He plays with his wife, her sister, and wife’s BF

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He plays with his wife, her sister, and wife’s BF

Ringgggggg… Ringgggggg…

“Sean, can you get that?”

“Hello? Hey Gina… what’s wrong? Ok, hold on, I’ll get her…”

“Katie, your sister is on the phone. She seems really upset and said she needs to talk with you.”

When I heard my wife Katie pick up the phone in our bedroom, I pretended to hang up, but instead, I put my phone on mute so that I could eavesdrop.

“Gina, what’s wrong?” Katie started, “is everything Ok?”

“Katie, I just found out that Danny has been cheating on me. We talked about it and he said he thought it would be best if we just break up. Can I come over? I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Ummm, sure, well, hang on, actually, can I call you back in a few minutes?”

I hung up the phone and waited for Katie to come into the living room. The reason Katie had to call her back was because we were involved in a bit of playtime, something secretive that we never shared with anyone before.

My wife is an absolute hottie; she is a sexy dark-skinned filipina, 30 years old, 5’3″, 110#s, 34b, has an amazingly round ass, and is an insatiable nymphomaniac. Her overly-sexual nature requires her to have a boyfriend to supplement her hunger for passion.

The reason she hesitated in telling Gina to come over was because her boyfriend, Chris, had come over and was hanging out in the living room. She didn’t want him to leave, but also knew her sister needed her right now. So, she asked Chris if he would be Ok with Gina coming over, but if he could keep his hands off of her until she left. Of course, Chris said yes, but his tone was more of a maybe.

Gina is a younger and more petite version of Katie, 24 years old, 5’0″, 100#s, but with slightly bigger tits. I’ve had the hots for Gina since the very first day I met her. Since my wife is such a nympho, she loves dirty talk and fantasies, and we often talked about me playing with Gina while Katie watched.

After Katie made Chris promise to keep his hands off of her in front of Gina, she called Gina back and invited her over.

Chris is the typical Californian surfer guy – 32 years old, 5’10”, blonde haired, blue eyed, handsome, and muscular. As if this wasn’t enough to excite any woman, Chris also has an 8″ clean-shaven cock with very large balls.

I must be honest, I have always been jealous of Chris. I mean, my wife and I love each other, but because he is more her ‘fantasy guy’, as well as better hung than me, she has longer, more powerful, and more frequent orgasms when she is with him. He is also long-lasting and very Dominant in and out of the bedroom.

I am attractive, but only 5’8″, not muscular, and have only a 6″ dick. I am the opposite of Chris in looks; I have brown hair, brown eyes, and more of a feminine body. Additionally, I am what my wife calls a ‘minute-man’ in the bedroom; I am also submissive.

Using his sex appeal to his advantage, Chris told Katie to go get a pen and paper. After writing a few things, Chris handed me a list and told me to go to the store and get a few items before Gina arrived. I knew that whenever Chris and my wife were alone, something sexual was happening. The whole way to the store, I had an emotional mixture of jealousy, excitement, and pure horniness.

When I got to the grocery store, I looked at the list: Two bottles of tequila and a dozen limes. It was a very simple request, but two bottles? I knew Chris was up to something.

Arriving home, I saw Gina’s car in the driveway. Instantly, my heart started racing. I knew that Chris was planning something, but I didn’t know exactly what. I walked in with the liquor and saw Gina on the couch next to Katie. She was crying and hugging her sister through some muffled, sobbing sentiments about Danny. Chris was on the recliner and motioned for me to cut up some limes.

“Katie, would you and your sister like a shot? Sean bought some tequila for us,” Chris offered in a compassionate voice.

Right away, I knew Chris was being a gentleman only to gain Gina’s respect and comfort.

“Yes, please,” Katie, said. Then turning back to Gina she continued, “In a few drinks you’ll realize what a loser Danny is, so don’t even worry about him.”

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