Seduced my mom:part-2

Hello readers,
In continuation to earlier story (Seduced my mom) ,I am here to describe the incidence happened after first night,a night when mom came back home in a unconscious I took him to her bedroom ,my feelings changed as my hand got the touch of her body and I seduced her as I loved her sexual organs and lastly fucked her.I lost my virginity to my mom Julie as I slept in my bedroom after that .next morning ,it’s a weekend holiday as I wake up at 08:00 am and than after refreshment came to dinning I can see my mom Julie reading newspaper with a cup of tea and than I sit near him as I asked maid to prepare a cup of tea for looking at my mom Julie,I asked……..

“mom are you fine?
(Julie)sure ,sorry for last night as I was fully unconscious after drinking wine heavily
(Rohan)ok it’s all right mom
(Julie)Rohan you have been with me for an hour and made me nude ,never thought that I am your mom
(Rohan bit shy)sorry for it but I got horny as I got the touch of yours body .”

And maid came there with a cup of tea as I took it to drink,my eyes are looking at mom’s boobs , especially it’s clevage as her deep necked gawn is showing after drinking tea ,I left him alone as I walked towards my bedroom and have my towel as well as clothes to have bath.I walked towards my washroom but my mom Julie came there as she asked…….

“you are going to have bath ,wait for some time
(Rohan)ok mom.”

As I sit on bed’s corner ,my mom Julie walked to dinning hall.after a while she came back as she ask me to follow ,I am shocked as well as surprised to see my mom Julie holding my wrist as we both are walking to her she pushed her room’s door as she sit on bed’s corner and now looking at me ,she smiled…….

“Rohan I want to have bath with you
(Rohan smiled)as you wish.”

And she stand infront of me as her hand is moving on my chest ,I put my hand on her breast to press hard.I am shocked to see my mom’s sexual activities with me as my younger sister Renu is present in home but she started kissing my face to lips as I removed her gawn and now Julie is in her panty only as her lovely boobs to tummy and waist to thighs and legs are nude.julie is kissing my lips as she hold me in his arms and now pushed her long tongue in my mouth as I am sucking her tongue while holding her in my’s boobs are pressing hard on my chest as we both are standing holding eachother and now Julie pulled down my Bermuda as I am nude and I left her tongue as she walked inside washroom with we both have closed the door of washroom as Julie is under cascade and she opened the tap of it as I came to him and knelt infront of my mom my lips are kissing her thighs as her hand is on my hairs,so I removed her panty as Julie stretched her legs wide and now I put my face in between her lips are on her labias as I am kissing her vagina with smelling it’s natural odour,her legs are shivering as she is holding my hairs tightly ,now I put my fingers on her vagina as I widend its hole and pushed my long tongue in my mom’s while licking her vagina with my tongue ,my hand is moving on her sexy ass as she is screaming in pleasure……….

“oohh aahh Rohan lick my vagina fast ,I am your whore mom ,a bitch need fuck.”

As my tongue is moving to her vaginal upper surface ,her G spot is hitting with my tongue as her legs are shivering ,she is in pleasure and than I stand infront of him as I put my mouth on her right breast ,like a mom she put her breast in my mouth to suck as her breast is in my mouth ,she is slowly masturbating my cock.a 36 years old lady is nice ,gorgeous as well as sexually active with her son in washroom .as I left her breast ,I took her left breast to suck and now my hand is on her vagina as my mom is masturbating my cock ,I pushed my two fingers on her vagina as I am fingering her vagina while sucking her breast we both are too hot as well as I can think of making love with my mom Julie frequently and than I left her breast as Julie smiled………

“now fuck me my son ,I will enjoy your long cock in my vagina .”as we both are wet under cascade ,I closed the tap of cascade as I took a bottle of gel and now both are putting it on each other’s body as my hand have covered her upper parts of body with gel ,she have put it on my chest to waist and my palm is rubbing her soft body as I am pressing hard her Julie knelt infront of me as she put her hand on my cock and her lips are kissing it wildly,my penis is in erection as she started moving it’s glans on her face to lips and lastly put my penis in her mouth to suck.julie have hold my waist as she is giving my cock a nice jerk while holding it in her mouth as I have hold her hairs and now started fucking her mouth with my penis ,I am shouting……

“oohh uumm my mom suck my cock hard you whore I will fuck you soon.”as I am fucking my mom’s mouth ,she have closed her eyes and lastly ,she left my cock as she put gels on my thighs to legs .now I turned my back as Julie is kissing my ass and lastly put her fingers on ass hole as her tongue is licking legs are shivering as her tongue is licking my ass hole fast and than she stood in front of me.

Julie have stretched her legs as I hold her one thigh and put it in air ,she have hold my penis and pushed it in her I am pushing my cock in her cunt from below as my cock is in her vagina ,I started fucking her from below as I am fucking her with speed as well as my mom Julie holding me in her arms as her gel covered body is brushing with my body and I am penetrating her glory hole hard as we both are screaming in joy…….

“oohh uumm Rohan fuck me hard I am your whore fuck me fuck fuck.” As my penis is rock hard in her vagina ,I left her thigh as I turned her back ,now she put her arms on wall as she opened the tap of cascade and now I pushed my penis from her rear side ,I am fucking her elastic vagina as she is swinging her ass fast .our sexual organs are hot as I am giving her hard fuck but age matters as she is in love with dozens of guy and men ,she have a long experience in penis is moving fast in my mom’s vagina as she started swinging her sexy ass hand is on her waist as my other hand is pressing her breast and I am screaming in joy………

“oohh my sexy mom ,I will cum soon
(Julie)oh yes I will also cum soon.”

As our sexual organs poured cum as my penis poured sperms in her vagina ,we both have washed our body as waters flowing from cascade have made us Julie sucked my penis to taste it’s cum as we both completed our bath together.

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