Bengalee Film Queen 20

Episode : 20

Rajnandini slowly and quietly made her way back to her bedroom. She was trying to make sense of what she had just witnessed….. was natural and common in Film-industry. However she had so many different emotions running through her head. She wasn’t shocked but a little bit of angry on her mother and Nilay uncle was created for doing this…

On the other hand, she could not deny the fact that it turned her on too much to watch them continuously. It brought back the memories of that afternoon when she had been indulged to have sex with the Bangladeshi film-producer Kader for her final audition. Those memories were still so vivid in her mind. She then realised that it wasn’t really anger she was feeling, rather she was jealous on her mother for getting the intense pleasure from Nilay uncle.

Nandan sat there in disbelief as his daughter told him what had happened between Indrani and Nilay few nights earlier. In reality, Rajnandini did not go into that much detail. She told her father what he needed to know while leaving out the parts that she thought would hurt him.

Oddly, he wasn’t hurt a little bit because he had some ideas about the traditions in Tollywood Film-industry and already guessed that his wife was also involved with it. Today he had that evidence also from his daughter and that’s why he wasn’t angry either. He just couldn’t believe what his daughter had just told him. He got up from the bed and started to leave the bedroom.

“Where are you going, Baba?” Rajnandini asked her father.

“I need to see it for myself. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything wrong to them. I just need to be sure.” He said as he headed downstairs to the guest bedroom.

When he reached the door, he could still hear the soft music playing in the room. Every so often he would hear a soft moan as well. He slowly turned the knob and gently cracked the door open.

The guest bedroom has mirrored sliding closet doors and he could see the bed clearly in the reflection without opening the door far more. Yes, his daughter had told him the truth.

On the bed he could see the profile of his wife’s body sitting on top of Nilay who was lying on his back. Nilay’s hands were fondling Indrani’s large pendulous breasts. And her hands were on his hands, helping him squeeze her breasts just the way she wanted. She was riding his dick slowly, savoring the feeling as she slowly rocked her hips up un down on his thick member.

“Oh Nilay, I’m going to cum again.” Indrani moaned as she leaned down and placed one of her breasts to his lips and he happily started to suck on her nipple as she climaxed.

Nandan just stared at their reflection while he listened to his wife whimper softly as her orgasm passed. Normally, Indrani would stop after she had an orgasm and allow her husband to get on top of her and fuck her as hard as he wanted until he came. That was the fairly standard routine they would follow most times they made love.

But it was rare that Indrani would try to have multiple orgasms because she couldn’t easily have multiple orgasms without a break between them. So her husband was surprised to watch her sit back up and start riding Nilay’s cock again just as her orgasm subsided.

This time Nilay sat up and they started kissing….. their tongues playing as they kissed. It actually was very sensual and loving to watch. It was more than sex they were having. Actually they were making love.

Nandan watched for a few more minutes as his wife continued to grind on the virile director. She was clearly close to having another orgasm. He wondered how many times his wife had already had tonight with Koel’s Punjabi husband.

He felt a tinge of jealousy as he realised that Nilay was clearly a better lover to his wife than he himself was. But how could he compete with his young stamina? And how could he blame them?

The actual reason was that he had been unable to have satisfying sex with his mature wife due to his young daughter’s blooming image. After watching Nandini to have sex with her fiancee Akash, he couldn’t stop thinking about how much better it would be to make love to his daughter. It was all so confusing. So many emotions were flooding his mind. He slowly closed the door and headed back to his bedroom.

However Rajnandini was still waiting for her father in his room and he was surprised to see her still there. She walked up to him and hugged her father. He wrapped his arms around his baby girl and held her tight.

“I’m so sorry, Baba…. but please don’t mad on me, I’ve to do the same like Mamoni. Few days ago, you can remember when I went to Kadershab’s office for my final audition, I’ve to please him also like Mamoni.” She softly said as they ended their embrace.

“Don’t be, angel…. I guessed that also.” He responded more professionally now. “Although this whole situation has been impossibly hard for me…. I’m OK with it. Now we can’t go back to the way we were as a family. But I agree with the matter what your mother and you are doing for your filmy-career…..yes, I’ve full support about your ideas and I can’t blame you.”

