Curvy mom pounded by Uncle for my mistake – Part1

It’s raj from delhi, it’s my first story so if any mistakes found please forgive. Coming to the story

My mom, Malini aged 39 (34-30-36) is a fair, beautiful, conservative hindu housewife living happily with my dad and me. She usually wears saree. Other than her beauty what attracts men more to her is her figure voluptuous breasts, slim belly, and round butts. Though my friends used to fantasy her but I never saw her from a lover’s perspective until those events took place in our life one after another. My dad lives more than half the year out of town for job. Everything was smooth until that muslim guy called arif khan(around 6′ tall, muscular black body, about 50 in age) came as our neighborhood. Mom is an object of fantasy and source of masturbation of all the men in our colony.

On Sunday from the balcony, I saw mom going to market jiggling her bouncy assets which made everyone glue their eyes to it and arif was not an exception who later joined mom at the market. I couldn’t listen to them but most probably they were introducing each other which got disrupted by mom sensing that vendor mridul is staring at her juicy tits. She felt embarrassed but arif somehow deep inside was happy to know that he wasn’t the only one to wish to pound her real hard.

Then he borrowed a bag from mom as he forgot to bring his one which mom gave. She then finished buying and left again shaking her assets. Mridul and arif both kept fucking her in their imagination until she got disappeared and both smiled and said something about her. Later that evening, arif uncle came to our home to return the bag which he intentionally fell on the floor.

I could see everything from drawing room, and saw mom bending to pick it up but accidentally her anchal got slipped down her shoulder exposing two milky mountains. Arif was staring like a hungry animal, I could listen my heartbeat and thought that he can’t control anymore but somehow he did. And mom got up putting anchal back. She got reddened out of shame but managed to invite arif for coffee which he happily accepted. Then mom introduced me with him and went to kitchen for making coffee.

Arif: Hey, how are you doing?
Me: Good, by the way I’m raj currently persuing

Soon mom joined us, then arif said that he lost his wife few years back but have a daughter who gives him a reason to live for. Mom felt sad and tried to console him. But he was staring her body movement like pink lips moving, big boobs, slim belly, sexy navel, big thighs as if he could see her naked. He requested mom her number she hesitantly gave my number but he thought it was her. Then he for the last time scanned mom’s body and invited us for a dinner and also told me to go to his flat whenever I feel bored and left. We then had little talk and I went for studies And had dinner and went to sleep. At about 12:30 a.m. midnight I got a call and sensed that it is arif uncle who at night wanted to listen to mom’s sweet voice.

Me: Hello, who is it?
Arif : Umm sorry, raj unintentionally I called you.
Me: It’s ok uncle good night.

I knew what he was upto. Next morning, I had my breakfast but didn’t let mom about arif’s intention and left for college leaving my sweet, sexy mom alone at home. After college, on returning the tyre of my bike got punctured and I took it to garage where I saw arif uncle who requested me to go with him in his car. I had no choice left but to go along with him as bike would take long. In his car

Arif: Got any gf?
Me: Not yet.
Arif: Come to my flat at evening, I will teach you how to pick girls.
Me: I said ok.

On reaching, mom saw us from balcony and asked where my bike was I told her everything. She then thanked arif uncle, he said it was his duty but I think he thought that he had other ways to pay off. I at evening went to his flat where he gave me a cigarette. And also arranged wine and told me to feel free.

Arif: Do you watch porn?

Hesitantly I said yes. Then he played a sex video in his laptop which starring a milf who got pounded hard. He then said that women from age 35 to onwards become milf and need to be hard fucked . I felt he hinted my sweet mom. Then he switched to another video starring two teens fucking.

Arif: At your age I fucked a lot of teen girls.
Me: Nice.
Arif: My daughter, Rita, is coming over here as she is on vacation now. And if you want you can be friends. And I also can give you her number.
Me: Give me her number only when she permits.

I was feeling dizzy so came back home.

Next morning, I saw a young beautiful girl on arif’s balcony and left for college. I was deep inside feeling happy and forgot everything about arif’s intention to pound mom. I returned from college and went to arif’s flat and rang the door bell which was responded by Rita. We made one eye contact which was later broken by arif’s presence.

