Date night out with my Babygirl and how it ended in some very naughty times

Date night out with my Babygirl and how it ended in some very naughty times

It is finally date night. My babygirl has been talking about it all week. She has been excited to dress up for me and to have me take her out and have some “adult” time which is her reward for being a hardworking house girl for her Daddy all week. She has told me on several occasions that she would like to do something naughty but she wants me to pick what it is. She just wants to go along with whatever it is I decide and have a carefree fun time.

I let her know that I could do that but she was not allowed to complain or say no to anything I choose and to just enjoy herself no matter where we end up. She agreed to my terms and said she will be ready to go when I got home from work.

When I arrive home I find her waiting for me, I can tell she put some effort into being perfect for me as her hair was perfect, her makeup was done with care, and she was wearing one of my favourite red dresses she knows drives me wild as it fits her little body perfectly and shows off all of her perfectly proportionate curves that make her such a sexy woman yet leaves no doubt she is young and nubile. I can barely keep from attacking here right then and there and taking her but I had already promised her that I would not mess up her beautiful dress and makeup until at least we got to our destination. She looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and asked me where we were going, I told her she would have to wait and see.

Our first stop of the evening was at her favourite eating establishment, a fancy little place with a special menu and an excellent selection of coffees that we both love to visit. It is a bit out of the way but it is small and quiet and perfect for a romantic dinner. We were in no rush and enjoyed each others company, sharing all we had done during the week, drinking coffee (me) and wine (her), and finishing off with her favourite desert. Her favourite waiter was working that night and she made sure to flirt at ever possible chance she had. I would notice his eyes wandering up and down her body, lingering on her sexy legs and her very exposed cleavage, knowing he was fighting back getting hard as a rock in the tight pants he was wearing. The only thing I could think about every time he came to our table was how much I wish she would reach out and rub her fingers across the bulge in his pants. I was enjoying watching her tease him but our meal was over and there was a line of people waiting for a seat so I suggested we move on with our date.

We paid the bill, left her favourite waiter a generous tip, and she managed to slip her phone number in with the tip with a flirty little note about how she really enjoyed the meal. We headed out and I made sure to let her go first so I could watch her fantastic ass swaying in her dress.

I told her that I needed to stop downtown at the local “toystore” to look at strap-ons, we had been talking about getting one for her for awhile now but had yet to stop and look at what was offered. I let her know if she was a good girl in the store that Daddy would allow her to pick out a new movie too. She said she would be very good and that she was excited about having a new movie of her own, she was always snooping through Daddy’s collection of movies and had been caught on numerous occasions getting off to them. Not long after we left the restaurant did we pull up in front of the local adult entertainment store. She was a little nervous about going in as she had never been to this particular store before, I had taken her to the larger and more upscale store in the next town over on a few occasions but this one was a bit older, was right downtown, and just had that seedy feel to it. I had been there many times and knew it was safe and clean and had everything any other store had it just looked a little more rough and worn on the outside.

We walked in and I sent her to the toy section to pick out which toys she liked and I stopped at the counter to talk to the proprietor. I gave him a couple of bills in exchange for two tokens which I knew would gain us entrance into the theater which was in the back of the store. I had read on a popular adult site that I am a member of that these theaters were clean and safe and could be a lot of fun for couples to visit. I had not told her about this ahead of time as I figured that would give her to much time to work herself up into a tizzy and she would not agree to going, so I kept this part of our stop a secret. I went over to her to see what she was doing, she had three different toys pulled off the hooks and was looking them over. Two of them were strap-ons one really large and thick black one and another thinner and shorter one in pink, I looked at them in amusement and told her depending on what she was planning on doing with those I might suggest the pink one, I had had suspicions for awhile that now that she had been asking for a strap on not to fuck her girlfriend with but to fuck me with, her favourite porn when she is being naughty always has to do with guy on guy stuff so I know she gets off on that. Because of this I suggested the pink one as I figured if this was a fantasy she wanted to live out then I wanted it to be as easy on me as possible.

The other toy she was holding was a very large, very thick natural looking cock shaped vibrating dildo, I asked her what that was for and she said that was for her when Daddy was at work. I patted her on her ass and told her she was a naughty naughty little girl which got me a sly grin and a giggle. I told her to put them back and that I would think about it while we shopped around the rest of the store, I took her by her hand and led her toward the back where there was a neon sign that was flashing “theater” and pointing at a set of doors. We walked back toward these doors and she was asking me what this was and I told her I think it was a movie theater for adults. She said oh and walked on ahead of me to go read the signs next to the door. On these signs one was labeled straight theater and had a list with pictures of the movie selections that were playing that day and on the other door was a sign labeled gay theater with a list of the movies showing that day. I looked at my girl and told her to pick one. She looked back at me wide eyed and a little nervously and said “seriously” and I said of course I am serious why do you think we are standing here? “Okay Daddy” was her reply in her sweetest most innocent tone and she turned back to the doors and selected the straight theater. I dropped the tokens into the token slot next to the door, we heard a whirring sound and the door unlocking and we entered.

