Bengalee Film Queen 19

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Episode : 19

The next morning was extremely awkward to say the least. As usual, Indrani was the first to wake up. She noticed that her daughter had rolled off at some point during the night. But she was still sleeping peacefully by her husband’s side, snuggled up against his side to keep themselves warm.

She had hoped it had all been a bizarre dream, but seeing his naked daughter next to her husband where her husband was still sleeping with his head resting on their daughter’s chest, she had to face the realisation that it all really had happened.

They had been forced at gunpoint to do the unthinkable. Those bastards had forced them to do things to each other that no right-minded sophisticated family would ever consider. Her husband had been forced to have sex with their daughter, and she herself had been forced to have sex with the two antisocials.

Although they had come to rob their possessions, they ended up robbing them of so much more. Their lives would never be the same. Even then, she knew it. What had been done could never be undone. There was no going back to the way things were before. Her heart was broken and she felt sick to her stomach.

She rushed out of the bed and ran to the bathroom where she threw up as the details of the previous night replayed in her head. At last she flushed the toilet and washed her face in the sink. That’s when she heard her daughter shriek. “Oh my God! Daddy, get off of me!”

She shut off the water and rushed back into their bedroom to see her husband standing naked beside the bed. Their daughter had grabbed the sheets and covered herself. Everyone looked dazed and confused.

“Oh my God. Oh my God,” was all their daughter could say over and over again. She had a horrified look on her face as the memories of the previous night played through her head. The realisation of what had happened was almost too much for the young actress to take.

Indrani told her daughter to go to her room, get dressed and wait for her to come get them. She then asked her husband to wear clothes while she checked out the house to see what all had been stolen and make sure the house was secured.

To her shock, only their basement TV and computer were gone. The intruders must have just grabbed what they could carry of value and ran off. Otherwise, the house was just as it had been. If only the same could have been said about her family.

She headed back upstairs to their bedroom to see what her husband was doing. He had managed to get herself dressed and he seemed to have gotten over the initial shock. She began to tell him about the stolen items, but he cut her off.

“Get Nandini meet me in the kitchen. We all need to talk.” He said with a tone that made it clear that this wasn’t to be debated.

Saying that Nandan himself walked to his daughter’s door and hesitated as he reached for the door and thought about the incident. ‘Although I had cherished a dream for a long time about my daughter, but in practical I can’t believe it still now. How was I going to look my daughter in the face? I was so ashamed about what had happened the night before. It wasn’t so much what I had been forced to do that I was ashamed about, but rather it was the fact I had allowed myself to enjoy it so thoroughly and completely.’

He raised his hand to the door to knock, but it opened before he reached it. His daughter walked by him without even looking at him and said as she walked to the kitchen, “I heard about the family meeting in the kitchen.”

Nandan felt some relief as he noticed her. ‘My daughter couldn’t even stand to look at me, ‘ he thought to himself as he headed for the kitchen feeling like the worst father in the world.

He noticed his wife was back to her normal self. At least that was how she portrayed herself as she spoke. She said all the possible sides about that horrible thing that happened to them. How they would get through that and not let this moment define the rest of their lives or their relationships with each other.

Her husband and daughter followed her lead and pointed out the politically correct things. At last they all agreed that they would not let this change in the family and that Rajnandini’s fiancee Akash, must never know about what happened. They would keep this as a top secret and only speak of it during counseling, which they all agreed unanimously.

They all hugged when the family meeting was over and put on their best faces and tried their hardest to get through the weekend. Unfortunately, none of them really believed in their hearts that they were going to be the same family ever again.

Nearly three months had passed since that tragic night. It had been a very difficult time for the family. In the meantime, Rajnandini was struggling through her filmy career for last few months and absorbed herself only in Kader’s film-shooting. She blamed on the seniors for not getting further chances in other’s film, but her parents knew what was really troubling her.

Indrani and her husband were struggling too. Though they were getting along fine in the everyday aspects of their marriage, they had not been able to have sex once during that time. They had tried a few times, but neither of them were able to get into the moment enough to get beyond foreplay. That was a big change from once a week they normally had sex. They simply could not find a way to connect the way they used to.

However they were all seeing counselors on their own as well as a semi-monthly group session. The counseling was helping, but it was a very slow process. They realised that the slow process was due to the fact….. they were all lying to themselves or one another about what happened that night.

Indrani finally admitted to her counselor that she had really enjoyed having sex with the two intruders in front of her daughter and husband. And she even suspected the same thing about her husband and daughter. However they weren’t admitting their true feelings about that night either, at least not in the group sessions.

In the meantime, Indrani became busy with her new film in which Nilay worked as a director and one day they decided to discuss about her screenplay in her house. At one time, both her daughter and husband felt themselves boring as they went to their respective bedrooms for sleeping.

Nandan then watched TV for some time and in between his watching, his wife came to him and urged him nightly to take his sleeping pill so that he could sleep well. That night was no different.

