amount or paying in cash but you stand firm saying you saved his sperm last night. Ok”?

Mom said “Ok”. I said “you will say you are going for a medical examination along with the cops. Then you will give him a 1hr deadline or you will file the case along with the evidence. He will beg to reconsider or for more time but you stay firm. Ok?

Mom said “yes”. I said “then you tell him to send you the photo of the cheque and the bank proof of deposit. During all this you will not budge”. She said “ok, but do you think he will agree to such a big amount”?

I said “mom he is cornered, he does not have a choice. He has to agree. Imagine if he has already paid us more than 1cr in cash in the last few days how much he would be worth. Also the moment the cheque is deposited you will get the sms from your bank confirming it”.

She said “ok” sipping her drink. I said “a medical examination will surely reveal evidence of his actions. We will use that. Till we sort this out tomorrow you will not have sex with anyone because in case we really have to go to the cops the evidence needs to be preserved”.

Mom asked “but how will you explain to Raja and Ram”? I said “I will answer the door tomorrow morning telling them that you are not keeping well, they will keep quiet”.

I ordered some food from outside and we had dinner and then retired to bed. Except drinking her milk I did not do anything else. Mom had a very disturbed sleep and woke up around 8 in the morning.

I was already awake when she called me to empty her milk tanks. After helping her with it, I brought her to the hall. I had already made her morning coffee and breakfast.

She asked me about Raja & Ram, I said “I collected the milk and told Raja as planned. He wished you to get well soon and left. Same with Ram when he came”.

Mom said “Sonu I am very nervous about this whole thing”. I said “mom recollect everything he did to you last night, do you really want to spare him after all that? I don’t care about the money. It is just that I want to teach him a lesson this time”.

I showed her the recordings from the patio cameras where he can be seen coming in at 9.30 and leaving around 10.30 with his pants down. She was thrilled to see it.

The recordings made her recollect everything and soon mom was fuming with rage. As expected Ramesh called at 9am, mom put him on speaker. He said “Darling I am really sorry about last night, I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me”.

Mom spoke exactly the way I had instructed. He admitted to the rape, as expected he was shitting bricks when he heard about the police complaint and the evidence and the recordings.

He begged for mercy many times but mom did not accept it. He then tried negotiating the amount but mom did not agree. He tried negotiating paying in cash but mom did not budge.

Finally, after a lot of dilly dallying he agreed to deposit the cheque but begged for an additional hour to complete the transaction, I looked at mom and nodded ok and she accepted it.

We didn’t have to wait for too long before we got the picture of the cheque and deposit slip and sms from the bank. Ramesh called and said “Darling I have done everything you asked for, Can I please come and meet you now”?

Mom shouted loudly “you bastard after last night you still have the nerve to ask me this. I don’t want to see your bloody face ever. And in case you try to budge from your commitments let me tell you, all my calls have been recorded and I will use them as needed”.

Everything was over by noon and we took a sigh of relief. I said “mom now that everything is over can we finish your pending shopping”? Neetu said “yes we will go but before that there is something that needs your attention”.

To be continued….

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