Bengalee Film Queen 15

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Episode : 15

As Surindar followed the Mature heroine to the bathroom, Mustaq turned his attention to the teenage heroine…… he approached the girl and began stroking her cheek lovingly. Speaking in a low tone, that only she could hear…. he continued, “No need to be frightened Sweety…. between you and me… I am not going to hurt any of you and your mother. Mostly I am annoyed with your father.”

Rajnandini flashed a smile which he noticed….. now seemed that the aspiring Tolly actress was feeling some relax by his soothing tone. “Tell me now, a pretty girl like you….you’re not really a Virgin…. are you??”

Rajnandini found herself basking in the compliment. Guys her age although liked her, they never told her she was extremely beautiful. Inexplicably she found herself wanting to tell this man the truth. “Well not exactly”, she said with down cast eyes.

Mustaq took her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. “This is an opportunity for you to live out all your fantasies. Any thing that is going to happen tonight can easily be justified by you that you have no choice. You just have to do it by compulsion. And for that no one will ever hold anything you do tonight against you. Right now I am going to be mean to your father. He could easily help you to comfort you both. So why don’t you go…. curl up in his lap and watch me doing Fulsajjya with your sexy mother? I know you like to watch porn…. everyone loves that, but a live-show, I think, would be even more hot because it is your own mother, Isn’t it Sweety”

Rajnandini was appalled… and intrigued both. Did she really want to witness the rape of her mother? Part of her did. The idea of watching an unknown antisocial having sex just feet away from her, held some kind of sick allure.

Then there was the matter of her old-valued father. She loved and respected her father very much and after watching her father to fuck her mother few days ago, she always felt a taboo-crush towards him. Oh God! The circumstances now forced her to sit in his lap while he was naked and his beautiful cock was started to twitch often.

Why was she getting wet thinking about these wicked things? How sick was that? Still Mustaq’s words echoed in her ears, ” Any thing that happens tonight can easily be blamed on… “I had no choice”.

With an almost imperceptible nod, Rajnandini rose to her feet and walked to her father. “I am Sorry Baba,” she mouthed as she settled onto his naked lap.

Meanwhile Indrani had been in the bathroom with Surindar getting herself “Ready”. She had shaved few months ago during her audition for a film when Kader asked her to remove her pubic hairs and that was a long time ago.

Having to shave now, in the presence of a stranger, had been humiliating. She had done it largely because she wanted to get back into the bedroom. She did not trust Mustaq alone with her Daughter and Husband.

At last when she emerged from the bathroom…. shaving her pubic mound, she was surprised to see her Daughter sitting in her naked husband’s lap. The blush on Rajnandini’s face indicated that it had not been her idea.

“That bastard sure have compelled her daughter to do so”, Indrani thought. “Mustaq is a truly sick individual”.

“So let’s see your handiwork Indudevi”, Mustaq boomed with mock enthusiasm.

Blushing furiously, Indrani removed her hands from her privates to reveal a cleanly shaven pussy.

“Now that’s what I am talking about!!” Mustaq beamed. “Beautiful, Simply beautiful”. Then turning to Nandan, he said, “Duttababu, this is how you should keep your pretty actress wife. Look at her…. a baby’s pussy but with the tits of a woman. It just doesn’t get any better than that. If I were you I would keep her this way all the time. Now tell me Duttababu, does your sexy wife know how to suck a cock?”

This was too much for Nandan, “Fuck you, you son of a bitch”.

“Ohhhhhooo….” Surindar laughed mischievously, “That is no way to speak to a guest.”

Then grabbing a handful of Indrani’s Bob-cut silky hair, Surindar asked, “How about it Indudevi, are you a good cock sucker? I know you’re because you’ve to do that with your producers, directors or actors to get a role…… Am I right?”

Oral sex had always been a large part of Indrani and her husband’s love-life. Her husband always told her she gave the best head he had ever had. Even some producers and directors always wished to have her special fellatio whenever they had the chance.

