Father beds daughter, so mother sets out to seduce her son

Monday morning in the Clemence household and never had the axiom appearances can be deceptive been more appropriate or on the nose.

It seemed like the average American homestead in all its particulars, as if the gods of domesticity decided to create the ultimate example of what middle class family life could and should be.

A harried and somewhat frazzled mother was going about her business, frying bacon and eggs, whilst simultaneously making a packed lunch for her husband. A meal he would ultimately never consume.

Said husband, a sombre looking and broad-shouldered man, was sat, attentively reading the morning paper, occasionally taking sips from a cup of coffee.

Another, younger man, their son, rushed in, heading straight to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of orange juice. He opened it up and swigged down huge mouthfuls of ice cold liquid, some of it splashing down his chin and onto his t-shirt.

“Greg!” His mother exclaimed. “What have I told you about drinking straight from the bottle? We have these things called glasses; you could try and use them once in a while?”

“Sorry, Mom.” He replied, between swigs. “I’m in a hurry.”

Then, a young woman entered the room. She was wearing a school uniform, a slightly provocative and risqué example of the type, and she was carrying a pile of books.

The mother, known by everyone bar her children as Annie, handed over a plate of bacon and eggs to her husband, Ray.

“Thank you, honey.” He said, quietly.

“Do you want some, sweetheart?” Annie asked her daughter, Kim.

“No thanks, Mom, I’ll just have some cereal.” She replied, clambering up on to a high stool, flashing more than a little leg as she did so. Her mother had spoken to her about the uniform, questioning its appropriateness, but Kim was nineteen and beautiful, and she liked showing herself off a little. What could any mother do?

Annie passed her a box of corn flakes and Kim poured herself a bowl.

“Do you want a lift to school, Greg?” Ray asked.

“No, I’m okay, Dad. I’m getting a lift from some of the guys. Jake Dalton’s just passed his test, and his folks got him a car to celebrate.”

“Don’t expect similar generosity from your parents.” Ray stated, coolly.

“Awww, come on!” Greg moaned, somewhat in jest, somewhat in earnest. “I’m going to need a car!”

“We’ll talk about it at a later date.” His mother said, in a soothing, pacifying tone. “You haven’t passed your test yet.”

“Okay, well I’m outta here.”

Greg quickly kissed his mother on the cheek and hightailed it out of the room. The remaining family members could hear the front door slam shut, as he left the house behind.

“You still want a lift, sweetie?” Ray said to Kim.

“Yes, thank you, Daddy.” She replied, in her best sweet-little-girl voice.

Annie didn’t say a word, but internally she was metaphorically rolling her eyes.

I bet you’ll buy her a car, she thought to herself. Even after what happened.

Kim Clemence was the apple of her father’s eye, and always had been. Technically, she was the oldest, born a couple of hours before her twin brother. And she had been a daddy’s girl right from the start. Ray had doted on her, without restraint or an iota of shame. He had spoiled her rotten, giving her pretty much anything she had wanted. Kim had always had her father wrapped round her little finger.

Now, more than ever.

Although, if Annie was being brutally honest, she had a similar devotion to her son. No parent admits to having a favourite, and Annie would never confess the fact to another living soul, but Greg had always been her special little boy. She loved them both, of course she did, and she would do anything for either of them, particularly so after the accident, but there was just something about her son that made her love him that little bit more.

He was so open and caring, in a way Kim had never been. At least not with her mother. Greg would always welcome her with open arms, a huge grin on his face as she enveloped him in a warm hug. When he was younger, he would sit on her lap and cuddle her for hours. Even now, he was so much more tactile and affectionate than his sister.

“You ready to make a move?” Ray asked his daughter.

“Sure thing, Daddy.” She said, slipping off the stool, her short skirt riding up her legs, revealing a pair of light blue panties.

“Isn’t it a bit early?” Annie queried, looking at her watch.

“I’ve got to get in for a Skype meeting we’re having with Singapore. Time difference means we’ve got to catch them early.”

“I don’t mind, Mom.” Kim said. “I can study a little before class. And I love spending time with my Daddy.”

“Awww, thank you sweetheart.” Ray replied, reaching out to take his daughter’s hand and kissing it lightly.

“Oh please, get lost before I throw up.” Annie exclaimed. “You two are nauseating.”

Kim and Ray laughed. He came round the kitchen table and kissed his wife on the cheek.

“See you tonight, honey.” He whispered in her ear.

“Okay. Love you.”

“Same here.”

A few seconds later they were gone, and Annie considered what her plans were for the day, or at least what she might do for the next hour or so.

I think I might have a nice bath, she thought to herself, before heading upstairs.


It was fair to say that the Clemence family lived in one of the swisher parts of town. They weren’t rich exactly, but they were reasonably well off. A nice house, a couple of cars, a pool in the backyard. Ray worked his balls off to keep them all in the lifestyle they had become accustomed to; he felt it necessary to provide for his family.

A few miles away from the pleasant little cul-de-sac the Clemences called home was a somewhat less salubrious area, known as Cotton Heights. It consisted of some pretty rundown houses, an elementary school that had closed years earlier, and a strip mall, where half the businesses were boarded up. Behind it was a row of storage units, effectively secure garages, one for every store.

Ray had noticed them a few months earlier, and one morning, almost on a whim, he had stopped outside the strip mall, and ventured into a just-about-surviving drugstore, to make some inquiries. He had been in luck, since the owner of that establishment – perhaps the only drugstore in town that hadn’t been bought out by CVS or Walgreens – happened to own three of the aforementioned garages. He was more than happy to rent one out to Ray for a nominal fee. He was also happy to accept cash in hand, just to keep everything quiet and below board.

Ray had very recently discovered a compelling reason why he needed somewhere to get away from it all. He neglected to inform his wife about his little investment. The rent was small enough that she need never notice. And the storage unit was conveniently placed, right on his way to the office. He could stop there, and the whole world would be completely unaware of his activities.

So, twenty minutes after leaving for work that morning, Ray’s car was parked in his personal storage unit; the door firmly locked and a single, naked lightbulb illuminating the shabby interior. He was sat on the back seat of his car, with his pants and boxers round his ankles. His teenage daughter was straddling him, and his dick was buried balls-deep in her cunt.

Kim’s succulent thighs and butt cheeks were moving rhythmically, as she rode her father’s cock. You could see her muscles twitching and straining as they fucked. She was moaning and whimpering with every thrust, her tight little pussy lips stretched wide by his big, beefy fuck-stick.

She’d taken her blazer off, and it was lying on the passenger seat up front. She still had her blouse on, but it was unbuttoned, and one of them had taken the time to fish her big, juicy tits out of the cups of her bra. Her body was pressed tightly against her father’s, her arms wrapped round his head, as he buried his face in her cleavage.

Ray’s hands were roaming over her legs and buttocks, his fingers sinking into all that delicious, soft flesh. He licked and sucked at her nipples, tugging at them with his teeth, biting down enough to cause her a little pain. She had told him many times she liked it when it hurt; she enjoyed that extra added spice of sensation.

Father and daughter kissed, their mouths opened wide, their tongues slipping and sliding together, duelling muscles of wet flesh. They made out like teenagers on prom night, which was kind of appropriate, when you considered that one of them was still a teenager. It’s as if they were trying to devour each other. Both of them could feel hot breath against their skin and lips. She could smell and taste the coffee he had drank that morning. He inhaled the sweet, milky scent of her breakfast cereal.

Ray particularly relished fucking his daughter when she was wearing her school uniform. To be candid, he loved fucking her all the time – the fact it was incest already made it sinfully wicked – but it was just that little bit more wickedwhen she was dressed like this. You could never confuse Kim for a child – her body was too mature, too developed for it to be anything other than the physique of a young woman – but when she wore her hair in pigtails, or flashed him her cotton panties, like she had done that morning, the temptation to imagine was so strong.

What if she was younger?

Father and daughter had been having sex for nearly six months now. The first time it happened was the night of her nineteenth birthday; the birthday she shared with her twin brother. Ray had waited until then. That was what he told himself. That was the crumb of comfort he clung to when he felt particularly guilty or uneasy about what they were doing. What he was doing. It didn’t do much to salve his conscience, but it was there, nonetheless.

I waited until she was a grownup, he thought, with a sense of quiet desperation.

They had known it was going to happen long before then, of course. Both of them knew. There was always that strange bond that existed between them. That intimacy. That closeness. It was like some deep psychic connection.

They had discussed the matter in some detail, on numerous occasions before their incestuous relationship was consummated. It had become obvious, clear as daylight, the direction in which they were moving. It seemed to make perfect sense, their love for each other was so strong and so overwhelming. Once the subject had first been tentatively broached, both of them understood it was simply a matter of when not if. Neither of them had even considered the possibility of restraining themselves. Society may have judged their behaviour both wrong and immoral, but that was never going to stop them.

They simply had to be together.

God, he remembered that first night so vividly. Their first time as lovers. He and Annie had held a party for their children. A grand celebration to mark their coming of age. A year late, of course, but they had been given little choice in the matter. A few weeks before her eighteenth birthday, Kim had been involved in an horrific car accident. She and three of her friends were hit head on by a huge eighteen-wheeler. The driver of the truck had suffered a heart-attack and collapsed at the wheel.

The driver of the car Kim was in had died instantly. The person sat next to him survived, but lost a leg. Kim and another friend, who were in the back of the vehicle, were both seriously injured. She was in a coma for four days and it was touch and go there for a while if she’d even survive. She did, but she was badly messed up. As a result, she missed so much term-time, the teachers deciding to hold her back for a year. Hence the continued use of a school uniform and a lavish nineteenth birthday party, when most people go big a year earlier.

Looking back, Ray wondered if the accident had actually led to them becoming lovers. There was the shock and fear when he had nearly lost her; the joy and relief when he knew she was going to be okay. It made him reassess how much he truly loved her, how much he wanted to be with her.

And then there was the physio. Kim suffered some pretty serious internal injuries, but she also broke both her legs. She underwent a series of operations and it took her several months to learn to walk again properly. Ray had taken it upon himself to be there for her, when she had to endure her gruelling daily exercises. He had been there for the tears and the tantrums, for the laughter and the little victories.

Almost inevitably this involved the two of them being together in close physical proximity. He had to touch her and hold her, stretch out her legs, manhandle her in some ways. There became something hugely sensual and sexual about these sessions. Both of them came to relish this special time between them. It was where their new relationship had begun.

That night, the night of the party, Kim had looked so beautiful. This had been the first big social event she had taken part in since the crash. It was almost like her debutant ball, her entry into high society. She had worn a long, slinky dress, cut low to accentuate her ample bosom. Her strawberry blonde hair was piled high above her head, occasional curls falling down past her cheeks. She looked so sophisticated. So grown up.

All night, they kept exchanging glances, their eyes following each other round the room. Even when she was amongst her friends, laughing and dancing and cavorting, she would see him looking at her. His eyes burning holes in the soft, shimmering fabric of her dress. She would smile shyly at him, and he would wink at her. He was so full of pride. Full of love. Full of lust.

After the party had ended, the guests had finally left, and the catering staff had finished clearing up, Ray was stood alone in the patio in the backyard. The night sky was clear, the stars shone down on him like a thousand pinpricks of light puncturing a blanket of dark black velvet. Kim joined him, wrapping her arms round him, yearning for warmth and physical connection.

He smiled at her, looked around briefly, seeing if anyone else was present, then he kissed her on the mouth. Her lips instantly parted, welcoming his tongue with hers. This wasn’t the first time they had kissed like this. Although he had refrained from actually fucking her, they had made out plenty of times in the last few months. Sometimes after the physio sessions, when they were both hot and sweaty; other times they had met up, late at night, usually in the living room, after everyone else had gone to bed. They had whispered and plotted and conspired and kissed. But tonight, they would go so much further.

“I love you so much, pumpkin.” He said.

“I love you too, Daddy. Thank you for tonight.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes. Although, I hope the best is yet to come.”

He looked up in the sky for a second, then returned his gaze to meet hers.

“Are you sure, my darling little girl? It’ll change everything.”

“I’m sure.” She said, her hand moving between them, finding the front of his pants and gently squeezing his erect cock.

He moaned softly. This wasn’t the first time she had touched him like that. Although they had yet to make love, there were other things a man and woman could do together, if they were so inclined.

“Wait for me in your room. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He said.

He kissed her softly on the tip of her nose and she giggled. The exact same type of giggle she’d had since she was a baby. Then she walked away, back into the house. He stood there and just admired the sight, her amazing buttocks and legs, encased in nylon and silk, moving in wondrous, poetic harmony.

Christ above, I’m going to fuck her so hard, he thought to himself.

Perhaps an hour or so later, Ray made his way down the landing and quietly opened the door to her room. A bedside lamp was on, bathing the space in a warm light. Kim was lying on the bed, naked as the day she was born. He audibly gasped at the sight. What a study of physical perfection she was. Nineteen years old and immaculate in the way only teenage girls can be. Those large breasts, somehow still pert despite their size. That flat, tanned washboard stomach. The long, shapely legs. Her vagina, fully shaved or waxed perhaps, a delicate cleft at the centre of her being.

No sign of the injuries she had suffered. The human body was truly an amazing thing. Especially at that age. It could suffer such trauma, such harm; and it could recover. There wasn’t a scratch on her. She had been at death’s door, and now she was reborn. Created anew to become his lover.

He entered the room and closed the door behind him. He was wearing a short robe, which soon fell to the floor. Now, he too was naked, his large cock bobbing in front of him. He climbed on to the bed and enveloped her much smaller body in his. He could feel the soft, silky texture of her skin rubbing against him. She spread her legs wide apart and, without saying a word, he penetrated her for the first time.

Ray had been suddenly conscious of the audience watching them. The row of soft cuddly toys lying at the far edge of Kim’s bed, propped up against the wall. Various teddy bears and rabbits and lions and even a koala he had picked up for her on a trip to Australia. She must have been seven or eight years old, and he remembered the tiny weight and heat of her body, draped against his, as she hugged and kissed him with joyful, childish gratitude.

Now, that koala seemed to be staring at him. Its dead eyes looking on, wordlessly accusing, as he grabbed hold of one of her breasts, her big, fat, juicy breasts, and wrapped his lips tightly round her nipple, sucking desperately, as if his life depended on it. Those cuddly toys, combined with the pop stars and actors on the posters on the walls, all staring down in judgement, as he violated his daughter in the most primal and forbidden way imaginable.

And he didn’t care one bit.

Disparate images and sensations from that night would live with him until the day he died. Her delicate hands roaming his back, straying between the cheeks of his ass, teasing his anus. Her tongue on his neck and shoulders. Her teeth tugging at his nipples. The moment he had to clamp his hand over her mouth, desperately trying to keep her quiet, as she orgasmed beneath him. The transcendent feeling he enjoyed when he came inside her for the first time. The way they had both wept, whispering sentiments of shared love and adoration.

Neither of them knew how many times they had fucked each other since then, but they’d done it a lot. They did it as often as they could, wherever they could.

Hence their latest assignation in this dingy storage unit in Cotton Heights. Both of them knew this would have to be a quick affair, work and school awaited, so they were getting down to it as rapidly as possible. Kim was moving around frantically on top of him, her body bouncing up and down, her tits jiggling in a frenzied rhythm.

Before the accident, she had been a gymnast, and she still possessed the lithe flexibility that discipline could gift a young woman. Her body was so bendy and fun to play with, as she practically did the splits on top of him, albeit with his cock speared inside her.

Ray lifted his hands to her face, clasping her cheeks, stroking them tenderly.

“You’ve got the most amazing cunt, my darling princess.” He whispered between groans.

