Son tries to stop mom’s abusive boyfriend

When you see mom and me together, you know we’re related. You may not be sure if we’re mother and son or sister and brother but you would bet that we have the same blood running through us. The resemblance is striking enough so that you may even turn your head if you pass us on the street.

Mom’s 5’8″ and I’m 6’1″. We both have black hair and dark eyes. We run together almost every day and stay pretty slim but she does curve in places I don’t. She has a great body and your eyes will travel around it from one perfect feature to the next: at least mine do.

It isn’t that she’s showing off, but she has a way of ‘presenting’ herself. When she sits across from me, she always seems to turn her hip enough so that her breasts are at a perfect angle to view their fullness. They are superb. I can’t say that enough. They are superb perfect cones that make you want to touch them: at least I do.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw mom without a bra. She was getting dressed, her door was half opened and she didn’t know I was around. She stood in front of the mirror ‘examining’. She took a deep breath, put one hand on her belly and slowly turned her torso from side to side. I was amazed. Her nipples were bigger and longer than any I had ever seen. I’ve never been able to look at her tits, even fully clothed, and not think of those nipples. Not that her ass doesn’t look great when she shifts her hip and ‘displays’ it, it does: and her long shapely legs draw you up to the center with sparking thoughts.

We’re more than just physically alike; we seem to think alike also. There’s only one video and music collection; ‘ours’. Our birthdays are one day apart and we always laugh at the same jokes.

Her name is Linda and it suits her. The ‘father’ took off after I was born and mom says she didn’t miss him for a day. She has one sister, Yvette, who I call ‘Vette’ because when I was small mom always said “Aunt Yvette” and I thought she was saying “Auntie Vette”. Mom also has me, my name is Danny but mom usually calls me ‘sweets’: that’s the extent of the family. Oh there’s also the ‘boyfriend’ Frank. I’ve taken to thinking of him as ‘Fuckhead Frank’.

Frank is a cop son of a bitch who is ok when he’s not drunk but that’s not very often. Two beers and he’s barking orders and throwing his two hundred pounds around. He isn’t even a good cop. He has this scam with another cop for fixing tickets: no wonder he’s always got extra spending money. I can’t understand how mom puts up with it. She hardly sees him anyway because he sleeps during the day and works the night shift.

Mom took up with him after I left for University three months ago. I didn’t want to leave home but mom insisted because she said they have a good reputation for technology courses. I hate coming home now because he’s there; and I hate not coming home because she’s there.

The last time I was home he got liquored up and when mom didn’t get him a beer fast enough, he pinched her tit until it brought tears to her eyes. I punched him and told him to leave her alone and he backhanded me across the eye with his fist, opening a cut that took five stitches to close. He said if I made big deal about it I’d be sorry.

The next day, I got a call from Vette asking me to come over to her apartment.

“Honey we have to talk. This Frank has got to go. I didn’t want to upset you with this but your mom calls me every day with stories of how that bastard is mistreating her. She say’s she’d throw him out but he threatens her and says he’ll get his cop friends on your back.”

I said “I’d like to get a gun and blow his brains all over the wall”.

“Lets not get carried away; we can do better than that. Your mom sure doesn’t want you to do anything that would take you away from her. I probably shouldn’t tell you all this but you would not believe how crazy your mom is for you. She talks about you all the time. ‘Isn’t Danny the handsomest, smartest kid you ever saw? …isn’t Danny the sexiest kid you ever saw?’ ….this goes on and on every day. Once I even told her, ‘well, maybe you should just go to bed with Danny’ and she said, ‘I would if he wasn’t my son’ …she’s really got a ‘thing’ for you.”

Vette was a ‘talker’ and went on. “This is funny; your mom told me you had one that looks just like ‘Mr. Charlie’.” She broke up into hysterics. When she finally finished laughing, there were tears in her eyes.

“What are you talking about, Vette?”

