Bengalee Film Queen 11

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Episode : 11

Eight months were passed since the introduction of her new profession as a high class callgirl and Gargi was now totally free from all types of monetary obligations. Now she entertained her customers once a week only…. earning more than six lakh in a month, so that she could spend most of her times with her husband and children.

As a result, her conjugal life was just like that period when she married Goutam twenty-one years ago. And her two pretty adorable children…they’re now even more close like their childhood period. They never argued with her or her husband… never demanded unnecessary things…. Oh! She was really proud of them.

It was Sunday…. her husband’s leisure day and she herself was free from her shooting. Her son, Palash went to see a new released english movie with his girlfriend Jhumi Roy, only daughter of Satabdi Roy where as her daughter Pallabi went to her nearest friend, Anwesha Mukherjee’s ( Swastika’s daughter ) house to consult a class-note and would not be able to return till 7:00 pm.

As it was starting to get dark, Gargi and her husband were dressed and in the kitchen fixing dinner when her children came home. Gargi was proud of the way the two of their kids did almost everything together. However she guessed from her motherly instincts that there was something peculiar between her children. She wasn’t sure about it, but had some faint idea…. yes, she was to learn soon.

At the dinner table everyone seemed lively and fun and at one point Pallabi leaned over and whispered in her elder brother’s ear, “God! they must have fucked all day, they sure are in a great mood.”

Palash just winked and thought about starting with their sexy celeb mother on his part of the plan that he and Pallabi had come up with yesterday. They were going to start the family sex group, one way or the other.

With dinner done Palash offered to help his mother with the clean up. Gargi was standing beside him when he made the offer and she pulled him into a full frontal hug saying, “That is so sweet Sona. God! I love you kids.”

She felt her son’s arms around her tightly. a little tighter than usual but she loved it. And then she felt his growing cock suddenly pressing against her swollen mound for just a moment….. until he released her. He looked into her eyes and pretended to look embarrassed as he whispered, “Oh shit, I’m sorry Maa.” He moved quickly into the kitchen to start cleaning up. Gargi melted inside…..thinking, poor baby….. I made him hard and I embarrassed him.

She followed her son into the kitchen still thinking, I made my son hard. But it’s strange! My baby is also heating up. He is a full grown cute stud, I wonder if he is still a virgin? She felt a thrill as she thought of her son as a sexual being and hoped he would love sex as much as she did.

Nothing else was said as they worked but they kept bumping into each other almost every time they turned. When the kitchen was done completely, Gargi had ‘FINALLY’ decided what to say to her son as they stood in the kitchen before joining the others.

She kissed his cheek and said, “Sona, I just want to say to you that when we hugged in the dining room, we both know you started to get… uh… excited and I want to tell you, that’s perfectly normal. Maybe most sons don’t do that with their mothers but I understand your hormones are kicking in…. and please don’t be embarrassed if it happen again with me. I will understand.”

Palash smiled at his beautiful actress mother and tried to act shy but inside he was thinking, OK I just got permission to press my hard cock against her…

As Mother and Son entered the living room, Pallabi was just heading upstairs. Her father looked, in a word, excited… turned on…

Earlier when ‘Father and Daughter’ had gone into the living room, he had sat down in his recliner while his daughter had sat in his lap, facing him, her knees on each side of his hips. She knew where she was heading. She was in his lap a lot but this time he felt her crotch against his groin and felt his cock jump. He looked up a little shocked to see his gorgeous daughter looking at him with a gleam in her eye. He wondered if she could feel his throbbing cock.

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