“Well, you’ve got the most amazing dick, Daddio.” She replied with a smile, then biting her bottom lip. “How does it feel to be fucking your daughter’s snatch? Again?”

She squeezed his cock with the muscles of her pussy, and he gasped.

“Incredible. You’re always incredible. I’m close to cumming. Where do you want it?”

“You know where.”

“Tell me.”

“In. My. Cunt.” She gasped. “Cum inside your daughter’s cunt.”

So he did. Without pause or consideration, he shot load after load of his hot cream inside her. His cock throbbed and spasmed, as he flooded her illicit honeyed box with his seed. No rubbers for Ray and Kim. No sirree. The suggestion had never even been raised. She had been on the pill since she was fourteen – it helped regulate her periods – and neither of them had imagined for a second that he would ever do anything but take her bareback. Skin rubbing against skin. Cock rubbing against cunt. Incest, the way it was meant to be. It was only fit and proper.

His orgasm triggered hers, and the two of them kissed once more.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” She whispered into his mouth, pulling herself tighter against him, flattening her sticky breasts to his chest.

He reached down under her skirt, to fondle the cheeks of her ass, once more sinking his fingers into her succulent creamy flesh. For a few moments, they just sat there, wallowing in the post-orgasmic bliss of their lovemaking, both of them panting and sweating.

“You’re so special, my little girl. I love you more than anything else, you know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy. It’s the same for me.”

A few minutes later and the two of them had detached themselves from one another, and they were now trying to tidy themselves up. Kim had managed to stuff her somewhat bruised and tender tits back into her bra, and she was buttoning up her blouse. Then, she recovered her panties from the floor of the car and was pulling them up her legs.

“You might be a bit messy down there.” He said, looking intently at her still enflamed crotch.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I want to feel your cum inside me. When you drop me off at school, I want to walk through the gates, having your semen soaking up my panties. It’s so fucking hot, knowing I have my Daddy’s nasty spunk bubbling away in my tight little gash.”

“Is that a fact?”

“Oh yes, absolutely. All those other kids, those teachers; walking around amongst them, knowing that only minutes earlier I was fucking you. I had my father’s cock inside me. I still have his cum inside me. It’s so sexy. I’ll tell you what. When the bell goes for recess, I’ll head straight to a toilet stall and take a photo of me rubbing my twat. Then licking your cum from my fingers. Would you like to see that?”

“Christ, yes. Although why don’t you make it a video?”

Kim smiled brightly at her father, straightening her thigh-high socks, and brushing down her short plaid skirt.


Back home and Annie Clemence was soaking in the tub. This was something she enjoyed doing to an almost inordinate extent. When they bought the house, around ten years earlier, when the kids were still fairly little, one of the things that clinched it for her, was the ginormous tub in the ensuite bathroom of the master bedroom. Many a morning would find her reclining in a hot bath, enjoying an hour or so of quiet self indulgence.

She was, of course, blissfully unaware of what her husband and their daughter had been getting up to, only a few miles away. Although, to be fair, why would she be aware? The horrendous truth of what they were doing, was so outrageous, so extraordinary, so unbelievable, it would never have even crossed her mind. She knew her husband and child had a special bond, but not that kind of bond.

Annie was a homemaker, a housewife, a full time mom; although she spent precious little of that time looking after the family home. A cleaner came in twice a week and took care of that. Annie spent most of her days in a kind of stupefied indolence. Sometimes she went out and met with friends. She played the occasional game of tennis, or other games. But a lot of time was spent on her own. She was lonely. She was bored. But more and more often these days, she was so fucking horny.

She couldn’t explain her raging libido. Annie had always enjoyed a healthy appetite when it came to sex, Ray could certainly vouch for that, but recently her desires had exploded. She didn’t think it was some strange early manifestation of the menopause; she was surely too young for that. Whatever the cause, it was real and it was problematic. She was getting so turned on all the time, she had to rub herself off at least two or three times a day.

She had been feeling frisky all morning, even as she had made breakfast in her pyjamas and robe. Once she was alone, she headed straight to her room, to find herself stood before a full length mirror at the foot of her bed. She and Ray liked to watch themselves as they fucked. So many times she had seen herself, naked, on her hands and knees; her big, burly husband behind her, his thick cock brutally pounding away at her cunt or her ass, her huge tits swinging back and and forth in rhythm with his thrusting hips.

That was one use she had for that mirror. But there was another. Annie had a little secret, a little weakness. Something she had kept from everyone, even from her husband. Whenever she could, whenever she was alone, she liked to disrobe in front of that mirror. She supposed she had a peculiarly robust narcissistic streak. A not inconsiderable thread of physical vanity that was laced through her, like the marbling of a rich chocolate cake. Annie got hugely turned on by the sight of her own body.

To be honest you could hardly blame her, she did have quite the body. A combination of good genes, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, had gifted her with the most extraordinary physique. Sometimes, when she was talking to Ray, she would say she was fat; but she knew that was nonsense. She was simply fishing for compliments, yearning for praise. She knew what she had. She was curvaceous. She was buxom. She was sumptuous. She was thicc.

Annie slowly undid her pyjama top, the enticing curves of her breasts becoming more and more visible with every loosened button. Finally, she pulled the silken halves apart, unveiling in all their glory, the epic magnificence of her overwhelming tits. Her other twins, as she sometimes jokingly referred to them. They burst free, two huge, succulent cantaloupes of creamy flesh, topped off with surprisingly small, pink nipples. If you liked big ol’ titties, the sight of these would make you feel like you had died and gone to big boob heaven.

She cupped one breast in her hand, squeezing it firmly, then tugging mercilessly at the tip. She lifted it up to her mouth, quickly sucking on her own teat, before licking her lips. She then pressed her tits together, pushing them forward and upward, before releasing them, in an almost childish fashion, enjoying the way they bounced and jiggled and rippled.

Annie loosened the cord that tightened the waist of her pyjama shorts, then tugged them down past her wide, shapely hips. Once they had overcome that obstacle, the shorts fell to the floor, billowing softly in the air-conditioned environment of her bedroom. She stepped out of them, the thick, deep carpet cushioning and stroking the soles of her feet.

She stood there in front of the mirror, preening and admiring herself. She even did a little twirl, spinning around slowly, then slapping her hands down on her rump, grabbing big handfuls of her large, obscene buttocks.

You could see where Kim got her figure from. She was still young, not yet twenty, and she was leaner and a little more athletic looking than her mother. But she had inherited from her an essentially perfect hourglass figure. The large breasts, the curvy hips, the bubble butt. Annie was a tad shorter and heavier, but it was hard to argue that the weight hadn’t settled in all the right places. She had truly matured into her body.

Kim’s hair was more a strawberry blonde, rather than the deep red of her mom, but their colouring was very similar. They had the same eyes, a mesmerising, ocean blue. Similar lips, full and luscious. The sprinkling of freckles on their face. Kim may have been, in quite the most profound and disturbing way imaginable, her father’s child; but looks-wise, she owed it all to her mother.

For a moment or two, Annie considered sitting down on the bed, spreading her legs wide, and masturbating. This was another of her little rituals. Staring into that mirror and watching her play with herself. Her hand would be a blur, as she rubbed her clit maniacally, or fingered her twat without mercy. Sometimes she would roll around on the mattress, spending hours, glorying in the sensual pleasures of her body.

Very early on in the first flush of her relationship with Ray, long before the surprise pregnancy that led to their marriage, they would enjoy leisurely post-coital conversations, talking about this and that, the sublime and the ridiculous. In one of those little chats, she had asked him what would he do if he found himself transported into the body of a woman.

“Whose body?” He queried.

“Does it matter?” She replied.

“Absolutely. Are we talking about your body, for instance?” He said, with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay, let’s say it was my body.”

“Well, that’s easy. I wouldn’t set foot outside of my bedroom. I’d be just jerking – or jilling – myself off until the end of time.”

“You get to play with my body already.”

“That’s a good point.” He had said, pulling her up on top of him, and grabbing a firm hold of the cheeks of her ass. “But not as much I’d like.”

Annie often remembered that moment when she began to masturbate. She had been blessed with her own personal fun fair carnival, in the shape of her ridiculously sexy frame, and she spent a lot of time admiring the view.

But she had said she wanted a bath, so she was going to have a bath.

Hence, the reason she was lying in a tub of hot water, soapy bubbles covering her from her neck to her toes. Her eyes were closed, and she meditated for a few precious moments. She could feel the water lapping against her skin. Her hands were roaming slowly over her body, squeezing her breasts, stroking and caressing.

God, she was so turned on. It was like a fever. An infection. Her whole being was consumed by this raging, burning desire.

She hadn’t been entirely honest with herself earlier. She might indeed have a vague notion as to why she was getting so aroused these days. Why her body was so often consumed with erotic and obscene thoughts. Something was turning her on.

No, not something…someone.

And that someone was Greg.

Her son.

It had crept up on her, tip-toeing like a silent phantom in the night; in recent months she had developed something of a crush on the boy who was technically her youngest child. She had always been conscious of the fact he was a handsome kid. But in the last few years he had really filled out, zooming up in height, bulking up in muscle. Ray was a large, powerfully-built man, but Greg was rapidly outpacing him.

And he had a monster cock too.

She had always known he had a big dick; she was his mother for Christ’s sake. She’d changed enough of his diapers when he was a baby to be more than aware of the fact he was rather well endowed. She’d bathed him when he was a little boy. Her little lad had never been all that little.

But only a few months earlier she had seen him in the flesh, as a man rather than as a child. It had happened on a Saturday afternoon. She had returned from the tennis club, and wanted to take a shower. She preferred to clean up at home, she had always felt a little self-conscious showering with other women. Her boobs kind of made her stand out.

The house appeared to be empty, she assumed everyone else had left. In Ray and Kim’s case, that was true. Annie didn’t know it, but her husband had taken their daughter to the little lock up he rented. At the exact moment Annie was opening the front door to the family home, Kim was bent over the hood of his car, her short skirt hitched up round her waist, and her father was sodomising her. She had a big dirty grin on her face, as his cock slid in and out of her slimy anus.

Obviously, Annie was unaware of that situation, as she walked up the stairs to her bedroom. As she entered the room, she could hear the shower running in the bathroom. She wandered up to the door, which was open just a crack, and peered inside. Yes, there was a big tub, that only she really ever used, but in truth the en-suite was essentially a large open wet room. In the corner was a powerful shower area, with no curtain or barrier in place. It was not uncommon for Annie to take a bath, and for Ray to shower separately, only a few feet away.

Stood there on this Saturday was not her husband, but her son. In all his naked glory, with hot water cascading down on top of him, and with his erect cock in his hand. He was furiously jerking off, his body tense with barely suppressed sexual energy.

Annie gasped, and brought her hand to her lips. She knew she should have walked away, given him some privacy, but she found she couldn’t. She was frozen in place, gawking open-mouthed at the sight in front of her. As has already been ascertained, Greg was a good looking boy. But it was only at this moment that Annie realised quite how good looking he was.

He was tall and muscular, a veritable god in human form. His body almost shone, glistening in the deluge coming down from the shower head, illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the frosted glass of the window. He had a nearly-trimmed patch of pubic hair. He was tanned and lean and perfect.

And his cock?

Holy Christ, his cock!

It was long and thick, the head was a blazing deep purple. His hand gripped it tightly, tugging away with lusty abandon. She stood there, staring at the sight, her nipples erect, her panties soaked. She watched him cum, his cream splattering all over the wet tile-work.

Annie remembered that moment, as she lay in the bath; her hand between her legs, her fingers rubbing against her clit. She had refrained from masturbating that Saturday, but she showed no restraint this morning. Her fantasies had been plagued by images of her son ever since that fateful day. She tried to resist. She tried to fight it. But he was so young. So handsome. So fucking hot.

Not that she’d do anything about it, of course. This weird obsession could be easily dismissed. Sure, she’d masturbate with a demented fury, imagining her son towering over her, cock in hand; imagining him between her legs, his dick powering its way back inside her; but it was just a relatively innocent distraction. It’s not like she was going act on those fantasies. She wasn’t going to fuck him. Parents didn’t do that sort of thing. That would be madness.

That’s what she told herself. But what Annie didn’t know, was that her illusions were about to be shattered.


A few weeks pass, and Ray is sat his behind his desk, at his company’s upscale offices downtown. He is a lawyer. A fairly well paid lawyer. Not a partner yet – that’s when you start earning the really big bucks – but he’s been getting plenty of hints. It’ll only be a matter of time, they tell him.

Ray specialises in corporate law. It’s not very sexy. Or very interesting, to be honest. But by fuck it can be lucrative. He imagined he once had dreams of being a high-powered defence attorney. Daydreaming of spending his time keeping the innocent out of jail, freeing those who had been wrongfully convicted. But instead he had ended up acting on behalf of rich corporate pricks, defending their right to make a shit ton of money; just as long as he got his share, of course.

The phone on his desk rings. An internal number. It’s a Saturday afternoon and the place should be empty, so the fact his phone is ringing should come as a surprise. But he knows exactly who is on the other end. He picks up, bringing the receiver to his ear.

“Hello.” He says.

“The next interviewee is here, Mr Clemence.” A female voice tells him.

“Okay. Send her in.”

A click, then a soft knock at the door to his office.

“Come in!” He says, loudly and with confidence.

The door opens and a young woman enters. No ordinary young woman. His daughter.

“Mr Clemence?” She ventures, timidly.


“I’m Kourtney Greer. I’m here for interview. The personal assistant’s job?”

“Oh yes, please come in Ms Greer. Take a seat.”

Greer was Annie’s maiden name. They had chosen it randomly for their little game. Kim – or Kourtney – sauntered across the room and sat on the opposite side of the desk. If she was role-playing nervous job applicant, her natural sexual confidence betrayed her performance.

She was wearing what was supposed to be a business suit, but it was hardly suitable for a sober working environment. Although he supposed that was the point. The skirt was tight and short, and, as she crossed her legs, her stocking tops immediately became apparent. As did a slice of white, creamy thigh. Her jacket was open and the top few buttons of her blouse were undone. He could see the black lace of her bra. Her hair was up in a bun, and she was wearing a pair of spectacles. Kim had twenty-twenty vision, so the glasses were only there for effect. It was quite an effect, though.

He took a long time looking her up and down, shamelessly soaking up her voluptuous appearance, then he met her gaze.

“So, why do you want this job, Ms Greer?”

“Please, call me Kourtney.”

“Okay then, why do you want this job, Kourtney?”

“I have a hankering to learn some discipline.” She said, in a husky voice.

“Is that right?”

“Yes. I feel I’ve been too much of a free spirit. I think I need someone to take me in hand, show me who’s boss.”

“Well, that’s very interesting.” He replied. “You are a very beautiful young woman, if you don’t mind me saying?”

“Not at all. Thank you. And you’re a very handsome man, Mr Clemence. If you don’t mind me saying.”

He was silent for a few moments. Then…

“Why don’t you stand up, and give me a little twirl.”

“Of course, I’d be delighted.”

She got up slowly and turned round on the spot. Her skirt had ridden up a little, her stockings still on show.

“You talked about discipline, Ms Greer?”


“Sorry, Kourtney.”

“Yes, I did. I’ve been somewhat…wayward in recent years.”


“I’ve broken a lot of rules. I’ve been a little reckless.”

“Really, in what way?”

“I’ve consumed quite a lot of alcohol. I’ve dabbled in drugs.”

“What drugs?”

“Mostly pot. But a few pills. Even a little coke.”

Ray could vouch for that personally. In the few months they had been together, they had played around quite a bit with narcotics. They’d smoked a whole ton of weed. Getting stoned before they fucked was practically mandatory. But there had also been ecstasy and speed.

