Bengalee Film Queen 14

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Episode : 14

A grand filmy party was arranged by Abdul Kader Sk at “Paradise Hotel” on account of the ‘Muharat’ of his latest film “Pujarini Maa” in which Rajnandini Dutta, only daughter of Indrani Dutta will play as the leading role while Gargi Roychowdhury will act as her mother. Screen-play of each actress was already given to them where as the payment contract and shooting schedule were also done without any conflict.

Although it was just a Muharat, a no. of prominent actresses and actors of both Bengals were invited cordially to the party. The actors and actresses of this film were present compulsorily….. moreover the presence of other VVIP actresses like Rituparna Sengupa, Satabdi Roy, Debasree Roy, Rachana Banerjee, Arpita Pal, Subhasree Ganguly, Koel Mallick, Payel, Mimi, Nusrat etc. was surely increased it’s glamour and attraction.

Since his introduction in Tollywood, Kader had produced five films in two yrs and all the movies, as were expected, became superhit. However as he contracted his film business with Rane ( Husband of Koel Mallick ), these films became a joint venture task of both Bengals. Naturally some prominent actresses of Bangladesh were also invited…. among them Jaya Ehasan, Purnima ( Dilhara Hanif Purnima ), Porimoni, Mousumi ( Arifa Parveen Mousumi ) etc were important.

At 10:00 pm, when the party was at last finished, highly elated Dutta family returned home with great satisfaction thinking that their daughter now surely able to acquire a prominent place in Tollygunge Film-industry. During the party, Nandan however noticed the male as well as the female celebrities tried to chat with her gorgeous daughter…. and that made him proud for her.

Returning home, he changed his clothes and went bathroom for some refreshments. After that he decided to watch his favourite programme on TV….. but in his mind’s eye, there always appeared the image of her daughter. He couldn’t forget the hot scenarios of her fucking with her boyfriend which he watched few days ago. That explicit sex-show was tormenting him continuously from that day in which he imagined himself in place of Akash.
He was continuously reminiscing the torrid XXX live bule-show of his daughter Rajnandini with her boyfriend Akash as his cock throbbed under his pyjamas in illicit excitement. He looked at his beautiful actress wife Indrani….. sitting beside him and watching the prime time news with him.

Naturally he couldn’t come out from the explicit fucking image of his sexy daughter’s curvaceous body, her moaning, using so much vulgar words during the fuckfest. As a result, a bulge was forming steadily as he squirmed on the couch.

Should he intimate the matter to his wife? Or was she already aware about it? However it’s so embarrassing to discuss the matter with his wife…. moreover he wasn’t sure how his wife would take the matter?

But the most shocking news, which affected his mind to a great extent, was the news of Gargi Boudi’s stepping into Prostitution which his dear friend Aditya supplied him in the party. He even disclosed that the incident of threesome took place few days ago at Goutam’s house….. in which Goutam himself participated and helped them to enjoy his wife in exchange of money. Hearing that excited Nandan continuously followed Gargi and inspected her closely to check her reactions…. but her jollity and free attitude didn’t show anything unnatural in her behaviour.

This meant Goutam used his celeb wife as a high class whore, which surely was their mutual plan. So long he heard plenty rumours about this dark side of the Tollygunge Film-industry in which a top-class celebrity was operating this gang with the help of the highest level of administrative power. And now the example of Gargi made it clear that some top class film-heroines were involved with the most primal and easiest profession of the world.

Is his wife Indrani attached with this profession? She couldn’t be. Her simple attitude, innocent smiling, going to Kalighat Temple on each Saturday and daily two times Puja/Prayers in their worship room….. didn’t prove that. However he noticed deep intimacy with some film-producers and directors which surely was to get a chance in their films. He didn’t mind it because he thought it a mandatory condition of this show-business job.

Suddenly a ‘Breaking News’ diverted his mind from the exciting reverie and his eyes fixed on the TV….. “Two top most antisocial escaped from the Alipore Jail….after bribing a handsome amount of money to the jailer. The two criminals escaped sometime last night and should be considered Armed and Dangerous”. As usual Nandan didn’t take it seriously and watching few more, he flicked the TV off when the door suddenly burst out and two unknown men walked into the room.