The inside of the theater was pitch black as soon as the door shut behind us. My girl was pressed up against me tight and squeezing my hand as hard as she could. I whispered to her that she was okay and that our eyes would adjust to the dark in a few minutes. The movie was already going on the big screen, the image of an oversized black cock stretching a very wet and very bald pussy. I watched the scene with interests as my eyes adjusted for a few minutes. I looked around the room and could make several rows of seats, and the shapes of about a dozen people, some sitting together others sitting alone. I picked a row in about the middle of the theater and led my girl down toward it, sliding down the row and picking two seats about in the middle.

We sat and watched the scene on the screen, I could see she was relaxing next to me, getting used to the dark and enjoying the movie. I slowly looked around the theater and noticed two guys in the row behind us, what looked like another couple toward the back, and a group of guys a few rows ahead of us, the rest of the occupants were single guys sitting by themselves.

After about 15 minutes of watching the show I glanced again toward the row behind us and noticed the guy to my right had his hand down his pants and was noticeably squeezing his cock as he watched the movie and kept glancing first back at the couple and the forward at my girl. This got me instantly hard and I could not help but to reach between my legs and start squeezing my own cock. I put my free hand on my girls thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze, I felt her part her legs just a touch as I did so.

The next time I glanced back at the guy to my right he had removed his cock from his pants and was openly stroking himself to the movie, the movie giving off just enough light that I could make out the shape of his obviously hard and rather thick cock, he was maybe in his thirties and well kept, not heavy but not built like a body builder either.

I moved my hand up my girls thigh slowly, not hearing her complain about this I kept moving up until I felt the side of my hand touch her pussy, to my surprise my hand touched bare skin, my girl had left her panties at home I was pleasantly surprised to find out. I let my fingers work there way into the wet folds of her pussy in search of her very sensitive clit which I gently massaged with my thumb. This only made her squirm a bit and spread her legs a bit further apart. I glanced back at the guy to my right and he had scooted forward in his chair, still stroking his cock, but trying to get a better view of my girl. I could not handle it any longer and had to use my free hand to pull my zipper down and fish my aching cock out of my pants, as soon as I had it free I started to slowly stroke myself.

The feel of my girls pussy against my fingers and the view of the guy behind us working his cock had me ready to explode. I whispered to my girl to take a look to her right which she did and was only a few feet from the guy behind us stroking his cock, she gasped but did not look away, instead she adjusted herself in her seat so she could get a better view of what he was doing, completely forgetting about the movie on the screen.

I let her watch him for awhile while I fingered her pussy, she was openly moaning, quietly but still not trying to hide the fact that she was enjoying what I was doing. The guy had now stood up and was standing almost right in front of her as she had turned almost completely around in her seat to watch him. I whispered in her ear that it was okay if she wanted to touch him. Almost as soon as it came out of my mouth her hand shot out and took his heavy balls into her hand and started to massage him while he stroked. He was very much enjoying the feeling of her small hands on his balls and I saw him lean forward and say to her that he was going to cum soon. She got a huge smile on her face at this and pull his balls toward her forcing him to step closer to her and she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth, no sooner then he entered her mouth did he started to spasm in pleasure as he emptied every drop of cum in his balls down her slutty little mouth. She made sure to suck him long enough to get ever last ounce of cum and then licked his cock shaft clean. He hurriedly put his cock away told her thank you and walked down his isle and out of the theater. Once he departed she turned around in her seat and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her giving me a deep kiss and telling me she really enjoyed that. I kissed her back, tasted the cum on her lips, and told her she was a very naughty girl. This whole time I was still slowly stroking my cock and I was hard as ever. She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and gave it a few strokes with her hand as she sucked on just the head, she then sat back up and told me I would have to be a good Daddy and wait awhile before she would let me cum, all I could do was sit there and continue to stroke my cock now wet with her saliva.

We sat and watched the movie for a few more minutes and then I noticed her looking around the theater again, soon after she was elbowing me in the side and telling me to look in the back corner toward where the other couple was. I looked and could see the forms of about 4 guys standing around the couple, the female half of the couple was quite obviously sitting in the lap of either her guy half or another man and was bunching up and down on his cock while the others were all gathered around stroking themselves. My girl looked back at me with wonder in her eyes and said that was one of the hottest things she had ever seen.

