Date night out with my Babygirl and how it ended in some very naughty times

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Date night out with my Babygirl and how it ended in some very naughty times

It is finally date night. My babygirl has been talking about it all week. She has been excited to dress up for me and to have me take her out and have some “adult” time which is her reward for being a hardworking house girl for her Daddy all week. She has told me on several occasions that she would like to do something naughty but she wants me to pick what it is. She just wants to go along with whatever it is I decide and have a carefree fun time.

I let her know that I could do that but she was not allowed to complain or say no to anything I choose and to just enjoy herself no matter where we end up. She agreed to my terms and said she will be ready to go when I got home from work.

When I arrive home I find her waiting for me, I can tell she put some effort into being perfect for me as her hair was perfect, her makeup was done with care, and she was wearing one of my favourite red dresses she knows drives me wild as it fits her little body perfectly and shows off all of her perfectly proportionate curves that make her such a sexy woman yet leaves no doubt she is young and nubile. I can barely keep from attacking here right then and there and taking her but I had already promised her that I would not mess up her beautiful dress and makeup until at least we got to our destination. She looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and asked me where we were going, I told her she would have to wait and see.

Our first stop of the evening was at her favourite eating establishment, a fancy little place with a special menu and an excellent selection of coffees that we both love to visit. It is a bit out of the way but it is small and quiet and perfect for a romantic dinner. We were in no rush and enjoyed each others company, sharing all we had done during the week, drinking coffee (me) and wine (her), and finishing off with her favourite desert. Her favourite waiter was working that night and she made sure to flirt at ever possible chance she had. I would notice his eyes wandering up and down her body, lingering on her sexy legs and her very exposed cleavage, knowing he was fighting back getting hard as a rock in the tight pants he was wearing. The only thing I could think about every time he came to our table was how much I wish she would reach out and rub her fingers across the bulge in his pants. I was enjoying watching her tease him but our meal was over and there was a line of people waiting for a seat so I suggested we move on with our date.

We paid the bill, left her favourite waiter a generous tip, and she managed to slip her phone number in with the tip with a flirty little note about how she really enjoyed the meal. We headed out and I made sure to let her go first so I could watch her fantastic ass swaying in her dress.

I told her that I needed to stop downtown at the local “toystore” to look at strap-ons, we had been talking about getting one for her for awhile now but had yet to stop and look at what was offered. I let her know if she was a good girl in the store that Daddy would allow her to pick out a new movie too. She said she would be very good and that she was excited about having a new movie of her own, she was always snooping through Daddy’s collection of movies and had been caught on numerous occasions getting off to them. Not long after we left the restaurant did we pull up in front of the local adult entertainment store. She was a little nervous about going in as she had never been to this particular store before, I had taken her to the larger and more upscale store in the next town over on a few occasions but this one was a bit older, was right downtown, and just had that seedy feel to it. I had been there many times and knew it was safe and clean and had everything any other store had it just looked a little more rough and worn on the outside.

We walked in and I sent her to the toy section to pick out which toys she liked and I stopped at the counter to talk to the proprietor. I gave him a couple of bills in exchange for two tokens which I knew would gain us entrance into the theater which was in the back of the store. I had read on a popular adult site that I am a member of that these theaters were clean and safe and could be a lot of fun for couples to visit. I had not told her about this ahead of time as I figured that would give her to much time to work herself up into a tizzy and she would not agree to going, so I kept this part of our stop a secret. I went over to her to see what she was doing, she had three different toys pulled off the hooks and was looking them over. Two of them were strap-ons one really large and thick black one and another thinner and shorter one in pink, I looked at them in amusement and told her depending on what she was planning on doing with those I might suggest the pink one, I had had suspicions for awhile that now that she had been asking for a strap on not to fuck her girlfriend with but to fuck me with, her favourite porn when she is being naughty always has to do with guy on guy stuff so I know she gets off on that. Because of this I suggested the pink one as I figured if this was a fantasy she wanted to live out then I wanted it to be as easy on me as possible.

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