“Of course you can blame us, Baba. You didn’t have to give in to our desires…did you?” She added the question at the end almost as if asking for herself.

“Desire is often the most intense emotion. Your mother and I love you more than anything in the world. We have always been extremely close to you. But after being forced to experience that love and connection in a sexual way, it is hard not to desire that feeling of ultimate connection again.” Nandan explained to his daughter the best he could.

“But what about us, Baba?” Rajnandini asked as she looked at her father with a look he hadn’t seen since the night they had been forced to make love. “We have a special bond…. don’t, we?” she added.

“Of course we do, angel. But surely you don’t mean that you want to go back to that night again?” He asked his beautiful actress daughter.

“Don’t you?” She asked as she slightly nodded her head as if to encourage her father to say ‘Yes’.

However he was already very much turned on after watching his wife and Nilay to make love. Now Rajnandini was almost pleading with her father to make love with her like that night. Although it was completely wrong and dysfunctional, yet the taboo desire had taken over.

He grabbed his daughter and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they started kissing like the long lost lovers they were. He carried her to the bed and practically jumped with her in his arms onto the bed, never breaking their passionate kiss.

They kissed for a long time while their hands groped and roamed on each other through their night dresses. They rolled all over the bed trying to touch each other every way they could.

At one point, Rajnandini was on top of her father kissing him when she sat up. In one quick motion, she then pulled her nightgown off over hear head. She removed her father’s shirt and pressed her naked chest to him and started kissing him again.

Few seconds later, Rajnandini broke their kiss and started to kiss her way down her father’s body. She played with his small nipples and licked various parts of the belly. When she got to his waist, the tip of his long cock was sticking out the top of his briefs.

She kissed the tip and started to lick it playfully. It felt amazing to him. She looked up at him with the same devilish look that always meant she was going to do something naughty when she was a child. Now that look had a whole new meaning to her father.

At last she pulled off her father’s briefs and engulfed his whole cock with her mouth. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Now his half naked daughter deep-throating all the 8 inches of his rock hard dick. Her father thought what she was doing with her mouth and tongue, was like heaven.

It only took a few minutes before Nandan was ready to cum. “Ohhhhhhhh Sona, if you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.”

He warned, expecting her to stop. Instead, she looked up at her father with that same devilish look in her eyes and twirled her tongued around his cockhead and then started to move her mouth up and down faster on the shaft. Her eyes were locked on him as his orgasm erupted in her mouth.

Rajnandini’s eyes rolled back in her head feeling the hot eruption in her hungry mouth…. she was in ecstasy. She sucked every last drop from her father’s cock. The tip of his dick became so sensitive from the orgasm and her suction that he could barely handle the sensation. She continued to suck and lick the cock softly as it started to soften.

At last, she stood up and took off her panties. She then crawled back on top of her father and began kissing him with soft and loving, yet passionate kisses. “You taste so good, Baba.” She said between kisses as her father could taste the hint of his own cum on her tongue. It was extremely erotic!

Nandan rolled over with his daughter in his arms. Now he was on top of her and it was his turn to kiss her body. He licked…. nibbled….. sucked on her perky 19 yrs old boobs. He grabbed them with his hands and pressed them together so that he could get both her nipples in his mouth at the same time.

It was something he would do often to Indrani and it would always drive her crazy. And Rajnandini was just like her mother because as soon as her father had both her nipples in his mouth, she started to moan and squirm.

“Oh my God, Baba. That feels so amazing!” Rajnandini rasped as she lost control of her own body.

Her father continued to suck both her nipples until she begged him to lick her pussy. “Oh Baba, please lick me now. I need to feel your mouth and tongue so bad. Please….. please suck on my clit.”

Her father then slid down her as she had her legs spread wide giving him great access to her wet pussy. He could see her juices leaking from her labia. He placed his nose against her clit and breathed her in….. smelling so good and so clean.

