First time with dusky GF

Hello all, this is Ramesh from Chennai. This incident happened in 2017 with my girlfriend Sarita (name change). I m 22 years old at that time. We both met when we joined a new company, became friends and then she proposed me. To tell about her she has medium sized boobs,bit dusky, hot.

Now coming back to me story she was going through of the phase of losing her lover and we became close.6 months of relationship and one year of friendship made us closer. We wanted to get physical but she was hesitant. We use to kiss bite eachother, smooch and even i saw her boobs but she was resisting me to have sex. One day due to company project we decided to sit over night and finish presentation. Her house is a 3Bhk where she live in the top floor room.Luck worked on us where she said her parents are out of town for the weekend and her grandama only one in the house. We decided to finish the pending work project. I visited the house and she was wearing a sleeveless top and normal skirt. I was turned on as she was hot.

Till i night 8.30 i controlled. She said that her grandmother doesn’t know m staying overnight. So she asked me go out and come through backside.i did same.

Later at around 9 we thought of watching movie but we were confused. She asked about porn and i played in laptop. She was happy to watch it. She knew am a virgin but i thought the same on her. She opened up now that she is not.. she lost it to her late BF.We both were sweating and horny due to porn being played.

She went to bathroom and came, she was looking hot seems she did something. I went near her and kissed her. Slowly i lifted her skirt.i slowly started undressing her and She wasn’t stopping me. She also took my t shirt. We both were naked in no time. I started sucking her boobs while she was pressing my head. I bit her nipples. I licked and fingered her pussy and she was moaning like something. I was surprised that she would wake everyone.

She said to fuck me. I was rock hard with my 6.5 inches cock. She was getting wet. I inserted my dick in her pussy. It took 15 mins to go in as it was tight there. She was moaning and started ramming her. Since it was my first time I couldn’t control. I was fucking her hard and she was moaning heavily.

She said to go slow but i didn’t. I cummed in her pussy in 10 mins. She said she wanna lick the remaining cum in my cock. After that we cuddled and slept. Later at night we had one more round where i was able to fuck her more time. This time I did cum in her. Next day morning i asked what if she gets pregnant.

She said she will take pills and asked me to bring condoms from next time. From that day we had sex for 8-9 months till she dumped me for some groom tht her parents saw.

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