Given by her vast experience, she had to take him at his word. The thought of allowing this man to use her mouth for his pleasure was, however, revolting. Perhaps if he thought she was bad at it he would simply drop it.

“But my husband always tells me I am not. We never do it, he says my teeth get in the way,” Indrani denied about her speciality in a mumbling tone.

Surindar smiled to himself. He did not buy this story for a minute. No man would ever tell his wife she was bad at oral sex. Any idiot would encourage her to keep trying until she got it right.

“No problem Indudevi, I know I can teach you. As a veteran actress like you, I’m sure you’ve entertained a large no. of filmy personnel to boost up your career in Tollygunge. So I think, It may take few minutes to you and before we are done, you will be an award winning Cock Sucker inTollywood. If your teeth get in the way, I can just knock them out. How about it Mustaqda, are you up to teaching this beautiful heroine, how to gargle cum?” Surindar winked at his boss.

From the moment Mustaq had entered the house he had been taken by the beauty of this mature Tolly Queen. Actually he had been hooked up with this Bengalee actress after watching one of her dance programme which was arranged for the development of an orphanage.

From that day the curvaceous dancing form of her pretty figure was always disturbed him to continue his normal activities. Now the thought of fulfilling those dreams suddenly came to his mind and the vision on her knees sucking his cock sounded very appealing to him.

However hearing their conversations, the helpless husband struggled in his confining chair as he tried to free himself. With his Daughter sitting on his naked lap, Nandan became impatient against his bonds. “You son of a bitch…leave my wife alone!”

“Like you have a choice ass hole. I’ve planned to plow every hole in your beautiful wife, and you’re going to watch those. Just snuggle up with little bit and enjoy the live blue-show.” Then turning to Indrani, the Gang leader Mustaq grabbed a handful of her hair, “If you know what is good for you and your family, you will fish out my cock and start spit shining it.”

Indrani knew this was her moment of truth. She resolved herself to do what was necessary to save her family. With a shudder, she reached down to Mustaq’s zipper and pulled it down. As she reached inside his pant, her hand bumped into something that blocked her way.

“Take it out Indudevi,” Mustaq warned. As her fingers felt around, the experienced Tolly Queen realised that what she felt was his cock. Dear God, it was huge!!

“I see you need some help,” Mustaq winked at the actress with a smile.

Reaching down, he unbuttoned his jeans…. allowing his massive cock to spring free. Only half hard it was…. already nearly the size of her husband’s erect cock. The limp monster hung nearly 8 inches and was too thick for her small hand to encircle.

Stepping out of his pants, Mustaq placed his hands on Indrani’s shoulders…. pushing her to her knees. “This may be a little bigger than you are used to Indudevi but if you put your mind to it I know you can make me happy”.

The show was certainly not lost on Rajnandini either. His massive black cock was far larger than her boy friend, Akash. Although the young actress had some theoretical knowledge from the porn about the huze shape of cock…. specially for the Nigro actors, she had no practical idea that they even came that big! The mere sight of it had her shifting nervously in her father’s lap.

The effect of this was not lost on Indrani’s poor husband either. Seeing his petite celeb wife kneeling in front of that monster cock caused even more stirring in his own member. And along with that, the fact that his nubile young daughter was grinding her soft ass around in his lap did not help matters….. it created a direct effect on his throbbing prick.

Rajnandini too caught her breath as she felt her father’s cock begin to grow between the crack of her ass-gloves. This caused her to freeze. Mustaq then turned towards her…. he caught her eye and smiled mischievously as she remembered Mustaq’s teasing…. ‘Any thing that happens tonight can easily be blamed on “I had no choice”.

Assuring her justification, Rajnandini settled her butt-crack more comfortably on her father’s hardening cock and broke eye contact with Mustaq.

Meanwhile Indrani was now face to face with the biggest cock she had ever seen. Although it was similar in length with that of the Bangladeshi Film-producer Abdul Kader Sk. the girth of it was frightening. The thought of sucking this monster was both revolting and intriguing.

