The New Girl-2

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Please read the previous part The New Girl so you can enjoy this better…

I again met Hardeep playing with the other boys outside and when I joined, all boys stared at me for a moment before resuming the game of lagori that they were playing. I didn’t know why and I didn’t care since I was more interested in playing.

After we were done playing around 7pm me and Hardeep were sitting alone chatting near my house. I asked him the reason why everyone was staring at me when I came to play but he did not answer.

I kept insisting and as we were very close he touched my breasts saying these are looking much bigger and raised and it was not possible for anyone to ignore. Hardeep said today he himself could not stop staring at my chest because it was looking so much more beautiful than before.

I argued that every girl or woman has it so why was I being singled out and he said that my breasts were unusually large. He asked me if I did not feel that my chest was bigger compared to the other girls in my class or even my teachers and I had to agree.

He said I was too young to understand some things and as I grow up I will find out what all this means and why do men stare especially at my chest. Knowing very well that I was not going to get much answers from him, I dropped the topic. We started discussing other things.

I was feeling so elated at his compliment and did not care about any underlying reason. I shyly told him that mom had bought me new bras today of my size and I was wearing one right now. He said he wanted to see it. I was surprised he asked me so directly but at the same time I also got very excited to show my new underwear to him.

I also wanted to talk to him about everything that happened with the doctor today because Hardeep was my only best friend with whom I could talk everything with. Today many people told me I would figure things out once I grew up more so I decided to barter with him to get answers in return for his wish.

In the past Hardeep has seen me in my underwear many times because I used to come back from school with him. My parents were away at work and I used to change my clothes with him sitting there. Now I felt something exciting was going to happen and had butterflies in my stomach and infinite curiosity in my head driving me mad.

I went with him to his house after informing my mother. Being very rich he had a room to himself on the first floor where I had spent many years of my life with him in complete privacy with no interruptions playing video games, watching cartoons on his VCR or just discussions. When we reached I told him I wanted to discuss very intimate things today.

He comforted me by saying “Preeti how long have we known each other and is there anything about you and me that we have not discussed yet?” This was the ice breaker because even though we were very best of friends, we never discussed or got intimate till now.

I said I had been to a doctor because my mother was worried about the way my breasts were growing and the way he examined me and Hardeep listened with full attention. I told him how I had to get topless and how he examined my breasts by feeling them and squeezing them for a while. He pinched my nipples repeatedly to check if my breasts had any milk.

Hardeep asked me to remove my top and even before I could react he grabbed my buttons and opened them and removed it completely. He ran his hands on my bra cups saying my new bra was looking stunning and making me look very sexy. Listening to him I was on cloud nine thinking that he found me very beautiful and physically attractive.

I asked him if he considered me more “sexy” than Madhuri Dixit? Without a seconds delay he answered “yes”. This was all I could have ever wanted to hear and I was on cloud nine. He interrupted me bringing me back to the present saying most men love women with big breasts (he told me breasts are also called boobs) and always dream of touching them. This is every man’s dream come true if he can do it.

Now this made sense as to why all boys frequently grabbed my boobs rather than anywhere else. I told him how the doctor felt up my boobs and squeezed my nipples and the heavenly pleasures it sent thru my body. He told me that a woman’s breast is one of the highly sensitive zones and touching and squeezing them can make her aroused by giving great pleasure.

I told him how the doctor examined my breasts and sucked my nipples making me feel great. I wanted him to continue doing more but sadly he stopped too soon. Hardeep cut me short telling me to remove my bra so he could follow what the doctor did. This caught me by surprise and I thought that in the past while I changed out of my school clothes he had seen me topless many times.

While I was still thinking, Hardeep tried to unhook my bra but could not and I helped him remove and kept it by my side. I was sitting topless facing him and he grabbed my breasts with both hands and started gently squeezing them sending waves after waves of pleasure similar to what I experienced with the doctor.

After some time, he stopped and asked me if this was what I meant and I very excitedly said yes and told him to do it again. He pushed me on the bed and got on top of me and without speaking a word was rubbing and squeezing my breasts so nicely that I never realised when I was sailing in heaven. He asked me what did the doctor do next and I told him that he squeezed and sucked my nipples to see if they would ooze any milk.

