Girlfriends Family Fun

On a cold night in England myself and my girlfriends family spent the night playing some games. Few hours went by playing cluedo when my girlfriends mum Jane suggested playing strip poker, me and my girlfriend Sarah looked at each other surprised but didn’t say no to the idea. As usual anything that uses my brain I’m terrible which u can guess I was the first to lose a lot of clothing followed by Sarah and Jane and her dad called Dave by the end of it we were in boxers and knickers. As I’m thinking it’s the end of the game I start to pack up but a massive yell by Jane saying we haven’t finished yet came out her mouth.

Next round she decided that the winner decides if all should strip or just 1 individual. Later that round I finally won a game and decided that all should strip that’s when I realised how wet Sarah and Jane were and how horny Dave and I was.

Once we packed up no one could be bothered with covering back up as all the clothes were in a pile on the lounge floor. Me and Sarah left to sit in the lounge whilst Dave and Jane wanted to stay in the kitchen for a few minutes, Sarah stood up and went to poor me and herself a drink that’s when I realised the wet patch on the sofa and then looked at her glistening Pussy. I couldn’t help but stare and that’s when I reached out to finger her and that’s when she leans back and walked toward to sit on the other end of the sofa and I leant into slowly lick her delicious tasting cunt as we were both enjoying our selves we didn’t see the door open and her parents coming to join us on the sofa. I stopped but soon realised I had someone licking my tip of my penis and stroking my ass.

I went into shock and looked up at Sarah then realised Dave was sitting near Sarah’s face stroking his fully erect penis near Sarah’s lips. I stopped playing with Sarah and turned my attention to Jane her beautiful perky body and her glistening face with my cum. I start to lick her pissy when she stops me to sit on my raging boner. I was thinking to myself this is where Sarah got her sex drive from. I lay down with Jane still on top of me and I look to see Dave pounding his daughter from behind and her screaming his name saying “fuck me like u did with mum last night” I then found out why my Sarah rang me all horny and wanting to play.

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