He then introduced us with each other and said he got an important call to attend till then asked Rita to make coffee for us. I also went to kitchen to help her and saw her squeezing her ass, I got hard. She noticed me but said nothing.

Rita: Are you virgin?

I was shocked but went closer then she brought her lips to mine, I couldn’t control and lip-locked. Then she grabbed my lund(penis) with her soft hand. I was now real hard and started to reciprocate by pressing her little boobs and ass.
Then to my surprise she bent down to knees. I forgot everything that where I was. She then unzipped and took my lund (penis) out and started to stroke and put in her soft and warm mouth. I was in heaven.

Me:Ahhhhh…. Ahhhhhh
Rita:Mmmmmm Ummmmmm

I couldn’t control anymore and loaded my white cum in her mouth.

Me: Aahhhh mummy bohot maja ahhhh… Nikal gya…. Ahhhh

Suddenly, I heard someone coming and restored everything to normal. It was arif uncle. I was nervous if he could suspect what was happening behind his back. But to my surprise, he said nothing but to come with coffee. We smiled and went and saw uncle setting up his laptop and announced that it’s a special movie to watch today.

Then I had the first sip and saw their kitchen on the screen and Rita entering the kitchen followed by me. I was hell senseless and saw them smiling wickedly.

Arif: Rita baby suck my dick.

I thought how a father could say so to his girl but was sent aback by Rita as she really started to give him real blowjob.

Arif: Ha ha.. I don’t have any daughter… She is a call girl who I paid to pretend to be my daughter.

Arif: Ahhhhh. Ahhhhhh. Sali randi Rita… You’re so good at sucking.

Arif: Listen raj, From the first day I wanted to fuck your Malini real hard. Ahhhhh Rita…

He then released almost a cup of thick, fishy cum.

Rita: Sir, do I wait for you in bedroom?
Arif: No, take this money and leave as from now on I will be fucking only Malini bitch.

Rita smiled at left. I was crying like a baby thinking about what was going to happen.

Arif: Son of Malini bitch, stop crying and help me fuck your mom Or else you will be viral ha ha ha…
Me: please forgive me please uncle.

He ignored and said that he couldn’t wait anymore to fuck Malini but he had different idea.

Arif: Let’s take her to mumbai and you will convince her for that.
Me: please uncle don’t do this.

I was crying like hell but in vain.

Arif:I don’t wanna fuck her here it’s better to take her somewhere else. It’s mumbai.

I felt I can’t escape, I along with mom has been victimized by this creep.

Arif: Convince her to go for mumbai where I will arrange hotel rooms for weeks or maybe months.
Me: How can I convince her to leave for Mumbai?
Arif: Say her that you want to go for a vacation in Mumbai. I will meet you two there. Do it fast.

I left home and told mom that we haven’t gone for vacation for long let’s go somewhere.

Mom: Let me take permission from your dad and Let’s talk about it tomorrow morning. Good night.

I knew she is very soon going to be a cheap bitch of arif uncle for this I was also sad but got also excited to imagine my sweet, hot mom being fucked by a Muslim creep. While having breakfast I proposed to go to Mumbai.

Mom: Your dad told we can go but where to go.
Me : We can leave for Mumbai and book a hotel there.
Mom: Ok, I hope it won’t harm your study.
Me: No mom, it’s alright. I book flight for sunday, please get your bags ready.Arif uncle then called me.
Arif: What’s that randi(Bitch) doing? Has she agreed?
Me: Yes, ready. You just book 2 tickets for Mumbai for Sunday.
Arif: No way, I’m booking for tomorrow as I can’t wait any longer to pound her like anything mmmm.
Me: Ok, bye.

At first, I was feeling upset but now I got very excited to see her getting fucked.

Arif: Make sure she doesn’t know I am going.
Me: You don’t worry, but I also want something which I will tell you later.
Arif: I understand. Bye.

Uncle left for Mumbai tonight. And in the morning we went to airport and got into the plane. Today mom wore a pink saree with black blouse, necklace, bangles, payel, and her mangalsutra was adorning her big boobs, black bindi, kajal in eyes, sindur… All over she was looking like a sex goddess, and I couldn’t wait to see arif uncle’s expression after seeing her like this. We landed at Mumbai at around 11:00 a.m. And went directly to a hotel which was said by arif uncle already. He also had sent me enough money to book for few days. We arrived at Paradise hotel(Let’s assume).