Without delay Hardeep started squeezing my nipples softly between his fingers. He started sucking my nipples and the pleasure I experienced just multiplied making me forget everything. After he had squeezed and sucked my breasts for a very long time he stopped and asked me how did I feel? I said that it was out of this world and I wanted him to continue doing it.

He dived in and over the next few minutes drove me mad with pleasure. Next few seconds I experienced an earthquake of pleasure just like at the doctors. Hardeep paused and l asked him what just happened? He said I experienced an orgasm because I was aroused and you have an orgasm after you get very aroused and sexually satisfied.

He said what he was doing to me now is called foreplay which happens before “having sex”. While I had loosely heard this “Sex” word now I knew little more of what it meant. He explained to me that this is one of the things couples do to get each other aroused before they go for the final thing called “fucking”.

To me Hardeep was not just an encyclopaedia but also my sex guru and I was ready to do anything with him. While he resumed softly rubbing my breasts and sucking my nipples, he asked me what the doctor did next. I told him that the doctor removed my salwar and panties completely. Hardeep got off me and removed my skirt and panties making me fully naked on his bed and got back on top of me.

He asked me what did the doctor do next. Rather than worrying about lying fully nude on his bed, I continued that the doctor spread my legs and then touched my vagina (he told me it is also called pussy in sex terms). Hardeep spread my legs and touched my pussy lips with his fingers along the length of my pussy. His touch on my pussy sent more waves of pleasure thru my body.

Then he bringing me back to my senses asked me what the doctor did next. I said that the doctor inserted his fingers inside my pussy. Even before I completed my sentence Hardeep separated my pussy lips and pushed his finger inside. I jerked a bit because this was exactly what I had experienced when the doctor did it and Hardeep asked me how I was feeling. I just managed to whisper to him that it was just out of this world.

He started probing his finger deeper pushing it in and out and soon he had two fingers going to and fro in my pussy and then three. He fingered my pussy for a while like the doctor did and I experienced another Intense orgasm. When I recovered Hardeep was again on top of me staring me smilingly in my face and asking me how it felt.

I told him I was in love with him for making me experience so much pleasure. He said what he did is called vaginal foreplay which comes mostly after the boobs and is followed by fucking which is the final part and everything together is part of having sex. I had experienced so much pleasure now and I wanted to go till the end with him and asked him to fuck me.

He said fucking was quite risky since any mistake could result in making me pregnant. I still insisted that he at least teach me about it and he got of me and inserted a cassette in his VCR and played it. He said the movie he was playing was called a xxx or blue film and it is all about sex from start to the end. He said the only part we have not done is fucking and he was going to show me now in the movie.

He showed me how the couple in the movie were kissing then fast-forwarded and kept playing showing all the foreplay and played it where the lady lay on the bed with her legs spread wide. The guy had a huge banana below his waist exactly like the doctor’s and he was climbing on top of her. I asked Hardeep to pause the movie right there and asked him if he too had such a banana between his legs.

He said that was the man’s penis also called a cock in sex terms. I got really persistent on wanting to see his cock and he pulled down his pants along with his underwear and revealed his cock. It was much bigger than the doctor’s cock about 8” long and 1.5” thick and standing straight and I hesitatingly touched it, feeling a real cock for the first time in my life.

Hardeep told me that this also carries the sperm which makes a woman pregnant. He made me hold it in my hands and stroke it while resuming the movie. I saw that the hero took a small packet and put something on his cock. I asked Hardeep what was that and he said it is called a condom. It is used to avoid pregnancy and also for safe sex if you have sex with multiple partners.

I understood the doctor used a condom while fucking my ass. The hero got on top of the lady and was now rubbing the tip of his cock against the woman’s pussy and the woman was going crazy screaming telling him to push it in. I asked him if this was just acting or such pleasure is possible in reality. Hardeep told me that whatever I had just experienced till now was nothing compared to this.