“Dear, did you take your pill tonight?” Indrani asked anxiously.

“Yes.” He lied.

Actually he had already taken a pill three out of the last four nights and wasn’t about to get hooked on them. He just wanted to avoid her trying to convince him to take it, so he did what every husband does to avoid conflict. He told her what she wanted to hear. Then he turned off the TV as he rolled over and tried to fall asleep.

Noticing her husband about that state, Indrani again went back to their guestroom where Nilay was waiting for her and resumed their discussion¬† About half an hour later, once again she came to their bedroom to check her husband if he was sleeping or not. She whispered to him, “Dear, are you awake?”

Nandan didn’t reply. She asked the question again, and again he pretended to be asleep. If he had answered her, she would have known he was lying about taking the sleeping pill. A few moments later, he heard her went out of the room and headed down the guestroom again.

He didn’t think much of it because he knew that she would discuss about her role with Nilay. However his wife often did it with her other producers or directors also as he tried to fall back asleep. About thirty to forty minutes later, he rolled over and realised that his wife didn’t come back still.

His heart started to race as his adrenaline kicked in. Panic set in as he started to fear the worst. As silly as it may seem, he was worried that someone trepassed again like that night in their house….. his wife and daughter were in danger again.

He grabbed his new pistol as he jumped out of bed, and searched the house for his wife and daughter. Careful to be quiet in case there was someone in the house, he searched the main level of the house. Neither his wife nor his daughter were to be found anywhere.

At last, he made his way down to the basement to look for them, but there was no sign of them in the family room also. Suddenly he heard a noise come from the guestroom. Very quietly, he walked down the hall towards the guest bedroom door.

As he got closer, he could tell the sounds were definitely coming from the bedroom. He couldn’t make out what the sounds were, but it sounded like soft moans along with a rhythmic beat that sounded like music. When he finally reached the bedroom door, he could tell that the moans seemed almost sexual and a soft music was playing in the room.

“What the hell is going on in there?” He thought to himself. “And who the hell is in there? My wife?” A vision of his wife masturbating sprung into his wicked head.

He started to reach for the door handle. He had no idea what he was going to find on the other side of the door, but he had to know. He slowly started to turn the door knob when he heard a whisper from behind him.

“Bapi, please don’t!” Someone whispered to him.

It startled him as he quickly turned around and instinctively pointed his pistol at the source of the noise. Thankfully he realised it was his daughter, Rajnandini, before he pulled the trigger. He was completely on edge and had nearly shot his own daughter! He quickly lowered the pistol and rushed back down the hall behind his daughter who was literally frozen with fear due to his pistol being pointed at her.

“What are you doing down here, Nandini?” He asked his daughter surprisingly.

Rajnandini whispered as she started to pull her father back up the stairs.

“Wait.” Nandan also said in a much more lower voice, “I think your mother is in the guest room.”

“I know.” She replied. “But you shouldn’t go there.”

“But why!” Nandan exclaimed.

“Trust me, you shouldn’t!” Rajnandini said with a tone and look in her eyes that resonated with her father and he followed her back upstairs to his bedroom.

When they got to the bedroom, Nandan put the pistol back in it’s hiding place under his bed and turned around to face his daughter. “Why don’t you want me to go in the bedroom where your mother is? What could she possibly be doing in there? Is she ok? Is she with someone…. I mean is Nilay still there?” He asked his daughter in rapid succession as his mind rushed to make sense of everything.

“Bapi, just calm down and sit down and I will tell you what I know.” Rajnandini softly pleaded his father.

He sat on the edge of his bed and his daughter sat down beside him. She grabbed his hand and looked at him with loving and started to tell him what was going on behind that door.

Nandan sat and listened as his daughter told him what she witnessed a few days ago.

Few days ago, when Nandan was outside for his official job, Rajnandini came back home early as her shooting was cancelled due to Kadershab’s sudden illness. She then noticed Nilay uncle’s car in front of their house as she thought that he might be in urgent need for his film.

As she entered the house, she heard their voices and guessed that they were discussing about the film-shooting which she often did with other directors also. So she started to move towards the guest bedroom to join with them. But as she got near the room, she heard their conversation were more personal. She stopped before the bedroom door as she listened and watched…..

“Boudi, I can’t stop thinking about that memorable night in Siliguri. After that whenever I’m with Koel, I just keep thinking you instead of her…. I love you so much Boudi.” Nilay told as he went on to explain how he was obsessed with the memory of that night. Even he had been unable to have satisfied sex with his wife Koel afterwards.

Indrani then asked him, “Oh you naughty….. this mean you enjoy sex with me better than Koel, sweetie?”

“Boudi, that’s what makes me so screwed up. You know I enjoy sex with you more…. actually, I loved every moment of it.” Nilay clarified.

“But Koel is your wife and she more beautiful and young than me. You shouldn’t cheat her….”, Indrani tried to persuade him.

