First time sex with my hot girlfriend Anuja

Hello there, my name is Samarth. This is the story about my first sex experience with my girlfriend. Her name was Anuja. We were studying in a same college. She had crush on me from the beginning.

At first we are just friends we go outside for little dates cause we both know we like each other and we are just flirting with each other. One day we are chatting and that day she proposed me and i also want her very badly because i love her. I said yes, and we are in happy relationship from that day.

After Some day we go for a private date in private cafe. She is 5.7ft and i’m very taller than her but our height difference make our relationship very cute. That day she wear a pink top with black jeans she is very preety and very beautiful. we go in the cafe i book a table for us and we go inside the cabinet at first we just seat next to each other and just laughing like idiots because we are never so close to each other before at first 10 to 15 min we are just staring each other and laughing.

After that i hold her hand and softly pull her close to me and then i softly kiss her cheeks and forhead beacause she is very cute after that i’m scared of kissing her beacause i’m feeling nervous that time she touch my cheeks and she kissed on my lips i just close my eyes and i just feel her kiss and her breath inside me.

After that my fear is gone i just hold her waist and pull closer to me and i start kissing her very badly our lips and tounge inside eachother she sit on my lap that time my cock was very hard we contineously kissing each other for atlest 40 min wow that moment this was the best moment of my life. After that we just hug each other for a break and after that we again start kissing i want to touch her boobs but i just don’t want to discomfort her that time i hold my hands back and i just hold her waist and kissing her my hands in her hair and we are kissing like a wild.

From that day we used to go for a dinner dates, shopping and many more things. One day we again go to the same cafe for private date and this time we don’t hesitate because we both passionate for each other the moment we go to the cabinet we start kissing each other very badly. she is on my lap i was kissing her neck my one hand in her hair and other on her neck after some time i just want to touch her boobs before that i never touched any boobs in my life.

She wear a hoodie on that day i slowly insert my hand in her hoodie then i look in her eyes she didn’t stop me i knew that she is comfortable with this then i go ahead she wears a bra i just simply take up her bra and that time this moment i was stunned those smooth boobs ohh my god. I just start kissing her and start touching her boobs smoothly my cock was so hard i just want to do this all day but that time we just want to feel each other.

After a 1 month we used to do like this but we never intimate with each other, one day we go for a picnic with our friends in a car her friend with her boyfriend and we are together when we are travelling she turned on she want me to touch her and kiss her but we are in a car i just don’t want to do these so i just told her “please Anu stop it”.

But she didn’t want to stop after that she put her head on my shoulder and take my right hand and she put my hand inside her top i was shocked but she is covering her area with her stall and she want me to touch and squezze her boobs. then i was afraid and i’m also turned on i started squezzing her boobs smoothly without knowning our friends that time i feel ashamed but now I also want her very badly we kiss eachother in a car her friend saw us but she didn’t interput us. then we stop at one place there is private cafe there. We both turned on and we both don’t want to stop this i told them we are going for a private cafe you wanna come then let’s go.

They also agreed with our plan and we all go the cafe they book there cabinet and we book our cabinet. The moment we enter we closed the curtain and start kissing eachother very badly and very passionnetly and I put my hand inside her top unhook her bra and start squezzing and touching them i was rubbing her nipple with my fingers after that she is in heaven she don’t want me to stop after that she took her top upside and i’m also want her very badly those white and smooth boobs i don’t want to stop the moment she lift her top i started kissing her boobs very badly i was chewing her nipples with my mouth i suck them very badly she was started moaning. She told me “please baby don’t stop please don’t stop” and her words make me wild after that we both are turned on we both don’t want to stop after that she touched my dick i was stunned my dick was so hard after that she told me remove your belt and unhook your pant i told her “baby please stop we are in public we should stop right now” but she didn’t want to stop after that she forcefully remove my belt unhook my pant button and she hold my dick with her hands.

After that she start masterbuting my dick upside down that moment i was in heaven after she want to suck my cock told me to stand up and i stood up after that she start blowing me before that i never felt that type of orgasm before she started blowjob. she gave me 5 min blowjob and she want me to fuck her there very badly but the place is very low in a space and we don’t do these after that I was cum in my pants that time i was ashamed. after that we both stop.