And then there was the time he procured some extremely high-quality cocaine. He had booked them into a grand hotel suite for the weekend, both of them spinning separate tales of bullshit, to excuse them for a couple of days. It was their two month anniversary, and Ray had a fantasy to snort a couple of lines off his daughter’s tits. It was only fair he let her have a go, and soon enough the pair of them were fucking like a pair of Energiser bunnies.

“Yes, it certainly sounds like you’ve been a bit of a wild child.” He said, matter-of-factly.

“That’s not even half of it. There’s the sex too.”

“The sex?”

“Yes. I love to bone. Actually, there’s more to it than that. I like pussy as well as cock.”


“Oh yeah. I can munch away at a girl’s gash for hours. And I can blow dick all day and all night.”

This was only a slight exaggeration. Kim had most definitely not been a virgin, the night Ray fucked her for the first time. The car crash had hindered her sexual opportunities, but she’d been busy before her father ever got involved.

“Well, I’m very glad you came here today, Kourtney. Your story is of great interest to me.”

“It is?” She said, one eyebrow raised.

“It certainly is. I feel you were absolutely right. You have a desperate need for discipline.

“You think so?”


“And do you think you could be the man to administer this discipline?”

“I do. Why don’t you bend over the desk for me.”

Kim walked up to the edge of the desk. It was a big mahogany number, wide and imposing. She placed her hands on the dark, rich wooden surface and leant forward. Ray walked round behind her, standing a few steps back, admiring the impressive view.

“Lift up your skirt.” He said.

“Is this a normal part of the interview process, Mr Clemence?”

“Do as you’re told.”

Her hands moved slowly off the desk and found the hem of her skirt. She pulled it up, struggling a little with the daunting obstacles that were her hips and butt. It was a tight piece of clothing and she was a curvy little thing. Finally, the skirt was hitched up all the way and her buttocks were unleashed, jiggling and rippling in all their succulent glory.

Ray had seen his daughter’s ass plenty of times by now. He’d fucked it a few times too. But it was always a breathtaking sight. So soft. So perfect. He gasped slightly, watching that smooth skin glow like a rare element. Butt-anium? Ass-ium? Something like that. He stepped forward and cupped her buttock, gently caressing a cheek with both wonder and joy.

“I see you’re wearing a thong, Kourtney?”


“We have a very strict dress code at this office. Very strict. None of our female staff are allowed to wear panties.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. I’m very sorry, Mr Clemence.”

“Do you want me to take care of that problem, Kourtney?”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

He dropped to his knees behind her and took a moment to stroke and rub her ass, his fingers barely touching her soft skin. He could smell her arousal. Then he slowly tugged at her thong and pulled it down her legs. The wetness of her pussy acted as a kind of natural adhesive and the shiny material clung to her for a second or two. But then the resistance ended and he pulled the panties free. They rolled up as they moved down her legs, then she silently stepped out of them, one stockinged leg after the other. He brought them to his face and inhaled deeply. Then he slipped them into his pocket.

She could feel his hot breath against her exposed flesh, her vulva squeezed tight between her legs. He pressed his fingers into the rich flesh of her butt. Then, without another word being said, he buried his face between the cheeks of her ass. She groaned loudly as she came.

An hour or so later and the two of them were lying on the floor of his office. All artifice and pretence had been dispensed with; their little game was firmly at an end. Kourtney Greer was no more. This was just Ray and Kim. Father and daughter. Incestuous lovers.

He was lying on his back, she was draped on top of him. Both of them were naked. She was lazily playing with his dick. It was wet and sticky, covered in her cum. And his. He was stroking her back, as she kissed his nipples. First he’d fucked her on the desk, slapping her ass until it was red raw. Then she rode his cock, as he mauled her fat tits.

Both of them were panting, their skin flushed and glistening with a sheen of sweat. Their bodies ached. A dull ache of perfect satisfaction. This was a Saturday morning well spent.

“I think you’ve got the job.” He eventually said, breaking the easy silence.

“I should think so, too.” She replied. “Am I the first personal assistant you’ve fucked on that desk?”

“Well, no, actually.”

“Really?” Her interest was suddenly piqued. She paused the leisurely manipulation of his cock, and lifted her gaze to his. “You’ve cheated on Mom?”

“I cheated on Mom five minutes ago. You should know, you were there.”

“No, before me?”

“Sure, although I wouldn’t call it cheating. Your mother and I have an arrangement.”

“An arrangement?”

“Yes, an arrangement. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, my angel, but your old man has certain needs.

“You mean you like to fuck?”

“I do indeed. And I haven’t always been able to use my teenage daughter as an outlet for those needs.”

“How thoughtless of me. If only I’d known earlier.”

“Yes, if only. Butnever mind that now. Your mother understands, and allows me a certain largesse.”

“We do Spanish at my school. I don’t know what largesse means.” She said, playfully.

“I think you do. But basically, as long as I’m careful, I can indulge myself with other women.”

“That doesn’t sound very fair.”

“I’ve extended her a similar courtesy.”

“You mean Mom fucks around?”

“So I understand. I believe she may have enjoyed certain assignations with other people.”

“You have an open marriage?”

“Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far. It’s certainly ajar.

“And do you think her largesse would extend to you fucking me?”

“No, I rather fear that may be a bridge too far.”

“Well, it’s a bridge we may have to cross, if I can extend the metaphor?”

“What do you mean?”

“Where are we going long term?”

“Long term?”

“This is all well and good, but am I just going to be your dirty little slut on the side for ever more?”

“Wow. Where’s all this come from?”

Kim didn’t reply. Instead, she stood up and walked to the desk. Ray couldn’t help but look on in admiration at her naked body. He admired too, the total ease and lack of self consciousness as she prowled around the room. She moved like a dancer. Her shapely legs, her washboard stomach, her amazing breasts, her bubble butt, her beautiful face.

God, she’s so stunning, he thought to himself. And I get to fuck her whenever I Goddamn want.

She lifted up his jacket and put it on. It was clearly way, way too big for her, so she had to roll up the sleeves. Then she took his tie and wrapped it round her long, slender neck. Christ, how he loved that neck. Loved kissing it. Licking it. Choking it.

In recent weeks they had begun to experiment a little in breath play. Like all girls her age, Kim had been brought up on the internet, so there was very little she didn’t already know, when it came to fucking. At least in the abstract. He couldn’t believe how sexually precocious she had been; she was so much more worldly than he had been at her age.

Over the months, as their affair progressed, their lovemaking became ever more intense and ferocious. Kim shocked him with her enthusiasm for the transgressive. She wanted to be slapped and bitten and spat on. To begin with, Ray had been a little reluctant, not wanting to hurt his precious child. But soon enough, his resistance melted away, and he was fucking her like a man possessed. It was as if in crossing one line – incest – they now wanted to cross every line.

He could vividly recall wrapping his fingers round her neck and tightening his grip. The way her face became flushed. The tears rolling down her cheeks. The sound of her struggling for breath. The feeling of his cock inside her cunt. When he let go, she gasped for air; snot dripping from her nose. She had thanked him, kissing him frantically, telling him how much she had enjoyed it. How hard he had made her cum.

He had been shocked and confused and unnerved. But the next time, he squeezed that little bit harder.

Now, she was perched on the edge of his desk, her legs crossed in front of her. His jacket was draped against her killer curves, his tie lying snugly between her breasts.

“So, what’s the plan?” She asked.

“Well, give me ten minutes and I can fuck you, bent over that desk again.” He replied, slapping his cock gingerly.

“That’s not what I mean, Dad. And you know it. What’s the plan for us?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes, you do. We need to talk about this.”

“Talk about what?”

“The future. What we do in the future.”

“Jesus! That seems a little heavy, don’t you think?”

She sighed, her shoulders drooping a little.

“Yeah, maybe you’re right. It’s just…well…don’t get me wrong, I like being your little fuck-toy. Your cum-slut whore. Choose whatever trashy description you like. But what happens next?”

“I don’t know. You want us to keep doing this, I presume?”

“Oh God, of course I do!” She exclaimed. “There’s literally nothing I want more than for us to keep doing this. But what if you get bored with me?”

Ray clambered up on his feet and went to his daughter, lifting her up from the desk and wrapping his arms around her. It made for a peculiar sight, this big naked man, towering over the much smaller figure in front of him, engulfing her in his larger frame.

“Kimberley! You must know I’ll never get bored with you. I love you more than anything!”

“More than you love Mom?”

“You know the answer to that, sweetie. You’ve known it since you were little. You are my everything. You always will be.”

She looked up at him, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“It’s just…I love you so much.” She said, almost sobbing now. “And I want to be with you all the time. I want us to be a couple. A proper couple.”

“We will be. We’ll be together all the time. Soon.” He replied, before showering her face in kisses.

They’d talked about this before. Their future. Both of them knew they were in an incredibly complicated place. What they would do next had begun to obsess both of them. When this all began, when he first slipped into his daughter’s bedroom and they made love for the first time, Ray had viewed everything with a sense of incredulity and shock. It was all so insane. Events had moved at such a pace, he couldn’t really take a firm grasp of what was going on.

But at some point, the weight and seriousness of what they were doing had begun to break through. He hadn’t been lying when he said his wife had given him permission to fool around. But he had never overly exploited the situation. Ray fucked other women, often young women, but he didn’t really carry on affairs. He enjoyed one night stands, or similar short-term relationships, but never anything more than that. He might occasionally take advantage of opportunities presented to him at work – although that was rather frowned upon now in the age of MeToo – and every so often he would employ the services of a professional.

Now, he was having a proper, full-blown affair, with his own daughter, for Christ’s sake. And, God help him, she had turned his world upside down. He did love her more than his wife. He always had. But now he loved her as a woman, as a partner, not just as his offspring. The gravity of it all was beginning to take its toll.

“We should move to Rhode Island.” She said, wiping her snotty nose on the sleeve of his jacket.

“What?” He said, looking down at her.

“Rhode Island. Or New Jersey. We’d be okay there.”

“Really, how so?”

“Well, I did some research on Wikipedia. Apparently they’re the only two states in the Union where consensual incest amongst adults is legal.”

“Wow, who’d a thunk it?” He chuckled.

“Or there’s western Europe. It’s legal in France. And I think the UK has just changed the law. We couldn’t get married. That is illegal. But we could be together…we could have a baby.”

“Would you like that? Having Daddy’s baby?” He asked, his voice thick with urgent desire.

“Yes.” She whispered, a sexy smile forming on her face.

Suddenly the mood had changed again, the atmosphere once more erotically charged, and Ray’s cock began to thicken.

“Your belly growing, your skin tightening, your breasts swelling?”

Ray nudged her legs apart and reached down between them, cupping her pussy in his hand. Then he slipped a couple of fingers inside. She gasped as he did so.

This was another one of their little indulgences, their little fantasies. This was by no means the first time they had talked about having a baby together. What they were doing was already pretty outrageous, but the idea of taking the next step, conceiving a child together, was outrageousness on a whole different level. It was Kim who raised the subject first, right in the middle of a particularly energetic bout of daddy-daughter fucking, and it had spurred them both on to new heights of excitement. She had said it was just a joke, an extravagant example of in-the-heat bravado, but they both knew the truth. The idea excited them. It had then. It did now.

“Maybe you’d have twins, like you and your brother?”

“Why not?”

She took hold of his cock, wrapping her delicate fingers round his thick, turgid meat. Squeezing it, tugging on it, rubbing it.

“You want Daddy to put a baby in your belly?”

“Yes please, Daddy.”

He lifted her up onto the desk and she leaned backwards. His jacket fell open, exposing her fabulous body. She spread her legs wide apart, her cunt still red raw from their earlier coupling. He took hold of his dick and slammed it inside her. Kim was still on the pill, so pregnancy was unlikely. But there was no harm in pretending. And both of them knew, at some point in the not too distant future, the pretending would be coming to an end.


So, yes, Ray was telling the truth when he said Annie was allowed to fuck other people. And she did. She didn’t do it with anything like the kind of enthusiasm or commitment of her husband, but she certainly had her moments. There were a couple of the pros at the tennis club, young men with fine physiques and big dicks, who she fooled around with on occasion. She had no qualms taking a shower with any of them.

There were also one or two of her female friends who she got extra close to every now and then.

When Annie had first met Ray, she had been relatively innocent. She wasn’t a virgin, by any means, but she wasn’t terribly experienced. Ray had, to put it simply, rocked her fucking world. He was only a few years older, but it seemed like he had come from a different universe, when it came to sex. He opened her eyes to the possibilities of the flesh; introducing her to things she had hardly even conceived of.

And that included other women.

Annie had never experimented with girls. Not once. The thought hadn’t even occurred to her. As far as she was aware, she didn’t have a lesbian bone in her body. But Ray liked the idea. He wanted to watch her make out with another woman. He wanted to watch her to go down on another woman. Annie was so deeply and profoundly under his spell, she had readily agreed. She wanted to prove to him that she wasn’t a square, that she wasn’t some prim and proper little thing. She wanted to be crazy and slutty and whorish.

So, they had gone to a bar downtown and picked up a girl. She was some college chick, not much younger than Annie. Her name was Dolores, but she told them to call her Dodo. She had big tits, albeit not as big as Annie’s, and she was slightly cross-eyed, which seemed kind of endearing and even sexy, in a way. But she ate pussy like a natural. And, after a certain initial resistance, Annie discovered that she loved fucking women.

In the early days of their relationship, it was a case of anything goes between Annie and Ray. Threesomes – with women and men – were a pretty regular occurrence. They both fucked whoever they wanted, together or separately. Ray wouldn’t fuck another guy, but by this stage, Annie was avowedly bisexual.

So, even though they had long since settled into a certain staid domesticity, certain needs still had to be met. Ray had his floozies; Annie had her hook-ups at the tennis club. And she also had a couple of close female friends.

One of them was a woman called Lisa. She was older than Annie, nearly sixty now; a handsome woman with almost completely white hair. She was funny and acerbic and didn’t give a shit what anyone thought about her. She was also a raging bull dyke.

They had met through mutual friends and, almost from the first moment they set eyes on each other, there was an intense spark of sexual desire between them. Within a matter of weeks they were lovers, and they had been fooling around ever since. It was a fairly casual affair, no commitments were made or demanded. Lisa had told Annie, after a particularly energetic bout of sex, where the older women had gone to town on her with an enormous black dildo, that she actually preferred much younger women.

“I love it when they’re barely legal, if I’m going to be honest with you. But there was something about you that captured my imagination.”

“You probably just like my big tits.” Annie had chuckled, bent double on the couch, with Lisa spread eagled on top of her.

“Well, there may be something in that.” Lisa had responded, ten inches of black rubber buried in Annie’s pussy.

They’d meet up once or twice a month, always at Lisa’s place, and spend most of the day fucking each other’s brains out. Today was one of those days. It had been pencilled in Annie’s diary for ages, and she had been looking forward to it with immense glee and anticipation. Lisa was a fantastically aggressive and dominant lover – almost as dominant as her husband – and Annie liked it when someone really showed her who was boss.

She’d got dressed up for the occasion, wearing sexy lingerie underneath a short blue dress. She applied a little makeup, but not too much. There was always a fine line to be traversed between sexy and slutty.

Greg was away for the weekend, camping with friends. Well, that was what he had told his mom and dad. Annie imagined he might be up to no good somewhere. She knew what nineteen year old boys could be like. Her son was far more likely to be downing shots and nailing chicks, she thought, suddenly conscious of a shiver of arousal radiating through her body.