“Oh, when we were little girls, daddy took us to the beach one day. When we got home, we were all tired and went for a nap. We got up first and went into his room. He was lying on his back without his bathing suit and this huge ‘thing’ between his legs was pointing straight up to the ceiling. We ran out and laughed about it for years. We named it ‘Mr. Charlie’. Whenever we had boyfriends we’d ask each if his was as big as ‘Mr. Charlie’: nobody’s ever was but your mom told me that yours is.”

I laughed, “You’re making all this up Vette, and no way was mom talking about my cock to you”.

“Oh yeah, then how do I know that you sleep in the nude? Honey, your mom and I have talked every day about everything for all of our lives. She’s seen you pointing to the ceiling on more than one night and I always get the details the next day. The only thing I’m not sure of is it really as big as ‘Mr. Charlie’? How about giving Auntie Vette a peek?”

I knew Vette was wild and had gone through a couple of husbands but I still thought she was kidding so I played along and started to call her bluff. I took off my pants and stood there in my briefs, smiling. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband with no intention of pulling them down and looked at Vette for her reaction. She walked over to me and before I could do anything she had the briefs down. I was stunned and she was laughing. “My God, It’s even bigger than ‘Mr. Charlie’: and prettier.”

Vette was on her knees before I could think and took me in her mouth. “Vette, what are you doing? You just got married.”

She looked up and laughed. “I just promised that my body was his, I didn’t say anything about the neck up: and this is too good to pass up.”

Vette took about half of me and sucked and licked noisily. She was working on the big spongy head when it started oozing pre-cum. She licked it out and said, “Now I know why your mom calls you ‘sweets'”. My aunt then wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and jerked me as she sucked. She knew when I was about to come and jerked faster. She flinched as the first shot of cum hit but kept sucking.

“Oh…oh…oh…” was what I kept repeating as I finished unloading into her mouth. I fell back into the sofa and laughed, “You’re something else auntie Vette”

“That was fun, and you’ve got some cock there mister but we still have the ‘Frank problem’ don’t we?”

“I have an idea and I’ll let know how it’s going as soon as I get started on it.”

As I left, we kissed our usual aunt-nephew kiss and I knew that what happened was just a one time ‘afternoon delight’.

After that day with Vette I started putting my ‘Fuckhead Frank’ plan into effect. I also realized how much more I felt for mom than I had realized. One day I tried to tell her without actually saying it. I put my arms around her and looked in her eyes and said, “I love you Linda”.

She stopped for a moment and said, “I love you Dan”.

I held her, “so what are we going to do?”

“Nothing, she smiled sadly, we’re just going to love each other.”

Another day I engaged her in a ‘theoretical’ discussion. “Mom, if two adults love each other, don’t you think that should they should be the ones who decide how to express their love?”

She cast her eyes down and whispered, “I’m not sure Danny”. She answered most of my questions that day that way.

Last week was our birthdays and I suggested we go up to the roof of our apartment house and share a toast at twelve midnight, the exact moment our birthdays meet. It was a warm star filled night. At twelve, we toasted with the last of the wine. I kissed her deeply and cupped her breast rolling my mothers big nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I took her hand and placed it on my swelling cock to show her what she does to me. She gently moved her hand along my length and started breathing in fits and stops.

“Oh Danny, I…I want you to feel this way about me…I want you to want me… because I…”

She never finished the sentence. Her eyes started to fill; she touched my face and turned to go; leaving me staring at the starry dome until dawn.

Last Friday night the chaos began. I was home for the weekend and the ‘Fuckhead’ was getting ready for supper before work. He’d had a few while waiting for mom to finish cooking. He started getting loud about how she was going to make him late and he pulled his hand back and whacked her across her ass. I went nuts. I picked up the big phone book and screamed at him, “Leave her alone you sack of shit”. As he turned to punch me, I swung the book with all my might and caught him on the side of the head with the edge. Down he went. I thought I had killed him until I saw his chest rising with his shallow breaths.

“Come on mom; let’s get out of here now.” We grabbed a few things and jumped in the car, driving out of the city to an out of the way motel.

