My Sluty Girlfriend Ditty & My Sister Megha

Hi All! Let me narrate the incident that has actually changed 3 lives. My Girlfriend Ditty and I live together. Though I am straight, Ditty is bisexual. There have been a couple of women she has been sexually involved with and I know of it. In fact Ditty and I have often talked about having a 3 some with one of her girls. But it somehow never really happened.

Then one day, my sister Megha came to town for some work. She is 3 years older to me and about a year older to Ditty. Though she was to go back the same day, she got delayed and I asked her to stay with us and leave the next morning. Ditty too thought it was the best thing to do rather than drive at night. So, Megha decided to stay the night.

We went out for dinner and then we went to a lounge bar for a couple of drinks. After we had a few drinks, we got dancing, the three of us and I saw this twinkle in Megha’s eyes when I was kissing Ditty full on her mouth with out tongues rubbing against one another’s. So, I took my hands of Ditty’s shoulders and with one hand pulled Megha closer so that now the 3 of us were dancing closely, touching one another inadvertently. With the loud music in the background each time I was talking to Megha, my mouth was almost touching her ears and that was exactly the case when Ditty was talking to Megha too. But there was nothing unusual about it of course.

Then Ditty whispered in my ears that she found Megha rather attractive and was getting wet with the imagination of having her to suck her breasts! I told Ditty that my sister Megha was not bisexual and so she should forget about these thoughts. After several drinks the 3 of us left for home. Once inside, we sat down and Ditty asked Megha if she would have another Martini, the last one before we finally hit the sack! Megha, though rather full with her quota of martinis agreed to have the one last one. Ditty asked me if I too wanted a drink, but I told her to just get one and that I would just have a sip or two. As we sat down chatting, Ditty offered me a sip from her mouth!

As I took a sip of the martini from Ditty’s mouth, I also kissed her full on her lips and held her lower lip in my teeth lightly and pulled it. Ditty told me that this was not the best place to do it as my sister was right there hardly a few feet away. Megha grinned and said she really didn’t care what her brother and his girlfriend and in hostel and later, she was used to seeing such displays of affection between lovers! Ditty thought this to be really cool and so after returning Megha’s grin she thrust her tongue into my mouth and I readily accepted it and sucked on it for a few delicious minutes. I was indeed feeling a little strange now tongue sucking my girl right before my older sister. True, Megha and I have been close and open, but this was something I had never thought would happen. As our mouths parted, I went and sat next to my sister and generally hugged her for being such a wonderful person in my life. Ditty too came and sat to Megha’s other side. As we were talking Ditty kissed Megha on her cheek and said that she found it awkward to keep kissing her boyfriend leaving Megha out of the action and so she wanted to give her a kiss too! Megha returned Ditty’s kiss fondly. I then told Megha that I too wanted a kiss from her and she lovingly kissed me on my cheek. I told her I wanted one more and was turning my face, offering her my other cheek but she did not realize that and she just happened to kiss me on my lips as I was turning my head. Three of us realized what had happened but we took it in our stride. But to my amazement, Megha held Ditty’s face in her hands and said she would give her brother’s girl a peck on the lips too! Ditty hungrily agreed to this, but she just thrust her tongue into my sister’s mouth and they went on deeply kissing each other. I didn’t know what was happening, seeing the two most important women in my life sucking one another’s tongues! To this I remarked to Megha that Ditty was bisexual and something that she perhaps did not know! Megha’s eyes light up. She said she was curious!

I cant tell you all how Ditty’s face turned pink with excitement as she told Megha that ever since she first met her, she had taken a fancy to her and used to often wonder how it would be to be intimate with her! Megha had a spark in her eyes, as she said, “Then go ahead now dear, because you may never really find me this drunk and willing!”. I skipped a heartbeat as I head my sis say this and I yelled, “Megha, don’t tell me you and Ditty are going to DO IT!” Ditty came around and put her arms around my shoulders and said I too was a part of the fun! I was feeling rather drunk anyways, but everything seemed to be so hazy now….I didn’t know what was happening!

But within minutes, on the sofa my sister and my girlfriend were kissing each other like wild animals, and I now saw their hands exploring the bodies of the new lovers! Megha is not too tall, is really very fit though, had fine firm breasts, not very large again but has an ass and legs men would drool over. Ditty on the other hand is much taller, slim but has breasts that are larger in comparison to her overall appearance. She has a small, tight, firm ass and long slender legs. As my two lovely ladies were kissing I saw Ditty had already slid her hand up my sister’s t shirt and was folding her breasts ever so slowly. I could almost feel the way my sister would be feeling then as Ditty is a very fine lover and does these things with a lot of finesse. Just then, as Ditty held my sister’s nipple between her fingers and tweaked it, I heard Megha moan! And she started sucking Ditty’s tongue with renewed excitement.

Before I realized, Ditty had removed my sister’s t shirt. I had never seen my sister in just her bra and a pair of jeans as far back as I could remember. This send some strange thrills down my spine and I felt the stiffening of my dick. I never imagined to see my sister and my gf make lover to each other! Within the next couple of minutes, Megha’s bra was on the floor and for the first time really I could see my sister’s breasts! Ditty sucked!