Then the man slowly inserted his penis into the woman’s pussy and the woman was screaming with pleasure. Within few seconds he was fully inside her and now he started going in and out of her pussy.

I asked Hardeep why was the man going to and fro when he was already fully inside the lady and he said this is called “fucking” and it means to insert the penis in the pussy and then keep pumping in and out till the penis releases its sperm and both are satisfied.

Hardeep looked at my confused face and left the movie running turned towards me and removed rest of his clothes. We were both sitting naked facing each other. I was facing him with my legs still spread wide and asked him if he was sure his big cock was supposed to go inside my pussy and give us both lot of pleasure?

He said yes and he has already experienced it with many other women and said the pleasure was out of this world. The guy in the movie was fucking the woman with full force and she was screaming loudly. I touched my pussy and it was dripping wet looking at the action on screen and I begged Hardeep to fuck me right now. He told me
that I had a lot of growing up to do before I could fuck.

He said if I fuck now then I would lose my virginity and I could also get pregnant. I told him that the doctor told me that my hymen was gone and my periods were yet to begin so we can fuck safely. As we were talking the hero in the movie took out his cock from the lady’s pussy and positioned at her butt hole and slowly inserted it. I remembered this is exactly what doctor did with me and it was pure pleasure.

I asked Hardeep what the guy just did and he said this is called anal sex where a guy inserts his cock inside a woman’s butt hole and fucks her there. My eyes were glued to the screen and the woman was again enjoying. After fucking for some time the guy pulled his penis out and removing the condom brought it to the woman’s face releasing a lot of white liquid all over the woman’s face and chest.

I asked Hardeep to pause the movie where the hero begins to release the white liquid and asked him what that was. Hardeep said it was called sperm and it comes out only after the penis gets very excited fucking the woman or you use your hands and this makes a woman pregnant when released inside the pussy. I picked on his last sentence asking him what did he mean by make a woman pregnant by releasing inside her pussy.

He said only if a man releases his sperm inside a woman’s pussy she will get pregnant, if he releases inside her butt hole or mouth then it is does not cause pregnancy. I was thrilled to hear this because I had learned so much about sex today. The lady in the movie took the man’s penis in her mouth and swallowed all his juice.

I asked Hardeep what she was doing and he said the another way you can give pleasure to a man is use your mouth to suck cock also stroking with your hands same time. I asked him why did the lady swallow all his juice and he said that I will need to find out by myself. I understood his signal and I brought my mouth to his penis.

I closed my eyes and touched the tip of his cock to my lips and started licking it and taking it inside my mouth little by little learning from the movie. His cock was bigger than the doctor’s even then I had nearly half his cock inside my mouth and was going to and fro. I was really enjoying this and when I looked at him his eyes were closed and he seemed to be enjoying too.

Within a few minutes of sucking his cock small drops of juice came out (precum) while he was still inside my mouth and I liked the taste. I increased my speed stroking with my hands and sucking with my mouth and a while later he released a huge amount of sperm filling my mouth. I held his sperm in my mouth and swallowed it little by little also tasting it.

I really enjoyed the taste of sperm and I saw he was still leaking few more drops and I eagerly licked all of it. I told him I really enjoyed sucking his cock and loved the taste of his sperm. I was still stroking his penis with my hand as we spoke and it became soft. Hardeep smiled and said I had given him what is called the best “blowjob” ever and even though he had blowjobs from many experienced women I was by far the best.

I was floored hearing this compliment and climbed onto his lap placing his penis in-between my thighs against my pussy. I asked him that if the penis pulls out at the last minute and does not release the sperm inside a woman’s pussy then will she get pregnant like the man did in the movie?

He said no but in the heat of the moment since the pleasures are so great, most of the times the guys end up releasing their sperm(cum) inside the woman only and in very rare cases pull out in time. Now I was armed with all the information I needed to enjoy sex and how to avoid getting pregnant already knowing that till my periods started I was safe.

I was already dreaming of fucking and the pleasures that came with it and was now trying to convince Hardeep to fuck me and show me how it feels. He kept making excuses but I knew in the back of my mind he wanted it too and he would give in very soon.