Ray and Kim were out back, splashing around in the pool. She walked through the living room, onto the patio and stood watching them for a moment or two. Her daughter was wearing a teensy-tiny little bikini, that manfully struggled to contain her inflatable body. Ray was chasing her round the water, tickling and grabbing and pawing at her with every step.

If a total stranger had been there in Annie’s place, they might have raised a questioning eyebrow at what they were seeing. If you looked at the two of them, father and daughter, with a purely objective eye, you might not necessarily assume they were fucking, but you may well have suspected they soon would be. The sheer intimacy, their physical comfort with each other, was obvious.

Maybe, on some deeper, subconscious level, Annie did have her concerns, but she didn’t voice them. There was the usual twinge of unspoken jealousy that was always present when she saw the two of them together. The sense that she was on the outside, excluded somehow, while they shared a secret, intangible bond. Annie wondered if she and Greg gave off that same vibe. Part of her desperately hoped they did.

She could remember times in that pool when her son had manhandled her the same way Ray was doing with Kim. Greg towered over her now, he was so big and powerful, and she could vividly recall his thick arms holding her tightly. She remembered his hardness pressed against her too.

“Okay, you two, I’m off.” She shouted.

Ray and Kim fell silent and turned to Annie. He waded through the water and stood behind his daughter, wrapping his arms round her shoulders, enveloping her whole. Annie noticed the way Kim immediately grabbed hold of those arms, possessively. She didn’t notice the way he was grinding his cock into his daughter’s ass.

“You going to be gone all day?” Ray asked.

“Most of it. You know what Lisa’s like. There’s no stopping her when she gets started.”

Ray did know what Lisa was like. He knew all about the little arrangement she had with his wife. Kim, on the other hand, was completely unaware. She imagined her mother would be taking tea or playing cards or something. She didn’t know what that something actually involved.

“What about food?” Ray said. “Shall I take care of me and Kim?”

“Sure. I’ll be eating at Lisa’s”

Ain’t that the truth, she thought to herself.

“Okay, well have a good time.” Ray said.

“See you later, Mom!” Kim screamed, as her father dunked her under the water.

Annie disappeared back into the house.

So, everyone’s plans for the days were clear, even if not all the information was mutually shared. Annie would drive the ten miles or so to Lisa’s house and submit herself to a day of debauched sapphic pleasure; licking out her friend until her jaw was numb, and then getting pounded with one of the intimidatingly large strap-ons Lisa saved for such occasions. Ray and Kim would take this opportunity to spend a few hours fucking and sucking in various rooms of the family home, before popping out for some sushi or perhaps a nice Italian meal.

All would have gone exactly as intended, but fate decided to play a small yet vital role in the proceedings. Earlier that morning, some hundred miles north, Lisa’s older sister was awoken by a shooting pain in her left arm that was insistently spreading to her chest. She didn’t know it at the time but she was suffering a mild heart attack. She managed to alert paramedics and was rushed to hospital, where they would end up inserting a stent into one of her arteries.

It took some time, but Lisa was eventually informed. That was why Annie’s cell phone started buzzing as she drove to her house.

“Let me take you to the hospital.” Annie had said, once the situation had been explained.

“Don’t be silly,” Lisa had replied. “It’s miles away, and you don’t want to get involved in family shit

like this. My brother is picking me up, we’ll be leaving in the next half hour.”

“Okay, well pass on my best to your sister. I love you.”

“Okay, sexy. I will. I love you too. Oh, and one more thing. The next time we meet up, I’m going to fucking destroy you. Your cunt won’t know what happened to it.”

“Is that a promise?” Annie said with a smile.

“You bet.”

Neither of them knew it, but that was a promise that was never going to be fulfilled. In fact, the two women were never going to sleep together again. By the time Lisa would return home, and be open to a session with her favourite fuck-buddy, Annie’s romantic and sexual situation would be completely transformed. She and Lisa would just be friends and nothing more.

Not that Annie was aware of that fact, as she hung up and turned round, to head home. She was concerned about Lisa, obviously, but she was mostly disappointed and frustrated. She had been looking forward to a long day of indulgence and pleasure, and that was now out of the window. Maybe she could persuade Kim to make herself scarce this evening, and she and Ray could enjoy some time together?

Although it’s almost impossible to tear her away from her father, these days, Annie thought. They’re practically inseparable.

Soon enough, she parked up on the driveway of her home, her Prius coming to a halt, almost silently in front of the house. She couldn’t hear any splashing or screaming or laughing from the pool, she assumed they must have gone back inside. For no reason she could adequately explain, Annie found herself walking down the side of the building, rather than just going through the front door.

As she reached the backyard, she was about to open her mouth and call out for them. But she was suddenly brought to a halt, her body freezing in shock and disbelief. Her eyes widened, her jaw dropped. She looked out at the patio and the backyard, and this is what she saw.

Her husband was sat on the edge of the pool, his feet still in the water. He was completely naked, his body glistening with moisture, the sun shining down on him, bathing him in light. His swimming trunks were floating away serenely. Kim was stood in front of him, in the pool, her bikini top now removed, her breasts bobbing in the water; the same way her head was bobbing up and down, as she sucked her father’s cock.

Ray had his hand wrapped round her glossy, shiny ponytail; using it as a handle, as he controlled her movements. Up and down she went, his dick emerging and then disappearing inside her mouth. Annie could hear the gurgling, choking sounds of rough oral sex. She had sucked that cock thousands of times, she knew how big it was. She also knew how forceful and powerful her husband could be. She knew how daunting a challenge her daughter faced. But Kim seemed to be coping admirably.

He pulled her head up, and his prick bounced free. Kim gasped for air, her breasts heaving as she panted visibly; then she grinned a dazzling smile in the direction of her father.

“You like sucking Daddy’s cock, don’t you, you little slut?” He asked her, almost adopting a sort of coochy-coo tone of voice, as if he was talking to a baby.

“Fuck yes!” Kim replied, eagerly and defiantly. “I fucking love it!”

Then, suddenly and without warning, he slapped her face with the palm of his hand. She yelped, her head jolting to one side. If he’d used his other hand, forcing her in the opposite direction, Kim may well have seen her mother stood just a few feet away. Instead, her vision was directed towards the large expanse of lawn that rolled down the hill.

“Again!” Kim said, defiantly.

He slapped her again.


He slapped her harder.

Kim liked pain. She liked it when her father hurt her a little. More than a little, in fact. As with the choking, he had been totally freaked out by this revelation, when they had begun their illicit relationship, but he’d gotten used to it pretty quickly. It was just another element in the strange box of sexual fetishes his daughter revelled in. He couldn’t believe how outrageous she was. How filthy. It was like someone had designed his perfect sexual partner and created her in human form. Except, of course, Ray had done the creating himself. With a little help from Annie.

Her cheek was glowing, and there was a tiny cut on her lip. She ran her tongue across it, tasting her own blood. She smiled at him once more.

“Thank you, Daddy.” She whispered.

He lunged forward and they kissed. An urgent, deep, open-mouthed kiss, their tongues meeting violently. For a minute or more they made out. She continued to jerk him off, her hand gripping him tightly, squeezing him with all her strength. Eventually they pulled themselves apart, both of them staring at each other, hungry with lust and desire. Then she spat on his dick, more for effect than lubrication, and resumed her oral assault. The rhythmic gurgling sound began once more.

By then, Annie had retreated to the side of the house, out of sight of the incestuous lovers. She’d seen enough. She leaned back against the wall, looking up into the sky. Her mind racing, her thoughts an explosion of confusion and horror and disbelief.

How could he?

With our little girl.

How could he do that?

How could she?

One thing was patently clear from the scene she had just witnessed; whatever was going on between her husband and their daughter, it was obviously consensual. Kim was not being raped or molested. She was joining in with gusto. Perhaps it hadn’t always been like that? Perhaps Ray had been grooming her for years, brainwashing her into believing this was normal behaviour? Annie didn’t really believe that, or, more accurately, couldn’t bring herself to believe that, but what was the alternative? How on earth did this begin?

She walked, almost stumbled, back out to the front of the house, and got into her car. She sat there for a few moments, a wave of nausea washing over her. For a second or two she thought she’d have to get out and throw up, but finally the feeling passed. Then, after breathing in and out a few times, trying to settle herself, she turned on the ignition, reversed onto the road, and drove off.

For half an hour or so she didn’t know where she was heading. The car just aimlessly passed through familiar suburban streets. She was essentially driving in circles, the same signs and storefronts visible through the windshield. Eventually, she found herself outside a diner. She stopped, her head resting on the steering wheel. She couldn’t move. She felt like her body weighed a hundred tons.

What do I do? She thought to herself. Do I go to the police? Do I get him locked up?

What about a divorce? Fucking our daughter would certainly be good grounds for a separation. I’d clean up in court.

These crazed, disparate thoughts ricocheted through her brain. She had no idea what she was going to do. She had no plan of action. Nothing.

Then, as she sat there, outside a Denny’s in that trashy part of town called Cotton Heights, not far from the strip mall where Ray and Kim would often go to fuck, her cell phone rang. She picked it up, wondering if it was her husband. Perhaps he’d seen her. Perhaps he knew he’d been caught with his hand in the figurative cookie jar.

But no, it wasn’t him. It was her son. The name Greg appeared on the screen and she quickly answered it, an almost overwhelming sense of relief washed over her.

“Hello! Hello!” She was almost screaming into the phone.

“Hello, Mom? Are you okay?” He asked.

She paused for a few seconds. Am I okay? Well, that’s a big fucking question, isn’t it?

“Yes…yes, I’m fine.”

“You sounded a bit…weird.”

“No, no, I was just happy to hear your voice. Can’t a mother be pleased to hear from her favourite child?”

“Favourite son, don’t you mean?”

“Yes, yes of course.”

Both Greg and Kim knew the way the family dynamics worked in the Clemence household. They both knew which parent they were closer to, but it was rarely acknowledged out loud like this.

“Is there some problem, darling?” She asked him.

“No, I just wanted to see how you were. I phoned home, but there was no answer.”

“Yes, I was going to see a friend. Your father and sister…well…when I left them they were fooling around in the pool.”

Well, that’s one way of putting it…

Annie and Greg spoke for a few moments, and she asked him how things were going. He told her what he and his friends were getting up to – or at least a PG-13 version – and she made a fairly convincing job of pretending to listen. Eventually the conversation drew to a close.

“Okay, Mom, I’ll see you tomorrow evening.”

“Sure thing, sweetheart, stay safe.”

“I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, baby, more than you could ever know.”

He hung up, and she sat there in silence. She was thinking. Ruminating. Wondering.

Annie’s life had been completely transformed that day, she just hadn’t truly comprehended that fact yet. Everything was going to be different from now on. She had seen things she couldn’t un-see. Soon enough, she was going to be doing things she could never have imagined possible. It’s not that she knew what was going to happen next. No plan had been hatched, no course had been set.

But a tiny seed had been planted. So small, so modest, she couldn’t even really grasp its significance. Yet that seed was going to grow, and strengthen. And before too long, it was going to overwhelm her.

…and her son.

There was a phrase she was grasping for. Some nebulous string of words, just out of mental reach. Annie’s mother was from England. She had met her father when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. They had fallen madly in love and she had moved to the US. If you met her now, you might think she was a native-born American. She sounded like a local, save for the occasional word, where her original accent would suddenly shine through, like a ray of sunlight in a gap in a pair of drapes.

But she also had all these old-fashioned phrases, that used to amuse Annie as a child. Things like, well, you know what thought did, and, if ifs and ands were kettles and pans. Archaic phrases, things people no longer said, even back in the old country.

Annie would ask her what those phrases meant, and her mother would just smile, and say she couldn’t remember.

Well, there was a phrase that seemed strangely appropriate right now. What was it?

Suddenly, she remembered. The words had appeared, as if they were ten feet tall and flashing in her mind.

Annie thought about her husband and her daughter, imagining them together, fucking. Fucking and sucking.

And then she thought of her son. Her and Greg.

“What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.” She said out loud, before starting the car and heading for places unknown.

Back home, Ray and Kim were now lying on the bed he normally shared with Annie. After she blew him by the pool, they decided to head back inside. Both of them were totally unaware their secret was out; they had been far too absorbed in their sexual activities to notice Annie’s presence. They had taken a shower, Ray fucking his daughter from behind as the hot water cascaded down on top of them.

Now they were merely a heap of towels, sheets and naked bodies. Kim was lying next to her father, her head resting on his chest. Her cheek felt a little tender, but she didn’t think it was likely to bruise. The cut on her lip was already healing over. He was gently caressing her shoulder and upper arm. Both of them felt sated, satisfied, content. Ray was dozing off, when suddenly his daughter piped up.

“Are you still fucking around?” She asked him.

“What do you mean?” He replied.

“You said you and mom had an understanding. You were allowed to sleep with other women. Are you still doing it?”

“It was only an occasional thing. It’s not like I was banging every girl in sight.”

“But are you still doing it?”

“No. Of course not.”


“You know why.”

“Yes, I probably do, but I want to hear you say it.”

Ray sighed. Then…

“Because of you. I stopped because of you.”

“Go on.” She said, a devilishly contented smile spreading over her face.

“I don’t want to be with anyone other than you.”

“So, you’re happy to cheat on Mom, but you won’t cheat on me?”


“Why is that?”

Ray sighed once more, an almost comic exhalation.

She needs to hear you say it, he thought to himself.

“I love you more than I love your mother. I want to be with you more than her.”

Kim clambered up on top of him, bringing her face close to his. She kissed him, a sweet, almost chaste kiss.

“That’s the right answer. I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, baby.”

Before too long, the pair of them had fallen contentedly asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.


It was pretty clear that whatever Greg was doing, he was most certainly not camping. He was nowhere near a tent or a fishing rod or a rifle. Nowhere near any of the items you might expect to see in the hands of an aspiring outdoorsman.

Instead, he was in a cheap motel room, not all that far from home, having sex with two girls. Two girls who happened to be sisters. Identical twin sisters.

Which would turn out to be kind of ironic, even though Greg didn’t know that yet.

That old adage that the apple never falls far from the tree, certainly applied when it came to Greg Clemence. He may have been more emotionally connected to his mother, but he was, in so many ways, his father’s son. They looked alike, for starters. Both of them were tall and broad-shouldered. Ray had, despite all the vigorous exercise he was indulging in with Kim, developed the beginnings of a paunch. Greg, on the other hand, was in absolutely perfect physical condition. He’d also inherited a fair old cock from his old man.

It wasn’t just the looks; they shared a similar temperament. And he was also in possession of a gargantuan appetite when it came to chasing cunt. Like his dad, he loved to bone, and being a handsome young man, with charm to burn, Greg didn’t find it all that difficult to satisfy his needs.

Camping was almost a special codeword he and his buddies had, when they wanted to get laid. They’d head downtown, book a few rooms in a cheap hotel, and then hit the clubs. His friends were all good looking guys, so finding chicks to bang was never much of a chore. But he was numero uno in the pussy hound stakes, and they all knew it. He was the most handsome of them all, and he had a kind of charm and confidence the others didn’t share.

It was a Saturday night, the club was packed, and you could almost smell the testosterone and pheromones in the air. As soon as Greg clamped eyes on the two girls, he knew his target was set. His pals had sat back, quietly cheering him on as he made his move. Being a twin himself gave him a perfect in and soon enough the young women were like putty in his hands.

They were called Ruby and Angie. Apparently their parents were big fans of the Rolling Stones. They weren’t terribly bright, or terribly interesting. Truth be told, there were more attractive girls on offer in the room, but the tantalising prospect of nailing a pair of twins was all the inducement he needed. Sexually, they were much greater than the sum of their parts.

