This story is about my wife. I married Anna a few years ago. I completely, instantly and hopelessly fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. Once I heard her voice, I knew I was never going to let her go. I am a cop and work in a small town of northern Canada. That’s the day I met the love of my life. A usual day at work, boring and nothing exciting. I heard the door opened and there she was. Clutching to her black bag with big sunglasses on. I was so mesmerized by her beauty that I didn’t realize that she was struggling with something and needed help.

Thanks to my co worker Susie, she rushed to help her. That’s when I realized that Ann is blind. Suzie took her to the help desk to assist her better. Ann needed a criminal record check so she can start working with children with visual disability.

Suzie asked me if I was okay and my smile pretty much said it all. I went to Ann and tried to have a casual chat with her while Suzzie worked on the paper work. More I talked to her, more I wanted to spend time with her. Once paper work was done I asked Ann if she needed help. She had hard time getting a cab as there was a heavy snow fall. I asked her if she needed a ride and she reluctantly agreed. Anna looked half white and half brown. Lighter skin and dark brown hair. When I arrived at her place she took her glasses off and I could see her beautiful eyes but no light in them.

I asked her if it was okay and I can see her again. She reluctantly agreed to meet me after a week for coffee. We met for coffee and spend really amazing time together. We started meeting more and more and I kissed her one day. She got scared and wanted me to drop her at her place. I apologized but she just wanted to be left alone. I had to promise that I will never touch her again if she doesn’t like it. After a year of dating, finally the day came when she stayed in my arms after I gave her my usual friendly hug. We were at my place and I was ready to take her back to her place. She stayed in my arms and I kissed her earlobe and asked if that was okay. She asked me in return if I will be embarrassed to be seen with her being blind. I told her never. I will never be embarrassed. Actually I don’t even think I deserve you. You are the most beautiful and kind soul I have met. I then kissed her on her lips and felt her breathing go restless. I knew that was going to be our first night together. I picked her up and took her to my bedroom. We started kissing again but passionately. I removed our clothes in no time. She tried to hide her beautiful small breast with her hands and i made her move them to see her gorgeous boobs. She asked me if I really want to make love to her and not just out of pity.

I held her face and told her how much I loved her and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I could see that her tension was gone. She looked like a beautiful goddess. I kissed and sucked each and every part of her body. She was moaning in pleasure. She asked me if I would like her to suck my dick. This was the third thing she said something that puzzled me. I said only if she wants to. She asked me to put my dick in her mouth. Her beautiful mouth took my dick and started sucking on it. She was sucking my giant cock like a pro. When she got tired I went on top of her and started sucking her tiny nipples. I also realized that she had some marks on her back. Perhaps an old injury but looked like belt marks.
I could not hold anymore and inserted my cock in her pussy. She jumped at once but then got adjusted and took it nicely. I kept fucking her while kissing and sucking her boobs. She came twice and finally I came inside her. This was our first night together. We spent many more nights together after, off course. Once I was sucking and kissing her body and started kissing her pussy. She got nervous and asked if this was normal. I asked her to wait and decide herself. I started playing with her folds with my tongue and started licking and sucking her clit. She got to a point where she begged me to stop and fuck her with my dick. She was getting very open now. I asked her about marks on her back. I saw her eyes moistened when I asked. She started telling me all about it.

She met a man named Steve a few years ago at a hospital where she used to volunteer before she started working. Steve was the CEO of the hospital. They started dating and one night he wanted to sleep with her. She refused as she was 19 at that time and didn’t fully feel like it. He threatened to leave her if she didn’t and she eventually gave in. He took her to his place that night. I will use her language as it will make more sense. He started kissing me and I tried to cooperate by mimicking what he was doing. He picked me in his arms and took me upstairs. I was scared as I have never done this before.