“Don’t try to shout….  otherwise… “, One of them raised his pistol….. aiming at Nandan.

Nandan made an eye contact with his wife Indrani fearfully who was also trembling in unknown fear. Nandan was not a big man and knew he was no match for this two well muscled criminals. Now the husband and wife understood the gravity of their situation. These men were, as the TV reporter had said, “Armed and Dangerous”.

An unlikely pair….. Mustaq was the leader where as Surindar had become fiercely loyal during the yrs they had spent in the prison together. They had not chosen the flat of Dutta Family intentionally but were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It looks like we are going to get to know each other a whole lot better over the next 10 hours. If you cooperate with us then you and your family will get out of this situation….. otherwise things will get very ugly… very fast….. understand?” The other man hissed sternly….. looking at Nandan.

Nandan was panicked even more as he looked Mustaq in the eye and nodded his head, “We don’t want trouble. And I don’t care what you have done or where you are going…. we will just cooperate as you say.”

“That’s good to hear”, said Surindar as he walked up to Indrani, eyeing her up and down, “That’s very good to hear… but Boss, she looks so familiar. I think I’ve seen this lady somewhere”.

“Oh…. you bloody fool. You may see her in TV or in some dance programmes. She is the famous heroine cum dancer of the Bengali Films…. Indrani Dutta. Although I didn’t see much Bengali Films…… I’ve seen a few of this heroine. No doubt she is a good actress…. I’ve recognised her at first sight,” Mustaq cleared his partner’s confusion.

“Yes boss…. now it’s clear to me. Oh what a beauty…..” Surindar exclaimed.

Mustaq knew that it would be difficult to control his partner in this situation. Actually there was little reason to try…..  While rape was really not his thing, it had been a long time since he had enjoyed a women and Indrani was undoubtedly sexy and attractive. ‘I shouldn’t blame my partner if he tried to humiliate her. It was too hard to control anybody’s passion for this gorgeous actress.’ Mustaq thought.

With just 5’3 and 58 kgs, this mature Tolly Queen visited to the gym regularly to maintain her figure. She was too much conscious about her figure because she was aware that a good sexy figure was the real asset for maintaining a steady position in the Tollygunge Film-industry. She had a large bubbling ass, flat stomach and with 36″ boobs…… she sported the hourglass figure that most of her fans find her attractive and desirable.

Add to that, her big eyes and dark Bob-cut hair had made Mustaq’s penis hardening under his pants as he imagined various possibilities. Same was to Surindar…. at one time, he began to circle the actress as her husband rushed forward to protect her.

But instantly, he was not only greeted by Mustaq’s forearm to his throat….. the force he received, it made him sit down hard on his ass gasping for breath.

“Hold on Mr. Dutta,” Mustaq shouted, “You don’t want to try any thing heroic. It will only make matters worse and would have every possibility for you and your family to be killed”.

Meanwhile Surindar held the actress back as she tried to rush to her husband’s aid. “No….. no…… Indudevi, don’t worry about your husband. He is going to be all right soon….. he just needs to catch his breath. Rather you need to be concerned with yourself and little bit over there”. Saying this Surindar turned his head in the direction of Rajnandini, who was also trembling fiercely….. noticing her parents harassment.

Rajnandini was the spitting image of her mother. She had already lost most of her baby fat and her belly slightly showed the soft curves of a young girl. Her developing chest, while not yet as big as her mother…. pushed them high and proud on her youthful chest.

“Leave her out of this” Screamed the mature heroine  “She’s just our innocent daughter”.

Seeing the attention now focusing on her, Rajnandini began to whimper in her upcoming harassment. Her father looked at the direction and realised that things were taking a new turn. He attempted to get to his feet but was easily pushed back down by the huge Mustaq. “Sit still Duttababu, if every body co-operates us… I assure no harm will come to your daughter”.

Mustaq said this with more authority than he felt. He knew in his heart that the pretty sexy teenage would be a difficult temptation to pass up for both Surindar and himself. Still, offering a bit of hope may help in controlling the situation.