The three of them spent much of the night on the dance floor, their energy boosted by the pills Greg had bought from a sleazy guy in the restrooms. Before too long, the sisters were openly making out in front of a growing audience of aroused and excited onlookers. This was clearly one of their party pieces, a little bit of performance art they had no doubt been indulging in for years. Everyone clapped and whooped and hollered as their tongues met in a sloppy, frivolous union.

Eventually, with precious little prompting, Greg persuaded the two of them to return to his motel room. They explained to him quite earnestly that they were happy to fuck him separately, but they wouldn’t fool around with each other. This was an arrangement they had indulged in on numerous occasions before, and no one had ever offered any complaints. He readily agreed, happy to nail both of them, whatever the stipulations, but before too long the twin sisters were eating each other out with a familiar and well practiced relish.

This wasn’t Greg’s first ménage a trois – he’d been quite a busy boy since losing his virginity at a fairly indecent age; there were few things he hadn’t tried at least once by now – but it was the first time he’d slept with twins. Ruby and Angie were leggy and small-breasted, which for Greg was a bit of a disappointment, but the twin-premium bonus made up for it. Ideally, his preferences were for much more voluptuous women, but he always knew when to be grateful.

In the early hours of the morning, the girls quietly sloped off. They had sobered up a little by now and looked a little sheepish. It was blindingly obvious from the preceding events that the two of them were sexually involved, but it seems that was a fact they found a little chastening at five in the morning, once all those mimosas had worn off. Maybe they only slept together when they were drunk?

He managed to get a few hours sleep, before he was awoken by someone pounding on his door. It was one of his buddies, waiting breathlessly for a full update on what he’d been up to with the hot twins. After sharing a few of a the gory details, Greg got dressed. They all checked out and headed back to the suburbs. He spent most of the day at his friend’s house, smoking weed and playing computer games.

It was relatively late when he finally returned home. At first, he thought everyone had gone to bed; the house was silent and all the lights were off. But when he reached the kitchen, he found his mother sat at the table, nursing a bottle of wine. He stood there for a moment, just looking at her. Examining her. Studying her. She was wearing a silk robe, that had fallen open at the bottom to reveal her shapely legs. From this vantage point, he could also see a not inconsiderable amount of cleavage.

Is she naked under that robe? He wondered.

Greg was not unaware of his mother’s aesthetic charms. You’d have to be blind not to notice how good looking she was. Not overly tall, but still in fabulous shape. She was all curves, all tits and hips. He remembered how her body fascinated him as a young child; resting his head on the perfect pillows of her chest, drawing patterns in her soft skin as he half-dozed on her lap. His actions were entirely innocent, he’d been a little boy after all, but there was always some intangible power she held over him.

As he grew older, his body maturing and blossoming, he saw his mother with fresh eyes. He was overwhelmed by her sexual charisma. He was bowled over by her luxurious physique. He’d seen her naked plenty of times; both his parents were very open with their bodies, and saw nothing shameful about displays of physical nudity. They weren’t nudists, they didn’t go strolling around in the altogether, but doors were rarely closed when they were getting changed.

He’d masturbated relentlessly as a teenager, and often thought of his mother as he did so. All his friends teased him about her, each one claiming they would nail her if she only gave them the word. He tried to sound offended, but he understood entirely where they were coming from. He’d do the same, he thought, if she only let him. All guys had a close bond with their mother; it just so happened his mother looked like a porn star.

Both of them seemed lost in concentration for a moment, but eventually Annie noticed the large, looming presence hovering nearby. She turned round and saw her son. Her wonderful, darling son.

“Oh Greggy, God, am I pleased to see you.” She said, standing up and practically bounding across the room. Her robe came momentarily loose, revealing a delicious amount of cleavage – it turns out she was naked under that robe – and she wrapped her arms around him.

“Hey Mom,” He replied, “What’s up? You’re acting like I’ve just got back from a two year rotation in Afghanistan.”

“Can’t I give my little boy a cuddle?”

Cuddle away, he thought to himself. His mother’s body was a spectacular sight; it felt pretty good too, pressed against his, her large breasts squashed flat on his chest.

“Where’s Dad and Kim?”

“In bed.” She answered. “Separately.”

“Well, duh.

“How was your weekend, camping?”

“Great. A lot of fun.”

He imagined the moment, not quite twenty-four hours earlier, when he was lying on the bed in that shitty motel, with one blonde girl riding his cock, and another sat on his face. He hadn’t been able to see, what with the skinny white ass blocking his view, but he’d imagined the twin sisters had been making out furiously, as the three of them fucked. Yeah, that was a lot of fun.

His dick was rapidly hardening at the thought, and he tried to pull loose from his mother’s grip. But Annie clung on, if anything holding him tighter, her head resting on his shoulder, her hands stroking his back. If she felt his erection, she didn’t utter a word. In a way, Greg hoped she did feel it; he kind of got a kick out of the idea.

In the silence of this house, as two other people slept soundly in their beds, mother and son held each other. Something strange was brewing, but only one of them realised it. It’s as if their chemistry was being changed, their software was being reprogrammed. After she had witnessed her husband’s betrayal, after she had seen him cavorting with their daughter, Annie had found herself lost and alone.

Then Greg had phoned and they had spoken. In that moment, a seed had burrowed into her mind. Now, the first green shoots from that seed were growing rapidly. That old saying of her mother once more bubbled up into her consciousness.

What’s sauce for the goose…

She had known. She had always known. As she drove out of that diner car park, she knew what she was going to do. It was crystal clear. Obvious. But she had been unable to voice it to herself, unable to admit it. Well, now, for the first time, she was prepared to be explicit. Honest and truthful.

I want him.

I’ll have him.

My husband is fucking our daughter.

So I will fuck our son.

For the last thirty-six hours, Annie had been in turmoil. But, with this decision made, she suddenly felt an almost preternatural calm descend upon her. All doubts, all concerns, vanished into the night. It seemed so obvious, she was amazed she hadn’t thought of it before. From that moment she had seen him masturbating in the shower – hell, long before that – she had wanted him. Her mind hadn’t computed that fact, but her body knew.

She stretched up on tiptoes and kissed him on the mouth. Both children still kissed their parents on the lips, they always had, so this didn’t seem all that unusual. Not to begin with. But she held this embrace for much longer than usual. Her mouth remained closed, she didn’t slip him any tongue, but their lips were pressed tightly together.

Then Annie pulled back a little, lifting her hands to his face, gently caressing his cheeks.

“I love you so much, you know that, don’t you?” She whispered.

“Of course. I love you too, Mom.”

“I love you more than anything. I love you more than anyone. More than your father. More than your sister.”

Greg looked a little embarrassed, she could feel his cheeks flush. Yes, he did know, everyone knew the lie of the land in the Clemence household, but it wasn’t something anyone normally admitted to. But, since his mother was being so candid, he felt the need to do likewise.

“It’s the same for me, Mom. I love you the most. I mean, I love Dad…and Kim…I suppose…but you…”

“Shhh, you don’t have to say anything more. I know. I just want you to know that no matter what happens in the future, whatever weird things may occur, you are the only thing that matters.”

“Okay.” He replied, in a quizzical tone, not really understanding the odd direction the conversation was taking.

“You, Gregory Raymond Clemence, are the love of my life.”

She kissed him again. This, more of a quick peck. Then she moved back a step. For half a second she considered untying her robe and letting it fall to the floor. Why not just get on with it? She imagined Greg fucking her on the kitchen table, her tits bouncing wildly as he pounded away at her cunt.

But she restrained herself. Now didn’t feel like the appropriate time. But soon, very soon, things would change.

“Are you heading up to bed?” She asked him.

“Yeah. You?”

“Yes. I’ll just make sure everything is locked up. Good night, darling.”

Greg slowly moved away, his mother watching every step as he disappeared into the hallway. Both of them eventually made their way upstairs. Greg got undressed and walked to the main bathroom, where he proceeded to masturbate furiously into the hand basin, ribbons of cum eventually splattering against the porcelain.

No more than thirty feet away, Annie was lying in bed, next to her snoring husband. Her legs were spread wide and she was rubbing her clit with her fingers. Her other hand was tugging and twisting at her nipples. Before too long, she had to pull a pillow over her face, to stop her from screaming when she orgasmed. All the while, vivid images of her and her son making love, played out in her mind.

Both of them slept fitfully.


Life continued, as it always does. Each member of the Clemence household going about their business, keeping their secrets, living their lies. Ray and Kim carried on their illicit relationship, taking every opportunity they could to fool around. Kisses were shared, bodies were caressed, breasts and buttocks were grabbed and fondled.

Many mornings would find her sneaking into the bathroom, to spend special time with her father. Sometimes they would just chew the breeze, enjoying the opportunity to be alone together. On other occasions, they’d fuck in the shower, or she’d blow him, kneeling on the bathroom floor. There were times he might be stood, bare-chested, shaving his face, and Kim would be sat on the counter, wearing one of his shirts as a nightdress. Her legs would be spread apart and she might casually masturbate. Sometimes he would stick a finger or two inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. They would smile and glance at one another, a quiet, easy intimacy existing between them.

This was an incestuous affair that had been fully and comprehensively consummated. For Greg and Annie, that was all still to come, if it were to come at all. In the meantime, she acted coolly and calmly, never giving anything away. She found pretending surprisingly easy. She never let on for a second that she was aware of what her husband and daughter were doing. They had no idea she knew about their relationship. To be honest, in a way, she wasn’t really that interested; all her attentions were now focussed on her son.

His seduction was progressing as planned. She had become ever more tactile and affectionate towards him, and she had been pretty touchy-feely with him already. Annie was forever hugging and stroking and caressing him. She wore shorter skirts, tighter pants, low cut tops. She was always sitting on his lap, or snuggling up with him on the couch.

Greg kind of knew something weird was going on, something he most certainly could not explain. His mother’s behaviour was increasingly bizarre. If he didn’t know any better, he’d think she was coming on to him. Not that he really minded, he enjoyed flirting with her and he certainly didn’t object to her being in such close physical proximity.

Then one day, somewhat out of the blue, she announced that she and Greg were going out for the evening.

“You don’t want me and Kim to come with you?” Ray had asked.

“Well, you could, I suppose. But I’d like to spend some special time alone with my little man.” She replied. “You don’t mind, do you? It would be good for you and Kim to do likewise.”

“No, no, you’re quite right. It’s a good idea. I’m sure we’ll find something to do to entertain ourselves.”

Yes, I’m sure you will, she thought to herself.

Annie dressed up for the occasion, finding a short, black wrap dress in the wardrobe; a garment she didn’t think she’d ever actually put on before. It was tight on her, perhaps a size or two too small, but it only accentuated her curves, which was very much the intention. She wore her hair up, a fountain of red curls, a crown of glowing crimson. Beneath the dress, she wore expensive black lingerie and a pair of stockings. She had been freshly waxed that morning; her experience with the tennis pros at the club told her that nearly all young men liked their lovers to have a silky smooth snatch. Everything was all set, her plan was in motion; God willing, her son’s dick would be inside her before the clock struck twelve.

She walked into the living room to find her husband and daughter lounging around together. Ray was sat on the couch, his feet up on the coffee table. Kim was sat next to him, her body draped against his. She had her arms wrapped round his neck, and she was whispering in his ear. Once more Annie was struck by their casual intimacy.

By God, they’re not even trying to pretend, she thought to herself. They might as well strip naked and fuck right in front of me.

Annie hovered there for a second or two, before ostentatiously coughing, making her presence known. The two illicit lovebirds turned towards her. Annie could see Kim’s fingers slipping between the buttons of Ray’s shirt, gently stroking his chest.

“Wow, you look great, honey.” Ray said, with an apparent earnestness.

“Thank you very much.” She responded. “And what have you two got planned for this evening?”

“Oh, nothing special. Maybe some takeout and some TV.”

Or maybe some oral and then fucking her doggy style, perhaps? Annie thought, waspishly.

Greg arrived, dressed smartly in a pair of slacks and a linen shirt. Annie took hold of his arm possessively and ushered him towards the front door.

“Have fun, you two.” Ray said, as they walked away together, Kim already clambering onto his lap.

Mother and son got into one of the two cars parked out the front. Annie was driving and she made sure to let her dress ride up to reveal plenty of thigh. She drove a hundred yards or so down the road, until they were out of sight of the house, and then she parked up.

“Mom? Is there a problem?” Greg asked.

“No, no problem at all.”

Annie unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to her son. She reached out and grabbed hold of his neck, pulling him towards her. Then, without word or warning, she kissed him full on the mouth. There was no pretence of maternal chasteness this time, her lips parted and her tongue snaked forward. Greg’s eyes widened in surprise but he welcomed her tongue with his own.

For a full minute or more the two of them made out, open mouths clamped together, hands roaming brazenly. Then, as soon as it had begun, it had ended. Annie pulled back, gasping a little before licking her lips.

“Well, that was nice.” She said.

“Mom, what the fuck?”

“You’re a really good kisser, Greg. It makes me proud.”

“Seriously, what the hell is happening?”

“You’re a better kisser than your father. He’s not terrible, don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t like to linger. He wants to get on with other things. And that’s okay, he’s really good at other things. But sometimes a lady just wants to smooch.”

“Are you unwell? Is something wrong?” Greg sounded more and more confused, more and more concerned.

“That’s probably enough time, by now, knowing your father and sister.” She said quietly, looking down at her watch. Then she looked up at her son and smiled, brightly. “Come on, let’s go.”

She got out of the car and slammed the door shut. For a moment, Greg remained in his seat, but eventually he joined her. Annie took his hand and walked down the street, heading back to the house. She led him across their large front yard, then down the side of the building. A motion sensor light came on, giving them both a short scare. Then they came to the rear of the property.

“I could’ve told you about this first, I suppose, but you probably wouldn’t have believed me.” She whispered in a conspiratorial tone, as they crept up to the large patio doors that opened out on to the backyard and the pool. “It’s best if you just see it with your own eyes.”

The Clemence family home was mostly open plan. The ground floor consisted of the main living area, sweeping through to a large kitchen/diner arrangement. Therefore, it was easy enough to see Ray and Kim together, even from this side of the house.

Kim was on her knees on the couch, bent double, her face buried in a pile of cushions, her ass waving in the air. She was naked, of course; the little strappy top and tiny shorts she’d been wearing had vanished. Ray was also in his birthday suit, standing behind her, his hands clamped to her waist as he fucked her remorselessly.

“Oooh, I think he’s doing her in the ass.” Annie said, with a curiously casual tone. “Wow, she’s brave. Braver than I was at her age. Your father begged to let him have me in the butt. I said no for a long time. Don’t worry though, it won’t be a problem for us. love anal now.”

Greg wasn’t really paying attention, he was too hypnotised by the scene playing out in front of him. What the hell were his father and sister up to? Well, the answer to that was pretty obvious; they were fucking each other’s brains out. But why? And since when?

For a few moments he stood there, completely transfixed. He was, despite himself, rather impressed by his father’s still-muscular frame, only partly gone to seed. And he was mesmerised by the sight of his sister, marvelling at her curvaceous figure, her buttocks quivering and vibrating as a large beefy cock slid in and out of her anus.

Suddenly, Annie was stood right next to him, almost cheek to cheek; the two of them looking at the spectacle playing out in front of them. He turned to face her, and before he knew it, they were kissing again. He pulled her towards him, enveloping her body in his arms. She giggled in his mouth, before pulling away.

“Let’s go eat.” She said.

The venue she had chosen was a very fancy hotel downtown. Greg was far from uncouth, he had eaten in plenty of smart restaurants, so he didn’t feel particularly out of place. His look of nonplussed disorientation was entirely caused by the strange events of the evening so far. It was only after the waiter had taken their drinks order that he broached the incest-shaped elephant in the room.