He was usually calm and gentle with me. But that night he felt rough and aggressive. He kept biting my lips and cheeks. He took me to his bedroom and started undressing me. He gave me some coke to feel a bit relaxed. I started feeling horny after I drank it. He made me sit in his lap and started sucking and biting my breasts. He got undressed and me face him while I sat in his lap, I could feel his giant penis touching my vegina all the way above my belly button. I loved being touched and loved by this powerful man.
My legs were wrapped around his waste and he started kissing me very deep. I kept mimicking what he was doing and was ready to be his. He started sucking my nipples and then biting them. I asked him to be gentle and he said there is no fun without a little bit pain. He then made me lie down in the bed and came on top of me. He asked me to put my hands up and tied them to the bed headboard. I asked him to untie me but he said that be thankful that I am going to make you a woman tonight. You need to learn how to please a man and open your mouth only to suck his dick. He then started rubbing his cock on my pussy. He was roughly pulling my Nipples while doing it. He then started pushing his dick inside my pussy. I begged him to go slow as it was hurting a lot. He quickly shoved something in my mouth, seemed like his underwear. He starting fucking me slow and then fast and told me how tight I was. That he has never fucked a whore like me. What kind of good girl will open her legs so quick for a man. He asked if she needed money from me, I cried more.

Tears rolled down my cheeks while I struggled to breath, unable to bare the physical and emotional pain. He didn’t stop and kept going further inside me. I felt I was passing down. When I regained my conscious he was completely inside me and was fucking me really hard. I felt like he was going to tore me.

When he saw me gaining conscious he started kissing me again. He kept calling me a fuck bitch. Ohh yes baby you are so fucking tight. I will rip your pussy apart and then your ass. Such a good girl you are. I am going to fuck you like this every night and make you pregnant. Then you will only be mine and I will fuck you whenever I want. I will bring a dog and make him fuck you like a bitch like you deserve, you will love when his dick will get stuck inside your ass. I was praying that we will come soon so this torture can stop. He came and stopped but stayed on top of me. He untied me after he was done and cleaned me.

We slept for a bit after. He woke up after an hour and so and started kissing me again. I asked him to take me back to my place. He started apologizing and said that he couldn’t stop himself and really loves me. I begged him to let me go but he wasn’t listening, he was like a different man altogether.

He started hugging and kissing me again. In no time he was fucking me again and I broke into tears and begged him to stop and that I was too sore. He stopped and said that you will have to make me come if you want me to stop, lets use this beautiful mouth of yours. He showed his dick in my mouth. It tasted like blood and cum. I wasn’t able to breathe properly and tried to push him away. He put my arms up and showed his cock in my mouth again and went as deep as he could. I could not breath and kept gagging while he held my head and kept fucking my mouth. He slapped me every time I gagged. He kept doing this for few minutes and I felt something hot gushing in my throat. He made me lick it clean and made me say that I loved it. I hated saying it but I told him that I loved making love with him. He told me to use the word fuck. I told him I like getting fucked by him like a bitch. I am thankful that he took my virginity and turned me into a whore.

We woke up in the morning and he made me breakfast and then dropped me back at my place. I wasn’t able to decide whether it was a normal sex or he has issues. Anyway, he said he will be busy on a project and we didn’t see each other for a week, I was able to heal meanwhile.

One night I heard the door opened and knew it was him since he had a spare key. He gave me a hug telling me how much he missed me. I prepared pasta that day and I started surving the dinner. I try to make easy things so I can manage it easily. We had dinner together and I absolutely loved it. He was so nice and loving. He carried me in his arms to the couch and cleaned everything. We listened to music for a bit after. He kept caressing my hair and face the whole time and made me laugh and smile.
He picked me up and took me to my bedroom after. He apologized at first and then said that I love you Ann. But you will have to understand that at the end of the day you are blind and are not really nothing in this world. No man will want to get stuck with you but here I am with you right now. Being with you means I will miss so many things. Now it’s your duty to make sure that you compensate your weakness with something else. I asked what do I have to to. He said that you let me fuck you whenever and however I want. You will never ask to go out with me cause it’s embarrassing for me. I will never marry you but I will visit you ever night and leave after a bit. I agreed to everything.