Seeing my girlfriend suck my sister’s breasts was the last straw. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had a huge erection that was tearing through the clothes. I moved closer to them. Tentatively I put my hand around the two of them. Then I felt Ditty’s breasts over her shirt. I could feel even through the shirt and the bra that her nipples were erect! At this instance, Ditty pulled my head and brought it closer to my sister’s breast. The one she was not sucking. Almost as if in auto mode, my lips parted to make way for Megha’s nipple. I took it in slowly. I honestly couldn’t believe that Ditty and I were sucking my sister’s breasts dry! Our sucking was in the same rhythm. This was something that was not too new to us since we often sucked each other genitals on the same beat! As I sucked my sisters breast hungrily and caressed Ditty’s breasts with my hands, I felt a feminine hand struggle at the buckle of my belt. I don’t know who it was as I was too engrossed in sucking Megha’s breast. The next thing I notice is that my jeans are unzipped and almost down to me knees while my fully erect cocky was being stroked through the fabric of my soft cotton undies.

I just once, left the breast I was so deliciously sucking to leave out a loud moan as I felt two hands, one on the penis and the other on my balls! I looked down and saw that Ditty had her hand around my dick while Megha my sister was massaging my balls! I nervously asked Megha if she would kiss my cock. The expression of bliss on her face changed. She sternly told me that we were not husband and wife, but bro and sis instead. I hung my face down in shame till Megha said, “but we can still pretend to be that just for this one time if the woman who most probably will become your wife doesn’t mind it!” Ditty was not to mind something like this so long as the ‘other’ woman was going to be of some benefit to her as well. And that Megha was surely going to be! As Megha moved down to suck her sibling penis, Ditty’s head was between her thighs. I saw Ditty lap up Megha’s cunt.

As my sister sucked deliciously on my penis she kept fondling my balls with her slender fingers. And seemed as if she was beginning to tremble. The work Ditty’s mouth was doing between her legs was perhaps too much for Megha to take. Firstly, she never had a woman go down on her. And secondly, she never had her brother’s cock in her mouth. The two things perhaps made it impossible to take it any longer. And I felt her lips closing upon my cock and suck it harder. Then within seconds I felt her body begin to shudder. She started moaning loudly and I could see she was thrusting her pelvis up against the lusciously licking tongue of my girlfriend Ditty. Seeing this excess of sexual emotion, I began folding her breasts. I was holding her breasts in my hands and caressing them. Till I heard a sound from between my things urging me to squeeze them harder. I now began to rub and squeeze Megha’s breasts while tweaking her erect nipples intermittently. Ditty’s lips had found Megha’s clitoris and she was sucking it with absolute sexual abandon. While her fingers were inside her pussy. At this moment Megha exploded and I could actually see her body tremor with pleasure. The grip of her mouth upon my cock strengthened and she almost bit the tip of my excited cockhead. I was busy focusing on her breasts and trying very hard not to cum. As the tremors of her orgasm subsided, there was bliss written all over her face. Ditty moved over and kissed my sister. There was true love and affection in that intimate kiss. And then Ditty suggested that two mouths work on my extended penis. And bingo! I saw two loving mouths licking the tip of my penis. Then as Ditty sucked the head, Megha’s tongue licked the shaft. The next minute, each of my loving women had one of my balls in her mouth. Sucking, licking and rolling it with lots of saliva to add to the sensations. I was folding their breasts with my hands and pulling their extended nipples. Those nipples had really become hard and erect. Finally the passion was too much and I exploded!

I came in shudders….and I kept spurting semen for what seemed considerably longer than I ever had in the past. Ditty’s mouth held my cock head inside it securely while semen gushed out through my penis. Megha’s mouth was squeezing my balls alternately as if to pump out whatever sperm was in them. And then in a flash, she pushed aside Ditty’s head and took my penis in her mouth. I don’t know if she could really feel any semen being pumped out but she sucked off the last few drops and then the two girls kissed each other deeply as if to exchange the taste of my semen mixed with their saliva.

When I recovered, I told Megha that Ditty had selflessly brought us both to our climaxes and so we needed to do the same for her. My sister agreed instantly. I chose to suck Ditty’s perky breasts first while Megha went down between her thighs. I licked, sucked and pulled at her nipples with my lips and tongue and then I nibbled on the breasts of my lover! I moved to the side of her breasts and also her arm pits and then sucked her earlobes before coming back to her breasts.

Megha was busy licking the insides of Ditty’s cunt and sucking on her long and erect clitoris. I then turned over and licked and kissed her sexy tummy and her navel. I too wanted to join my sis in licking Ditty’s pussy but it was getting too crowded to have two heads between her thighs. Ditty stretched her legs really wide to accommodate the second head. I somehow managed to find place and then my tongue joined Megha’s in licking the innermost recesses of Ditty’s vagina. I could see the passion on Ditty’s face as she for the first time had two long and loving tongues licking her pussy.

