Bengalee Film Queen 18

Episode : 18
“Girls, get on all fours and clean those messy cocks off!” The leader Mustaq barked, “I want to see those cocks clean and hard again. This ain’t over yet.”

Instantly Indrani and her daughter Rajnandini got up and positioned themselves as Surindar and Nandan stood before them. Nandan looked over at Mustaq and noticed that he still held his dick in his hand and was stroking his hard cock leisurely which was pulled out through his zipper’s hole.

“Fuck!” Nandan thought. ‘Reality was once again shoved back in his face. This wasn’t going to end well’.

Mustaq was slowly stroking his impressive hard on as Indrani and her daughter started sucking their cocks. Nandan once again found himself watching his wife in shock as she sucked Surindar’s cock with a fervor that he had never seen from her before. He had moved his hands to her head and has running his hands through her hair lovingly….. guiding her head back and forth on his now fully hard penis.

Watching that scene along with what his daughter was doing to his own cock, brought the blood back to his meaty rod in full force. He looked down at his daughter who was looking up at him smilingly as she started to deep throat his dick.

She would make a few normal strokes on the cock and then plunge her face against his body, literally swallowing the tip of his cock down her throat. It was indescribable. All 8 inches were in her mouth and throat….. time and time again….. and was felt amazing!

“Alright guys, this is almost over for everyone. Now move around behind the girls and start fucking them in doggie style.” Mustaq again directed the two couples.

Indrani’s heart sunk! She guessed that those sick fucks were going to do something more from them. And she just hoped they were going to fuck them again. However to her surprise, her daughter didn’t say anything when her husband took position behind her. She could tell… her husband also wanted to fuck their daughter as she shot him a glance to remind him that they had the gun. This was better than the alternative.

Her husband positioned himself behind their daughter and pointed his pole at her dripping pussy. It easily slid in despite her pussy being even tighter in this position. She watched her daughter brace herself as her husband grabbed her hips and tried to get his cock in her pussy.

Indrani knew that she still has a tight pussy despite having bore one baby and a no. of filmy personnel’s cocks in her pussy. It had always been a nice fit for her pussy, and she was quite aware that she could handle Surindar’s cock quite easily in that position also. Actually she already had accustomed with both the intruder’s massive cocks. She groaned loudly as he finally pushed it all the way in her cunt for the second time.

Mustaq then took his position in front of the younger Tolly heroine and stuck his cock her mouth. Few seconds later, he pulled it out from her mouth and fed it to her mother’s eager mouth….. thereby he was sucked by the mother and daughter alternatively. It was a fucked up situation.

Meanwhile, Surindar and Nandan were looking directly at Mustaq who was getting his dick sucked by the same women they were fucking. However he had his gun held up and pointed at them all the time.

“Dude Duttababu, both your daughter and wife are fucking amazing. They’re going to make me cum any second.” Mustaq could barely manage to say the words as mother-daughter duo were hungrily sucking his cock.

“Don’t cum yet! I want to switch with you Mustaqda. But I must say…. mommy is got some serious skills in her cunt!” the Punjabi intruder chirped.

Nandan looked over at his wife and she in fact was going to chew Surindar’s dick with her super controlling cunt-muscles. Surindar was pumping her from behind at a nice pace that was allowing his wife to face fuck the Muslim burglar’s cock. He thought he knew both his wife and daughter after all these years, but he truly did not recognize them at that moment. They actually seemed to be enjoying like him what they were doing.

“Ok, time to switch it up.” Announced the leader.

With that the two men switched places as Surindar shoved his dick in Indrani’s mouth while Mustaq kneeled behind her and with single thrust, he shoved his entire massive cock in her cunt.

It didn’t take long for Surindar to cum. And again, Indrani shocked her husband. The same woman who would gag often while tried to swallow his cum, now eagerly drank that man dry. As soon as Mustaq started cumming, she grabbed his cock with her hand and started sucking on his tip.

She stroked his shaft and Nandan could see that she was creating vacuum-like suction on his cockhead. She swallowed what appeared to be a sizeable load.

When the burglar couldn’t stand the intensity of her suction anymore, he pulled away and a loud “pop” sound came from his wife’s mouth. It sounded almost like a champagne bottle being opened. He wouldn’t believe it if he hadn’t seen it himself!

The two then men zipped themselves up. The leader walked over to their bedroom phone and tossed it on the floor. He smashed it to bits with his foot.

“Keep fucking.” Mustaq ordered. “We aren’t going to leave now. It was the best blowjobs I have ever had. But you better keep fucking for at least 10 minutes. Am I clear?”

“We won’t stop.” Indrani assured him.