“So, how long has it been going on?” He asked.

It?” She replied, taking a sip of water.

“You know what I mean. Dad and Kim.”

“How long have they been fucking each other? Is that what you’re getting at?”


“I have absolutely no idea. I’ve only known about it for a few weeks. So, at least that long.”

“And you didn’t think to raise the matter with him? And when I say raise the matter, I mean cut his balls off with a knife?”

“Sure, I wanted to kill him when I found out. And her, the little slut. But what would that achieve?”

“So, you’re just going to stand by while your husband cheats on you with your daughter?”

“I didn’t say that. I’m most certainly not going to just stand by. I know exactly what I’m going to do.”

“And that is?”

“Get even.”

“Oh really? And how precisely are you going to do that?”

“I’m going to fuck you.” She said with a smile.

“What?” He replied.

“I. Am. Going. To. Fuck. You. Or maybe you are going to fuck me. Either way, a whole lot of fucking is going to happen.”

Greg sat there, his mouth flapping like a flag in the wind. He was a man who was rarely lost for words, but the cat had definitely got his tongue right now.

“I know this has all come as a bit of a shock. But if you think about it, it all makes perfect sense.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” He stammered.

“We all know how things work in our family. Kim was your father’s child, and you were mine. It’s been like that since you were both toddlers. Obviously, they have become closer now. Why don’t we do the same?”

“Because it’s wrong. Because it’s…it’s incest.” He hissed.

“And? So what? Do you think we’re going to tell anyone? No one will know. Well, your father will know. And your sister. But they’re hardly in a position to complain, are they?”

For a moment, Annie seemed to shift in her seat, as if something was happening under the table. Then he felt something move between his legs. Suddenly his mother’s stockinged foot rubbed up against his already hard cock.

“I was telling you the truth when I said I loved you more than anyone else. You are my entire world. You always have been. Now, I want us to be together properly. Your father and sister have taught me an important lesson. You need to seize the day, be with the one you love.”

“And you think that’s me? Your own son?” He muttered, his voice breaking up, so distracted was he by her delicate footwork.

“I know it’s you. I’ve known for much longer than I would ever dare to admit. I suppose your dad would understand, he must’ve felt the same way about Kim. Watching her grow, watching her mature, becoming a woman. The same way you have become a man. A very handsome man.”

“And what makes you think I’d be interested?” He said, his breath quickening as her foot continued to rhythmically massage his dick.

“You certainly feel interested. I know you’re attracted to me, sweetheart. A woman always knows. I’ve seen the way you look at me for years. My boobs mostly. I don’t want to sound too conceited, but I’m hot. I know it. You know it. Men lust after me. Some women lust after me. You lust after me. I have no doubts you’ll be interested.”

“It just…it just…it just seems wrong.”

“Yes, it is wrong, baby. But that’s what makes it right. It’s nasty. Dirty. Forbidden. A mother and son getting naked. Fucking each other. Jesus! I’m so wet right now, just thinking about it. About us. And if you’re worried that I’m some middle aged prude, or out of date, let me reassure you on that score. Your father trained me well. I’m very obliging. Especially for you. You can have whatever you want, whenever you want it.”


“Anything at all. You know I’ve never been able to say no to you. I’m not going to start now.”

At that moment, the waiter returned asking if they were ready to give their order. Neither of them had even looked at the menu, so she asked for a few more minutes. The waiter nodded and almost glided away. Annie’s foot silently slipped back to the floor. She reached out and took his hand in hers.

“Look, I really do love you, Greg. And I want us to be together. If you really don’t want this, we can forget all about it. But I think you do want it.”

“If I did, and I’m only saying if, how do you think this would work?”

“I think you’re old enough to know how things will work. You’ll stick your dick in me. That’s how it’ll work.”

“No, I mean what will this be? Are you going to be my girlfriend now? Or my little thing on the side. What happens when I meet someone I want to marry. What happens when I want to have kids?”

“Well, we can cross that bridge when we get there. Someone famous once said in the long run we’ll all be dead. Let it be whatever it’s going to be. If you want me to be your convenient little fuck-toy, your thing on the side, then that’s what I’ll be. But if you want something else, something more serious, I’ll be that instead. It’s entirely up to you.”

“And what about Dad and Kim?”

“They’ve made their choice. We can make our own.”

The conversation came to a halt, and the evening progressed as if it was entirely normal and routine. They ordered, they ate, they chatted pleasantly enough. Only as dessert ended, did Annie return to the task at hand. She reached into her purse and brought out a keycard. She lay it down on the table in front of Greg.

“I took the liberty of booking us a room upstairs. Room 1986.” She said, conspiratorially, as if they were two spies plotting to bring down the state, rather than a mother and son embarking on an incestuous affair. “I’m going to go up there, get freshened up and wait. If you want to, you can come join me. And we’ll begin. You don’t have to, I’m not pressuring you into anything. If you want to walk away, walk away. The decision is up to you.”

She stood up and walked away. But then she came back and kissed him on the top of his head. She leant down and whispered in his ear.

“I love you, sweetheart. Never forget that.”

He watched her walk out the room. He was not alone in doing so. His mother was a fox, and she was dressed to impress. Her succulent hips were swaying as she sashayed along, her dress barely long enough to cover her stocking tops.

Greg sat there for a few minutes, studying the keycard intently.

You should leave, he thought to himself. Just get out of here.

But he knew that wasn’t going to happen. Slowly, somewhat reluctantly, he got up and headed for the elevator. He reached the right floor and walked down the corridor, conscious of the thick heavy carpet beneath his shoes. Before he knew it, he was stood in front of Room 1986, the keycard pressed tightly in the palm of his hand. His grip was so firm, the plastic edge was painfully digging into his skin.

On the other side of the door, Annie was waiting. She had dispensed with the dress and was now stood in her high-heeled shoes, stockings and lingerie, which consisted of a tiny little g-string that wouldn’t have been big enough to cover her bush, if she had one, and a matching half-cup bra. Her breasts looked truly magnificent on display, two succulent orbs of creamy tit-flesh, her nipples erect and almost pulsing with excitement.

She looked into the little peephole and could see her son hovering only a few inches away. Her hand reached out to open the door, but she pulled back suddenly, as if the handle was scalding hot.

He needs to make the decision, she thought to herself.

Time seemed to stand still for both of them. It felt like they were stood there for hours, even if it must only have been half a minute or more. Greg looked down the corridor one way, then the other. Finally, he turned back the way he came and walked towards the elevator, his shoulders drooping and his footsteps heavy.

Annie gasped, and it was only as she did so that she realised she’d been holding her breath. She saw her son disappear from sight, a crushing sense of disappointment washing over her.

Maybe he’ll come back? She thought. Maybe he’ll change his mind?

She clung to that crumb of comfort for a few minutes, but it was soon abundantly clear that he wasn’t going to join her. She had been stood up. He wasn’t going to fuck her. At least, he wasn’t going to that night. Annie was disheartened, but she wasn’t defeated. This was all a bit too much for him, she’d come on too strong. She should’ve played a longer game. All those thoughts came to mind, and she believed them. But Annie had seen the way he looked at her. She knew the way he had responded when she kissed him. She knew how much he had enjoyed it when she jerked him off with her stockinged foot.

She believed her son would soon be her lover. Not yet. Not tonight. But it was only a matter of time.

Annie retreated back towards the bed. She had paid for the room, she might as well use it. She was still horny, so she decided she might raid the minibar and watch some porn on the hotel’s in-house entertainment system. For a second, she speculated on what Ray might say about her not coming home that evening, but she decided he would be too engrossed in other things to care.

She settled down on the bed, her fingers soon wandering beneath the delicate lace of her g-string, her clit throbbing with excitement and anticipation.

Soon. So soon.


Whatever it was – guilt, some kind of moral integrity or sheer bloody-minded stubbornness – Greg managed to hold out three whole days. He knew he wanted to fuck her. He had wanted to fuck her ever since he discovered all the fun he could have playing with his not so little pee pee. But she was his mother. And you don’t fuck your mother. Except, now he could.

He had mostly stayed away from home, sleeping on couches at friend’s houses. She understood, recognised he had things to think about. At least once a day she would send him a text message, telling him she loved him and she hoped he was okay.

On the morning of the third day after their unusual conversation, Annie was showering in her en-suite bathroom. No bath for her today. Ray and Kim had left, he was at work, she was at school. And Greg was still wherever Greg was. Or so she thought. She stood there, hot water powering down on her body, soap suds rolling along the crevices and peaks of her obscene frame.

She was alone,

Then she wasn’t.

Suddenly he was there. It seemed to happen in an instant. One moment, the room was empty, apart from her; the next, it was not. She became conscious of his presence, his shadow looming over her. She knew who it was, instinctively.

Of course, she thought to herself, it had to happen here. This was where I first saw him, naked and erect. Masturbating. How could it happen anywhere else?

Annie turned slightly and saw her son standing there, just a few feet away. Once more, he was completely naked, his discarded clothes lay on the floor behind him, and his dick was already erect. It bobbed up and down a little in front of him. She gasped at the sight of him. His presence, his strength, his power. He was so tall, so big, so muscular. So beautiful.

Oh God, he’s going to fucking destroy me with that body, she thought. And that cock. It’s going to be amazing. This is going to change our lives forever.

She vividly recalled the day he was born. The crowded, noisy delivery room, full of men and women in gowns; and the sterile, incandescent glare of the fluorescent lights above her. She remembered the sounds and the smells. The sweat and the piss and the blood and the shit.

Kim had come out first, and it had been so easy and straightforward. The doctors were surprised how quick the labour had been, especially for a new mother. Kim had almost slipped out with ease, this tiny purple creature, howling and screaming, so deeply affronted at the inconvenience of being born.

The expectation was that her brother would soon follow, but Greg was reluctant to join her. He seemed perfectly happy to stay where he was, thank you very much. The medical staff assured her everything was okay, and that her son was just taking his time. Eventually, he made his appearance. He was a far more placid character than his fiery sister, and Annie remembered the moment when he was placed in her arms. Those tiny fingers. Those big blue eyes.

There was nothing tiny about him now, but the eyes were the same. Well, save for the fact they were now full of lust and forbidden desire.

The two of them stared at one another, big dopey grins appearing on their faces. Annie held out her arms, her hands opened towards his.

“My darling boy,” She said, softly. “Come here, and make love to your mother.”

Greg leapt forward, almost in a single bound, taking her hands in his, and joining her under the cascading water. He enveloped her body in his arms, lifting her up and spinning her round in a circle. Their open mouths met with perfect coordination, tongues lapping and fighting and duelling. His hands roamed all over her back and buttocks, his fingers exploring the thick, corpulent flesh of her rump.

She brought her hands up to his face, cupping his cheeks, as she kissed his lips and chin and nose and forehead.

“My beautiful little boy, Mommy loves you so much.

“Me too, Mom.”

“Now, fuck me. Please.”

So he did.

In the end, it all happened so quickly. One moment they were stood there, in each other’s arms; the next she was shoved up against the wall, her legs spread wide apart. Greg took hold of his monster cock, lining it up with her vaginal lips. He looked at her, gazing intently into her soul. He raised a quizzical eyebrow.

You want this dick? You want your son’s dick inside you? He didn’t utter the words out loud, but that was what he was saying.

She nodded her head furiously. There was nothing she wanted more.

With absolute intent, but without saying a word, Greg forcefully moved his hips forward; his prick pushing relentlessly, remorselessly, into his mother’s cunt. Annie’s mouth dropped wide open, as she emitted a deep, full-throated groan, so overwhelmed was she by her son’s power and strength and hardness.

“Oh myyyyyy Gooooooodddddd!!!” She screamed, his cock buried balls-deep.

They kissed some more, hot and dirty, full of spit and tongue. Then he grabbed hold of her tits, burying his face in her cleavage. He wrapped his lips round a nipple and started sucking frantically, more and more of her breast disappearing into his mouth. He wanted to swallow the entire thing whole, but had to content himself with chewing on a rubbery teat.

“I never…breast fed you…as a baby.” She said, between panting gasps. “Your father…thought…it would ruin my tits. I wish…I wish I had. I’m so sorry. You can suck on them now.”

Greg moved from one breast to the other, biting down on each nipple, licking and sucking with a rabid frenzy. Annie ran her hands through his hair, over his shoulders, down his muscular back. As she did so, his cock continued to move like a piston, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Her body was lifted up and down against the cold wet tiles of the wall.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, my darling boy!” She screamed, as their naked figures slapped together.

They kissed again. Their bodies were like a sculpture in lust, some obscene, pornographic statue. This young man, this perfect physical specimen, and his ridiculously buxom mother. The muscles in his buttocks and legs, flexing with every incestuous thrust. Their bodies pressed tightly together, skin rubbing against skin, flesh against flesh.

They moved with the precision of a finely engineered Swiss watch, every mechanism in its right place, every component minutely designed to work in perfect harmony. No cogs and wheels, but a cock and a cunt. At its core, its union, this pile-driving column of thick, hard meat, pounding away at a wet, velvet vice. Surely, no dick had ever fit any pussy as perfectly as this?

“I love you Mom, I love you so much.” He whispered.

“I love you too, baby. I’ll never stop loving you. I’m yours now. I belong to you. You can have me whenever you want.”

“I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum inside me. I want to feel it. I want to feel your cum inside my cunt. Inside your mother’s cunt. Mark me. Claim me. Own me.”

With one final thrust, he pushed her up on tiptoes, her back pressed tightly against the wall. He roared and bellowed, as his dick erupted deep inside her. She could feel it twitch and pulse, as ribbons of his semen shot out of his cock, and splashed against the walls of her hot, wet snatch. His orgasm triggered her’s, her entire body shaking and rocking, as waves of ecstasy rolled through her naked frame.

They stared at each other, his dick still buried between her legs, both of them overwhelmed by the magnitude of what had just happened between them. They were stunned, dumbfounded, shocked. Then Greg, having lost not a fraction of his hardness, began to fuck his mother some more. The deluging water from the shower head disguising their sweat and their tears of utter, blissful joy.

They remained in there for nearly an hour. After cumming inside her for a second time, Greg took it upon himself to clean his mother’s body. He took the shower head down and began rinsing her skin, taking special care to hose out all of the spunk in her cunt. Eventually, he dropped the shower head to the floor, so he could finger her pussy. He sucked on her tits some more, as his hand forced its way inside her. Before too long she was screaming his name, as she squirted her sexual fluids all over the pair of them.

Then, like the indulgent yet decadent parent she was, she insisted on giving him a blowjob. She sank to her knees and wrapped her lips round his cock, cupping his balls in her hand, as she licked the ridge of his purple head. Then she pushed forward, swallowing more and more of his hard dick. Greg couldn’t quite believe the sight before him; his mother looking up at him, as his member vanished into her open, welcoming mouth. She choked and gagged on his length, her head bobbing back and forth. As she sucked and licked and bit on his prick, her hand rubbed furiously at her clit. She came again and again.

Annie was an accomplished cocksucker, and Greg’s dad was well hung; so she was quickly able to accommodate her son’s powerful cock. He had never been deep-throated before, no girl or woman he’d slept with had ever been able to manage it, but his mother was made of sterner stuff. Soon her lips were touching his neatly trimmed pubic hair, large tears rolling down her cheeks. She held that position for a few moments, he could feel the muscles of her mouth and throat undulating against his dick. Massaging his length. Then she pulled back, gasping for air, as long strands of spittle and bile stretched between them.

