The Best Birthday Present Ever

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The Best Birthday Present Ever – Chapter 1 – Moving-in day

The move to Philadelphia had gone well. All the furniture was in, and in place. The new house was going to be a wonderful place to bring up the family – a large eight-roomed colonial with roughly two acres of land which, while not secluded, offered a lot of privacy. It had an oversized two-car garage attached, with a sundeck on top, which was accessed through a doorway off the master bedroom, which had its own bathroom. On the opposite side of the bedroom was a large walk-in closet that served as the main closet for Joan and me.

The boys were already around next-door, being looked after by one of our friendly new neighbours, who had two kids of a similar age. There had been a stream of callers all day – some just our new neighbours, calling to get acquainted, and one or two tradesmen, who had spotted the removal van, and were getting their feet in the door, ahead of the opposition.

Joan was dealing with one of them, now – a tall young dark guy, whose laundry truck was parked just a few yards away from the high-sided removal van.

The three moving guys were straightening out the back of their vehicle before they set off back on the long journey to New York state, and I was coming round the side of the van, to say ‘goodbye’ and to give them each a few bucks, as extra thanks for their efforts. They had done a real good job, and built up a great rapport with Joan, my wife, and Ben and Luke, our young sons.

They were talking as they moved things around and I was just reaching the rear of the vehicle when I heard Ray, the oldest one, say – “She’s got the peachiest ass I’ve seen all year. I tell you, when I get home tonight, Shirley’s gonna get some unscheduled fucking, but it’s gonna be Joan’s tits and sexy butt I’ll be thinking about!”

My pace slowed, and I stopped. I turned round. It would just be embarrassing if I walked in on them, now, with them discussing my wife, in that way. Anyway, I was having second thoughts about tipping them, now – talking about my wife like that!

“She’s really something else,” Ray was going on. “I guess she’s Italian, or something like that – really hot-blooded. That long black hair and dark smouldering eyes – and what a body!”

“You know how I’d like to do her?” That was Mike – a tall, rangy 30-year-old with long blonde straggly hair. I stopped again, a strange excitement building up in me. My mouth was drying, and my heart was beating irregularly.

“Up against a wall,” Mike went on. “My hands round these ass-cheeks, her legs clamped round my waist, and my dick sunk real deep inside her until she squealed for mercy!”

“Nah,” responded Ray. “I’d want her bent over, so I could get my hands round those big luscious tits while I shafted her from behind. She’d be even better than that one in Wichita!”

“Wichita?” The question came from Louie, the youngest one, a thin wiry guy barely out of his teens. Ray laughed.

“Ah, that was before your time, Lou. A big redhead – about thirty-five or so. We was just leaving and she came into the van to thank us. Mike chanced his luck and asked for a kiss and she said OK. Well, she really gave him a big one and while she was kissing him, Charlie felt up her ass and she didn’t object and – well, one thing led to another and she ended up naked, gettin’ screwed by all four of us, on the big tarpaulin. Man, that was some job – and she gave us each twenty bucks before we went!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Louie. “D’ya reckon Joan would…?”

“Nah!” laughed Ray. “She ain’t the type. She doesn’t even know how sexy she is. She’s an all-American apple-pie wife and mom – husband gives her a regulation fuck every Saturday night or Sunday morning and, unless some other guy gets to her, to remind her what it’s all about, she’ll just join the PTA and the country club – and just get old and forget!”

“What a tragedy,” said Mike, despondently. “Look at her now, with that laundry guy. He can’t keep his eyes off her cleavage – and she’s got no idea! I can see his boner from here!”

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