Sister was about to be shared by her husband

Sister was about to be shared by her husband – Cuckolding from a Woman’s View

Main Characters of the story are Mandy & Bud, Jan & John, and Mary & Don.

“Mandy wait until I tell you what happened last night!” my sister almost yelled into the phone at me.

It was Jan and while I was happy to talk with her since she is my sister, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear any more about what she had been doing lately involving her new sexual adventures.

You see it seems my sister was now completely taken over by the idea of her husband’s that involved sharing her with other men. It was all she talked about and wanted now. And her husband loved the idea of watching her as she screwed another man. He actually wanted it!

This idea got even strange. She told me earlier this month that if that went well, she was thinking about a threesomes. Last night was the big event. It would be the first cuckold event for her husband and they were going to do it in her own bed. She had picked the man and she was actually going to have sex with him while her husband sat in a chair in the bedroom and watched.

While I didn’t want to hear her tell me all the sexual details I was wondering if she really went through with it. Did my sister make her husband a cuckold last night? Did she fuck another man while he watched? I was going to find out.

But, let me back up a little since this did involve my husband and me before it was all over. I have two sisters, Mary who is 24 and married to Don. Jan who is 28 and married to John. I’m the oldest at 33 but I guess my life has been good or at least easier than both of them since everyone tells me I look the youngest of all three of us.

Jan who was calling me was the middle sister and she had been married six years to a guy named John and we all were wondering about him. He was in my opinion sort of funny. No not the he he he type funny, but just funny as in….strange. I guess that’s the word I’m looking for. Oh he’s nice enough but just weird. They have three kids and seem to be happy. They did smoke pot a lot when the kids aren’t around. They both work at jobs that don’t pay much and my sister is always looking for ways to earn money.

My youngest sister Mary is married to a man named Don and they have one child. She and her husband work and don’t have very much money either but they seem happy too.

Me, I have two kids and I’m very happy. I work at a nice job in a school and my husband and I enjoy our lives very much. My husband has a very good job and a good income and it’s enough to live well and enjoy a few holidays every year traveling with and without our children.

Anyway enough about my family’s background and information. About 6 months ago my sister told me about a story on the Internet that her husband had booked marked. She told me he left the PC turned on one night after smoking some weed and went to bed. After she was sure he was asleep she wondered what he was reading for so long and looked. What she read made her laugh but also made her wonder what John really wanted out of their sex life.

The story was about a man who used other men to fuck his wife. It was what they called a cuckold story. The story told about the sex and how the husband watched as this other man fucked his wife. There were many men and they al were different and chosen by the wife with the husband’s blessing. These men were handed picked by the wife and according to the story the sex was unbelievable. What was amazing to Jan as she read this story was how the husband allowed it. In fact he supported it and wanted it! She wondered if her husband John was thinking about this and wanted this type of sex. Was he going to ask her to do this too?

As my sister read on she realized it turned her on and apparently it did the same thing to her husband. In the story, the idea of the woman being fucked like a common whore drove her husband crazy with lust. As Jan looked at the history section she saw that her husband was reading all of these types of stories. Apparently he liked them very much.

Jan told me she found out later that John absolutely loved the idea of seeing her being “plugged” as he called it by other men. But reading this first story started it all for her. She told me she couldn’t believe her John was reading this shit. But as she looked more and more on this site, she read a few more stories and they made her extremely excited about trying it. She went to bed that night with a bunch of questions for her husband in the morning when he was sober and more coherent.

The next day after the kids were out of the house she researched this sexual act and cuckolding in general. Seems there are a lot of sites that refer to it. She read all she could and then confronted her husband about it when he came home from work.

He was embarrassed but finally after she pushed and pushed, he broke down and told her everything. He asked her if she wanted to try it to try it once and she was speechless.

That was actually the first time she called me about it. She told me the entire story and asked me what she should do? I didn’t know what to tell her so we decided to meet for lunch, I paid and we talked for two hours. When we were done I had told her I really felt it was a bad idea. But what she told me made me interested in this type of sex to the point. I looked it up on the net too. I wondered if it was a sort of joke. I soon found out it wasn’t. In fact the more I read the more I wanted to read. It excited my sexual fantasies.

I was shocked about what I read some men wanted in their sex life. Some of these men were nothing more than slaves, sissies, or wimps who couldn’t tell their wives no. They were no more than slaves to their wives and did some strange stuff and some did things to the point I didn’t believe it.

