Curvy mom pounded by Uncle for my mistake – Part1

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It’s raj from delhi, it’s my first story so if any mistakes found please forgive. Coming to the story

My mom, Malini aged 39 (34-30-36) is a fair, beautiful, conservative hindu housewife living happily with my dad and me. She usually wears saree. Other than her beauty what attracts men more to her is her figure voluptuous breasts, slim belly, and round butts. Though my friends used to fantasy her but I never saw her from a lover’s perspective until those events took place in our life one after another. My dad lives more than half the year out of town for job. Everything was smooth until that muslim guy called arif khan(around 6′ tall, muscular black body, about 50 in age) came as our neighborhood. Mom is an object of fantasy and source of masturbation of all the men in our colony.

On Sunday from the balcony, I saw mom going to market jiggling her bouncy assets which made everyone glue their eyes to it and arif was not an exception who later joined mom at the market. I couldn’t listen to them but most probably they were introducing each other which got disrupted by mom sensing that vendor mridul is staring at her juicy tits. She felt embarrassed but arif somehow deep inside was happy to know that he wasn’t the only one to wish to pound her real hard.

Then he borrowed a bag from mom as he forgot to bring his one which mom gave. She then finished buying and left again shaking her assets. Mridul and arif both kept fucking her in their imagination until she got disappeared and both smiled and said something about her. Later that evening, arif uncle came to our home to return the bag which he intentionally fell on the floor.

I could see everything from drawing room, and saw mom bending to pick it up but accidentally her anchal got slipped down her shoulder exposing two milky mountains. Arif was staring like a hungry animal, I could listen my heartbeat and thought that he can’t control anymore but somehow he did. And mom got up putting anchal back. She got reddened out of shame but managed to invite arif for coffee which he happily accepted. Then mom introduced me with him and went to kitchen for making coffee.

Arif: Hey, how are you doing?
Me: Good, by the way I’m raj currently persuing

Soon mom joined us, then arif said that he lost his wife few years back but have a daughter who gives him a reason to live for. Mom felt sad and tried to console him. But he was staring her body movement like pink lips moving, big boobs, slim belly, sexy navel, big thighs as if he could see her naked. He requested mom her number she hesitantly gave my number but he thought it was her. Then he for the last time scanned mom’s body and invited us for a dinner and also told me to go to his flat whenever I feel bored and left. We then had little talk and I went for studies And had dinner and went to sleep. At about 12:30 a.m. midnight I got a call and sensed that it is arif uncle who at night wanted to listen to mom’s sweet voice.

Me: Hello, who is it?
Arif : Umm sorry, raj unintentionally I called you.
Me: It’s ok uncle good night.

I knew what he was upto. Next morning, I had my breakfast but didn’t let mom about arif’s intention and left for college leaving my sweet, sexy mom alone at home. After college, on returning the tyre of my bike got punctured and I took it to garage where I saw arif uncle who requested me to go with him in his car. I had no choice left but to go along with him as bike would take long. In his car

Arif: Got any gf?
Me: Not yet.
Arif: Come to my flat at evening, I will teach you how to pick girls.
Me: I said ok.

On reaching, mom saw us from balcony and asked where my bike was I told her everything. She then thanked arif uncle, he said it was his duty but I think he thought that he had other ways to pay off. I at evening went to his flat where he gave me a cigarette. And also arranged wine and told me to feel free.

Arif: Do you watch porn?

Hesitantly I said yes. Then he played a sex video in his laptop which starring a milf who got pounded hard. He then said that women from age 35 to onwards become milf and need to be hard fucked . I felt he hinted my sweet mom. Then he switched to another video starring two teens fucking.

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