She looked up at him, panting heavily, a vision of unadulterated lust in her eyes. Then she took hold of his hands and brought them to the top of her head, placing them gently on her scalp. At first he was uncertain of what she wanted him to do, but soon enough he worked it out. She wanted him to take control. She wanted him to skull-fuck her. So he did exactly that.

His hands burrowed into her wet, matted hair, forming handles. Reins. She opened wide, her jaw slack as he began to thrust back and forth. Both of them could only emit the most primal of noises; groans and moans, murmurs and yelps. Annie tugged at her nipples, twisting them savagely as her son mercilessly fucked her mouth. Her jaw was numb, her throat burned, but she never dreamed of telling him to stop. She wanted to be used. She wanted her body to become a vessel for his pleasure. Nothing else mattered.

Eventually, he pulled back and she knelt there, mouth open, with her tongue out. He jerked off for a few moments, then he exploded all over her face. Gobs of cum splattering against her nose, her cheeks, her lips. She didn’t flinch, she didn’t close her eyes. She just stared up at him as he came all over her. That face. That beautiful, oh so familiar face. The same one that he remembered from when she told him bedtime stories as a child. Or the face that had kissed him better when he fell over in the street.

Now his spunk was dripping from it, like fresh frosting on a glazed doughnut.

They were both exhausted by now, but their shared sexual desires were still too strong. Too potent. They turned off the shower and towelled each other down in the most cursory way possible. Then, hand in hand, they entered the bedroom and collapsed on to the mattress in each other’s arms. For half an hour or so, they just lay there, rolling around, cuddling and kissing. Occasionally they might whisper something to each other, giggle at a shared joke, then kiss some more. They didn’t want to lose eye contact for a moment, the two of them stared at each other, as their hands wandered hither and yon.

His body is so hard, she thought.

Her skin is so soft, he thought.

Then, with a devilish twinkle in her eye, she told him to get up on his hands and knees. He did as he was told, and repositioned himself on the mattress. She slid down on to the floor behind him, and steadied herself. She trailed patterns on the back of his legs with her fingernails. Then she began to gently kiss and lick his thighs. He could feel her hot breath, as her lips moved slowly up and down. Then she grabbed hold of his buttocks and buried her face between his cheeks. He yelped in surprise as her tongue burrowed into his squeaky clean anus. She reached between his legs and grabbed hold of his cock, tugging on it forcefully as she munched away at his butthole.

They made love several more times that day. She was on her hands and knees, with him fucking her doggy style. Then she rode his dick like he was a bucking bronco. Finally, they did it missionary, Greg lying on top of his mother, his cock gently sawing in and out of her cunt. Then they just lay there, their naked bodies wrapped round each other. Both of them were blissfully content, revelling in the extraordinary feelings washing over them. Neither of them were remotely concerned or uneasy about what they had done. It felt so wonderful, so natural, so right.

He was playing with her hair, that luxurious red mane he had adored since he was a little boy.

“So what happens now?” He asked.

“We better get cleaned up. These sheets will need changing. This room probably stinks too.”

“I meant more generally.”

“Oh, generally. Well, generally I’d suggest we keep on doing this. Fucking each other. As much as humanly possible. You want that too, don’t you?”

“Of course. But what about Dad? What about Kim?”

“What about them?”

“We keep this secret, I suppose?”

“Oh God no!” She exclaimed with absolute candour and sincerity, as if that was the most stupid suggestion in the chronicled history of suggestions. “I slept with you because I love you. I will keep on sleeping with you because I love you. Never forget that. But I also did it to get even with your father. How the fuck am I supposed to do that, if he doesn’t even know?”

“So, you’re just going to tell him?”

“Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. Mommy will take care of everything. You just need to worry about taking care of me with that lovely cock of yours. Okay?”

“Okay, Mom.”

She kissed him gently on the cheek, then settled comfortably enough on his chest. Everything had changed. Their lives had been turned upside down. But for now, Annie just wanted to enjoy this moment. Tomorrow would take care of itself.


This was a house that had hidden many secrets. Now it would hide some more. Annie didn’t tell Ray, at least not straight away. For several weeks, she carried on her new relationship with their son, while he continued fucking their daughter. Both couples would sneak around, hiding their activities from the other. Annie was content to enjoy the special closeness she and Greg now shared. Becoming lovers meant they had to relate to each other in a different way. It took some getting used to, living as equals, rather than as parent and child, but they coped admirably. Their love for each other was genuine and intense, in the same way it was for Ray and Kim.

But she did want her husband to know, she hadn’t been dishonest about that. So, eventually the truth was going to have to come out. In the end, Annie relied on a similar tactic she had employed a few weeks before. One Saturday lunchtime she announced that she and Greg were going to go shopping. After reassuring her husband and daughter they’d be gone for hours, she led her son out of the house and they drove around for twenty minutes or so. Then they returned home, again parking down the street.

Once more they sneaked back to the building, but this time they came in through the front door. Like a couple of cat-burglars they practically tiptoed through the hallway and approached the main living area. Ray and Kim were a little too preoccupied to notice their presence.

He was sat in a big leather armchair at the far end of the room. As always seemed to be the way when he and his daughter had the place to themselves, he was naked, with his head lying back and his eyes closed. Kim was on her knees in front of him, also without a stitch on, and she appeared to be sucking his dick. Neither Annie or Greg could see from their vantage point, but her head was bobbing up and down lazily, as her father groaned and moaned in pleasurable contentment.

The two interlopers stood there for a few moments, surveying the scene in front of them. A period of calm, perhaps, before the storm of recriminations that was sure to follow? Annie was once more struck by the sheer physical perfection of her daughter. The amazing shape of this young woman, her long naked back, the dimples at the base of her spine, the way her buttocks flexed and pulsed, as she went about her sensual business.

Holy Christ! Annie thought to herself, it’s no wonder he wanted to fuck her.

This was not a particularly energetic or vigorous blowjob, Kim was slowly sucking on her father’s cock. Her slurping and licking were audible, but she was taking her sweet, sweet time. There was a languid quality to the proceedings. Annie had no doubt that there had been plenty of occasions when she had sucked him off in a far more frantic and fervent manner, but this was not one of them. Kim’s hands were stroking Ray’s thighs, or cupping his balls.

Finally, Annie thought she had seen enough. She stepped forward and coughed.


There was no response, so she coughed again. A little bit louder.


This time, Ray did respond. His head bobbed up slowly and he opened his eyes. For a moment, he just sat there, staring at his wife and son, while his daughter gave him a blowjob.

“Oh fuck.” He muttered, his head falling back once more.

“Yeah, that sounds about right, you dirty, cheating asshole!” Annie exclaimed, with furious and not quite entirely righteous indignation.

It was at this precise moment that Kim became aware of what was going on. She dislodged her daddy’s cock from her gullet and turned round, wide-eyed in disbelief. She squealed in shock, suddenly trying to cover her naked body with some of the cushions she had been kneeling on.

“Oh, don’t bother, sweetheart.” Annie said, in a dismissive, caustic tone. “You don’t have to get all coy now. I think the damage is already done, don’t you?”

Kim didn’t say a word, she just sat there, between her father’s legs, clinging to his hand, like a scared child. Ray didn’t bother covering himself up, but he did at least have the decency to lose his erection.

“Annie…I…I…” Ray stammered.

“What? We’re you going to tell me you could explain? It doesn’t look like this needs much explaining. You’re fucking our daughter. You have been for a while. What more explanation is needed?”



Annie turned round and held out her hand to her son. He had been stood there, looking like a spare prick at a wedding, mostly trying not to gawk at his naked sister.

“Greg, darling, come here.”

He stepped forward and took her hand. She pulled him towards her and kissed him full on the mouth. This was a clinch designed to make a point, so Annie made sure that it was as noisy and obvious as she could manage. For thirty seconds or more she pressed herself tightly against him, their tongues rolling around with gusto and spite. She could feel his hands on her ass, his fingers grabbing a tight hold of her fleshy buttocks.

Finally, she stepped back, strands of spittle stretching between her lips and his. Then she turned back to face her husband.

“When it comes to sleeping with our kids, Ray; well, two can play at that game.”

He didn’t reply. He just looked at both of them.

“Now, your son and I are going to go upstairs, and he is going to fuck me in the ass.”

Kim gasped a little at hearing this, which, considering how many times her father had done the exact same thing to her, seemed a little prissy.

“You can get up and leave, take Kim somewhere and walk out. Or, if you want, you can come join us. The decision is yours.”

Annie walked out and Greg followed her. Ray looked down at his daughter, who mouthed the word wow, and the two of them pondered their next move.

Annie was true to her word. Five minutes later she was in bed with Greg and he was indeed buried balls deep in her rectum. He was lying down, with his mother on top of him. She was facing away from him, looking at the bedroom door. Waiting. She could see herself in that big full length mirror, speared on her son’s cock. They made for quite a sight.

On the night she had revealed to her son what his father and sister were up to, Annie had reassured him that anal sex was not going to be a problem for them. He hadn’t really been listening, too engrossed was he in the sexual scene playing out in front of him, but she had been completely sincere. In the six weeks or so they’d been sleeping together, she had regularly let him have her in the ass. She enjoyed anal. There was an intensity to it, a seriousness, that she particularly enjoyed.

Soon enough, Ray and Kim appeared in the bedroom. They hadn’t exactly got dressed, but he had put on a pair of boxers and she was wearing his shirt. Both of them stood at the foot of the bed, looking on as Annie bounced up and down on her son’s dick, a sheen of sweat already visible.

“Oh God…your boy sure has…a big cock.” Annie said to her husband, between deep, panting breaths. “I really struggled…to take him in the ass the first time we tried it…but you know how persistent I am.”

“That I do.” Ray said, his dick visibly stiffening.

“He’s really in deep now. He’s…he’s filling me up completely. Afterwards…he likes it when…when I lick him clean. When it’s all greasy…and a bit dirty. He’s so tasty. Does she do that for you?”

“Of course.” He said, nonchalantly. “She is her mother’s daughter, after all.”

Half a smile appeared on Annie’s face, before disappearing under the relentless onslaught of pleasure she was feeling. She hadn’t really planned for this. She had intended to reveal her relationship with Greg, and then…and then…well, she didn’t know. A blazing row perhaps. Ray and Kim trudging off in to the night?

But when she had seen them together, close up and in the throes of illicit passion, she had been turned on more than anything else. Everything that had happened since was pure incestuous improvisation.

“You know…I still have…a couple more holes that need filling.” Annie said, softly.

Ray didn’t need any more prompting. He shucked off his boxer shorts and clambered on to the bed. After some reorganisation he stuck his dick inside her cunt. Annie gasped. This wasn’t her first experience of double penetration, but it was the first time she’d done it two guys as well endowed as Ray and Greg. It was also the first time she’d done it with a father and his son. Her son too, of course.

Initially, it was a little clumsy, the two men struggling to find the right rhythm. But eventually they made things work, and Annie was soon screaming at the top of her lungs, as wave after wave of sexual ecstasy swept over her body. There was a power and intensity to what she was feeling; the sheer perversity of it all was overwhelming. Both men could feel the other’s cock, separated by a thin wall of skin and tissue, their hardness was clear and pronounced.

Kim stood there, looking on, feeling a little surplus to requirements. She couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing; her father, mother and brother writhing around on the bed like a three-headed sex monster. She could see legs and arms and tits and ass. The smell of sex was almost too much. Kim was sopping wet despite her slight sense of alienation.

Her mother saw her discomfort and reached out her hand.

“Come on, princess, don’t be bashful. Join in the fun.”

Kim smiled an almost childlike smile and then quickly removed the shirt she was wearing. She got on to the bed, joining the rest of her family. Ray kissed her softly, then she turned to her mother, and the two women delicately brought their mouths together. Their lips barely touched at first, soft skin brushing against soft skin, but soon enough they were making out ferociously. Annie was a bisexual in good standing and Kim was, at the very least, clearly open to experimentation.

All three of them – mother, father, daughter – experimented briefly with a shared kiss. They couldn’t quite get the logistics right, tongues and noses and lips butting into each other, but they certainly enjoyed trying. All the while, Greg’s hips were bouncing up and down, as he continued to pummel away at his mother’s butthole.

“Don’t neglect your brother,” Annie whispered to Kim, looking back over her shoulder. “He’s got quite the tongue on him. I’ve been training him well.”

Kim smiled and, without giving it much thought, moved up the bed. She swung her leg over Greg’s head and promptly sat on his face, grinding her wet slit into his open mouth. He started licking and chewing at her clit, his tongue then probing inside her cunt. Annie was right, he had been well trained, and she could feel his dick grow even harder inside her ass.

After the two men orgasmed inside Annie, she insisted they offer a similar service to her daughter. Kim had never been DPed before, and she found the experience almost too powerful. She had almost passed out by the time her father and brother had finished with her. Annie gently lapped away at her pussy and asshole, licking out two loads of fresh, hot Clemence-branded semen. Once she had a mouthful of the slimy mixture, she crawled up the bed and kissed her daughter, dribbling cum between her lips. The two of them tongued each other’s mouths, sharing the salty contents.

For the next few hours, the sexual shenanigans continued, in various different combinations.

Ray fucked Annie.

Greg fucked Kim.

Annie fucked Kim.

Greg fucked Annie and Kim.

Ray fucked Kim and Annie.

The two men seemed reasonably relaxed in each other’s presence, their dicks rubbing together at certain crucial moments, but they avoided any direct sexual contact. Annie knew her husband’s preferences on these matters. They had swung on plenty of occasions, and Ray was happy to get it on while another guy was around, but he was too tediously heterosexual to dabble in anything more advanced. And it looked like his son was following in his footsteps. Annie had enjoyed vague fantasies of watching the two men blow each other, but she conceded it was a somewhat unlikely aspiration. For now.

Eventually, Greg and Kim had exhausted themselves, and were lying naked on the bed together, their limbs intertwined, both of them snoring lightly. Ray and Annie stood over them, watching them sleep, the same way they had when they were babies. The two parents walked out of the room and headed downstairs. Ray poured them both a scotch and they settled down on the couch together.

For the longest of times, nothing was said. Both of them just wallowing in the magnitude of what had happened. Neither of them able to truly compute what they had done. Ray looked over at his wife and smiled.

“So…” He said.

“So indeed.” She replied.

“All is forgiven then?”

“Not for a second.” She said, coolly. “Don’t think you can get away with things that easily, buddy.”

“But we all just…”

“Got it on?”


“Yes, we did. And no doubt, we’ll all get it on again. Repeatedly. But you still betrayed me.”

“You slept with Greg.”

“I am sleeping with Greg, there’s no past tense about it. But you fucked Kim first, and I wouldn’t have done anything with our son, if you had kept your hands off our daughter.”


“Oh God, I don’t know.” She sighed. “Maybe. Maybe not. But either way, it’s still a betrayal.”

“I’m sorry, baby. I really am.”

“Sorry you did it, or sorry you got caught?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ll have to move out.”


“I don’t mean out of the house, but out of our bedroom. Greg will be sleeping with me from now on.”

“You’re joking?”

“No I’m not. There are new rules from today onwards. One of them is I share my bed with my son. He’s my partner now.My husband, I suppose, for want of a better word. I belong to him. I think you and Kim should move into the main guest bedroom. It’s almost as big as our room, and it’s got an en-suite bathroom.”

“I don’t understand. Are we splitting up?”

“In a way, yes. In a way, no. There are consequences for the things we do Ray. I was perfectly content for you to fuck your interns at work, or some college girl you picked up in a bar. I had my distractions too, after all. But Kim was something different. Very different. You can’t dismiss incest as a fling, a little thing on the side.”

“I don’t.”