Assuming the control, over the situation, Surindar then said, “OK, every body sit down on the couch….. NOW! Mustaqda, please watch them for a second”.

With that he went out for the garage. A moment later he returned with a triumphant smile and a spool of close line rope. “Ok Duttababu, on your feet now”.

Nandan slowly stood up, his mind was racing. If he allowed himself to be tied, he would be helpless to defend his family. While he was considering his options, he saw the Punjabi stud pull a hunting knife from his back pocket. Quickly he grabbed his frightening wife by the hair…. dragging her to her feet.

In a smooth motion, he stepped behind her drawing the sharp edge of his knife to her smooth throat. Never taking his eyes off from Nandan, he said, ” Don’t even consider to be a hero, Duttababu. It is now out of your hands. A stupid move could cost you, your lives and your loving family…. so follow my order strictly. Now REMOVE YOUR CLOTHES”.

This took Nandan completely by surprise. He had considered the consequences…. thought that they would rob their wealth. He even accepted the fact that these animals would probably rape his wife…. but he had never thought they would want him to be naked in front of his daughter and themselves…. Oh God ! What a horrible situation!

Mustaq smiled to himself. This was an old prison trick. Strip a man bare and he felt himself vulnerable and weak. A naked man was far more easily to be controlled. “Quick Duttababu…. do as you’re told. I want those cloths in a pile”.

Nandan’s mind was reeling as he began to unbutton his clothes one by one… at first shirt, and then Guernsey and finally dropped his pyjamas…… placing every thing in a pile. Surindar indicated…. nodding to his shorts, “Everything Sir, I want you to be naked as you came into this world” he said with a broad smile.

“But…” Nandan said…. nodding towards his 19 yrs old daughter.

“What’s the matter Bapi?” Surindar mocked at Nandan, “Duttababu, may be your daughter never seen a naked man in real? Well I think it’s high time for her!” Then turning to the panicked teenage, he said, “How about it Sweety? Have you ever seen the one eyed snake? If not in real, I’m sure you’ve seen in the porn…. today’s kids are too much advanced in their mobile?”

Mustaq stifled a laugh. He thought his colleague was a real son of as bitch. He enjoyed the humiliation as much as any part of it, maybe more. However Rajnandini was not in fact a virgin. She had slept several times with her boy friend Akash ( Only son of Rupa Ganguly ). But this was not the best time to share that information with either her tormentors or her parents; instead she just shook her head ‘No’

“Well it’s high time for you to fulfill your desire!” Surindar said with a flourish grin, then turning to Nandan, he smiled, “You still are with your briefs…. quick, right now.”

Realising there’s no alternatives, Nandan slowly removed his briefs revealing his limp prick. While he was more than average in size, it became eight inches when fully erect… in his current fearful state, his penis resembled a frightened turtle.

The sight elicited a hearty laugh from Surindar. “I can see why you would want to hide that Sir….. !” Then turning to Maiya, he said “Don’t worry baby, you will get to see a real Man sized version today.”

Grabbing a normal wooden chair out of the kitchen, he placed it in the middle of the room. All eyes were on Surindar as he was circled around Nandan.

“Maybe I should be calling you as ‘Madam’….. please don’t mind, now I’ve to do a spl arrangement for your husband”, Surindar said to the sexy Tolly celeb with a crude smile.

However accepting  the challenge, the celeb heroine steeled her eyes and responded, “My husband is a great man you’ve ever seen….. and I love him with all my heart. So please don’t harm him!”

“Sure, sure” said Surindar, then to Nandan, “Now keep your hands behind your back. No use trying to hide your beautiful Leora “.

Sensing this was his last chance to regain control over the situation, Nandan moved to the left to resist. But instantly he felt an iron grip on his hair as Surindar grabbed him from behind.  ‘Opps’ he responded with a grimace…. receiving a solid jab in his abdomen and he folded like a cheap suit.