“Good. You all enjoy yourselves.” He smiled happily as he took his mobile and started video-graphing the fuck-fest.

Indrani looked at her husband who was looking back at her also. “Just keep going. Just to be safe.” She said softly.

After that she looked behind and urged Mustaq to pound her vigorously. Mustaq smiled as he thrust forward and grabbed Indrani’s hips firmly…… pounding her with more force and pace. Nandan followed the leader’s savage humping and did the same to his daughter as both his daughter and wife now started moaning loudly.

This went on for a few minutes. Indrani could tell that her husband was really getting heated up and similar was her daughter. Yes…. Rajnandini was also enjoying the ride her husband was giving her. Looking back on it, it was so fucked up.

Mustaq was now behaving more politely with the members of the Dutta family….. noticing their shameless cooperation. Indrani as well as her husband and daughter all knew it, yet they were all using the intruders as an excuse to keep this glorious moment going for just a longer. Surindar also noticed their willing cooperation and kept his pistol in his pocket. He then concentrated himself in his video-graphing on the fuck-fest….. going on the large queen-size bed

Suddenly Indrani lost all her control. “Oh my fucking God!” she cried out. “I need to cum so bad!”

With that she pulled away from Mustaq as his thick glistening meaty rod came out from her cunt with a loud plop which was swinging obscenely between his thighs. She turned around to face him and pushed him on his back.

Then she turned to her husband and pleaded him, “Please, forgive me darling!” as she straddled Mustaq quickly and guided his cock back into her soaking cunt.

Meanwhile Rajnandini and her father both had stopped their movements. Nandan couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His wife had her hands on Mustaq’s chest and was riding his cock like a wild nymph. She leaned down and pressed her tits in his face and started grinding her clit against his pelvis as she slid up and down on his pole madly.

Rajnandini looked back at her father. They only needed to look at each other to know that they both wanted the same thing. Like her mother, she also pulled away from her father and lied on her back just beside Mustaq.

Then with a swift motion, she pulled her father down to her and started kissing like they did earlier. Her father quickly set his raging hard-on in his daughter’s cunt and with one hard thrust, he entered into the hilt. He then started thrusting harder and faster into her pussy. When they broke their kiss, she looked at him and said, “I love you so much, daddy.”

Nandan felt his cock grow even harder as her daughter started squeezing and milking his cock again. He increased the force and pace of their incestuous love making. It was all so intense.

Quickly he glanced at his wife and could hear his wife steadily building to what had to be another monster orgasm. The sounds of Mustaq’s moaning was also increasing as he suckled from her huge breasts. The slapping of his own body against his daughter’s was also increasing as they both were building towards their own orgasms.

Indrani was the first to scream. “Oh God YES BABY! Mustaqbhai, I’m cumming so hard on your fat circumcised cock. It feels so fucking incredible!” she exclaimed as she collapsed against him.

As Indrani was climaxing, she could hear her daughter’s whimpering a bit. Her husband now slowed his assault on their daughter’s pussy long enough to make sure she was ok. At that moment her eyes met with her husband as he looked at her.

Nandan realised that his wife was making out with Mustaq. She broke the kiss and said something which he will never forget. “Mustaqbhai, roll me over and fuck me as hard as you can.”

And with a swift motion, Mustaq rolled her onto her back and moved on top of her. He grabbed her legs and pressed them almost up to the headboard. Her ass was almost off the bed. Indrani held her legs as the Muslim antisocial started to pump her pussy like a jackhammer…. pounding her with wild abandon.

Noticing her soft-spoken mother’s wildness, Rajnandini grabbed her father’s head and pulled it back to hers….. giving him the perfect kiss for the moment. She made her father forget all about the antisocial giving her mother the fuck of her life. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around her father’s back and urged him to fuck her ravishingly. And her father always gave her what she wants….. so he did.

Nandan can’t say how long it lasted. Time seemed to stand still. It was probably only a couple of minutes before he felt his daughter cumming on his cock.

It put him over the top and he emptied his balls in his daughter’s clutching pussy and then collapsed on top of her. He looked over at Mustaq, who had already collapsed onto his wife and they both were asleep or passed out. He turned back to his daughter and they kissed one last time.

“I love you, Angel” Nandan whispered.

“I love you too, daddy.” Rajnandini replied as her face beamed in joy.

It took them all a while to recover the situation. It was only then, they began to realise that the intruders had left their house and they were alone.

Both the antisocials had slipped out just as they all were enjoying the heights of their orgasms. At one point, the three had passed out. However before leaving, Surindar had recorded the last fifteen minutes of their torrid sexual bliss through his mobile camera.

To be continued…..

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