3some sex with Bangalore lovers

Hi guys. This is Praveen. I am back with another story for you all.

So, telling about myself, I’m Praveen, 235 6 foot tall with a well-built body, living in Bangalore. I work in an IT company and usually visit pubs every weekend. This story happened a few weeks back.

After my story was published, I got an email from a guy named Abhishek (name changed). He was asking if I knew anything about cuckolding. I then told him whatever I knew. Then he told me his fantasy, which was cuckold.

He was in a relationship with a girl for 2.5 years. He wanted to spice up their relationship and wanted a stranger for this, so he contacted me. He told me that he wanted to see a stranger fuck his girlfriend in front of him.

I asked if his girlfriend was okay with it. He said that she, too, wanted something new to spice things up. This excited me. I doubted if he was genuine. So I asked for some more details about him like where he was from, what he does and so on. The ages were 27 and 26 of the couple and unmarried.

Finally, I asked for a couple of pics and in return he asked me to send him a pic of mine. If his girlfriend is interested, then we could have a session. I sent him a pic of mine and her girlfriend found me handsome. So we decided to meet up.

We decided to meet at their place that weekend. I was so excited about this. This was something new for me as well. Finally, that weekend, I went to the address that they had shared.

I rang the doorbell, and his girlfriend opened the door for me. The moment I saw her, I was stunned. She had a very fair complexion, around 5.5 feet. She was thick (by thick, I mean she had a perfect waist and thick thighs and big boobs). She had worn just shorts and a sports bra.

Then Abhi introduced me to her, and after some formal talks, we had a few drinks. They told me that it was their first time trying cuckold, so they needed a stranger. We then discussed the boundaries and they were completely fine with everything.

They started a romantic movie on Netflix, and there were some nude scenes in it. We were aroused looking at those scenes. His girlfriend came and sat next to me, and took my hand and placed it on her thighs. I saw Abhi, and he signalled me to continue.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. She was looking at Abhi and started to touch my dick. That so turned me on. Her bf was having a drink and watching, enjoying this.

I removed my zip and took out my dick. She touched the tip of my dick, rubbed it and started to stroke it. She was looking at my dick and then at her bf. I started to touch her big white boobs on top of her bra. I then squeezed her boobs hard and started to kiss her neck.


She was moaning loud and started to stroke my dick fast. By this time, Abhi, too, had unzipped his pants. He started to stroke his cock, looking at us. I then removed one boob from her bra.

I started to suck her nipple while squeezing the other boob over her bra. She had perfectly shaped boobs. I then kissed her wildly and bit her ear slowly. I whispered in her ear, “I will fuck you better than your boyfriend today, baby.”

I started to rub her bare thighs. Abhi had completely removed all his clothes and was enjoying watching us. I then placed my hand inside her shorts and started to rub her pussy. It was very wet by then.

I then pulled her shorts down to her knees and started to finger her. She was looking like a complete slut with one boob out of her bra and her shorts down to her knees. I started to finger her hard and fast while kissing and licking her neck.

She was on cloud nine and asked me to finger her till she got an orgasm. She was looking at her bf and squeezing her tits. In around 5 minutes, she got an orgasm. She then pulled my pants down and started to give me a blowjob.

Her tongue played with the tip of my dick. Then she took it all in. She was so good at blowjob that I was about to cum in around 7-8 minutes. I pulled out and came on her waist. I then removed her bra and shorts completely and made her lie on the sofa.

Abhi was on the next sofa and watching all this while drinking. I then started to lick her wet pussy, deep and fast. She was moaning my name loudly in front of her bf. And in a few minutes, she had her second orgasm.

I then asked Abhi if I could continue and he signalled yes. I placed my dick on the tip of her pussy and teased her. And after some time, I inserted my whole dick inside her wet pussy. She was tight, and her pussy was hot.

I then continued to fuck her wet pussy hard and fast while Abhi was watching us. He told me to fuck her harder, which I did. We then changed our position to doggy style. I was fucking her from behind while spanking her ass.

She was stroking Abhi’s dick at the same time, moaning my name loudly. I fucked her raw without a condom. Abhi cum in a few minutes. I fucked her for some more minutes, and then I came on her big ass.

She kissed Abhi and told him that she wanted another round. So we went to the shower. We started to fuck under the shower while warm water fell on our sweaty bodies. I lifted her leg from behind and started to fuck her from behind.

Abhi helped us by holding her leg. I was fucking her from behind while she was stroking Abhi’s cock under the hot shower. She again had an orgasm in a few minutes. And after that, she started to give me a blowjob while just stroking Abhi’s cock.

We cum in a few minutes on her face. We then showered together. And after that, we had dinner and I returned from their place.

Abhi then texted me that it was the best experience of their life. Their sex life spiced up after that, and he had that spark in their sex life after that. He told me that he wanted to do it again sometime in the future. This was an awesome experience for me as well.

Let me know your feedback. If any girl or married woman from Bangalore wants to have some fun, hang out, or try different sex, you can ping me at [email protected] or telegram @PraveenPandu. All your identity will be kept anonymous.

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