With Nandan on his knees gasping for breath, Surindar moved behind him and quickly secured his hands with the cloths line. Mustaq and Surindar each grabbed an elbow of Nandan….. then quickly brought him to his feet. They deposited him forcefully in the chair…. with the chair’s back between his wrists and body.

Surindar then proceeded to loop the rope under the chair and secured first the right foot… then the left to the front legs of the chair. Mustaq was impressed, the whole procedure took just two minutes and the man of the house was safe and secured in the chair being confined tightly by the cloth-rope. Nandan now almost looked comical sitting there naked with his legs splayed wide…. his limp penis laid on his left thigh.

Mustaq winked at Surindar…. then turned to Indrani who was still seated on the couch with a look of horror in her eyes. Seeing her poor husband hog-tied like this, she was over-whelmed with a sense of despair. God only knew… what these animals had in store for her and her family.

Rajnandini tried not to look at her poor father, but could not help sneaking a peak at his limp prick that were so prominently displayed. She had seen and enjoyed her boyfriend Akash’s cock several times….. actually she loved to fuck him who always was hard around her.

Her father’s limp prick was undoubtedly impressive which looked slightly short in size compared to her boyfriend. She understood that her father’s prick might have a frightened effect and made it limp.

Mustaq then held out his hand to the mature actress. And without thinking about her daughter and husband, Indrani took Mustaq’s extended hand as he quickly pulled her to her feet from the couch. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she stared at her panicked husband and daughter.

Taking her chin in his hand, Mustaq turned her face to him and said wickedly, “Now there’s no one to interrupt us…. so you and I can get better acquainted.” He stroked her hair lovingly and embraced her from behind….. kissing her smooth neck gently.

‘Oh, this is what they wanted, now I can understand their actual purpose’ thought the talented film-actress. He is going to take me into our bedroom and rape me. Rape me on my marriage bed.

“But Madam, your husband looks pretty pathetic. With that average size tool of your husband, you must not have fully enjoyed and play with your self all the time… just to get satisfied.” Whispering in her ear Mustaq asked her again, “Do you play with yourself…. all the time, Madam?”

“No, no never” replied Indrani sternly.

“Bullshit,” snapped Mustaq…. roughly pushing her away from his embrace. “Enough of this, I want to see you naked, now strip!”

A sudden realization swept over Indrani’s mind. Oh, this notorious man had no intention of raping her in the privacy of her bedroom. This animal intended to take her right here in the living room in front of her husband and daughter!

“Take your cloths off Madam and show me how you play with yourself”. Mustaq grinned at the Tolly Queen wickedly.

Indrani shook her head ‘No’ in blush…. keeping her head down.

With a sudden motion,  Mustaq ripped her sleeveless Maxi…. sending the buttons flying everywhere. Caught by surprise, Indrani just froze as Mustaq took out a knife from his pocket…. inserting the sharp blade of his knife between her huze bra-cups…. slicing her bra in a single stroke.

As her large conical boobs sprang free, the Sexy Tolly actress gasped in fear and shame. Her daughter shrieked as her helpless husband just struggled to free himself.

Mustaq smiled at his handiwork. “Oh God! You’ve so nice tits, Indudevi! Doesn’t this sexy sexy heroine have a nice rack, Surindar?”

“Indeed she does” said Surindar excitedly…. realising that the whole idea was warming rapidly, “She is simply stunning”.

“Lets see the rest of you Indudevi, hop out of that saya ( petticoat ), or do I need to shred that as well” Mustaq said with a sneer.

“Please”, the shameful Tolly celeb pleaded, “Can’t we take this into our bedroom? I will do what ever you want, just not here…. I mean in front of my daughter and husband…. please”.

“Ohhhhh…. Indu… my darling, you will do whatever I want. But if you prefer your bedroom, we can go there”, Mustaq responded.

Sreelekha became brightened. She thought, ‘It was bad enough to have to endure a rape but far worse to have to submit in the presence of her Husband and Daughter.’

Then turning to the frightened teenage,  Mustaq said, “Sweety, your sexy mommy wants to go to the bedroom. Be a good girl and go to your parents bedroom and keep it ready for your mother’s second honeymoon”.