As soon as we closed the door behind us we fell into each others arms. Mom kissed me hard and long over and over. She got my cock out of my pants and started stoking it. I stopped her. “Are you sure about this mom?”

“Yes Danny I’m sure. I’ve always been sure. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long but I knew that if I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop. I knew I would never be able to let you go and I was afraid that it wouldn’t be fair to you.”

“Mom, I never want you to let me go. You’re the one I want to be with and hold and touch and fuck and love. That bastard is never going to touch you again. The only hands on you are going to mine and the only cock in you is going to be mine.”

“Yes Danny, yes.” She was sobbing and smiling at the same time.

I took off her top and bra and began kissing the slight discoloration that remained from where he had pinched her. “That’s never going to happen to you again” I said, as I took her long hardening nipple into my mouth. I sucked slow, drawing on it, as if the milk I once found there would soon reappear. Mom moaned softly as I kissed my way down her belly to my origin and future.

Her soft cotton shorts and panties came off easily in one motion. I licked the soft folds that appeared through the fine hair of my mother’s beautiful cunt. It started to drip and I tasted the sweetness. I laid my tongue on the hood of her clit and slowly massaged it. I could feel her knees trembling. I stood and led her to the bed stripping the covers to the floor.

Mom was on the bed with her legs spread waiting for me by the time I had all my clothes off. I was ready to enter her when she said, “let me see your beautiful cock first”.

I was stiff and throbbing as I straddled her and brought my cock up to her face. “Oh sweets, I’ve been waiting to touch your big cock since the first night I saw you sleeping…and hard …so hard.”

She took me in her hand and started kissing up and down the long shaft. “Mmmm… I wondered what it would it would taste like to have my Danny in my mouth…so lovely… mmmm…beautiful cock…I want…” Her body was writhing. She stretched her lips over the head and began sucking powerfully when I stopped her.

“Mom, the first time, I want to come with you and I want to come in you.”

“Yes darling, come in my cunt…come in your momma’s cunt.”

I pushed in through the opening and slid into her slick channel. The deeper I got into her wetness the more she moved and talked. “Oh love… you’re finally fucking me … the cock I want ,the cock I need…tell me Danny …tell me I’m yours …only yours… your cunt… tell me…tell me…”

“Yes mom, you are mine, only mine. No one is ever going to touch your cunt again but me. No one is ever going to be in your cunt again but me: only me in your mouth….only me between your legs…only me in your ass: no one but me ever again.”

She needed to hear it over and over and I told her. The higher I got in her belly the more frenzied she became. I put her legs on my shoulders and took both of her tits in my hands with the nipples I loved between my fingers. She started trembling and calling me. “Danny…Danny…Danny…I’m coming …come with me …come with me…tell me…”

I was at the edge and knowing how much she wanted to be mine took me over. I shot stream after stream of hot cum into my mother’s cunt and belly as she wrapped her arms around me and held me against her with all her might.

I let mom rest for a few minutes and then sat on the edge of the bed and reached for the phone. “I have some unfinished business” I said as I dialed home. Mom wanted to stay close: she put her arms around my waist and her hard nippled tits in my back. Frank answered. When he recognized my voice he went into a tirade.

“You son of a bitch, there’s no place you can hide. We’re out looking for you now and we’re gonna find you and I’m gonna beat the living shit out of you and your bitch mother.”

I let him go on until he’d spit enough venom to slow down and hear me.

“Frank, listen up. When we get through talking, look inside the phone and see if I’m giving this to you straight. You know where to look because you’ve done it enough times. Frank, the phone has been bugged for the last month. I have recordings of you and your buddy Marcus talking about all your payoffs in the ticket fixing scam you have going. If you aren’t out of the house for good in two hours I guarantee you that your job and pension will be just a passing memory; and imagine the welcome you’ll get if you have to do time. If you get out and never bother me or my mother again, you’ll never hear about the tapes again. Do we have a deal?”