Now to threaten him I told him if he was not going to fuck me then I wouldn’t think twice before going to any of the boys now understanding very well what they exactly want when they squeeze my boobs. I hit the jackpot saying this and Hardeep now angrily told me not to think about doing anything so stupid. I cut him off saying if he couldn’t fuck me then he had to let me get fucked by someone else who was willing.

He agreed to fuck me provided I followed every instruction of his and remained patient. I agreed to everything. He made me lie on his bed and spread my legs wide and getting on top of me held my face with his hands and brought his lips close to mine. He asked me if I observed how the hero kissed the girl and I told him I did see but need to practice to do it as good as in the movie.

Then he stuck his lips to mine and started sucking both my lips and darted his tongue in my mouth. I too sucked his lips and pushed my tongue inside his mouth and trying to copy his actions. I was stroking his penis with my hand while his hands were squeezing my boobs making my pussy even wetter.

We stopped after kissing for a long while and then he told me that after the first fuck I might not be in a position to walk normally due to possible pain. He looked at the time and we both had been at this for one and half hours now and he suggested I go home now. He was still on top of me and I felt his cock become hard again touching my pussy.

I held his cock at my pussy and I started raising my bottom making his cock enter my pussy. He asked me to tell him when it hurts so he will stop. He too started pushing his penis inside my pussy while we resumed smooching. He held my face with his hands kissing me wildly while his penis slowly burrowed into my virgin hole little by little.

I felt pain but I was ready to quietly bear it for the sake of fucking and soon he was fully inside me stretching my pussy beyond limits. He looked at my face he got worried seeing my tears, I made an excuse that these were tears of joy because of the ultimate pleasure he was giving me. He slowly pulled his penis out of my love hole and brought his face to my pussy to examine it.

He pulled me to my feet making me stand to see if I could walk and despite the pain I managed to walk normally. He told me that we should stop right now because I had almost screwed up. I held his cock stroking it with my hands and told him I am ready to get fucked now so why waste time waiting. I pushed him back on the bed and started giving him a blowjob and in a few minutes his cock was hard again.

I was climbed on him trying to insert his cock inside my pussy from below when he stopped me and asked me if I was sure? I said yes he lifted me and laid me on his bed and came on top of me. He licked my pussy nicely again before positioning his cock at my love entrance and gently inserted very little and paused.

He remained motionless inside me for a few minutes and as if by natural instinct he slowly started pulling out a little and pushing it back in. He made it a point to do it very slowly taking utmost care not to hurt me again. Within the next few minutes all pain was gone and I was swimming in heightened pleasure. He started pumping me slowly.

He went on nonstop for over fifteen minutes and whispered in my ears that he was going to cum. His thrusts got harder indicating his approaching release I told to cum inside my pussy. After a few more hard strokes he released his sperm inside my pussy and lay down by my side panting. I could feel his cum ooze out of my pussy and I picked up all his juice with my hand and licked it.

I saw that his penis growing soft and small. I asked him how much time does it take for a man to get ready to fuck again after cumming. He said it depends on case to case basis and most men are able to cum only two times back to back. I was relishing everything we had done and how much fun it was.

He requested me to please keep this as my deepest secret not telling anyone especially my parents and I assured him provided he was going to fuck me whenever I wanted. He agreed saying he really enjoyed sex with me. He helped me to my feet and the pain between my legs was gone and I was walking normally. He took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up and we came back and sat on his bed.

He reminded me about the time and just before I pulled up my panties I touched my pussy and I was wet again. I got dressed up and we walked to my house. I was feeling great losing the virginity of all my holes and with my new found knowledge of sex and I wanted sex much more. I thanked Hardeep for everything he had done for me.

Once we were inside my compound he stopped in-between the trees pulling me behind the cover of the leaves and darkness. He smooched and squeezed my breasts and pushed his other hand inside my skirt and panties pushing one finger inside my wet pussy. He kissed me good bye and he left me sailing in my pleasure heavens.

I will end this episode here and tell you more in subsequent posts. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it down. Let me know how you liked this and I will post the rest of the parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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