Rajnandini became froze….. looking first to her mother then to Mustaq. “Baby, don’t make me ask you twice….. get in there and turn down the bed”.

Rajnandini scrambled to her feet in even more fear and with a sniffle, she headed to her parents bedroom. “Surindar Bhai, Indudevi wants to move the party to their bedroom. Can you give me a hand moving her bustard husband?”

Indrani couldn’t believe her ears. Her hopes of saving herself and specially the dignity… were dashed almost as soon as they were granted ( seemingly ) his proposal.

“No, I….. I…. mea….. meant….. just you and me” Indrani just began stammering.

“Now Indudevi, please…. we don’t want to be selfish….. do we? I’m sure everyone wants to watch our live honeymoon,” Mustaq said with a crooked smile. “Surindarbhai, you want to watch the fun….. don’t you?”

Surindar instantly nods his agreement, “Seems only fair… but I think it wouldn’t be fair to deprive her husband about watching his beautiful wife’s second honeymoon. Am I correct Boss?”

“Ohhhh sorry bro…. I forgot about that.” Mustaq said with a sad grin.

Then walking over to Nandan, Mustaq looked him in the eye, ” How about you Dutta-babu? Do you want to see your wife play with a real circumcised cock….. don’t you?”

Struggling against his bonds, the helpless husband hissed, “You bastard! What have we ever done to you? Just leave us alone. Spend the night, leave when your ready, we wont call the police, just leave us alone….”

“No… no… Dutta-babu, can you think of a better way to spend the evening? Of course not. We both had a long-cherished dream about enjoying a glamourous Bengalee heroine…. and here the almighty God has arranged that for us…. thanks Allah. I think we should utilise it properly. So Indudevi please cooperate with us and help us to fulfill our dream. If you don’t mind, now get your ass in that bedroom and out of those worthless cloths. Surindar, give me a hand here.” Mustaq tried to persuade the Tolly celeb with a pleading but crude tone.

Hanging her head, Indrani didn’t see any other option and thereby headed off to the bedroom. Then Mustaq and Surindar each grabbed an arm of the chair and carried the struggling Nandan into the room…. depositing him at the foot of the bed.

“How’s that for a view Nandanbabu? I think it would be fine…. but if you feel any difficulty in watching your wife’s Fulsajjya, just inform us. OK? That’s a good boy, now quit struggling and suck it up”.

As instructed Rajnandini had turned down the bed and was now huddled in the corner quietly sobbing. Indrani was standing on her side of the bed, her hands at her side, her boobs on display of the bright led light of the bedroom.

“You stupid cunt”, Mustaq blurted out, “What part of strip… don’t you understand? I see you need a little help”. Then turning to Rajnandini, he waved her towards her mother. “Baby, go help your mother out of her clothes.”

Rajnandini froze as her mother whimpered “Please leave her alone, I’ll undress on my own,” which she promptly did.

Dropping her torn Maxi, she revealed a nice red panty with just a wisp of pubic hair showing out of it’s both sides. Just with her lacy red panties, the mature Tolly heroine was looked even more beautiful and sexy than either…. both the intruder had hoped for.

“Step out of those panties Indudevi,” Mustaq ordered. Doing as she was told Indrani soon stood in all her glory, blushing a bright crimson.

“Indudevi, I love your lacy panties, but of course you know that if you wear net panties, and shave your pubic hairs, I’m sure you would be looked even more sexy, otherwise you lose the whole effect”. Inspecting her bushy cunt carefully, Mustaq commented smilingly.

Indrani did not think it possible to be any more humiliated. She was wrong as she heard another command from Mustaq, “So, please go to the bath room and shave off all the hair. I want you to be clean fully and want to see if I’m correct or not.”

Indrani stared in disbelief as once again Mustaq hissed, “Either you do it or I will, your choice, now hop to”.

In a daze Indrani found herself walking into the bathroom while Mustaq gestured his partner, “Surindar, why don’t you go in and keep an eye on her. I’ll stay here with these two”.

Indrani blushed furiously as Surindar followed her into the bathroom.

To be continued…..

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