And then there were other men who just wanted to watch their wife get fucked in all their holes. It was the sight of them having orgasms with other men that seemed to drive them wild. They went nuts after wards fucking their wives after the first man was done. Still others participated in three way sexual orgies with another man or sometimes more than one. But this wasn’t a joke there were marriages out there that lived this way of life.

I knew my husband would throw my ass out if I did this sort of thing but even so these stories were very erotic and I was quiet wet and horny when I left the PC that night and went to bed. My husband was awoken that night and a few more after that one with me sucking his cock, getting it hard and then fucking him hard and long to satisfy my hunger.

As Jan and John moved closer and closer to actually doing this type of sexual act she told me all about it, step by step. John even talked to me about it once in their house when we were all together, just the three of us.

Jan also told Mary our youngest sister. Mary called me right away and told Jan was nuts. We talked about it and Mary couldn’t believe I was actually reading stories about it too. She couldn’t believe that they excited me so much. I told her to read one and gave her the web address. That’s how all three of us got to know about cuckolding and what Jan was doing, or going to do.

Then Jan called and told us she needed to talk. The three of us met for lunch again and talked about it for a long time. What I couldn’t understand was what the husband got out of the arrangement. I mean the wife gets the best of both worlds. She stays married to her husband while she is allowed to take lovers to her home or a hotel or even the other man’s house and have sex with them. She can have sex with many men while her husband stays true to her. He gives her permission and his OK to do it. In fact he asks her to do it. I couldn’t imagine what the husband got out of it except watching the act and jerking off. The three of us laughed when we all were thinking about John sitting there jerking off while Jan screamed and screamed as she was fucked royally by a guy with a big cock.

Jan tried to explain that John told her he felt it would improve their sex and he really get off on it. He wanted to “watch his wife being fucked” Jan said, “That’s exactly what he told me! He was deadly serious. He wanted a guy to come to the house and fuck me and he had to have a huge cock.”

Jan smiled and said, “And who am I to fight what my husband wanted me to do. Hey, if that’s what he really wants, so be it! I’ll sacrifice for him because I love him!” She laughed out loud about that comment.

She told us they hadn’t actually done it yet. They were at the point of interviewing and picking one of three men. They were now talking and deciding which one they would pick first to participate in their fantasy of having another man fuck her while John watched.

Mary and I couldn’t believe she was actually going to do it as we ate lunch and talked. As we did so, I could feel my thighs squeezing my pussy tight and I was wet again. It excited me. I wasn’t sure why or that I actually wanted to try it, but the idea was exhilarating to think about.

It made me wonder what it would be like to be fucked by a man, a man I got to pick. I mean I could have any type of man. A blond hair blue eyed giant around 6’5″ or a weight lifter with huge muscles. I mean, maybe I would pick a guy with a huge cock and let him fuck me crazy. Not that my husband was small, average I guess you would call him. A huge cock, humm, that would be fun. But to interview men and then to see how big they were made me ask a question. I asked, “How do you know how big he is? I mean how do you know for sure how big his cock is Jan.”

We all laughed at that one. But meanwhile I was saying, or, I could pick one who could go and go and go without cumming. Of course I would of course ask for references. Again we laughed like schoolgirls as I told my sisters about the references.

Finally I said it’s exciting because I could pick a short guy or a tall one; he could be a black one or a white one or someone in between with mixed blood. Hell he could be an Asian or Latin! It could any man I wanted. I told them again that idea did excite me.

Then I came back to earth and told my sisters that I knew my husband and he would throw my ass out on the street along with the guy. Then being the oldest I got very serious and told Jan there were lots of slippery slops with this type of relationship. She better be sure about what she was going to do. She waved me off and told me she had already interviewed the three men she had met.

She told us she had them all come over her house one at a time on separate nights. She and John spent a time with them talking and asking questions. Then John would get up and leave so she could ask more questions, more personal ones. As they answer questions about what they liked about sex she had them strip completely. Mary and I held our hands to our mouths and gasped. Jan laughed and told us she made them turn around and she said she actually examined them.

We were sitting there with our mouths open and just listening to her. She told us if she was going to do it she was going to do it right. She wanted a man who could fuck her long and hard in different positions. That was a given! But she went on and said she also wanted a man who likes to eat pussy! That’s what she said. She wanted her pussy licked and sucked until she screamed and had to actually pull his head out from between her legs.

