Jeet banged me in kitchen

It’s a nice morning as my hubby left for his work and I am waiting for my younger brother Jeet as he is coming here today.its 09:35 am as door bell started ringing and I walked towards door as I opened it,my younger brother Jeet is there with a bag on his hand as he entered inside dinning hall,he put bag there and sit on sofa……..

“how your journey was ?
(Jeet)nothing specific there but nice
(Bina)will take a cup of tea or refreshment
(Jeet)first I will change my dress.”

And I took him to bedroom as he opened his bag and took out his bermuda as well as I moved away to kitchen to prepare a cup of tea,after a while he came in dinning hall as I put cup of tea there and he is drinking it while talking with me.I am in my night gawn as I can see Jeet eyeing on my cleavage ,it’s a sleeveless as well as deep necked gawn and he put cup on table as he smiled……..

“Bina how your life is going on?
(Bina)enjoying my life with my hubby
(Jeet)oh only with your hubby ,no one else
(Bina)Jeet you are a ideat ,leave all this.” As I walked to kitchen to prepare breakfast ,he is sitting there and after a while ,I can’t see him there.I am in kitchen as my mind is on my younger brother’s Jeet ,we both have met after 7-8 months ,thinking of inviting him for sex but let him do it first.after a while ,I walked to his room as he is lying there and I can smell something like wine .Jeet eyes are closed as I left him to sleep and than I moved to washroom for bath ,I have a nice bath as I put a little black dress on my body.its covering my pelvic zone as my thighs are also semi nude,dress is to make my brother hot as I have put a brassier and G string on my vaginal zone to cover it.I am sure if I will sit ,my G string can be visible easily as it will give him a nice look of my thighs and pelvic I walked to his room as I can see him sitting on bed and looking at me ,he smiled…….

“Bina going anywhere
(Bina)no have bath soon as we have to take breakfast.” And he moved inside washroom as I can see him in drunkun State.I am in dinning hall as I am watching t.v,Jeet came after a while as we both have breakfast and Jeet is eyeing on me as I can see him putting down a spoon intentionally and leaned to pick up as he can see my inner beauty from his opposite a shameless lady ,I asked……

“Jeet what you are looking for ?
(Jeet)nothing but you are bit suspicious as I leaned to pick up spoon
(Bina)I know ,you have seen my red G string
(Jeet is well surprised)no no it’s black .”

And he is bit shy on his acceptance of his act .Jeet is 03 years younger to me as he have given me sexual pleasure too many times and after breakfast ,we are sitting on sofa as he hold me in his I sit on his thigh as my arms is on his shoulder ,I am pressing my left breast on his chest as he put his lips on my face as well as lips and I took his lips in my mouth as I am sucking it.jeet is holding me in his arm as his hand is rubbing my sexy ass ,my little black dress is now upto my waist as he is rubbing his palm on it .now I left his lips as I pushed my tongue in his mouth to suck,he is sucking it as my hand is on his my eyes are closed as we both are breathing heavily and Jeet sucked my tongue till I pushed his face head is on his shoulder and rubbing my back ,he make me sit on sofa as my legs are on ground ,he put it on sofa and I spread my legs as my G string is visible to his hand is rubbing my thighs as he started rubbing his fingers on my G string ,labias have made a clear indication on it as he is moving his finger on my G string ,I am too horny as I put my hand on the bulge of his penis and pulled down his jeets penis is in my hand as I am masturbating it while he unhooked my G string and my reddish vagina is getting his soft touch .now Jeet is on my legs as I put my ass on sofas corner and he hold my thighs as his lips are kissing my vagina.I am holding his hairs as I am screaming……

“oohh aahh Jeet lick my vagina.”

As my fingers opened its hole and Jeet is licking my vagina with his tongue ,his hand is on my boobs as he is pressing it whole body is in sensation as he is rolling tongue in my cunt ,later on he took my vagina in his mouth to suck and he is sucking it hard…….

“oohh uumm Jeet suck it hard aahh it’s nice to give my vagina in your mouth.” But after a while ,he left my vagina and now I stand in front of him as I put my one legs on sofa and looking at him ,I removed my dress .now I sit on his legs as I hold his long dick and my lips are kissing it wildely.jeet have hold my breast as he is massaging it hard and his hand removed the strings of my brassiere as I am completely his reddish soft glans is moving on my face and lips before I guided his penis in my mouth to mouth is full of long penis as I am sucking it hard while my fingers are in his pubic hairs ,he is pressing my boobs hard.later on I took out his cock from my mouth as my tongue is licking his dick.jeets penis is rock hard as I licked it for a while and now we both are nude sitting on sofa.

Jeet have hold my breast in his hand as he is massaging it and he put his long finger in my vagina to finger cunt is hot as he is fingering my vagina fast ,my legs are shivering and I hold his cock in my hand gibijg it a slow jerk.later on ,I shouted…….”oohh aahh Jeet finger it fast ,I will cum soon.” And he is fingering my hot cunt as my vagina poured cum inside ,he took out his wet finger and put it in my mouth as he put his finger again in my cunt and than tasted my we both walked towards kitchen as I put my arms on wall as I am on my legs like a four legged animal ,he is licking my glory hole with his tongue and now ,I can feel his hot rod coming inside my cunt.lastly ,he fucked hard as I screamed…..

“oohh Jeet your cock is really hard .”

And he is fucking from behind as my legs started shivering ,I started swinging my sexy ass to enhance our fuck pleasure.jeet is fucking my vagina with speed as well as power and my ass is moving fast ,his penis is giving me a nice fuck as it’s taste better after a long Jeet put his hand on my breast as he is fucking me while pressing my breast.I am screaming……

“oohh Jeet fuck me hard ,really you are better than my hubby in fuck.” And now my cunt is in fire as he is pounding my vagina for last 10 minutes as my ass is moving fast and Jeet……

“ooohh Bina it’s your ,my penis will cum soon.” And I felt his cock ejaculating semens in my vagina as he took out his cock ,I put it in my mouth and while holding his waist ,I am sucking it hard as it’s still erected.I got the taste of cum as we both took bath together.

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