While Indrani was in a perplexing state, Mustaq then grabbed a handful of her hair…… and tipped her head back…. forcing her mouth open, “Say ‘Ah’ bitch”.

With that Mustaq placed the dark head of his cock in Indrani’s mouth. It felt like the end of a baseball bat. “Relax Indudevi, I know you can take it”. He said with a chuckle, “It may take all night but I know you will get it all in your mouth.”

Hearing that Indrani began to panic. That monster would never fit in her mouth. Surely it would kill her. She tried to pull her head back but the brute leader had a firm grasp of the back of her head. “Shh, just relax baby. Fighting it just makes it worse. Now open your mouth and say “Ah”.

Indrani understood there was no turning back. Tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to fit more than the head of his cock into her small mouth.

Pulling her head off his cock Mustaq said, “This is ridiculous…. If I’ve to train a renowned and experienced actress like you from scratch, I might as well train your young daughter”.

Hearing this, Rajnandini felt herself gushing a jet of pussy-juices from her itching pussy. Her juices began to wet her underwear. This sudden warmth was immediately felt by her father also.

“Dear God” her father thought, “This is turning her on! That little slut is getting turned on watching these animals rape her own mother!”

As excited Rajnandini grounded her warm and soft ass-crack against her father’s cock, poor Nandan realised that he was also getting turned on tremendously. “What is wrong with me”, he thought. “My wife is being raped by two unknown antisocial, my 19 yrs old daughter is sitting on my naked lap and I have a hard on”.

On the other hand, Indrani, sensing that things were taking a nasty turn, grabbed Mustaq’s hand and forced a smile. “No, no I can take it, I’m just not used to something so big going into my little mouth. Lets try again.”

Mustaq knew he had her now. She was so scared, that if he would go after her daughter, she would do anything to protect her. Then he turned to look at Rajnandini who was squirming in her father’s lap restlessly. It was now clear to Mustaq that the teenage actress became excited to get his massive cock but he would play with her mature mother for a bit first.

“Ok Indudevi, you get one more try. Open your fucking mouth.” Mustaq grabbed his cock with one hand and the back of her head with the other. As he pushed the head of his cock into her mouth, he felt the first tentative swipe of her tongue.

“That’s it Indudevi, use your tongue on the head. Get it nice and wet.” Then turning to father and daughter he said, “Not bad Duttababu but she obviously is not used to a real cock. How’s the view anyway? Are you enjoying the show?”

Hearing this dirty talk, brought another wave of moisture from Rajnandini’s convulsing pussy. Mustaq noticed her eyes flutter and the slight shiver. “Sweety, if you feel uncomfortable with your panties, you can take that off.”

Hearing this, Indrani froze…. while her daughter stopped her squirming and her husband looked at the floor….. totally beaten. And Surindar realised that the party was just getting started.

“Are you fucking Deaf, Sweety? I want your panties. Take them off and hand them to my colleague….. he likes to sniff the panties of a beautiful girl like you.” Mustaq hissed at the young actress.

In a slow motion, Rajnandini rose from her father’s lap and began to pull her damp panties down her legs…… stepping out of it. Her face was bright red in shame. Staring hard at the floor, she held her hand out to Surindar who stepped up…. taking her panties.

The moisture in the panties was evident. Taking it from her, Surindar drew it to his face…… inhaling her sweet aroma. “They’re so wet, Mustaqda….. the young bitch has soaked her panties!”

“I know,” Smiled Mustaq approvingly, “Sweety, now go back in your father’s lap”.

So without her panties, now there would be no hiding about her budding excitement. Excited Rajnandini shot a pleading look to Mustaq but he just nodded his head towards her father. “Sit down while I teach your mother to properly service a cock.”

With that Mustaq turned his attention back to Indrani. And Rajnandini found herself backing onto her father’s naked lap. There was no doubt that her father’s cock was now hard as steel….. as his eight inches cock was twitching madly. As she settled herself into her father’s lap, she could feel the hot pulse of his stiff cock beating against her soaking pussy lips.

