My Indian Mom With My PT Teacher

Hiii,readers.This is Raj of 12th grade. I am studying in CBSE skol.This is a real incident between my mom and My PT teacher.
Let me tell u all about my mother.She is a housewife.She has in the city life from her childhood,she is 44 years old,very fair,chubby,with big ass and boobs.I used to see her and like of fucking her which not impossible.I wanna her to be seen fucked by my dad.I didnt get the chance of seeing my mom being fucked by dad.My dad is engineer,he is 47 years old,he works day and night for long hours,finds a very few time for me and mom.he even goes to aboard for weeks.I was fond of sex and use to read many fantasy stories and even watch porn.Even masturbe once a week.Let me tell about my PT Teacher He is 35 years old.He is good in Basketball and even coach of our skol team.He is very handsome every female teacher has a eye on him.He is every muscular even has abs.He is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

I won the silver medal in track running in my school annual sports day.My mom was there with me.She was in black saree with black blouse with her red bra strip were visible out sometimes,i was thinking how many men will be now thinking to have my mom for a session as a lot of men passing her had a eye on her ass.After the event had got over I made my mom to meet my PT teacher.His eyes was out even of my mom.Both of them were mesmerized seeing each other.Suddenly my friend called me from behind and i went,they both were talking.Both of them were laughing out at each other,even they have exchange their numbers,then i went towards them.they have ended their conversations by then,and we left home.I was tired and went to sleep and closed my room.I heard my mom talking to my dad first and my dad said he wont be coming home back at night my mom she hang out the phone with anger.Then she called up to someone else and was talking and laughing.I have never seen my mom laughing so much and was talking for long time.She ended the phone and before it she said,”Do come to my house on monday by 11am.U dont be late.”It happened on friday night.on saturday and sunday as it was a holiday i was thinking how it would be.

The day had finally reached.It was Monday.My mom was wearing a beautiful blue saree with same red bra which was strips were a bit visible.I was getting ready to skol and left to skol from house by 9am.I didnt go to skol,We were living a large villa and I returned home in half and hour and didnt go to home and went straight to the storeroom outside my house.I went there and dropped out my bag there and was sitting idly for more than an hour.By 10:45 someone opened our villa’s gate and entered.I heard the sounds of the doorbell.As he entered my house and i went through my hall window and check who was it?surprisingly it was my PT teacher to whom my mom was speaking to and invited him.I was shocked to see him in my house.

He was in a T shirt and his shorts.Then to be even more shocking to me was seeing my mom.She was in black night which she just wears at night during the sleep with her long hair tied.She was damn hot and were cleavage were visible.She was staring him tea and snacks.After he had this tea with both sitting on sofa and talking with each other.Then my mom stood up even my PT teacher also.My mom towards her room and was followed by my PT teacher.Even i went to the other side of the villa to see through the windows to what is gonna happened next?They both were in the room with my mom ahead and my teacher standing behind and was saying something to my mom(which was not audible as the room is a bit large).My mom was smiling and turn around towards my teacher and walked towards him.They were too close with each other.Both were staring each others beauty.Even my PT teacher was too handsome and smart that day.Then both started to kiss each other with was shocking to see.It starting giving me boner.

They were kissing each other passionately and was sucking each others tongue.Then my mom was removing his t-shirt while kissing.His 6-abs were clearly visible to me.

My mom was now kissing his neck chest and over his abs,again having a liplock. Now my teacher move away and remove my mom dress,she was standing in her black bra and panty.Her boobs were too big.They were kissing passionately with my mom’s hand was on my teacher’s short.She then removed his shorts and now i was able to see the bulge of his penis on his underwear.My mom then got on her knees and started giving him a blowjob.His penis was not visible to me.

For 15 mins she was giving a good blowjob.Then she stood up and he removed my mom’s panty and bra.Her boobs were really too large with dark black nipples.She removed his underwear and now I saw my PT teacher penis.It was 10 inches long.He pushed mom over the bed and started kissing all her body parts.

He was licking my mom’s pussy for 5 mins.She even poured a bit of love juice from her pussy to his mouth.He then inserted his monster size penis into my mom’s pussy and was fucking her pussy.Slowly and steadily he started to increase this mom started moaning slowly.He was fucking my mom in missionary position.He then decided to change the position.He stopped and took off his penis from her pussy.Now he made my mom get up on the bed and turn my mom around and Pulled her hair and kissed her well tied hair bun was messed up already.He then made my mom into the doggy position and inserted his monster penis with a great force into her from behind by holding her firmly.She at once shouted.He then fucked her with greater pace.

My mom moaning was getting even louder and louder every second.She was screaming”fuck me faster fuck me…aaaah aaahahhahhahaaa ssshhhhh…I am our whore right now….Fuck me”.He was fucking for more than 20 mins.Then again he changed the position from doggy to cowgirl.My mom was taking full pleasure of the 9inch cock.My mom was just going up and down with louder moan.then fucked in this position for 15 mins.My teacher was just awesome in fucking my mom for so long for more than 45 mins.she then again took his monster cock in her mouth.It went till her inner throat.She was sucking it for 10 mins.He was going to cum.He put out a bucket full of cum on my mom’s mouth.she drank all and a bit of his sperms were on my mom’s body.both fell on to the bed.After 2 mins, My mom went to bathroom and washed herself.Within that my teacher had wore his dress and was waiting for my mom to get out of the bathroom.She came out of the bathroom and given him company till the door and they kissed again at the doorstep.Then my PT teacher went home happily.

Hope all like this story.

Thank you

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