“I see the way you look at her. I see the way she looks at you. I’ve seen the way you fuck. It’s clear you’re crazy about each other. You want to be together as a couple. Now, you can.”

“And what about you and Greg?”

“He’s my soulmate. He’s the love of my life.”

“And there I was, thinking that was me.”

“No.” She said instantly, with a sense of total definitive finality. “I love you. I love you very much. But with him it’s different. It always has been. I can’t explain it.”

“I don’t think you have to. I think I know how you feel. I feel the same way about Kim.”

“Well, this is a fine old mess we find ourselves in, isn’t it?”

“So, are we getting a divorce?”

“No, I don’t see any reason to do that. It’s not like either of us can get remarried. We still love each other. I’ll still want to fuck you on occasion.” She said, raising an eyebrow.

“On occasion? When my son allows it?”

“Yes, pretty much. He has first claim on my body. He owns me. But clearly he doesn’t mind sharing me with others. Anyway, I think you’ll find you’ll have your hands full with as much teenage pussy as Kim can provide. She’s a real knockout.”

“She is that.”

“All this is, is a change in priorities. Greg is now my number one priority. Kim is yours. We’ll all live together and no one else will know what’s going on.”

“One big happy family…that fucks each other?”

“I guess.”

“And what about tonight?”

“What about it?”

“The hot and crazy, fuck-fest we all just took part in. Was that just a one off?”

“I very much doubt it.” She said with a chuckle. “We’re both crazily horny most of the time, and clearly our children have followed in our footsteps. Do you think for a second those two aren’t going to be sniffing around each other like a couple of dogs in heat? Two young people who are blessed with incredible good looks and a truly voracious sexual appetite? No, they are going to be fucking like rabbits. It’s all we’ll be able to do to keep up with them. There’s going to be no shortage of sex in this house, from now on.”

“Speaking of which,” Ray said, as he lay down his scotch on the coffee table, and reached over to cup her breast. “Do you think the new man in your life would mind terribly if the old man in your life had one more fuck for the road?”

“I imagine he’d be okay with it.” She said, as she lay back on the couch, and spread her legs wide apart. “He doesn’t have to know, of course.”


Eighteen months later

Greg was running late. He was racing home in the brand spanking new car his parents had bought him for his twenty-first birthday – having your mother as your girlfriend definitely had plenty of perks – and he may well have been failing to observe some of the local speed limits, as he did so. He was in a hurry because he had a date. A hot date. And this was a date he knew for a fact was going to put out.

He and his mom were going out for a meal. Their destination was the upmarket hotel the two of them had visited the night she had first propositioned him. There would be no reluctance on his part this time and he imagined what it would be like fucking her in that classy bedroom, on the finest cotton sheets, with her stockinged legs wrapped round him.

But he’d been held up and so now he was stepping on the gas, desperate to avoid disappointing her. He hated doing that. He loved her so much, he never wanted to let her down.

The last year-and-a-half had been quite the revelation for this young man. Engaging in a committed relationship was a real eye opener. Doing so with his own mother, was truly mind-blowing. He’d never had a serious girlfriend before. Sure, he’d fucked around a lot, and he’d had a few casual relationships, but this was different. She was different.

It was hard sometimes. Really hard. All couples have their downs as well as their ups. That was true for Greg and Annie. It wasn’t just an unending cavalcade of blissful domesticity, with lashings of hot, nasty sex, although there was plenty of that. They were were trying to forge a real, full-time relationship together, and that was kind of a weird when you considered who they were and how they were related to each other.

They had both had to learn to play new roles in each other’s lives. She was his mother; he was her son. And that was never going to change. But they were also girlfriend and boyfriend now. Lovers. Partners.

Arguments were surreal. They’d endured a few blowouts. Not too many, they were happily compatible most of the time, but there had been a few rows. After a particularly intense falling out – which had led to some blisteringly hot make-up sex – Annie had raised the issue with him.

“I know it’s weird, baby.” She had said to him, as she rested her cheek on his chest, their bodies still glistening with fuck-sweat. “We’re going to have to adapt. I’ve got to learn to relate to you as my partner, not just as my son. I can’t expect you to defer to me, just because that’s what you’ve done since you were a kid. And I can’t just pull rank every time, just because I’m your mom.”

“Do you want me to call you Annie, from now on? Would that make it easier, if we pretend I’m not your son?”

“No, no, no. God no. I am your mother. I never want you to forget that. When you’re inside me, when you’re buried deep inside me, I want you to know exactly who I am. I want you to know whose cunt it is your fucking.”

“Or ass.”

“Yeah, or ass. Or mouth. Whenever we have sex, I want you to tell yourself, this is my mother, I’m fucking. The same way I always tell myself, this is my son. The fact it’s incest, the fact we’re committing incest together, mother and son, only makes it about a million times hotter. Don’t you think?”

“Fuck, yeah.” He replied, with a grin.

She reached down between her legs, and slipped a couple of fingers inside herself. She brought them out and waved them slowly in front of his face. They were sticky, covered in her juices and his seminal fluid.

“That’s your cum, baby. That’s my little baby boy’s cum, and you blasted it all inside me. Your mother. I can feel it trickling out of my cunt right now, rolling past my lips, onto my leg.”

“We’re a couple of sick mother-fuckers aren’t we?”

“Well, technically the only mother-fucker is you. But we are both sick. And isn’t it wonderful? But I don’t want to forget the point I was making. Yes, I’m your mother, but I’m also your girlfriend, your partner. You’re my man, and we have to remember that.”

“Does that mean you’re my woman?”

“I’ve been yours since the moment you were born. Not sexually, of course, but in every other way. You stole my heart from the beginning, it was only a matter of when you’d have me like this. I belong to you, heart and soul. You own me.”

“I like the sound of that. You’re not just my woman, or my mother, you’re my sweetheart.

“Oh baby, don’t you know it.”

Now, back at the house, and Greg’s sweetheart was getting ready for her date. She’d put on a pair of stockings – he loved her in nylons, preferably black – and a bra. No panties. Greg preferred it when she didn’t wear any, and Annie tended to defer to whatever he liked. Then she pulled on a shortish green dress, that complemented her dark red hair, and touched up her makeup.

She wandered out of the room and headed towards the stairs, passing what had been Kim’s bedroom.

But was now the nursery.

The door was open, and she peered inside. Ray and Kim were stood together. He had his arm round his daughter’s shoulder, and the two of them were looking down at the contents of the cot in front of them. Annie quietly strolled in and joined them. She didn’t need any excuse to spend time looking at her new grandchildren.

Lying together, covered in a soft little blanket decorated with teddy bears, were two little babies. All chubby cheeks and tiny fingers; both of them were fast asleep. Only a few months old, you could hardly tell them apart. They were twins, as so often was the way in the Clemence family, a little boy and girl. James and Louise; Ray and Kim’s children.

As beautiful and healthy as you could possibly hope or imagine.

“How long have they been down?” Annie whispered.

“About twenty minutes,” Kim replied. “If we’re lucky they won’t need feeding for a few hours.”

Annie looked at her daughter, and was struck by the contradictions in her. She looked tired, obviously so bearing in mind what responsibilities she now had, yet she glowed with a freshness Annie could hardly comprehend. She looked young – so young – yet there seemed to be a maturity about her now, that had never been there before. Motherhood would do that to you, Annie supposed.

“Why don’t you go take a nap, darling? I can take care of these two little terrors if they wake up.” Ray said.

“Okay, Daddy. I am kind of tired.” She yawned and gave them both a kiss. Then she wandered off in the direction of the room she now shared with her father.

It was not inevitable, but it was perhaps likely, that Kim would quickly fall pregnant. She had been talking about it almost from the day she and Ray had started sleeping together. She insisted she had never missed taking the pill, but both Annie and Greg had their suspicions. Becoming grandparents at such a relatively young age – although Ray was becoming a parent again at a relatively late age – had not been part of the deal; but what was that old line again? How do you make God laugh? You tell him your plans.

Since everything had first come out in the open, an almost obscene amount of fucking had taken place. None of them had to keep things secret anymore, so they were all let off the leash. Those first few months were akin to a bacchanalian orgy. Annie and Ray had almost been frightened by the sheer amount of sex taking place.

Mostly they kept to their own teams, Ray slept with Kim, Annie slept with Greg. But both parents knew the twins were fooling around with each other on occasion. Then there were family nights. Once or twice a month, all four of them would spend an evening fucking and sucking each other, apart Ray and Greg of course. Their dull conventionality in this matter shone through at all times. Both men would sleep with both women, so Annie knew her son had cum inside his sister’s cunt on plenty of occasions.

It was therefore not impossible that Greg could in fact be the father of her babies, but Kim insisted Ray was the guilty party. She had no way of knowing that fact, but there was a certain logic to it; no matter what she might have been getting up to with her brother, Kim spent every night in bed with her father. He had fucked her countless more times than Greg ever would. Statistically he was far more likely to be responsible. In the end, it didn’t really matter; everyone considered Ray to be the dad, and so that’s what he was going to be.

Annie had watched her daughter walk out of the room, and then she turned to smile at the man who was still, technically, her husband.

“So, how’s fatherhood finding you, Raymond.” She asked.

“Exhausting. Exhilarating. Miraculous. Mind-blowing.” He said, with a weary smile.

“And how is our little girl doing in the motherhood stakes?”

“She’s a natural. She’s taken to parenting with greater ease than either of us did.”

“Well, that wouldn’t be too hard.”

“I don’t know, I think we were pretty good parents.”

“Duh…I think child protective services might find an incest-shaped hole in your argument.”

“Whatever. She’s going to be a great mom.”

Annie nodded.

In many ways, the most destructive aspect of all that had taken place in the Clemence household, since mother and father decided to sleep with son and daughter, was the damage done to the relationship between Annie and Kim. They had never been as close as most mothers and daughters, but they had loved each other. They still did. But things were a bit strained between them.

On some level, Annie wondered if she was perhaps a little indignant that she had stolen her husband away from her. Sure, she had Greg now, and she was happier with him than she had ever been with Ray, but still it stung a little. Deep down. Her husband had traded her in for a new model, in the most taboo and brutal way possible.

Not that it stopped mother and daughter sleeping together. The two women had eaten each other out on plenty of occasions, usually during those family orgies that took place every couple of weeks. Both of them understood the appeal of their carnal activities for the men in their lives. Boys were so predictable and easily entertained. But they had slept together a handful of times when the guys had been absent, although that was a fact they had kept to themselves.

The first time it had happened was one evening when Ray and Greg got plum tickets to watch a baseball game. Annie and Kim had been invited, but neither of them were very interested in sports. The two men had said their goodbyes and driven off together. Once they were gone, the two women looked at each other, a strangely tense and erotic atmosphere apparent to them both.

“So, what do you want to do?” Annie had asked her daughter.

Ten minutes later, they were both naked and fisting each other on the floor.

The sex between Greg and Annie or Ray and Kim could be vigorous, intense, even a little violent on occasion; but there was always an underlying sweetness and tenderness to it. With Annie and Kim, that was wholly absent. There was a powerful anger and almost a malice to their lovemaking. Not that there seemed to be much love present.

Kim was submissive, Ray had learned that fact, and she even had a masochistic tendency. She liked to be slapped, choked, spat on. Even pissed on every so often. She liked a bit of pain and she got off on a little light humiliation. Ray was never exactly happy to administer this sort of treatment, but he did it because he knew his daughter enjoyed it.

Annie had no such qualms. When she was with Greg or Ray, she too tended towards the submissive. But with her daughter, all that went out the window. With Kim, she was in charge. She didn’t mind being rough, she enjoyed it in fact. This was something that disturbed her a little. Annie was almost bit scared about how she behaved when the two of them were together. She felt like she was out of control. She wanted to punish Kim, and it seems Kim sometimes wanted to be punished. That realisation unnerved Annie but she knew it excited her too. She rarely came with greater intensity than when she was fucking her little girl.

The somewhat uneasy situation between Annie and her daughter was a not inconsiderable wrinkle in the new status quo they all enjoyed. She thought it was something they would have to address at some point, but there were other priorities that had to be dealt with first.

“Speaking of great moms, that’s something you’re going to have to get used to again, isn’t it?” Ray said, looking at the small bump that was beginning to show underneath Annie’s dress.

If Kim’s pregnancy had been something of a surprise, Annie’s was anything but. She had known almost as soon as she spread her legs for her son for the first time, that she was going to let him knock her up. She had planned it. She wanted to carry his baby. She yearned for it. Needed it. It had just seemed so natural and so right. It was inevitable.

She had told Greg as much, and he, after a certain initial reluctance, had gone along with the idea. Annie knew she had no time to waste. She had only recently turned forty, and a pregnancy could be difficult enough at her age, even if you ignored their close genetic connection. Once Kim had announced her happy news, Annie knew the time was right. She had stopped taking the pill, and she had told Ray he was to have no access to her pussy for the foreseeable future. He could still fuck her ass and she would happily suck him off, but only her little boy’s spunk was going anywhere near her eggs.

It took a while, but eventually one of Greg’s sturdy little swimmers did its job. Now, she was four months gone. She was only carrying the one passenger, the twins came from Ray’s side of the family. But then Greg came from his side of the family too.

“Are we going to put the new baby in with these two?” Ray asked. “Or will we convert Greg’s old room into a second nursery?”

“God only knows,” Annie replied, “But we’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.”

She began to walk away, but then Ray took hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“Hey, Annie, are we okay?” He asked, a strangely intense tone in his voice.

“Okay? What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. It’s just, well, everything has happened so fast. Sometimes, I just can’t believe all the changes that have taken place. I mean, we’re grandparents, for God’s sake.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Christ knows what the neighbours think.”

“Yeah, there must be some fine grade-A gossiping going on round here.”

“But I mean, Jesus, look at us. Married for more than twenty years, and now here we are, sleeping with our kids. I’m a dad again. You’re pregnant. It’s just…well, it’s kinda fucked up.”

“Do you regret it? Do you want to go back to the way things were?”

Ray looked down at his two little babies, both of them blissfully unaware of the world in which they had only recently arrived. Blissfully unaware of the complicated family situation they were now a small but central part of.

“No. No, I don’t. This is crazy, but I wouldn’t go back. I love you. I really do. But Kim is my special girl. She always has been.”

“I understand. Nothing is perfect, Ray. Life is never perfect. But we all love each other, to one degree or another, and we all want what’s best for our children.”

“And our grandchildren.”

“Yeah. Them too.” She paused, then looked up at him. “Are you happy, Ray?”

He smiled.

“Oh yes.”

“Then that’s enough. Now, I’ve gotta go. I’ve got a date.”

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“That’s not much of a list, my darling; as we’ve already ascertained, there are precious few things you wouldn’t do.” Annie said over her shoulder, as she disappeared out of the room.

She walked downstairs and as she reached the hallway, the front door opened and Greg burst through. As always, whenever she saw him, her heart soared and her face brightened.

“Gee, Mom, I’m sorry I’m late. Traffic was a bitch.”

“Don’t worry about it, baby. You’re right on time, as far as I’m concerned.”

She wrapped her arms round him and kissed him tenderly. He returned the kiss and the two of them just smooched in the open doorway for ten seconds or more. Fuck what the neighbours might think, Annie thought to herself.

Yes, things were very different now. Things were, to borrow Ray’s succinct phrase, kinda fucked up. The situation was by no means perfect, as the occasionally tense relationship between Annie and Kim was ample testimony to. That would take some work, and she knew it. But Annie was in love, she had the man of her dreams in her arms, and very soon she would be giving birth to his child. The same way she had given birth to him all those years earlier.

She was happy.

And that was enough.

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