“That is nice tongue action but you have to get more into your mouth,” Mustaq grabbed the Tolly Queen’s by both ears and began pushing his cock into her mouth.

As the head of his cock forced it’s way in Indrani’s mouth, she tried to block it’s entry with her tongue. Having none of that, Mustaq released one ear and pinched her nose, effectively cutting off her air supply. She was gripped by panic…. instantly opening her mouth.

She gasped around the huze cock for air as Mustaq humped forward firmly….. embedding himself in her throat. Her lungs burned for oxygen. He watched the pretty actress’s face and at the last moment, pulled back allowing her to breath around his cock. He felt the cool air bath his cock before pushing back into her throat.

“That’s it Indudevi, just time for your breathing”. As he pulled back out, he heard her gag. “Good girl, I love that, choke on my cock baby”.

Streamers of spit and mucus hung from Indrani’s chin. She was a vision. Mustaq then placed one hand under her chin and the other on the back of her head. Using her mouth like a cunt he started fucking his monster cock in and out of her throat.

Indrani choked and gagged but the gang leader just continued his assault on her face. Pushing her away, he said to no one in particular, “That is some good cock sucking, she started slow but came on strong. Surindar, you want some of this?”

Actually after watching that hot show, Surindar could have fucked granite. He noticed that the glamourous actress’s face was a mess. Her eyeliner was streaking down her face while her lipstick was smudged around her mouth. Her hair was hanging in her face and soaked with sweat.

Streamers hung from her chin…. connecting to Mustaq’s cock….. bobbing just in front of her drooling mouth. She was gasping for breath.

Grabbing a fist full hair of Indrani, Mustaq then pushed her in Surindar’s direction and hissed, “Go, now show my partner what you learned Indudevi”.

Indrani crawled over to the Punjabi intruder who was already fisting his raging hard on. And Mustaq turned to Nandan as he began to taunt. “Duttababu, your wife is one good cock sucker indeed, she just needed a little incentive.”

At that moment, he could see that Nandan’s rockhard cock was at full mast…… nestling in his daughter’s now naked ass-crack. “Glad to see…. you’re enjoying the show.”

Then looking into Rajnandini’s large dark eyes, he leaned in for a wet kiss. Startled at first, she didn’t respond but as his tobacco smelled tongue prodded her lips, she gradually opened her mouth…. accepting the intruder.

Once she began to kiss back, Mustaq reached down to finger her excessively dripping wet cunt. She moaned into his mouth. He inserted first one…. then two fingers into the teenager’s heated twat. His fingers were coated in her honey.

Suddenly reaching lower, he held her father’s throbbing shaft…. feeling it’s hardness. Then breaking his kiss, he looked at first to Rajnandini and then to her father. Nandan’s eyes were closed…. feeling the soft and warm pressure of his daughter’s ass as he tried to control his excitement.

Using his free hand, Mustaq then pulled up on Rajnandini’s cunt…… raising it slightly. With a quick flick of his wrist, he planted Nandan’s stiff cock in his teen-age daughter’s sopping wet cunt.

Instantly Nandan’s eyes snapped open while his daughter’s mouth formed a perfect “O” …… gasping with an unexpected enjoyable moan, “Ohhhhhh……. uuuuuuiiiii…… aaahhh. ……”

Same was to Nandan as he moaned in pleasure….. enjoying the hot clutching of his daughter’s excessively tight cunt. Automatically his pelvis thrust up so as to push his entire eight inches hard cock fully in her cunt…. gasping, “Ohhhh…. Sona baby…… I….I….. I’mmmmmm…. sooooooo…. soooorrrryyy……”

Mustaq laughed….. grinning wickedly and looking into Nandan’s eyes, he said, “If you both stay perfectly still……. controlling your passion, MAYBE you wont cum in your daughter’s tight pussy, Duttababu. But if you failed to do that, then maybe you will be both father and grandfather to the baby.”

Then with a mischievous smile, he planted another deep kiss in the young Tolly princess’s mouth….. as he turned back to her mother and partner.

To be  continued……..

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