Megha took her clit in between her teeth and softly nibbled on it. This pushed Ditty over the fence I and I could feel her orgasm approaching. She yelled, “don’t stop doing that darling, it feels amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like this before ohhh don’t stop!” And then she exploded and for the first time in the years of making love to her I felt her ejaculate!

This was the first time I witnessed the female ejaculation as I felt a fine spray on my tongue deep inside Ditty’s pussy. All three of us were rather tired with our sexual workout and mentally excited about the new discoveries in the way we viewed our relationships with one another. We moved from the drawing room to our bedroom and got on the bed. It is a bed meant for two but the three of us, completely naked found it really comfortable that night. I was lying on my back with Megha’s head resting on my chest on the right and Ditty on the left. We were talking about how it took us so long to discover that we had another level to our relationship. And then they kissed and not wanting to be left out, I too pushed my tongue between their kissing mouths. I never had a 3some kiss before. I was nice to have my tongue in Ditty’s mouth while Megha’s tongue licked our lips and then have Megha’s tongue in my mouth as Ditty licked our lips. As Megha and I continued to enjoy kissing each other’s mouths, I felt Ditty’s lips sucking my nipple. She licked and sucked till I could feel some sensations in my penis as well. It was the beginning of another erection. My hand was around Megha and feeling her breasts while still kissing her mouth and Ditty sucking my nipple when

I felt a hand steal to my crotch. Ditty was fondling my semi soft penis and my balls. I also saw that Megha’s toe was rubbing Ditty’s pussy hair. Soon Ditty left my nipple and moved to my hardening penis and started licking it the way only she can. The foreskin was pulled back and she was licking glens. It took no time for Ditty’s experienced mouth to bring my penis back to full size. As soon as it was hard enough Ditty squatted on it and allowed it so slide into her pussy. Megha remarked she had just seen the world’s best disappearing act! As Ditty was riding my penis, Megha offered me her breasts to suck and asked Ditty to lick her slightly sore but excited cunt. I was enjoying the pleasure when Megha asked Ditty to move as she wanted to feel me in her pus I was astonished when I heard Megha say this and I asked her, “what??” She said, well if we have done things we never thought we would so then why not do the ultimate thing. Ditty was quick to support my sister and got up exposing my almost red, glistening penis. Megha, first took it in her mouth for a moment and then looked into my eyes and said, “Rohan, we’re going to fuck! Do you believe it?”

Well, I couldn’t but could not say anything either. And then she slid down taking my penis in her soft, wet pussy. “Remember this moment, Rohan, because this is perhaps the only time we might do this!” And I felt my prick slide inside Megha’s pussy. She paused for a moment or two and then began to move slowly. I was amazed to see what a terrific lover my sister was! She scurried and gyrated and made my penis touch and rub ever part of her heated cunt. Ditty had in the meantime moved to offer me her cunt to lick and Megha was sucking Ditty’s breasts. So much sex was impossible to take for too long. I felt my orgasm approaching and wanted Megha to get off and Ditty to take her position. Well, Ditty and I never use condoms as both of us hate them. But I still didn’t want to shoot my sperm up Megha’s vagina. Yet I wanted to cum inside a pussy. But Megha refused to move. She wanted to experience my cum inside her. I told her not to be foolish but she was sure of what she wanted. Ditty was by her side. She said, “I always take in your seed but if Megha wants it tonight, why don’t you give it to her? I would love to suck her pussy when it is dripping with your semen!” I didn’t know what was happening and realized the three of us had become sex slaves at least for that night. So as Megha moved up and down with Ditty struggling to keep her breast in her mouth, I was lapping up the love juices Ditty’s loving cunt was secreting. And then I came….in loads once again right up Megha’s cervix. Exhausted, I laid back on the bed as I watched Ditty move from Megha’s breasts to her just fucked cunt. I saw it was dripping. Ditty lapped it up!

Finally we slept, arms around each other, mouths to breasts, and so on. We were all exhausted and slept well. The next morning we woke up and didn’t feel like leaving the bed. We had a shower together and as we were soaping one another, the excitement was beginning to mount. As we were showering, we were kissing, fondling one another. I could see that Ditty had take a keen liking to Megha and vice versa. As for Megha and I, we always were fond of one another, but now this fondness was taken to another level. We made love in the bathroom that morning. After we had done everything in various combinations and so on, we decided to move out. We got into clothes and had some breakfast. As Megha was to leave, we hugged and kissed. This time the kiss was intimate with the lips and the tongues reluctant to let go of each other’s. It was hard for me to say bye to Megha. It was as hard for Ditty to say bye to Megha. And Megha too found it hard to say bye to us. Finally she left and we promised each other that we had to re-live this experience again, and again and again. Megha promised she would try to convince her hubby to join the group as well. But if he, for some reason didn’t agree, she surely would be back for a romp sometime soon! Megha got into her car, and drove off! We waved out and Ditty and I, hand in hand, walked into the house. We sat down on the sofa. And we hugged and kissed. Suddenly Ditty broke the kiss and said, “Rohan, this sofa smells so much of Megha!”

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