We checked in for 3 nights and 2 days. Got the room keys and relaxed over there for hours. Then we went for little hanging out as directed where we met coincidentally with arif uncle. I had to pretend that it’s normal. He said that for some certain work he has come. He couldn’t move his eyes from mom at a point I thought he can fuck her in public but somehow he controlled. And we told the about our hotel. He said he is also there. We were shocked(at least mom). Then we returned hotel at evening. And had together dinner together. And messaged him what I wanted in return he also agreed. We slept together on the bed.. Mom slept off

I couldn’t sleep out of excitement… Suddenly someone knocked… I went to open the door and expectedly it was arif uncle who saw my mom asleep in nightwear. Uncle no longer could control and tried to jump on bed. I somehow controlled him but mom turned and slept on belly giving a clear view of her bouncy assets, and nightwear got stuck between her ass crack, then uncle pushed me and brought his nose near mom’s ass crack and sniffed and was going about to touch but i pulled him back and told him that he says that due to ac problem he can’t sleep in his room… So, if he could sleep here? He then went outside and i got mom up and he entered and pleaded to let him sleep atleast for tonight. She said no. But I also joined uncle side and somehow convinced mom…

Now mom wanted to keep lights on… But I said I can’t sleep in light. Mom got angry, took the blanket and lied. Uncle lied on sofa. Me and uncle both pretended to sleep. She got into deep sleep. According to the plan, I pretended to be deep slept when arif uncle put off his pajama, I could see his huge tent inside boxer. He then went to bathroom and brought oil, sat near mom and thinking to fuck her in different position… Got his huge lund out, and it was about 8″ And thick as well, his balls are as big as two guavas. He put oil on his dick and messaged. His black dick was shining . Even I got a boner. He was smiling at me seeing him doing all that. He slowly then lifted her nightwear and got to see mom’s white thighs and further her jiggling busty butts. I saw his dick was pulsating as if it saw where to enter. He then dropped few drops of oil down her ass. Suddenly, mom turned and got on her back. I was afraid but arif wasn’t. However, mom was still in deep sleep. Now, he again slowly lifted her nightwear and got to see her pussy with a jungle of Pubic hairs. I saw him moving his tounge over his lips. He dropped some oil on her pubic hairs which further slided down her pussy. He then stretched one leg of her and guided his missile to the hole. He was aiming to infuse his huge dick at one chance not to give her enough chance to resist. I was afraid how this monster can enter such a small pink hole. He was rubbing his lund all over the hole and suddenly launched his lund inside her chut( pussy) with his full might. Mom shouted in extreme pain but uncle put his hand on her mouth and padlocked. She looked at me and saw me sleeping (pretending) suddenly got another stroke from arif uncle which almost teared her pussy. Then uncle back to back gave few giant strokes. And lowered his lips to her ears and said

Arif: Look malini, I’m gonna fuck you sure.
Arif : Do you want it before your son or in the bathroom?
Mom: please leave me.

Again uncle gave another stroke which entirely shook her body.

Mom: In the bathroom please.

Then arif told her to put off her nightwear which she did. And was moving to bathroom shaking her bouncy butts but this time naked. Arif patted on her left ass cheek.

Mom: Ahhh!

And uncle was following her and I’m watching them with a boner. In the bathroom, Arif uncle entered and saw malini crying facing the wall. He then kept the door of bathroom unlocked .

Arif: Malini sona, from the first day I wanted to see my lund stuck deep inside your holes.

Mom was continuously crying then arif grabbed mom with both his hands and started smooching. He was kissing her everywhere like a lunatic. Then finally, he bit her red lips and lip-locked and sent his tongue in her. Kept doing it until he saw mom’s eyes got wider as she couldn’t breathe and he broke the kiss. Then grabbed her tits and pressed them real hard.

Mom: Ahhh! Go slow please.

I felt that mom now was cooperating with uncle which was a good sign. Then he licked her nipples and bit them and mom bit her lips too. Uncle seemed to be pro in this game. Then he made mom sit on the floor and started playing with her pubes.