“Maybe…..but I feel an uncontrollable crush on you whenever I see you Boudi. And you know it’s natural in Film-industry… I didn’t feel wrong in it.” Nilay retorted. “It felt perfect.”

“Yes, I also feel it perfect. But it can’t ever happen again…. you know I love your wife as my own sister and I can’t cheat on her.” Indrani said to Nilay as she leaned in and kissed him gently on the forehead and then hugged him tightly.

Nilay had his head nuzzled in Indrani’s neck as she hugged him. She smelled so good to him that he couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her neck. He gently started to kiss her neck and softly parted his lips and let his tongue run across her smooth skin.

Indrani knew she should stop him, but she couldn’t say the words. Her body had ached and hungered for Nilay almost non-stop since that amazing night at Siliguri where they had to go for an outdoor shooting.

She had never felt anything so incredible when he had entered her, stretching her and filling her in a way she had never dreamt possible. So when he started to suck on her ear lobe, all she could do was moan and say, “Oh Nilay, I love you so much.”

With that, Indrani ran her hand through his hair and turned his head to face her. She looked into his beautiful eyes and could see how much he loved and needed her. She could no longer resist as she kissed him on the lips.The kiss started out sweet and tender, and when his tongue entered her mouth, the kiss caught fire. They were kissing passionately and their hands started to roam on each other’s body.

Rajnandini watched her mother’s action in great fascination and she wasn’t surprised at all by her behaviour. Although she was a newcomer in show-business profession, she became quite aware within few days about the internal tactics in this profession as she remembered her own sexual escapade with Kader.

In the meantime, Nilay uncle pulled her mother’s Maxi over her head, exposing her huge breasts to the cool basement air. Rajnandini noticed that her mother’s nipples became already fully erect and seemed to be calling out to her Nilay uncle. Rajnandini could not look away as Nilay uncle started sucking on her mother’s right nipple while he squeezed and fondled her left breast.

Indrani then grabbed his head and pressed it hard to her bosom and moaned out loud as he suckled from her one breast to another. The pleasure was so intense. She actually wished she still had milk in her breasts so she could feed him like a baby. He was driving her crazy with his tongue as he played with her nipple while he sucked feverishly like a hungry animal.

Nilay then pulled off Indrani’s panty while he continued teasing her nipples. He finally removed his mouth from her nipple and started to kiss his way down her belly. He wanted to taste her sweet pussy-cream. But before he got there, Indrani grabbed his head and stopped him. She pulled his shirt over his head and started to push down his pants with her foot.

“Nilay, I can’t wait another moment. I need to feel you inside me. I need you now!” She almost begged him.

Nilay removed his pants and briefs quickly and climbed on top of Indrani. She spread her legs as wide as she could while lying on the couch. She reached down and wrapped her hand around his fat cock. She could barely get her fingers all the way around it. She had almost forgotten how thick it was. She guided it to the entrance of her now dripping pussy. She rubbed the hard tip of his cock against her pussylips, coating it with her juices.

Nilay waited as the matured actress readied his cock to enter her. She rested his cock against her pussy and removed her hand. She wrapped her arms around his back as he looked into her eyes.

“I love you so much, Nilay.” Indrani said to him as she urged him to press into her.

Indrani almost couldn’t handle the intense pleasure that coursed through her body as the Punjabi Tolly director slowly pressed his massively thick specimen into her. She felt like she was going to rip, but it felt so good. She moaned as she adjusted to his size. It felt even better than she had remembered.

There was pressure against every square inch of her cunt-walls and the intense pleasure was indescribable. “Oh Nilay Thakurpo, you feel so good inside me. You are so thick, baby. No one has ever filled me like you.” Indrani cried out as Nilay started to slide in and out of her. She then remembered Surindar and Mustaq who gave her the same enjoyment, Nilay was now giving her. “God yes, baby. Make love to me. Make me cum again like you did in Siliguri’s hotel.”

The build up excitement was quick for both of them this time. Indrani urged the young Punjabi Film-director to quicken the pace as her orgasm built inside her womb rapidly. And from outside the door, Rajnandini was mesmerized as Nilay uncle started to pound his rigid far cock faster and faster…..¬† in and out of her mother’s pussy.

The sound of his body…. slapping against Indrani’s body echoed through the basement as the Tolly Queen begged him to fuck her harder and faster. She kissed him and used his mouth to muffle her scream as she came suddenly with amazing intensity. Her whole body had electricity shooting through it.

Indrani could feel her pussy convulsing around Nilay’s cock as her orgasm started to subside. And Nilay moaned back into her mouth as they continued their kiss. She could feel his body tense up and her own orgasm re-intensified as she felt him shoot his load deep inside her.

She could feel his cock twitching as he filled her wanting pussy with more cum which Surindar and Mustaq only could do on that horrible but memorable night. She realised Nilay was the prefect fit for her in every way. Never had she felt such erotic emotions coupled with intense pleasure like this. She knew in her mind that what she was doing wasn’t wrong at all because it was a mandatory part in this profession.

To be continued….

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