Maid from Heaven – Part 13

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 12 ). Now let’s continue

She did make sense and time was tight so I said “fine we will do after he comes”. She looked at me surprised, she asked “what naughty ideas do you have in mind”?

I said “here is the plan, you will answer the door and seat Chetan in the hall. Then I will also join and you will bring the drinks and join us”. Uma asked “why do I need to sit with you guys and drink”?

I said “Just to pretend everything is normal because you sat and drank with us in the pub right”. She said “ok”. I continued “then after some time you will go to my bedroom and call me inside after removing your clothes. I will join you leaving the door slightly open”.

She said “you are getting very naughty ideas”. I said “We will have sex here standing next to the bathroom door”. She asked “why standing next to the door”? I said if you look at my dresser mirror, it will show if someone is watching us”.

Uma said “So you want Chetan to watch us have sex”? I said “yes, once he sees you naked having sex he will not be able to control himself and will be desperate to have you”.

She said “I am so excited. So what is the next step”? I said “well I am still working on it, let me think”. We went the the hall, Uma made sure everything was neat and tidy both here and in the bedroom.

Soon the doorbell rang, I went inside my bedroom while Uma went to answer the door.
From here you read it in Uma’s words:

I opened the door, Chetan was standing there wide eyed staring at me. I greeted him but he seemed dazed and in another world. I held his shoulders and shook him bringing him back to his senses.

He said “Oh my god Uma, you are really looking so hot and sexy”. I said “thank you Chetan, please come inside”. I took him to the hall, I could feel his eyes scanning my entire body already.

I seated him on the sofa, I said “you please sit here, let me call Krishna. He has been wanting to meet you”. Chetan gave a sly smile with his eyes stuck on my cleavage.

I went to your bedroom and came back with you. While you sat with him he continued to stare at my body undressing me with his eyes. I asked “what will you like to drink Chetan”?

He said “I will have whatever you are having”. I came back with 3 beers, when I bent forward to serve him, his eyes dived inside my top relishing the sight of my boobs.

I caught him watching but he did not care. I stayed like that for some time then I turned to you. Then we said cheers and I sat on the sofa on your right. You both continued discussing business while he continued staring at me.

Our eyes met many times and he did not turn them away. I could already see lust in his eyes and a growing bulge in his pants. Then I got up and went to the kitchen to get some snacks for you both to munch.

When I got up and went his gaze followed me. Now you know from where he was seated you can get a good peek inside the kitchen. Since I could still feel his eyes on me, with my back facing him I raised my skirt.

Then I opened my legs slightly lowering my panties to my thighs. I started rubbing my pussy and gyrating my butt now. You told me later that he was getting very uncomfortable in his seat frequently switching between looking at you and me.

After a few minutes I stopped and licked my fingers turning my face sideways. You said later he was sweating despite the air-conditioning. You asked him if he was ok and he said he was fine.

Then I pulled up my panties and corrected my skirt and brought the snacks. I again bent forward to serve him and again he devoured an eyeful while meeting my gaze directly and taking his time.

Then I served you and sat back in my seat while his earlier actions repeated. This time I did not close my legs and his gaze was now switching between looking under my skirt and my exposed chest.

Your discussions continued for an hour while I continued to serve you both beer and he kept repeating his actions. Now as you said I went inside your bedroom and removed my clothes waiting for you at the same spot.

I called you “Krishna can you please come quickly”? You looked at Chetan giving him a smile and left. You came inside without fully closing the door and I opened your trousers giving you a blowjob.

Then you turned me to face the wall and entered my pussy from behind fucking me crazily like never before. I looked at the mirror and as you planned, Chetan took the bait and was standing at the door.

He was watching us lustfully stroking his cock over his pants. I have to admit it gave me quite a thrill making me come twice before you did. This time you also fucked me wildly like never before.

Then I turned around getting on my knees and sucked your cock clean. We went to the bathroom where I told you he indeed watched the whole thing. I asked you what I should do next.

You told me to not wear panties and to first sit in the same position giving him a better view under your skirt. After sometime you asked me to go make some chicken starters and call for help.

