Bengalee Film Queen 14

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Episode : 14

A grand filmy party was arranged by Abdul Kader Sk at “Paradise Hotel” on account of the ‘Muharat’ of his latest film “Pujarini Maa” in which Rajnandini Dutta, only daughter of Indrani Dutta will play as the leading role while Gargi Roychowdhury will act as her mother. Screen-play of each actress was already given to them where as the payment contract and shooting schedule were also done without any conflict.

Although it was just a Muharat, a no. of prominent actresses and actors of both Bengals were invited cordially to the party. The actors and actresses of this film were present compulsorily….. moreover the presence of other VVIP actresses like Rituparna Sengupa, Satabdi Roy, Debasree Roy, Rachana Banerjee, Arpita Pal, Subhasree Ganguly, Koel Mallick, Payel, Mimi, Nusrat etc. was surely increased it’s glamour and attraction.

Since his introduction in Tollywood, Kader had produced five films in two yrs and all the movies, as were expected, became superhit. However as he contracted his film business with Rane ( Husband of Koel Mallick ), these films became a joint venture task of both Bengals. Naturally some prominent actresses of Bangladesh were also invited…. among them Jaya Ehasan, Purnima ( Dilhara Hanif Purnima ), Porimoni, Mousumi ( Arifa Parveen Mousumi ) etc were important.

At 10:00 pm, when the party was at last finished, highly elated Dutta family returned home with great satisfaction thinking that their daughter now surely able to acquire a prominent place in Tollygunge Film-industry. During the party, Nandan however noticed the male as well as the female celebrities tried to chat with her gorgeous daughter…. and that made him proud for her.

Returning home, he changed his clothes and went bathroom for some refreshments. After that he decided to watch his favourite programme on TV….. but in his mind’s eye, there always appeared the image of her daughter. He couldn’t forget the hot scenarios of her fucking with her boyfriend which he watched few days ago. That explicit sex-show was tormenting him continuously from that day in which he imagined himself in place of Akash.
He was continuously reminiscing the torrid XXX live bule-show of his daughter Rajnandini with her boyfriend Akash as his cock throbbed under his pyjamas in illicit excitement. He looked at his beautiful actress wife Indrani….. sitting beside him and watching the prime time news with him.

Naturally he couldn’t come out from the explicit fucking image of his sexy daughter’s curvaceous body, her moaning, using so much vulgar words during the fuckfest. As a result, a bulge was forming steadily as he squirmed on the couch.

Should he intimate the matter to his wife? Or was she already aware about it? However it’s so embarrassing to discuss the matter with his wife…. moreover he wasn’t sure how his wife would take the matter?

But the most shocking news, which affected his mind to a great extent, was the news of Gargi Boudi’s stepping into Prostitution which his dear friend Aditya supplied him in the party. He even disclosed that the incident of threesome took place few days ago at Goutam’s house….. in which Goutam himself participated and helped them to enjoy his wife in exchange of money. Hearing that excited Nandan continuously followed Gargi and inspected her closely to check her reactions…. but her jollity and free attitude didn’t show anything unnatural in her behaviour.

This meant Goutam used his celeb wife as a high class whore, which surely was their mutual plan. So long he heard plenty rumours about this dark side of the Tollygunge Film-industry in which a top-class celebrity was operating this gang with the help of the highest level of administrative power. And now the example of Gargi made it clear that some top class film-heroines were involved with the most primal and easiest profession of the world.

Is his wife Indrani attached with this profession? She couldn’t be. Her simple attitude, innocent smiling, going to Kalighat Temple on each Saturday and daily two times Puja/Prayers in their worship room….. didn’t prove that. However he noticed deep intimacy with some film-producers and directors which surely was to get a chance in their films. He didn’t mind it because he thought it a mandatory condition of this show-business job.

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