The New Girl-2

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Please read the previous part The New Girl so you can enjoy this better…

I again met Hardeep playing with the other boys outside and when I joined, all boys stared at me for a moment before resuming the game of lagori that they were playing. I didn’t know why and I didn’t care since I was more interested in playing.

After we were done playing around 7pm me and Hardeep were sitting alone chatting near my house. I asked him the reason why everyone was staring at me when I came to play but he did not answer.

I kept insisting and as we were very close he touched my breasts saying these are looking much bigger and raised and it was not possible for anyone to ignore. Hardeep said today he himself could not stop staring at my chest because it was looking so much more beautiful than before.

I argued that every girl or woman has it so why was I being singled out and he said that my breasts were unusually large. He asked me if I did not feel that my chest was bigger compared to the other girls in my class or even my teachers and I had to agree.

He said I was too young to understand some things and as I grow up I will find out what all this means and why do men stare especially at my chest. Knowing very well that I was not going to get much answers from him, I dropped the topic. We started discussing other things.

I was feeling so elated at his compliment and did not care about any underlying reason. I shyly told him that mom had bought me new bras today of my size and I was wearing one right now. He said he wanted to see it. I was surprised he asked me so directly but at the same time I also got very excited to show my new underwear to him.

I also wanted to talk to him about everything that happened with the doctor today because Hardeep was my only best friend with whom I could talk everything with. Today many people told me I would figure things out once I grew up more so I decided to barter with him to get answers in return for his wish.

In the past Hardeep has seen me in my underwear many times because I used to come back from school with him. My parents were away at work and I used to change my clothes with him sitting there. Now I felt something exciting was going to happen and had butterflies in my stomach and infinite curiosity in my head driving me mad.

I went with him to his house after informing my mother. Being very rich he had a room to himself on the first floor where I had spent many years of my life with him in complete privacy with no interruptions playing video games, watching cartoons on his VCR or just discussions. When we reached I told him I wanted to discuss very intimate things today.

He comforted me by saying “Preeti how long have we known each other and is there anything about you and me that we have not discussed yet?” This was the ice breaker because even though we were very best of friends, we never discussed or got intimate till now.

I said I had been to a doctor because my mother was worried about the way my breasts were growing and the way he examined me and Hardeep listened with full attention. I told him how I had to get topless and how he examined my breasts by feeling them and squeezing them for a while. He pinched my nipples repeatedly to check if my breasts had any milk.

Hardeep asked me to remove my top and even before I could react he grabbed my buttons and opened them and removed it completely. He ran his hands on my bra cups saying my new bra was looking stunning and making me look very sexy. Listening to him I was on cloud nine thinking that he found me very beautiful and physically attractive.

I asked him if he considered me more “sexy” than Madhuri Dixit? Without a seconds delay he answered “yes”. This was all I could have ever wanted to hear and I was on cloud nine. He interrupted me bringing me back to the present saying most men love women with big breasts (he told me breasts are also called boobs) and always dream of touching them. This is every man’s dream come true if he can do it.

Now this made sense as to why all boys frequently grabbed my boobs rather than anywhere else. I told him how the doctor felt up my boobs and squeezed my nipples and the heavenly pleasures it sent thru my body. He told me that a woman’s breast is one of the highly sensitive zones and touching and squeezing them can make her aroused by giving great pleasure.

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