He then started kissing me again and undressed me. This time I didn’t feel any love from him at all. But I was too scared to lose him and to be alone. He Took his clothes off and told me to open my mouth wide open. I knew what was coming. He fucked my mouth until he came deep inside my throat. We lied down for a bit and then he asked me to lick his dick and balls. I could not do a good job as I couldn’t see. He got mad and slapped me hard on my face. I fell towards the foot board and cut my lip. I could feel that blood came out. He quickly held my face and apologized. But then started licking my lips where I got hurt. He started licking the blood and then later sucking hard to draw more blood out of it. I knew that time that he enjoys hurting me.

He kept sucking my lips really hard and made me stand in fours like a bitch. He said since you are a bitch, I will fuck you like one. He held my ass and pushed his dick in my pussy in one go. I screamed in pain and he told me that he loves my screams and I deserve it. He kept fucking me hard and deep while pinching my nipples. He came inside me and we slept for about an hour. He then made me sit on his dick and taught me how to fuck that way. He would slap me hard when I didn’t do it right. He will pull my nipples while I sit on his dick. In the morning he gave me a pill before he left and told me to eat less and drink more. That pill was some sort of laxative and made me go a couple of times. He came back in the evening with food. He fed me with his hands and kept kissing my hands and cheeks.

I thought again that the bad part is over and maybe he won’t hurt me again. He undressed me in the kitchen and made me suck him to get his dick hard and ready. Once he was hard, he made me bend in the kitchen and started rubbing and then spanking my ass. I thought he was going to fuck my pussy but he pushed his finger in my ass instead. I jumped in pain and fear. I begged him to stop but he got mad at me again. He said that don’t forget your promise, you are my fuck toy and I will do as I please. Either let me do what I want or live alone. I nodded and tried to stay as calm as possible.

He touched my head and said I was a good girl. He put a collar on my neck and made me bend again. He showed my panties in my mouth to keep me quiet. He inserted a finger and then thumb and more fingers in my anus. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. He finally showed his dick there and I almost passed out. He said you are a good virgin bitch. This is the only reason that i picked you. I love fucking young virgin bitches. You are a woman now baby and are ready to take my whole cock. You will soon get pregnant and be my baby maker. I will make you give birth to one offspring every year. I will fill all your holes and make you my whore. I would love to see getting fucked by my friends one day. One of them will really teach you some good lessons and will give you what you deserve. This was just the beginning of what he called love.

I thought that’s how relationships work and accepted his abuse. One night he came and said he is in trouble. He said someone made a video of us in his office getting intimate. I remembered that once he called me in his office to congratulate for doing my volunteer work so well. Off course it was an excuse. He made me sit under his desk to give him a blow job first. Then he made me bend by his desk and took my ass. Someone made a video that day. That guy was blackmailing him that either he makes me sleep with him or he will make that video viral. He begged me to save him. I refused but he promised that he will still love me and marry me after. I agreed thinking we can live happily after.

He called me the next day that the blackmailer will come to my place tonight and I will have to do exactly as he tells me to. Night came and I heard the door opened which was followed by doorsteps. But it was confusing as he said one person but it sounded more than one person. He came near me and said hello Ann you look pretty today. I don’t know why but his voice was enough to bring chills and I was scared to death. As if it was Satan himself. He was standing right in front of me and I heard the chairs moving. I knew there were at least four people there in the room. He came closer and told me to undress. He then asked me to stand on fours while he put a collar around my neck and a leash. He made me walk like a bitch while caressing my head and butt. He took me to other men and made me sniff their privates like a bitch would, one held on to my face tried to push it towards his naked genitals. He made me sit on the table and asked me to keep my legs open. One of them started fucking me dry. He was roughly pinching and pulling my nipples. It hurt and I let a moan out, only to get a slap and a cock shoved in my mouth. One said let’s see how many men she can take at one time. They ordered me to walk them to my bed room. One of them pushed me in the bed and made me spread my arms and legs to tie them and said let’s fuck all her holes together.