I told her we could move back toward them more if she wanted a better view but she said she was fine where we were as she did not want to intrude on their fun. She went from watching the movie, to watching me stroke, to watching the couple in the back. She had her dress hiked up and she was softly rubbing her fingers along her pussy lips massaging her clit while she enjoyed all of the activities going on around her. I could not see every detail of her beautiful body in the dark but with the light coming from the screen I could see well enough to be driven wild by her sexiness.

It was not long until I saw movement in the theater isle and someone was walking slowly down our row toward us, as he got closer I could tell it was an older gentlemen, my guess would be he was in his mid 50’s, well dressed, well groomed, and in good shape. He sat down next to my girl and leaned over and whispered something to her, I could hear her giggle and she turned around and sat in her seat. I noticed she continued to lean toward this older guy and he kept talking to her in a low hushed tone, I could hear his voice but I could not make out what it was he was saying to her.

She kept on giggling and responding to whatever it was he was saying. I saw that after a bit her hands started wandering around in his lap and she would give the bulge in his pants an nice squeeze as they whispered back and forth, soon she was leaning over and kissing him, nice deep kisses, the kind she likes when she is very horny for someone. He was up out of his seat and kneeling on the ground between her legs in a flash, pushing his face between her legs, she reached out and grabbed his hair and pulled him closer as she leaned her head back into her seat and let out soft moans from the pleasure he was giving her. I leaned over and whispered in her ear that this guy was old enough to be her grandpa and that she was a naughty slut, I also made mention that he probably could not get it up anymore and that is why he was so good at eating pussy, she just looked over at me and told me to shush and that she was really enjoying he mouth on her cunt. Hearing her talk like that damn near made me cum all over myself but I was able to fight the urge off just in time but it did not stop me from stroking my now jealous cock.

This continued for 10 or 15 minutes, I am sure she would have let it go on the rest of the night but he had decided to stand up enough so he was level with her face and gave her another deep kiss, after which she looked at me with a wicked gleam in her eye and then turned to him and told him what I said about him not being able to get it up. He chuckled and looked at me and said is that right, and then he stood up and pulled out a very large and very hard cock, he must have been 9 inches long and as thick as a pop can, I could not believe this older guy had such an impressive cock.

My girl let out a bit of a gasp, looked over at me and smiled, saying to me that she guessed I was wrong, and then reached out and wrapped her tiny hand around his massive cock. She could not even wrap her whole hand around it he was so thick, I knew right then that she would be letting this guy fuck her any way he wanted and that she would be loving every minute of it. She leaned forward and worked her mouth around the swollen head of his cock pushing forward and taking as much of him in her mouth as she could, I could make out her eyes starting to water and as he pushed deeper I knew she was fighting off the urge to gag. She then pulled away from him but not enough that his cock came out of her mouth, just so that the very tip of his cock was just inside of her mouth and she worked her tiny hand up and down his shaft now that it was wet with her saliva and tears.

He was lost in ecstasy, leaning back against the seats in front of us, letting her explore the length of his cock with her hands and mouth. This went on for awhile, the site of her working this massive piece of meat had attracted a few other admirers who were now standing around us with their cocks out stroking and enjoying the site of her working her magic.

There were two guys directly behind her, a guy next to her but a seat away, and I noticed a younger guy had come down the isle on my side and was sitting next to me leaning over and watching from my same angle. Everyone of the guys watching had their cocks out and all of them were hard as a rock watching my babygirl work this older mans cock. She pulled her mouth from his cock and leaned up and gave him a deep kiss that was full of lust and wanting, it was the hottest kiss I have ever seen her give another man, she then looked him in the eyes and told him she needed to feel his amazing cock in her pussy and that she wanted him to take her right here in front of all these horny guys. He said he would love to but he did not bring any condoms as he never expected to find a horny young girl in the theater.

She sat on the back of her chair, spread her legs as wide as she could exposing her perfect shaved young pussy to this much older man and said to him that she did not want him to have a condom on, that she needed to feel his uncovered cock in her pussy now and that she wanted him to fill her up with his cum. He wasted no time and picked her up turning at the same time so he could sit in the seat she was just in all at the same time setting her down on top of him, her hands were immediately around his cock guiding him to her wet wanting cunt, she slid down over him and let out a gasp, he pulled her to him and again kissed her deeply while thrusting his thick cock deep inside of her. She was lost to the world, it was like she forgot she had an audience at all and was only aware of this older man, this stranger, and his amazing cock. She gyrated her hips in circles while at the same time used her legs to pump herself up and down in long strokes on his cock, I knew she was cumming almost immediately by the sounds she was making and the way she was leaning into him and holding him tightly.