Both Mary and I said, “So tell us about the men damn it!”

She laughed and said, So you do like the idea! I knew it! Ok! OK! The first was a young guy maybe as young as 21 or 22 and he was tall and very well built. I mean very well built and when he stood nude in front of me he had extremely nice equipment, maybe as much as 9 inches of long hard thick cock and huge balls. But he was so beautiful that John was a little taken back but it. He felt he was to good looking. I didn’t” say no or yes to John but I did remind him if I was going to try this it was my decision with whom. He agreed and we went on to the next man the next night.

I said, “Way a minute Jan. I mean how….how did you…know Jan. I mean how did you tell for sure he had a big thick 9 inches?”

Mary said, “Yea, and big balls, how do you know all that?”

She laughed and said, “Mary, Mandy! How do you think? I used my hands and stroked him and the other guys too! I wanted to see how big they got. What? What are you looking at? How else was I going to tell how big a cock they had? Yea, yea, yea John knows about it. Hell he was there standing in the kitchen doorway watching me do it. I made all three of them cum while I jerked them off and John watched. Then John and I had so very hot sex after they left. I told you John gets off on this shit! You should have seem his face when I made them cum. And when he fucked me……..God it was we were on our honeymoon again!”

She then started to tell us about the second man. She told us her husband had seen the second guy at the gym and knew he was a good one. “I agreed”, she said.

The second man was maybe 30 and had huge arms and a big chest. He is a weight lifter and a male dancer at an all-male review club. He had eyes that looked like round marbles they were dark and looked very sexy. When he stripped she found out that not only did he also have a huge cock but he had a tongue like that guy in the group called Kiss. He actually stuck it out to show her. It was so damn long she told us. Then she laughed and said, “I can’t wait to feel it between my pussy lips as I hold his head and fucked his face.

Mary said, “Jesus Jan! You have become really crude and really talk dirty now!”

We all laughed but Mary was right! My sister had changed from all of this. I asked, “So you decide on the second guy then?”

She said, “Well I will want to try him but no I haven’t actually picked anyone yet. I think if I play my cards right with John I can have all three. But he will be one of the men I do it with you can bet on that. I mean Mandy! That tongue! Oh My God!”

I asked, “And the third guy?” I had to know!

Jan hesitated for a minute looking at both of us. Then she said, “He’s black. Now wait a minute both of you! He’s Ok. I know him and he’s OK. In fact he’s married to someone John and I both know. He’s about a tall as your husband Mandy maybe a little taller and dark, dark as night.”

She laughed and said; “He told me he had a hunk of nigger meat between his legs for my white ass. But when he stripped he looked about average to me. But then you know all black men lie about their cock size. It’s part of being black I guess. So when I jerked him off and got him hard he was average but he did cum a lot in my hands. Maybe I just excited him, you know being white and all that.”

Then Jan smiled at us and said, “Hell not just blacks guys lie about their cocks, all men lie about their cock size. You know a foot is really 5 inches in reality.” She held up her thumb and index finger and said, “You know, this is a foot! Right?”

We all laughed again. Then she said, “No he looked like he was about 6 or maybe 7 inches long tops! But it was as thick as the other two men were so I know he would be a good fuck too. The difference was it was as fucking black as the ace of spade.”

She giggled at that. Then Jan said, “John is scared of him because he looks like he was in jail. He has scares and tattoos all over him. But I loved looking at his black nude body as he stood in our living room yesterday all dark and shinny.

As we talked I realized I really wanted to now what it would be like for my sister being fucked while her husband looked on. I mean I was almost dripping from her telling us about the three men she talked with thee men and jerked then off with while her husband watched. She had three really good men to pick from and her husband gave her his approval finally for any of the three. And Jan was going to pick one tonight and have sex with him this Saturday.

I started to feel she was lucky! Even if I couldn’t actually do what she was about to do, I sure could hear about it from my sister. When we left Jan told us she would keep us informed about her adventures. As we left the restaurant she told us she would let us know how it went on late Sunday morning and that we should all go to brunch and talk. We agreed to meet her on Sunday.

As Mary and I walked to our cars Mary told me she couldn’t believe what Jan was going to do. I asked her if it excited her and she told me it did but she would never do it. I told her it really excited me and that my panties were wet but she better not say anything about it to m y husband! She laughed and promised. She hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Your husband and my old man will kill you and me and the guys too! Jan’s husband has always been strange!”

I told her I knew it!

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