They fucked me like that for a couple of hours and then untied me.
One came underneath me and pushed his dick inside my ass. Another one was facing me, he kept my legs wide open and showed his dick in my Pussy. I thought they were going to rip me apart. Scary one said make the bitch quiet and shove her panties in her mouth. I was gagging and crying, I then felt something burning my nipples. I wished that Steve will come and save me from them. After they were done they made me sit in the bathtub with freezing cold water in it. My pain started to numb. They took me back to my bedroom and now I was alone with the scary man. Somehow, I knew the worst was coming.

He ordered me to drink something and waited before it could show it’s effect on me. Suddenly I was really hot and horny. So horny that I was ready to shove anything in my already torn pussy.

He burned me with a cigarette and asked what I want. I kept quiet. He started burning my nipples again and again. When I didn’t talk he shoved it in my pussy and I screamed in pain. He asked again what do you want my bitch. I said please fuck me like a bitch. He got on top of me and started fucking me really hard. After he was done he asked all the men to come and start fucking me. He told them not to use any condoms and fuck me dry and absolutely no moisture will be used of any sort. Every time someone came inside me they wiped me dry. There were about twelve men who fucked all my holes non stop until I passed out.

Scary one took me to his place after for a week. He tied me to his bed and made me suck a women’s pussy too. She was one of the senior managers at the hospital they all worked. She called me a half breed bitch. She told me what a mistake your father made by fucking a brown woman. Her pussy smelled like pee and she would push her pussy in my mouth when I got tired. She would sit on my face so I cant move, and then make me suck her pussy and then rub it all over my face. Scary guy will fuck her and then make me lick her pussy and ass clean.

The scary one is the one who gave me all the marks on my back and breasts. He told me that this was all a plan from the day when I started volunteering there. He told me that you are a bitch and need to know your place. You were sent to me to learn a lesson. He loved see me gagging on my panties and when he had his penis inside my mouth. His favourite game was to hit me with his belt and/or burning me with cigarettes. He made me go to his office a couple time and kept me naked the whole day once under his desk. He made me suck him and another co worker from under the desk. He always kept my panties when he was done and made me go home without it. My last day with him was at some sort of private party where there were about 10 men. They made me sit on a pool table and fucked me all night until I could not walk anymore. This ended one day and I never heard from any of them.

After a month Steve came after I called him a million times. He asked me what if I was okay and wanted to look at my body to ensure that. He undressed me and starting touching all the wounds I had. He started kissing and sucking my wounds. I told him he was hurting me. He said you just got fucked my a few men, I can’t possibly hurt you more than them. I could feel he enjoyed feeling my wounds and was trying to get blood out of them to suck it. He fucked my pussy and then ass that night and continued to press all my scratches and bites. He told me that both my holes are really loose now as a whore should have. He asked me if I liked getting fucked by his friends and would I like it again. I got scared and begged him not to. He started laughing and said bitches like you would say one thing but want another. I started thinking that I deserve all this as I let him enter my life. He took me to the washroom and made me pee after. Then he made me take a pill which made my stomach hurt really bad. Next day I remember Steve came to my place and said he can’t be with me since I am all destroyed to stay with a good man. Who will live with a woman who had slept with more than a dozen men and just had an abortion. I didn’t know what to say. I never heard from him after. I hugged my Ann really tight and wiped her tears after she finished her story. I promised I will never hurt her ever. She kept sobbing in her sleep and I held her the whole night.

I took her to meet my family and very close friends. She was scared and shy at first but they all made her feel so welcomed and loved. One even asked if she was sure to be with an idiot like me. I held her hand the whole time while we were. We walked home back that night, I had my arm around her waist. I saw so much satisfaction and relief on her face that night. We made love that night and I felt like I was with a different woman. We laughed, smiled and cuddled a lot. I fucked her on the dining table, then in the bed room. I made her sit in my lap and take my dick really deep. She loved sitting on my dick and asked me to suck her breast hard. She wanted me to come inside her so we didn’t use any condom that night. She said she feels so connected when I come inside her. We got married soon. I gave her three beautiful and healthy babies. I still make love to her every night and ensure that there is no condom between us. She loves when I lie on top of her and she wraps her legs around my waist to take my cock deep in her pussy.

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