One of the guys behind her stepped closer to her and reached out and put his hand on the back of her head which got enough of her attention that she looked up and his cock was only inches from her face, she was so lost in the lust of being fucked by her new friends huge cock that she did not even pull away as the guy pushed his cock into her mouth, she let him push his cock deep down her throat she she continued to grind the cock that was buried in her pussy. Within seconds the guy in her mouth thrust uncontrollably in her mouth and I could tell he was shooting his hot load down her throat, she made sure to take every last drop as she was again cumming on the giant cock in her pussy. The guy who just filled her mouth pulled away his cock wet from his cum and her mouth, he quickly put his cock away, said thank you and walked away down the isle.

As I was watching him leave I felt something on my cock which startled me, when I looked down the young guy next to me who was probably in his early 20’s was holding my cock in my hand and looking up at me. He asked me if I minded and I said that I was fine with it as it freed up my hands to touch my girl. I positioned myself to give the young guy easier access to my aching cock and to allow me to reach over and feel my girls tits as she bounced up and down on the older guys cock. I ran my other hand down her belly to her pussy and started to massage her clit, my finger tips feeling his cock slide in and out of her, she was soaked, as soon as my fingers touched her clit she was cumming on his cock again, I could feel her soak him yet again.

She noticed the young guy next to me playing with my cock and told him he better make sure he made me cum if he was going to be touching “her Daddies cock”, he looked at her with surprise in his eyes and said he would for sure, he then leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth, eagerly sucking and stroking me like it was the best cock he had ever tasted. The sight of my girl being stretched out by a massive cock, the sounds of her cumming over and over on him, and the feeling of a strange mouth around my cock was almost to much to bare, I could not hold out much longer.

With that thought my girls new friend started to moan louder and thrust his hips up off the chair he was in lifting her tiny little body into the air and I knew he was about to fill her cunt, I got as close as I could to try and have the best view I could of him pumping into her, she was cumming again as he filled her pussy with his hot sticky cum, I could see it dripping out of her around his cock and all over his balls. I could not hold out anymore and felt myself overwhelmed with a very powerful orgasm as I filled the young guys mouth, my girl leaned down and kissed me deeply, her lips tasting of cum as I emptied my balls into this strangers mouth. He kept sucking me even after I finished cumming, he could not get enough, he acted like he was addicted to my cum and I was to busy fingering my girls soaked pussy to even stop him.

She had pulled free of the older guys cock and was now standing over me, pushing my face into her perfect young bald pussy, telling me to clean her up like a good Daddy. She was grabbing the back of my head and pushing my face hard against her fucked, stretched, and filled pussy I was eagerly trying to clean up every last drop of cum from her, I could just see the last two guys who were enjoying the show moving closer as they were stroking their hard cocks.

My girl reached out and took both of them in each hand and started to stroke them, almost immediately the guy on her left started to shoot his load, stream after stream of cum hitting her in her chest and tummy, the other guy saw this and began to cum as well, she was concentrating on keeping the rhythm even while grinding her pussy into my face, I felt hot wet streams landing on me and realized that the young boy hand stopped sucking my cock and I must have been now jerking his young cock all over me, his cum landing on my cock, my stomach, and my thighs, while the last guy was now shooting his cum all over my girls pussy which was stretched around my mouth, I could feel the fresh cum running down over my face and mouth. She was calling me a good Daddy and telling all the guys how happy I made her and how glad she was that she finally came here and that she could not wait to come back.

The older guy had gotten up during all of that and had disappeared, the two guys behind us were cleaning themselves up and went to other parts of the theater to sit down, the young buy was thanking me for letting him have my cock and my cum and told me this was the most exciting experience he had ever had and that he was glad he decided to come sit by me. I told him I had fun and thanked him for letting me free up my hands, my girl leaned over me and gave him a big kiss and I noticed her slipping her card into his hand and telling him he should keep in touch since he made her Daddy so happy. He blushed and said he would love to talk to us again soon, he then put his cock cock back into his pants, stood up, and walked out.

My girl was still sitting in her chair next to me, covered in cum, and grinning from ear to ear. I told her she was a naughty girl and she just giggled. I cleaned her up with a towel I had brought along just in case we had needed it, she pulled her dress back on over her head, she reached over and put my semi-hard cock back in my pants, we sat there watching the movie for awhile and then got up and left. I told her since she was such a good girl tonight that I would treat her to drinks at her favourite watering hole.

She wrapped her arms around me and told me she loved me.

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