At that moment you will wink at Chetan and send him instead to help me and I need to handle it from there on. You got dressed and went back to sit with him. You said Chetan asked you if it was the same restroom break and you winked yes.

Chetan told you that you are very lucky to get such a hot & sexy assistant. You replied saying yes very lucky indeed. I joined a few minutes later without panties and sat with my legs a little more open as if totally unaware.

Now his attention turned to me maybe because he got a good look inside my skirt discovering no panties. A few more beers later you asked me to prepare some chicken snacks.

I went to the kitchen while his eyes followed. A few minutes later like you said I called saying I need some help. You looked at Chetan, he stood up telling you he will go help me.

He entered the kitchen and came up behind me hugging me tightly. As planned I pretended it was you and whispered “not again darling, didn’t we just do it. Why are you so horny today”?

He didn’t say a word and continued kneading my boobs while his other hand was under my skirt rubbing my bare pussy. I continued pretending while he enjoyed feeling my body nicely also grinding his big bulge in my butt.

This got me very horny too, I said “darling please be quick before your friend sitting in the hall gets suspicious”. He still did not talk, he was now kissing my neck and other sensitive areas while he unzipped and pushed his cock inside my pussy from behind.

I shrieked feeling his big cock enter me but he was quick to seal my mouth with his hand. For sure he was quite big and continued humping me hard while I struggled to free myself and see him.

He was holding me firm and I was beginning to really enjoy the fuck now so I stopped resisting. Another 5minutes later I had a strong orgasm and he too shot his load inside me and relaxed his grip.

Now I turned around and looked at him in shock. He grinned and asked “how was it babe”? I remained speechless taking some tissues and cleaning his cum from my pussy.

He got dressed up and tried to kiss my lips but I stepped back. He came towards me pinning me against the wall bringing his lips to mine while I pretended to resist him.

He said “your boss sent me to help you” and kissed my lips anyway. I must say his kiss felt very good and I gave in, kissing him back. He asked “did you enjoy it babe”? I nodded yes.

He whispered in my ears “when can we do it again babe”? I said “I cannot say Chetan”. He said “you are such a hottie, make sure you call me soon. I will give you an even better time”.

He took my phone and looked at it, he said “why do you have such a fucked up phone. Get a better one”. I did not say anything while he saved his number on my phone.

He squeezed my boobs while kissing me again and left, I too got back to preparing the snacks.

Uma’s narration ends here. Now let’s continue.

Chetan came back to the hall looking very jubilant. I asked “what’s up, you look like you won a game”. He said “buddy Uma is one hot chick and very delicious too. You are really a very lucky person”.

I asked “what did you taste so quickly”? He said “well yes time was short but I managed to quickly have the main course”. I asked “did you like it”? He almost yelled “are you mad, she is the best I have ever had, I would like to have her again with more time”.

I said “well that is between you and Uma”. He asked “can I have her in your bedroom tonight”? I said “I am not sure if she will agree”. Chetan said “you leave that to me, I will have her sit right here with me and seduce her. You just ignore”.

I said “are you fucking mad? You are going to seduce my assistant in front of me and you expect me to sit like a dumb ass! If at all she lets you then I also want to watch”.

He said “done deal, then I will have her right here on the sofa in front of you”. I said “whatever you do be careful, don’t let her get the slightest hint that we are in it together”.

He said “you can trust me on this and maybe if everything goes perfectly then we can have her together”. I said “sounds too good to me”. Chetan said “now you go inside the kitchen now and talk to her normally. When she sits with me, you go to your room and peep from there. When we are in the middle of it you come out”.

With THE plan as framed by Chetan I went to the kitchen and hugged Uma from behind. Before she could turn her face to see me I whispered “it’s me darling” and kissed her neck.

She turned her face sideways and we smooched. She whispered “what did he say”? I whispered “forget that, you first tell me did you enjoy it”? She blushed covering her face with both hands and nodded yes.

Talking softly, I asked “do you want to do it again”? Uma naughtily smiled and asked “are you asking or telling”? I said “depends on you darling”. She took my hand and slipped it under her skirt touching her pussy.

To be continued….

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