Hot Step Mom

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After my folks divorced, my younger brother and I move to a different state with my Mom. But Mom had promised I could attend high school and graduate with my old friends, so I moved back in with my Dad and his new wife when I was a senior.

My Step Mom Jen was 8 yrs younger than my Dad, and to be honest she was pretty hot. 5’6, blonde, nice tits, and a great ass and hot legs.

She was also 6 months pregnant at the time, but still hot! My new baby brother was born three months later. Jen was breastfeeding him, and her tits were even bigger now. I envied the little guy whenever she was nursing him!

As a baby gift I’d bought them a Baby Monitor camera set-up, so Jen could monitor lil bro when he was in his crib. She and Dad aren’t too tech savvy, so I set it up for them. I’d chosen a monitor with all the features, so she could even check on him from her phone. What she or Dad didn’t know was that I could also see the live feed on my phone or computer! So…when Jen was in the nursery breastfeeding…I could watch her! I’d sit in my room drooling over her milky tits and jerk off. A lot of times she wore just a robe over panties, or sometimes she’d take it off and let him suckle wearing ONLY panties!

I was jerking myself raw a few times a day, when things took an even hotter turn. Jen was pumping her tits with an electric breast pump while baby bro was napping in his crib. As I watched, her hand sliiped inrto her panties and she started masturbating!! DAMN!! This was soooooooo hot. There was an audio feed and I could hear her moaning softly, then more urgently! It didnt take long before her body trembled and she had an orgasm!! FUCK!!!!

This continued most every time she was pumping, and though I hadn’t done it before, I started recording her and saving the files to my computer.

I’d watched her so often now that I could tell from her moans and bod language when she was going to cum. So…one afternoon when I knew it was just us in the house. I waited till she was about redy to climax, and I walked in on her in the Nursery. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t realize I was in the room. too late to turn back now!! I had my cock out, stroking as I approached her, heart pounding.

“Jen…need some help?” Her eyes wide open ow, she tried to cover herself and at the same time struggled to say something that would explain what she was doing. I just said, “Its okay, let me help you”.

And I pushed my hard cock against her parted lips. She knew she was caught, and reluctantly took my boner into her mouth. I was far too excited to last, and after only a minute or so of her eager sucking I filled her mouth with a huge load of my jizz!!

She swallowed most of it, and then continued sucking until I was hard again!

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