After everything happned we all go to our home, at evening i call her and I told her “You have to control your feelings in public this is very risky and please don’t do these again she was also feeling ashamed”. She told me “I don’t know what happen to me this is first time this was happend to me I was feeling very ashamed and dirty”. I told her “It’s ok just stay calm don’t worry nobody saw us just relax and chill”. After that she was started feeling very dirty and she keep apologizing to me for that day. When couple of days passed we don’t meet eachother we are just calling and texting with eachother. And after some time the all is good between us one day i asked her about sex she was blushing and also nervous for this. First time she say no and I also accept this because we both love each other more than anything i told “her whenever you are ready just told me”. After 1 month she approched to me and said she is ready for a sex i want to experience this with you only. She was also virgin and i also. So i planned this.

But i have a question where to do this after i asked my friends one of my bestfriend said come to my house no one is at home. that time i told her everthing i text her address and everthing. After that i go to medical shop i bought the condoms and keep them in my pocket. After that she come to my friends house at 10AM morning she is well dressed looking like a angel and looking very beautiful. after that my friend go outside and we are all alone in a room. This is our first time we both don’t know anything first we just sat i gave her a water and making her comfortable. But she was nervous she don’t talk to much. I go close to her hold her hands and kiss on her forehead and making her comfortable after that i gave her a long hug after that she is started feeling comfortable i told her “If you don’t want to do these it’s totally fine”.

But she didn’t say anything after that she hugged me very tightly she was never do this before and she was started crying i don’t know why but she was afraid for a first time (later i asked her) after that i told her “Ok fine we are not going to do this ok, just stop crying”. she didn’t say anything. after some time she is comfortable and she say she is ready. After this we start kissing slowly to eachother we both turned on after long kiss i started kissing her neck area and putting my hand in her hair this thing turned her on now she is totally comfortable. I put my one hand in her shirt and start pressing her boobs. After that i slowly removed her shirt and she is in brown bra i never saw her like this my dick is going to hard. After that i start kissing her chest area and neck area she was moaning and after that she unhook my shirt buttons and she remove my shirt. She start kissing on my neck and my chest around my nipple areas. after that I pull her hair and start kissing her very badly. with kissing i unhook her bra and removed her bra. Those white boobs ohh my god she looks stunning and very beautiful i remove her bra and put it on a floor. I’m going crazy now i take her to the bed and she lay down i was on the top and i start kissing her boobs i want to eat them very badly.

I was squezzing them sucking them like a hell. she start moaning she pulls my hair to stop but i don’t stop. Those juicy boobs I love them to suck. after that she pull me close to her and she removed my belt and remove my pants i was in my underwear with my big hard dick. After that I asked her “Can i go down?” she just slighly move her head now i have a permission i started kissing her neck from the bottom of her stomach area then i unhook her pant button and remove her pant she wears a pink panty i remove her pant throw them on a floor those white legs and pink foot. I was stunned. After that i remove her panty her pussy was little pinkish and no hair on them. I’m going mad after seeing this I start kissing her pussy’s around area she is in heaven she love this she was moaning. after that i don’t hold myslef back to lick her pussy i was totally wild. I started licking her pussy like a hell she was moaning like a hell she is scremming she said me please stop she try to pull my hair, my head between her legs and i just enjoying to licking her juicy pinkish pussy i don’t want to stop. after licking her pussy for a 10 min i stop she is in heaven. after this she removed my underwear and say put this inside my pussy. after looking at my dick size she is shocked. I wear a condom and i start playing around her pussy with my dick she is enjoying after that i try to insert my dick inside her pussy but she start scremming and she close her legs. I told her “Baby, Please don’t be panic just relax your body i will stop if you feel anything wrong”.

She said “OK” after that i again try to put my dick inside her and this time i successfully insert my whole dick inside her pussy. and her seal was broken after that the blood comes out she started crying and she go to the washroom to wash. after this she again come and now everything is stable her bleeding is stopped. I again put my dick inside her pussy and started pushing she is pain she was moaning and scremming but she is also enjoying the sex she don’t want me to stop. I was top on her first Fucked her put a pillow below her waist and started drilling her. Her loud moans and scremming make me more wild i go fast then. after that she pull me and she is on the top now. she take a control and she is jumping on my dick she is enjoying she started kissing me and she said “You are just mine only mine, go harder baby”. I was enjoying her sex moves on top of me. I touched her boobs and said “You don’t know how much hot are you, I’m very lucky to have you”. after that we just enjoy our sex we both started moaning after 10 min of sex i was cummed and she is also satisfied.

This is my first time sex with my girlfriend and she is very hot after that we used to fuck twice in a month, in a different position like reverse cow, doggy style, 69 and many more things i love to bang her pussy very hard and she is also enjoying after some years we also try anal sex. Thank you for listening.

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