He cursed and ranted for a while. He was a ‘Fuckhead’ but not a stupid one. He agreed. I hung up.

“What did he say Danny, what did he say?”

“He’s history mom. You never have to think about him again. All you have to think about is ‘our’ unfinished business and how soon you want to go home.”

“I can’t wait to go home with you Danny but I also can’t wait to have you again. Let’s stay the night and go home in the morning; is that all right?”

I answered with a deep kiss and put my hand over her soft pussy. Both her hands went between my legs and massaged my balls and dick until it was painfully hard. As she got on her knees she said, “I’m so proud that you’re my son”.

Mom had so much of my cock in her mouth and throat; I knew I would come quickly. I reached down and held the nipples I loved so much between my fingers. I started to spurt down her throat and she took it all. When I was spent, she licked my cum coated cock and told me how much she loved it.

I sat on the bed smiling as my cock slipped out of her mouth but mom moved on her knees between my legs before I could lie down. “Mamma needs more” she said, as she took as much of the soft meat as she could fit into her mouth again. I didn’t think it was possible to get so hard so quickly after coming. She sucked so hard and fast while massaging my balls that I had to hold on from the recoil as I again shot bullets of cum into my mother’s mouth.

Mom curled into my arms as we lay on the bed. We listened to music for awhile and whispered loving things to each other. After a while I said, “I have to tell you something mom; Aunt Vette and I…”

She smiled, “yes?…well…?”

I stammered, “I…uhh…I…”

“Oh baby,” she laughed, “don’t you think she called me five minutes after your fun and games? I love her but that little slut has never been able to keep her hands off my men; but this time it’s different and that’s in the past. From now on it’s only you and me, isn’t it love?”

“Yes mom, you’re all I need and want.” My cock started to stir again. “Talking about ‘want’, right now I want my lovely Linda again.”

“Linda wants you. Linda wants you always in her. Linda wants to do something with you she’s never done.” With a shy smile she whispered in my ear, “I want you in my ass.”

Mom turned over and got up on her knees spreading them as wide as she could. She reached under to her sopping cunt and took some of her juices to lubricate her asshole. I noticed the bruise where she had been hit and I was filled with rage again at the thought of anyone hurting her. As I kissed her there; she made soft noises and my anger turned to love and desire for my mother and her beautiful body that only I would have ever again.

As I gently inserted my swollen cockhead through the tight ring, mom let out a high pitched squeal. I eased my cock deeper into the hot channel.

“Oh my baby… oh…you’re so big inside me…yes inside your momma…in my ass …for you Danny, for you…”

I loved and wanted my mother more at that moment than I ever thought was possible. I wanted to look at her beautiful face. I pulled out and turned her over.

She pulled her legs apart with her hands behind her knees. She knew what I was thinking. I entered her ass again.

“Yes my love, my sweet lover, I want to watch you as you fuck me…I want you to see how good you make your momma feel…how good it is to have my son fucking me…” She reached down and put her fingers in her cunt.

“I can feel you; I can feel your hard cock sliding in and out of my ass…Momma’s beautiful cock…your Linda’s beautiful cock.”

I felt her fingers on me through the thin membrane that separated her ass and cunt. She spread wider to get as much of me in her as she could. My cock hit the sweet spot and mom rubbed harder and moaned louder. Her head started going from side to side; I could hardly understand what she was saying as her body began to vibrate and her orgasm hit.

“I’m cuu…uhmm…iiiing…Dan…Dan…Momma’s …Da…Dan…EEEeeeeee”

Watching my mother come would probably have been enough to make me come even if I wasn’t fucking her. The combination was explosive. I shot jet after jet of cum into her ass. It doesn’t seem possible that I could ever come that much again but it won’t be because I don’t try.

Mom woke me through the night to fuck her and suck her and I did the same. When she woke up in the morning, my dick was in her. She reached back smiling and put her hand on my ass.

“Promise me you’ll wake me up every day like this.”

I promised.

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