Karen’s First Time With Her Son

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My name is Karen I’m 40 years old I’m not skinny or over weight I probably somewhere in between and I have 38F Natural Boobs. I live with my son Tommy. My husband left me before Tommy was born. I raised him on my own and did a wonderful job.

One day Tommy asked me about sex. So I told him everything about it. It’s always best to be honest. He started working out and getting into shape he had quite a bit of mussel and was a hansom young man. (I’m his mother so of course I think he’s hansom).

Then one day I was cleaning Tommy’s room and I found a pair of my panties with dry cum in them I wasn’t angry I just smiled to myself and I said bless him he’s just a horny teenager. Then a few days before his birthday on a warm afternoon I walked into Tommy’s room carrying a laundry basket and that’s when I caught Tommy jacking off with a pair of my panties Tommy saw me and we were both shocked and embarrassed I quickly apologise and left but I couldn’t stop thinking that my son had a very large cock.

Then the day finally arrived a hot beautiful Sunday morning Tommy’s birthday. It was a wonderful day Tommy didn’t want to go out he just wanted to stay home and have fun with his Mommy which made me happy because we’ve always had a close Mother-Son bond. It was getting late than Tommy come down stairs gave me a nice big hug a kiss on the cheek and said “Mom I’ve just ran you a nice warm bubble bath. I said “oh thank you sweetheart but you didn’t have to do that.” He said “I know I just wanted to” I said “you are so sweet” and gave him a kiss on the cheek and headed upstairs for my bath. After my bath I walked out of my onsweet bathroom wearing a towel and that’s when I caught my very own muscular son naked with his 11½ inch cock in his hand jacking off. When he saw me he tried and failed to cover up is massive hard cock it was too big at least 6 inches big than his father

Spying on me taking my bath must have gotten him so turned on

He was shocked and started to leave. Then I said “no don’t leave son stay we need to talk” he said very nervously “y..yeah o..ok” I said to him “it’s ok you are 18 today and I know it can’t be easy being horny all the time.” He said “yeah and living with a sexy and beautiful woman doesn’t help” then realising what he just said he put his hands over his mouth which resulted in him uncovering his massive cock I said “you think you’re mother is sexy and beautiful” he said “yes I do mom.” Than we both realised that his cock was fully exposed it had gone soft but he was still bigger than his father. The room was quiet for a while I was the first to speak I said

“Oh my oh my goodness, Son you are so big.” Tommy smiled I continued “you are bigger than your father ever was.” Tommy said “really Mom you think so” I responded with “I don’t think I know you definitely are bigger than your father.” Tommy started getting hard again and pretty quickly he was fully erect. Tommy spoke and said “Mom I should leave and take care of this” (glancing his eyes back down to his massive 11½ inch cock.)

I responded with “oh sweetheart come sit on the edge of Mommy’s bed.” He did as I asked very nervously and I walked over and sat next to him (his cock had now started to go down his was now probably about 7 inches) and said “Sweetheart can Mommy ask you something personal” Tommy said “sure mom anything” I said “Son now I need you to be 100% honest with me I know you have only just turned 18 today but I need to ask are you still a virgin.”

Tommy just nodded and then said “Yes Mom I am.” I said “oh sweetheart Mommy is very proud of you for being honest and don’t worry Mommy is going to teach you everything.”

With that I tried to wrapped my hand around his massive cock. I couldn’t fully closed my hand around his cock it was so thick. He moaned softly in pleasure as I gave him a handjob he started getting harder and harder than when he was fully hard at 11½ Inches I started moving my hand up and down stroking his cock I saw pre-cum leaking down his cock so I used it as lube and continued stroking my son’s massive fucking cock some more pre-cum appeared this time I leaned in and licked my son’s pre-cum it was so sweet. Tommy was shocked again.

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