Arif: Hold my lund baby and give few strokes.

Mom was hesitent at first then ended up touching the monster . After the touch from my mom’s soft ,fair hands his lund took it’s real shape and size which scared mom.

Arif: Put in your sweet mouth and suck darling.
Mom: I’ve never done this to my husband and it’s too big for my mouth.
Arif: You do what I say or else I will shout and raj will see you like this?

Mom tried to bring his musalmani lund near her mouth which was smelling very bad but she was helpless. When she ate the top of the lund uncle gave a stroke leading his lund deep inside her throat and she choked and coughed. He then put it in and out in a rhythm, then mom herself sucked it even put his balls in mouth one after another.

Arif: Ahhhhh ahhhhh jaanu ahhh !

Mom kept doing it until he was about to cum. He then granted a huge sound of pleasure.

Arif: Ahhhhhhh ahhhh ahhh my malini baby ahhh! Sali ahhh! I’m Cumming.

Mom tried to put his cock outta her mouth. He started to release his load inside her mouth then on her sindur, and nose then on her left eye but his storage was not ending . He finished. Mom was looking like a pornstar with cum all over her face. But which shocked me more was mom herself swallowing even the last drop of cum by licking which made him happy. He made her lie on the floor and began to play with her cunt, she now got aroused as he started to lick her pussy lips. He then shoaved his tounge in her pussy .

Mom: Ummmm Ummmm Arif please…

But he kept on. And most probably she came in his mouth.

Arif: Now it’s time a fuck.
Mom: please be slow, last time you teared my chut (pussy) in two.

I was shocked to listen mom giving slangs like lund, chut. Both took their respective position. I could see excitement and fear in mom’s eyes simultaneously. I was ejaculating. Uncle this time slowly was moving his dick head around her hole and patting it over her chut. He wanted to make mom desperate for his lund.

Mom: Do it fast or else raj will get to know about it.

But I along with uncle that she was getting desperate to get pounded by this monster after a long break. He smiled and again aimed slowly he infused the head then got it out over and over. Suddenly he gave a jiant push which let mom out a huge shout.

Mom: Aiiiiiiiighhhhhhhaa!
Arif: Here we go!

He then started pounding her in a rapid speed. She was screaming, completely forgetting that her son is sleeping in bedroom.

Mom: Ahhhhh fuck ahhh.

And mom released her juice but uncle was like in no mood to stop, thus continued. Then he wanted to switch the position to doggy style.
When my sexy mom got in doggy, I now could see her damn ass and felt jealous of uncle. Uncle reluctantly, started to sniff and lick her ass cheeks and ass crack. Then again, deposited his lund in her chut. This time he was more fierce as if he was firing his AK-47 in mom’s chut. And a sound of “Thop thap thop thap” delighted the bathroom. Mom got orgasm for 4/5 times then uncle said he was about to cum.

Mom: Please don’t cum inside me, please.
Arif: Only if you let me fuck your ass.

Mom : No way, I would die out of pain please..
Arif: Then I Cumming.
Mom: Ok ok stop stop I’ll let you fuck my gaand(ass).

Arif felt very happy and went to bring oil. Mom now got real nervous. Uncle brought and dropped few drops of oil on her ass hole and slowly put one finger inside,mom was in pain, but he inserted the 2nd finger. Then, he spat on her brown hole. And started to put the head but it was too tight. He took back again tried this time 2′ inches got inserted and mummy screamed. He then took back and put again number of times then suddenly gave a thrust which allowed him to dig 6′ inches into her gaand. I thought mom is dead. He then took back and this time all the length disappeared In her shit hole. Again he started his AK-47 firing. Mom cried for mercy. But he kept pounding like a sog fucks a bitch. Then suddenly that moment came…

Arif: ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh what a gaand agghhhh.

He paused for few minutes, then took his anaconda back. And mom suddenly let out a huge fart (sounding “puuuuuunnnk”) automatically. She felt shy due to this but arif laughed out loud and spanked her ass.

Arif: Sali randi kahi ki!

Mom couldn’t stand properly. And my entry, according to the plan, was yet to come which will be explained in the next part.

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