He started to lick her moist pussy-lips, running his tongue over and around her inner and outer labia. He was teasing his daughter and she was loving it. He stuck his long tongue in her love canal a few times just to get the full taste of her on his tongue.

The nineteen yrs old aspiring actress truly tasted sweet. It was a taste her father would never grow tired of. She was now almost whimpering…. that’s when he moved to her pretty little knob. He placed his lips around it and gently started to suck and nibble while flicking his tongue across it. He realised that just the right amount of pressure was making her crazy.

Rajnandini now wrapped her legs around her father’s head and squeezed the head so tight that he thought his head might pop. He could feel her body tense up and her hands were on his head pressing his face hard against her clit.

“I’m cumminggggggg…….!” she screamed and whimpered at the same time.

And then her body went limp. Her father looked up at her lovingly as she was breathing heavily….. almost gasping for air. He crawled up the bed and laid next to her. He ran his fingers through her hair affectionately and moved some strands of hair out of her face. She looked at her father as she smiled innocently which made his heart melt.

“Now make love to me, Baba.” Rajnandini said in the sweetest, most loving voice.

“I need a little help first.” Her father replied looking down at his semi-erect penis.

Rajnandini grinned as she moved her head down to her father’s dick and started to stroke the shaft with her hand while she kissed and licked the head. With her skills, it didn’t take him that long to get really hard again.

She then laid back on the bed as her father rolled on top of her. He moved his hips until he felt the tip of cock press against her pussy lips. Slowly he pressed into her soaking pussy. Her tight lips parted as his shaft sunk deeper and deeper into the moist tunnel. They both moaned in ecstasy as her father finally had his entire length inside her.

Then they started kissing and never broke that kiss. With that he started his pounding….. varying the speed, depth and force of his thrusts. Rajnandini’s hands were all over her father….. squeezing and caressing his body as he made passionate love to her. Her body moved in rhythm with her father almost perfectly. And their tongues never stopped dancing together as they pleasured each other.

Rajnandini’s amazing pussy was milking her father’s cock with almost every thrust. He could feel the walls of her pussy contract and grip his shaft as if she was trying to squeeze the cum out of the shaft.

Then Rajnandini started to suck on her father’s tongue with growing intensity. It was too much for her father to take and he thrusted one last time as a torrent of hot cum shot from his dick and coated the inside of her tight pussy-walls. She squeezed her cunt around her father’s cock even harder and said while moaning, “That feels so good. Baba, I can actually feel you cumming.”

“I love you so much, angel.” Her father said as he collapsed on her chest.

“Oh Baba, I love you too…… that was so perfect.” Rajnandini responded.

Her father could not argue with her. It truly had felt perfect. There is something about incest that heightens every sensation and every emotion.

Rajnandini also realised that making love to her father is the most incredible experience she has ever had. It is impossible to put into words. The orgasms she achieved while making love to her father are unlike any orgasm she has ever had before or since with her lover, the two antisocials or other filmy personnel.

They held each other for almost an hour afterwards. After sometime her father first detached himself from her as he had to get up to go to the bathroom. When he came back to the bed, she was gathering her clothes.

“Mamoni will be coming back to bed sometime soon.” She said. “I need not to be here when that happens.”

“I guess I need to talk to your mother about all this.” Her father half-heartedly said.

“There’s no need for that….. and from now on, you could just come to my room whenever Mamoni would go for her shooting,” Rajnandini said with a wicked grin on her face. Then she turned and walked out of the room. Her father got into bed and went to sleep.

As days passed, the dynamic attitudes of the well known Dutta family was becoming completely dysfunctional. They pretended the best they could to be normal to each other, but actually they couldn’t do.

Sometimes Indrani felt that her marriage was in trouble. Her husband and she hadn’t really talked about anything important all the Puja-vacation. Even they weren’t really connecting in the bedroom anymore for obvious reasons.

In the meantime, she was getting continuous invitations from Koel to meet with her. She herself felt terribly bad not to attend the function few days ago when she was invited for her cute son’s first birthday party. As both the family now tied almost like a joint-family, members of this two celeb family loved each other heartily and never missed the opportunity to attend any type of invitation.

To be continued….

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